Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Benefits Enrollment & Reference Guide - Harford County Public ...

Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to change or enroll in Life insurance,

do I have to enroll on-line?

If you are currently enrolled in Basic + Supplemental

and wish to enroll in Basic only, you must change the

coverage level to Basic Life 1x in the Employee Life

section. If you are currently enrolled in Basic Life 1x

and want to add the Supplemental Life 1x or if you

have no coverage and wish to apply for life insurance,

you must change the coverage level to Basic Life 1x or

Basic Life + Supplemental Life 1x, click on next and a

pop-up box will direct you to Evidence of Insurability

Application. Please follow the instructions to complete

application. The completed EOI form must be printed,

signed and returned to the address at the top of

the form no later than June 15, 2012. ReliaStar Life

Insurance ING will not accept any forms postmarked

after June 15, 2012. Change your election back to

your current benefit to proceed in Benelogic. You will

be notified by ReliaStar Life ING if you are approved,

declined or if additional information is needed. Once

the Benefits Office receives confirmation from ING of

your approval, the benefit will be changed accordingly.

I was interrupted and when I came back to

continue enrolling the system timed out and/

or I had to stop part way through the session.

What should I do?

You will have to log on again, with your new password.

The system will remember what you entered, so you do

not have to re-enter the information.

I realized that I made a mistake when I

enrolled. Can I correct my error?

Yes. You may log back on at any time during the Open

Enrollment period (through May 23rd) and make your


Will I be able to log back on and check my

elections after Open Enrollment?

Yes. Using the same password you created, you may

log back on at any time and review your elections or

plan information. However, you will not be able to make

changes after May 23rd.

Who is an eligible dependent?

Refer to the Benefits and Eligibility section of this

booklet on page 3.

NOTE: If you and your spouse are both employees of

HCPS you can each enroll as an individual or one of you

can elect Husband/Wife or Family coverage. If you elect

coverage separately, you cannot cover each other as

dependents and your eligible dependent children may

only be covered by one of you.

How do I add a spouse, child or newborn to

my insurance coverage? (This is usually not an

open enrollment event)

Log in to Benelogic, click on "New Requests" and follow

the steps. You have 30 days from date of birth/adoption

or marriage to add the dependent to your health/dental

plans. Coverage will take effect retroactively to the date

of birth/date of adoption or marriage. If you miss this

30-day period, the next opportunity to add the child

or spouse would be during the open enrollment period

held annually. You will need to provide a dependent

verification form and documentation (birth certificate,

marriage certificate, adoption paperwork).

Can I change my elections during the year?

IRS regulations require you to keep your elections

through June 30, 2013 unless you have a Qualified Life

Event. Changes must be requested within 30 days of

the Qualified Life Event.

What is a Qualified Life Event?

Birth or adoption of a child.


Marriage or divorce.

Termination of employment or commencement of


Covered dependent ceasing to be an eligible


Spouse’s loss of benefits.

Court ordered custody.

To be considered a qualified life event, the event must

result in the employee or dependent gaining or losing

eligibility for benefits. Only the coverage category can

be changed (not the plan choice).

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