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ENGLISH 910 912 916 919 920 922 926 929 -

12.Available accessories

12.Available accessories 43 A range of accessories are available for your phone: Supplementary batteries. Supplementary chargers. Desk charger. Cigarette lighter adapters. Hands free kits for pedestrians. 12. Available accessories

13.Upkeep 13. Upkeep 44 Upkeep Clean your phone using a soft slightly damp non fluffy cloth. Battery After a long period of non use (several months), when the charger is being connected, the unit might not switch on. In this case: disconnect the charger, wait a few seconds and plug it in again. It may be necessary to try this several times. Maintenance menu This menu contains information that you could be asked for to perform specific operations. If they are needed, you will be shown how to find them. Attention Certain chemical products can damage plastic. Do not use aerosols, certain special cleaning products, corrosive products, solvents, alcohol and detergents.

2. Getting started -
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