39 - Hotelschool The Hague

39 - Hotelschool The Hague

39 - Hotelschool The Hague


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<strong>39</strong><br />

01<br />

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1/7<br />


A HUgE sHRimp cOcktAil<br />

A DRAgOn bOAt RAcE<br />

tHings YOU wAnt tO knOw<br />

Don’t ForGet:<br />

FriDAY 5 november,<br />

reunion At<br />

hoteLschooL<br />

the hAGue !<br />

take me to the Hilton: in the<br />

<strong>Hague</strong> ! From left to right: Reonald Donata, karin van den berg, Floris licht, Jan van der putten

<strong>39</strong><br />

october FebruArY october 2010 2008 home previous / next<br />

2/7 2/9<br />

take me to the Hilton, now<br />

finally in the <strong>Hague</strong>!<br />

Remember the Hilton promotion campaign (around the end of the last century) with the ‘Take me to the<br />

Hilton’ posters? Well, you could do that in every major destination – but in <strong>The</strong> <strong>Hague</strong> (our seat of the<br />

government and host to the Court of Her Majesty the Queen) you just couldn’t.<br />

Until recently that is! <strong>The</strong> Summer of 2010 brought great weather for the beach pavilions, but also, on<br />

the 2 nd of July, the first day of five-star international hospitality at the new Hilton the <strong>Hague</strong>.<br />

Two months later Cluster General Manager Jan van der Putten (1983) sits in the lobby and explains why<br />

guests already feel so much ‘at home’ in the new Hilton.<br />

“We try to create, within the crew, an atmosphere of mutual respect and friendliness, and guests notice<br />

that immediately. Team members should feel happy and appreciated – that also helps to retain our<br />

bubbly and extravert colleagues for a long time and reduce turn-over”.<br />

“Having said that, team members are the most important thing, but the interior decorator and architect<br />

also contributed in a major way in creating our atmosphere with lots of ‘couleur locale’.<br />

Jan opened three hotels for Hilton, coincidentally one of each hotel category: a resort (in Malaysia) a<br />

top-of-the-bill airport hotel (Copenhagen) and now a downtown hotel, ‘embedded’ in the local scene.<br />

Of course, with all his experience, Jan also has a major piece of advice for the ‘rookies’ in hotel<br />

Grand Cafe Pearl<br />

management:<br />

“Our business is really<br />

not complicated, so<br />

I always say ‘Keep it<br />

Simple’. And remember:<br />

service first, the process<br />

next” (the last one is<br />

really food for thought,<br />

ed.)<br />

“Everybody familiar<br />

with the local industry<br />

knows that a preopening<br />

is always a<br />

very hard job where<br />

everybody is a ‘jack of<br />

all trades’ and does<br />

whatever work needs to<br />

be done. And all of the<br />

above in a hurry, because the deadline that looms in the distance comes closer every day. Even though<br />

all hotel openings are different, you will always have a healthy amount of challenges” says Jan.<br />

“Simple hardware things like cold water from the hot taps and vice versa (Copenhagen) or fire alarms<br />

with a life of their own (<strong>The</strong> <strong>Hague</strong>) keep the boredom away”.<br />

We all remember that Conrad Hilton (in less complicated times) had three priorities: location, location<br />

and location. Of course, at Zeestraat next to Panorama Mesdag, Hilton <strong>The</strong> <strong>Hague</strong> would have obtained<br />

his approval immediately.<br />

For today’s other priority – great team members – Jan wanted a good combination of Hilton people and<br />

colleagues with a local background. “That way, knowledge of the brand standards, general Hilton knowhow<br />

plus a feeling for the local market is all assured”.<br />

Back in time. May 16, 2006 was the date of the contract signing ceremony between Dutch investors and<br />

Hilton. In his speech Wolfgang Neumann (at that time President Europe for Hilton) also said that “finally<br />

the best hotel chain in the world has come to the city of the best <strong>Hotelschool</strong> in the world”.<br />

That was of course very nice of Wolfgang, but little could he know at that moment that the management<br />

team that later opened the hotel would<br />

be almost completely ex-<strong>Hotelschool</strong> <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Hague</strong>.<br />

Karin van den Berg, Hotel Manager, just<br />

wanted to ‘get away’ and see the world<br />

when she was in her last year at the school<br />

(1997). First stop was Phuket in Thailand<br />

(through alumnus Rutger Verschuren, now<br />

GM for Starwood in Libya).<br />

<strong>The</strong>n two years at the impressive Peninsula<br />

in Beijing (now managed by alumnus Hans<br />

Hordijk, 1989).<br />

After that it was ‘living out of the<br />

Samsonite’ for some time, installing Fidelio<br />

for Hilton. Opportunity gave her a role in<br />

<strong>The</strong> Mesdag Ballroom

FebruArY october 2010 2008<br />

<strong>The</strong> Hilton <strong>The</strong> <strong>Hague</strong> terrace in the open air<br />

25 <strong>39</strong><br />

the integration of Scandic and Hilton (getting to know Jan van der Putten in the process) – followed by<br />

revenue management culminating in the position of Senior Director of Revenue Management Europe.<br />

“During the years, my hospitality heart was joined by a strong and experienced business mind and I<br />

felt it was time for Profit and Loss responsibility”, says Karin. “Fortunately, I was at the right spot at the<br />

right time and after a short spell substituting for the hotelmanager of Hilton Soestduinen (who enjoyed<br />

maternity leave) I joined the Hilton <strong>The</strong> <strong>Hague</strong> in January 2010”. No regrets until now, Karin?<br />

“Not at all, it is good to be back in Operations and actually meet guests again – which is an important<br />

part of my job satisfaction. I want to learn all the time, find out better ways to do things, and my position<br />

makes that possible. I even have a good social life, not living in planes as in my revenue time!”<br />

<strong>The</strong> hotelschool, with all the practicals, the placements and the outdoor taught me to show what you<br />

stand for!” Food and Beverage, amongst others, is in the hands of Operations Manager Reonald Donata<br />

(2000). He feels that his hotel career really started in his second year at the school, as trainee at the<br />

legendary Gleneagles in Scotland. As ‘Private Dining Management Trainee’ he learned to make Melba<br />

toast by hand and to line up tables straight with a long piece of string, the basics really.<br />

“At the school, TMS, being co-trainer, and especially the outdoor taught me a lot about group dynamics,<br />

which later allowed me to really make a lasting impression when training staff in a newly opened hotel<br />

(after renovation): the British Colonial Hilton in Nassau, Bahamas. Next to that, Mosac taught me the<br />

theory behind processes of change”.<br />

“Before that, I was F&B Management trainee in the Emirates, then Assistant F&B Manager in Watford<br />

near Hilton’s European Headoffice. I started in the <strong>Hague</strong> the 4 th of January 2010, after working in<br />

Nassau until the Christmas dinners were finished”.<br />

home previous / next<br />

“My big challenge here is getting the team into a routine that allows assuring consistent quality. Well,<br />

and even my social life is ok again! My Sonnema Dispuut is an incredible network and also lots of fun!<br />

<strong>The</strong> future? My wife, Annemarie Rebel, also former student, and I want to continue working worldwide<br />

until the kids are ten or twelve years old.<br />

Last but not least, Cluster Director of Business Development Floris Licht (2003) has a similar story to<br />

tell about his career. After his management placement at Amsterdam Hilton, working for F&B Service<br />

Manager Rogier Braakman (1999) now co-president of Sandton Hotels, the GM, Roberto Payer suggested<br />

the Hilton Elevator Programme. After 9 months Operations and HR at the Hilton Metropole in London,<br />

he was moved to Frankfurt where he met and worked for GM Ronald van Weezel (1975). After a spell<br />

in Brussels for GM Maud Goppel (1999) getting to know accounts, he got the advice to get more<br />

Operations experience.<br />

“And then the wide world<br />

called!” says Floris. “So<br />

together with my girlfriend<br />

I left for Australia and later<br />

during a short vacation<br />

in Holland I spoke with<br />

Jan van der Putten which<br />

resulted in the position<br />

of Director of Business<br />

Development for Hilton<br />

Schiphol in late 2008. A<br />

few months later Hilton<br />

Rotterdam was added<br />

and late 2009 Hilton <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Hague</strong> – altogether a great<br />

cluster”.<br />

It turns out that Floris<br />

identifies similar favourites at the school: practicals, TMV, practical placement (President Wilson,<br />

Geneva, Starwood Luxury Collection), teamwork, the 9 key competences.<br />

“My future? In the near future I will take part in an assessment for SHINE, Hilton’s development<br />

programme for a GM position – so, que sera, sera. My private life is for sure going to change, I’ll<br />

hopefully be a father in January!”<br />

For all four executives goes, that they have not yet met the famous Black Hole that often appears after a<br />

pre-opening – however, they keep a watchful eye; nobody wants a suddenly increased turnover….<br />

Finally, for the younger generation – tips for the future:<br />

- <strong>The</strong> world is small, spend time on your network; spend energy on Facebook and LinkedIn.<br />

- It is difficult to give direction to your life if you do not have a set goal.<br />

- <strong>The</strong> business is not really complicated – so Keep it Simple!<br />

- Service first, the process next.<br />

- An atmosphere of mutual respect and friendliness helps to retain staff.<br />

And about the hotel: walk in and spend a few Euros on lunch or a drink: it tells you more then a<br />

thousand words!<br />

Arnoud van Delft<br />

Hilton <strong>The</strong> <strong>Hague</strong> Hotel room<br />

A<br />


01 25 <strong>39</strong><br />

FebruArY october<br />

october<br />

september 2010<br />

2010<br />

2008 2007 home previous / next<br />

4/7 3/7<br />

“Failure is no option”: about winning<br />

a dragon boat race<br />

our student Johannes Ader did his practical traineeship in the sheraton nanjing<br />

Kingsley hotel in china. there, his team of hotel staff members won the important and<br />

prestigious dragon boat race with a sheraton sponsored boat:<br />

“this dragon boat challenge was initiated in 2001, this year (2010), the race was<br />

held for the 10th time and 29 teams took part in this competition, mainly on behalf of<br />

Western companies in nanjing, e.g. siemens, Ford or ericsson.<br />

As one of nanjing’s major events, reflecting chinese culture and a great opportunity to<br />

socialize and network with other<br />

businesses, the dragon boat Johannes Ader<br />

challenge attracted approximately<br />

80,000 visitors this year. the training for the team of the sheraton started ca.<br />

3 months before the race. hotel employees were selected to become team<br />

members and had to “pass” an aptitude test regarding their personal fitness to<br />

decide if they are capable. Due to the intensive training and previous winning,<br />

team members took the preparation for this race very serious, eager to perform<br />

at their best and to win (again).<br />

<strong>The</strong> winning team and Johannes<br />

From a personal point of view, during the weeks of training for the dragon boatfestival,<br />

my performance at the sheraton was almost equally balanced between<br />

working as a Guest relations manager and being a member of the dragon boat-team, as trainings took place during working hours<br />

every week.<br />

reflecting the time before and the day of the races, i felt an incredible spirit amongst the team members. After weeks of physically<br />

challenging training, passionately supporting each other to be faster and<br />

better, each member knew their role in the team and was ambitious to<br />

win, for oneself for the hard training and the team.<br />

realizing that we have won the races after the final competition was<br />

an intense moment, incomparable to any previous sportive successes i<br />

experienced.<br />

the joy about winning, the paying off of all these months of training<br />

and most of all, this euphoria shared amongst our team, created an<br />

experience i will remember for a long time” .<br />

by Johannes Ader, hotelschool’s trainee in china<br />

my shanghai experience!<br />

together with my colleague Arnoud van Delft i made a short trip to<br />

shanghai.<br />

my first impression of shanghai is that it a true metropolis, that could<br />

have easily been located on any other continent.<br />

on our way to the hotel i saw few characteristics of the chinese<br />

culture. of course, everything written is in chinese characters, but<br />

almost always with english subtitles. but shanghai could have been<br />

any other non-chinese metropolis.<br />

something that immediately struck me, is that it is a clean and green<br />

city, in which everything is rather new or looks new. During my days in<br />

shanghai, there was a quiet atmosphere, despite the fact that millions<br />

of people were on the move because of the expo and a national<br />

holiday; everyone behaves very civilized.<br />

We met some former students, like martijn van der valk, now General<br />

manager of the puli hotel & spa (Leading hotels) and michel<br />

Koopman, now General manager of the interconti expo.<br />

We also visited quite a few hotels with reference to future placements,<br />

such as the brand new Waldorf Astoria, the park hyatt in the highest<br />

building of the city, the second and brand new ritz carlton, the new<br />

peninsula and the Fairmont peace hotel both on the most important<br />

street of shanghai, the bund.<br />

this hotel is one of the few ‘Grand old Ladies’ in shanghai, all in<br />

Jugendstil style and recently beautifully renovated.<br />

on thursday evening, we hosted a well attended gathering with former<br />

students and trainees in the bar of the interconti.<br />

it was a very successful and pleasant evening with approx. 35 guests.<br />

Arnoud van Delft and myself had ample opportunity to talk to everyone<br />

present.<br />

it is always fascinating to see how many alumni<br />

have great positions in the hospitality industry, even<br />

very far from home.<br />

Wim Dooge, president board of Directors

01 25 <strong>39</strong><br />

FebruArY october september october 2010 2008 2007 home previous / next next<br />

5/7 4/7<br />

world’s biggest shrimp cocktail!<br />

on 18 september, student Association La confrerie broke the world record: three members of the<br />

association made the biggest shrimp cocktail ever!<br />

in beach club ‘hart beach’ in scheveningen, they produced a cocktail that weighed 116 kilos, offered in<br />

a martini glass of 1,70 meters high with 1 meter across. For the cocktail 20 kilos of whisky sauce and 90<br />

kilo pink shrimps was used.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Board of La Confrerie<br />

the three students, Folkert Deenik, Andre<br />

van den toorn and Wouter de blank,<br />

all members of La confrerie’s white<br />

brigade, distributed 1,000 portions of<br />

shrimp cocktail among the people present<br />

and delivered large portions to various<br />

locations of the salvation Army.<br />

now let’s wait and see whether they will<br />

be mentioned in the Guinness book of<br />

World records!<br />

Have you heard?<br />

About Eduard Kelderhuis (2004), Tom Dingjan (2007) and<br />

Reinier van Dieren (2007)?<br />

<strong>The</strong>y started a band, called ‘Immens’.<br />

Coming year they will tour in several theatres in the Netherlands, and at the same time release their brand<br />

new album.<br />

All alumni are welcome to attend their concerts, tickets are free!<br />

However, people are invited to donate whatever they can because the profits will all go directly to<br />

‘Stichting Doe een Wens’ (Make a Wish Foundation), a charity organization that grants the wishes of<br />

children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and<br />

joy.<br />

For the musical world an unusual approach which really deserves your full support!<br />

For more information and for a musical treat: www.immensmuziek.nl<br />

Enjoy!<br />

Immens: Richie Reichgelt, Reinier van Dieren, Tom Dingjan and Eduard Kelderhuis

october 2010<br />

<strong>39</strong><br />

looking down on shanghai<br />

by coincidence, i was in shanghai three times this year – not for the school, but for the city of the hague’s<br />

presentation at the expo’s Dutch pavillion and later for a project at the pavillion.<br />

As during each and every visit to the people’s republic (its 61 st birthday was celebrated when i was there last) i<br />

was deeply impressed with the economic progress.<br />

Wim Dooge (who was there for the school) and i had lunch at the restaurant of the park hyatt – with an<br />

incredible view over shanghai from an immens height.<br />

other impressive hotels were the new peninsula hotel (the first ever new building on the bund) and the also<br />

brand new inter.continental expo where i could enjoy the hospitality of alumnus michel Koopman (1983) for a<br />

few nights.<br />

michel and Wim Dooge co-hosted a very ‘gezellige’ hotelschool cocktail party with almost forty guests. W\hat a<br />

difference compared to the seven guests of five years ago! michel proved himself to be a great supporter of his<br />

old school by (together with intercontinental hotels) making this party possible.<br />

by the way, it looks like the expo (closing october 31) is a great success, attaining almost certainly the<br />

predicted visitor’s count of 70 million.<br />

the Dutch pavilion alone (!) celebrated 7 million visitors at the end of september.<br />

As you may remember, one of my favorite subjects is the craziness of carting 30 tons of bottled water from<br />

northern italy to holland (1200 kms, with the ‘vlam in the pijp’) – a useless exercise that only brings damage<br />

to the environment. the travel section of the ‘telegraaf’ last weekend reminded me – they discussed bottled<br />

water. however, not because of the environment but with the price in mind. After having your bottle impounded<br />

by security, you have to spend € 2,50 to 3,00 to buy half a litre of water! At the same time, tapwater in holland<br />

is the best in europe, at a price of € 1,60 for a thousAnD liters! the only logical advice: take an empty bottle<br />

(allowed, of course by security) and fill it up airside at schiphol (or whichever airport with acceptable water)<br />

under a tap.<br />

And last but not least: for something completely different: good friend and supporter of the hotelschool, husband<br />

of our former student ellen huerst-esser, hyatt vice president and Gm of the Grand hyatt berlin, Fred huerst,<br />

was elected German hotelier of the year 2010! A long-deserved honour, after many years of superb hospitality,<br />

hyatt quality and economic success at his hotel (without doubt, by the way, the best<br />

business hotel in Germany).<br />

congratulations, and thanks for always supporting our internships programs.<br />

Don’t let fall depression get you down, and enjoy the reunion at 5 november!<br />

Arnoud c. van Delft, LL.m.<br />

Arnoud van Delft and Victor de Vries<br />

home previous / next<br />

Alumnus Victor de Vries (2001), enjoys China to the fullest and sees it as a great challenge after ten years in Athens for Hilton.<br />

Victor, who is half Greek - half Dutch, is Director of Business Development of the 714-room Hilton Shanghai.<br />


FebruArY october 2010 2008<br />

25 <strong>39</strong><br />

things you want<br />

to know<br />

climbing tHE stAiRs<br />

claudia gierens (2009), hr coordinator<br />

hotel imperial and hotel bristol, vienna (both<br />

Luxury collection hotels/starwood)<br />

marlies Verstoep (1999), manager business<br />

Development Amsterdam rAi<br />

Dieuwke Reuvers (2002), Front of house<br />

services, intercontinental Le Grand, paris,<br />

France<br />

torsten van Dullemen (1993), hotel manager<br />

mandarin oriental bangkok<br />

Daniel van Hulst (2010), customer service<br />

executive Yotel, London head office<br />

Rike Erdbrink (2007), Front office manager<br />

hyatt capital Gate, Abu Dhabi<br />

madelon boom (1986), General manager<br />

conservatorium hotel Amsterdam<br />

This brand new hotel will appear right opposite<br />

the Stedelijk Museum and will have 130 rooms<br />

and suites. At this moment, the hotel is being<br />

renovated and the aim is that the 5-star hotel<br />

will open next spring. Madelon Boom started<br />

her career as GM at Hyatt at the Lowndes<br />

hotel in London, after that she was opening<br />

GM for Park Hyatt Hamburg, Corporate<br />

Director of Operations for the Golden Tulip<br />

Chain and she worked for a huge real estate<br />

agent in the United States<br />

cynthia de Jongh-Veerman (2003), hr<br />

officer bilderberg europa hotel, scheveningen<br />

niels mekenkamp (1998), vice president<br />

consulting services, easy rms (revenu<br />

management solutions), London<br />

mARRiED<br />

bianca van Ooijen (2003) and willem van<br />

der pot (2003)<br />

lisette Roelofs (2006) and peter Heule<br />

(2006)<br />

bob boersen (2000), and evelyne bitar<br />

miriam van der Horst (1999) and bas de<br />

Graaff<br />

christine Jongbloed (2005) and vincent<br />

hogenboom<br />

Fleur s. de Jong (2000) and pieter Zoontjens<br />

sEEn tHE ligHt OF liFE<br />

chrisje, daughter of marlies Verstoep (1999)<br />

and Jan steinebach (1997)<br />

tom, son of mariska van benthem (2000)<br />

tom, son of isabelle stoové (2002) and<br />

Johan Otto (2001)<br />

home previous / next<br />

Kyra, daughter of Ananda groag (1999)<br />

Kate, daughter of Vicky de bruijn (1997) and<br />

taco Dols (1996)<br />

tijn, son of Renee van ingen (2005)<br />

Gabriella, daughter of Jasper timmermans<br />

(2004)<br />

Giel, son of madeleine gaarlandt-Jansen<br />

(2001)<br />

ioannis, son of niels mekenkamp (1998)<br />

tygo, son of mariska Appel (2000)<br />

pAssED AwAY<br />

nico van der Heijden (1975)<br />


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