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COAX products - Modulight

COAX products - Modulight


ML-C-1310-FP-2G5-E11310 nm Fabry-Pérot Laser Diode Chip for 1.25 Gb/s & 2.5 Gb/sDescriptionLaser chip with Modulight's high-performance RWGdesign. The excellent high temperature behaviorof the chip makes it suitable for low-cost uncooledshort and intermediate reach applications in accessand enterprise networks. The products are shippedas bare dies.Applications• Gigabit Ethernet transceivers

Value adding solutions to optical applicationsAbsolute Maximum RatingsParameter Symbol Rating UnitOptical output power Pop 30 mWLD reverse voltage VRLD 2 VLD forward current IFLD 200 mAOperating temperature Top -40-85 °CStorage temperature TS -40-85 °CBare die productsChip layout and typical characteristicsAll dimensions in microns.Chip thickness: 100 µm.Polarity: p-contact (anode) up.29

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