Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Highlights

Enrolling In The Plan

Make your election during open enrollment

(or when you first become eligible).

Determine your election amount(s) by using the FSA


Elect up to the plan maximums.

Remember you do not have to participate in the

health plan to be eligible for the FSA.

Annual election(s) will be deducted equally pre-tax

over the course of your plan year.

FSA Debit Card

Participating in a FSA with Debit Card has many

advantages! Look at what the card can do for you.

Eliminates the need of filing out claims forms and

waiting for a reimbursement check.

Most transactions will not require supporting


HFS Benefits will send you a monthly statement if

you have to remit documentation.

If you choose not to use the card or if your provider

does not accept MasterCard ® , you can pay out-ofpocket

and submit for reimbursement.

Look how the advantages really add up. It’s time for YOU

to begin saving money and simplifying your expenses.

FSA Grace Period

(Health Care Spending Only)

For the Health Care FSA, you have an extended 2 1 ⁄2 months

time frame (until 9/15/12) to incur expenses and have

them applied towards your 7/1/11 – 6/30/12 account.

Expenses incurred during the Grace Period (July 1 through

September 15) and approved for reimbursement will be

paid first from available amounts that were remaining

at the end of the preceding Plan Year and then from

any amounts that are available to reimburse expenses

incurred during the current Plan Year. It is important to

keep the extension in mind when you determine your new

FSA contributions. This added feature will help to virtually

eliminate the “use it or lose it” clause associated with

Medical Flexible Spending Accounts.

Amounts remaining in your account at the end of the

Plan Year that are not applied to pay expenses submitted

on or before the October 31 deadline will be forfeited.

Claim forms are available at

The FSA Debit Card

The FSA Debit Card offers the convenience of paying

for your eligible expenses directly at the point of sale.

It works like any other credit card. Since the card lets

you pay for eligible health care expenses directly from

your health care FSA, it means no more paying cash for

services up front. It also eliminates the waiting period

for reimbursement checks and the hassle of filling

out claims forms. The FSA debit card can be used at

authorized health care providers where MasterCard ® is

accepted. For a full list of authorized merchants, please

visit If you plan to use your FSA

debit card to pay for daycare expenses, please check

with your daycare provider to see if they are equipped

to accept MasterCard ® .

Since the FSA plan is a pre-tax benefit, the Internal

Revenue Service (IRS) requires that all purchases be

substantiated. Therefore, you may be required to

submit copies of your receipts to the plan administrator

to comply with the guidelines provided by the IRS.

For the health care FSA, the limit on your card is your

annual elected contribution amount. For the dependent

care FSA, the limit on your card is your YTD payroll

deduction less your YTD reimbursed. If a service provider

does not accept the card, you can always submit a

claim for reimbursement. HFS Benefits will either mail

a reimbursement check to your home address or issue

a direct deposit into the bank account that you have

provided. More information about the FSA Debit Card is

available at

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