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When Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 2 - Waldorf Research Institute

When Healing Becomes Educating, Vol. 2 - Waldorf Research Institute

At the beginning of this

At the beginning of this article we quoted the physicist Gert Eilenberger who spoke of the qualitative differences between “natural” and “manufactured” objects. The latter are characteristically based on linear forms, natural objects on non-linear principles. The function of manufactured objects bases on a sequence of one-dimensional causal steps; in the natural world we have multidimensional steps with feedback creating an action complex, and this alone makes development possible. Working with non-linear systems we come to realize that incalculability and irregularity are an essential part of nature. The linear laws of physics apply only to the small fraction of the natural world that has ceased to grow and develop and reached its end-state. Between the calculable end-state and the irregular and incalculable lies the sphere of periodization, doubling of periods and finally transition to chaos. It is the sphere where self-similarity and fractal belong. Cramer writes: “Fractal dimensions arise wherever chaos appears.” 7 Fractals arise on the borders of chaos. In this realm of self-similarity and constant repetition we find the images of natural objects that can be reproduced with the aid of fractal geometry. It is evident from the universal constant found by Mitchell Feigenbaum that the road to chaos is governed by a higher law that comes to expression in the constant proportion and can be expressed as an irrational number. Irrational numbers, which cannot be expressed as ordinary fractions and show no periodicity of decimal places, thus are connected with chaos. The most irrational of all irrational numbers (this can be shown mathematically 8 ) is the golden section d = 1.618..., the divine proportion. Many proportions which occur in nature and are experienced as particularly well balanced are in fact based on the golden section. Friedrich Cramer writes: “The golden section is the most irrational of all possible irrational numbers and is therefore also connected with chaos. In certain sequences and mathematical or graphic representations of complex dynamic systems chaos increases with growing non-linearity. In the end, areas of chaos are merely separated by a few curves which ultimately reduce to just one. This can be connected with the golden section, using the method given above. Is this another indication of harmony existing on the boundary between order and chaos? The most irrational sequences, i.e., sequences based on the golden section, have the greatest chance of survival if the system is upset. Their resistance to chaos is greatest.” Later he writes: “Is beauty therefore not just a matter of how we see it and of convention, but a property inherent in objects and in the world? Does the world have a fundamentally balanced, harmonious structure where it borders on chaos?” 9 62

The new science clearly has enormous significance in medicine. Present views of anatomy, physiology and pathology will have to be completely revised, and our paradigms will begin to change. The anatomical structures of the organism are essentially based on fractals. Higher laws pertain, and individual structures can only be understood in the context of the whole. Thus the vascular system from the aorta to the finest capillaries is a coherent whole and clearly a fractal structure. The Koch curve accommodates an infinitely long line in a small area, and in the same way the vascular system presents a vast surface area within a limited space. The same applies to other structures such as the composition of the duodenal mucosa and the bronchial system. The system of uriniferous tubules in the kidney, of bile ducts in the liver and the Purkinje network in the heart have been shown to be fractal structures. A question that is now being considered is whether fractal scaling is a universal rather than an isolated phenomenon in morphology and perhaps also the clue to the mystery of DNA coding. Simulation of goose down shows that the phenomenal air holding capacity of the natural product was due to the fractal nodes and branching that made up the structure of keratin, the basic protein of the down. 10 Fractal laws are not limited to organ systems, however, but extend as far as the molecular range. Molecular surfaces such as the glycocalyx or cell coat of the cell membrane with its sugar residues have a fractal structure that enables the complex linking of cells by specific lectins known as glycoproteins, a linkage that is in more than one plane. Cell contact is assumed to be 2.2–2.5 dimensional. Fractal geometry has already found practical application in medical research. It makes it possible to determine myocardial perfusion patterns with some inhalation anesthetics. Descriptive statistics, e.g., using mean values and standard deviations, do not permit adequate analysis of these patterns, as it is not possible to cover localization and adjacence relations for individual regions. 11 With regard to physiology, that is, the functions of the living organism and its parts, it has to be accepted that these are highly complex, non-linear processes with feedback, i.e., action complexes. Intermediate products may promote or inhibit the initial conditions or influence the sequence of reactions indirectly via other, equally complex reaction systems. A typical example is the tricarboxylic acid cycle which relates to a wide variety of metabolic processes in the liver cell (Fig. 3), influencing them and being governed by them. Other examples would be the coagulation and the immune systems. Everything interacts and forms a whole in itself. The thinking which still prevails today, based on a linear sequence of individual, 63

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