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COAX products - Modulight

COAX products - Modulight

High power

High power lasersModulight’s unmountedlaser bars.The applications of ‘Diode Pumped Solid StateLasers’ (DPSSL) have experienced a rapid developmentin a large number of activities fromindustrial, medical, space and defence. Thesenew activities are made possible by developmentof new performance in “High Power Laser Diodes”(HPLD). Modulight’s HPLDs are used for pumpingDPSSL. The main applications are materialprocessing, medical therapy, measurement andanalysis, printing and imaging, and spectroscopy.High Power Laser Diodes for DPSSLModulight manufacturers high power laser diodes(Fig. 1.) operating in the wavelength range ofabout 0.78 to 1.1 micron. These lasers are usedin optical pumping of solid state lasers, suchas the Nd:YAG, replacing traditional flash lampdesigns. High-power laser diodes are tuned to theabsorption band of the dielectric crystal resultingin much more efficient pumping of the laser rod,from which a high-power focused coherent beamof light is emitted. This beam can then be usedin a variety of industrial, medical, and militaryapplications. Laser diodes have been developedto match the absorption bands of a variety of dielectriccrystals in a broad wavelength range.The laser diodes are packaged in individualheatsink assemblies in order to have continuouswave (CW) operation (Fig. 2). These individualheatsinks could be stacked to form a linear arrayof CW laser diodes.of kilowatts. Typically, direct diode lasers operateat a shorter wavelength than the Nd:YAG (1.06µm) and CO2 (10.6 µm) lasers, which are commonlyused in industrial applications. This leadsto an advantage of the diode laser system, sincethe lower operating wavelength results in a higherabsorption rate with most metals. This is especiallytrue for aluminum in which the absorptionpeak is at the HPDL wavelength of 810nm. Inthe case of laser heat treating, diode lasers donot require pre-coating of metal parts in orderto achieve higher absorption as with the case ofCO2 lasers.The advantages of direct diode lasers are the highwall plug efficiency, order of magnitude smallerfootprint, lower maintenance, high absorptionin work piece, and high control bandwidth. TheHPDL are very small and compact, such that theentire laser head can easily be mounted to theend of the robotic arm or gantry for use.A further advantage of direct diode lasers is thatthey are solid-state lasers. This yields a highlycontrollable heat source. Unlike conventional systems,diode lasers do not require warm up timeto stabilize. Power can also be turned on and offinstantaneously, which realizes additional energysavings.Example of high-power laserdiode package.High Power Laser Diodes for DirectprocessingIn addition to applications involving the pumpingof solid state laser rods, Modulight’s high-powerlaser diodes are also used for direct processinglike marking, welding, and cutting of metalsand various other materials. This is possible bystacking several high-power laser diode bars ontop of one another to make stacked laser diodearrays with output powers potentially in the range46

RoHS compliance statementEuropean Union’s directive 2002/95/EC,Restrictions of Hazardous Substances (”RoHS”directive) becomes valid on Jul 1 2006 in themember states of European Union. It states that allnew electrical and electronic equipment put on themarket within the member states must not containcertain hazardous materials.List of restricted materialsQuantity limit 0.1% of weight (1000ppm) of anyhomogeneous material:1. Lead (Pb)2. Mercury (Hg)3. Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI)4. Flame retardants Polybrominated Biphenyls(PBB) and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers(PBDE)Quantity limit 0.01% of weight (100 ppm) of anyhomogeneous material:1. Cadmium (Cd)‘Homogeneous material’ means a material that cannotbe mechanically disjointed into different materialsby, for example unscrewing, cutting, crushing,grinding and abrasive processes. Homogeneous isfurther defined as “of uniform composition throughout”.Following cases are exempted from the requirements(these are only the most important exemptionsfor Modulight, for full list see the originaldirective text):a) Lead in glass of cathode ray tubes, electroniccomponents and fluorescent tubes.b) Lead as an alloying element in steel containingup to 0.35% lead by weight, aluminum containingup to 0.4% lead by weight and as a copperalloy containing up to 4% lead by weight.c) Lead in high melting temperature type solders(i.e. tin-lead solder alloys containing more than85 % lead).d) Lead in solders for servers, storage andstorage array systems (exemption granteduntil 2010)e) Lead in solders for network infrastructure equipmentfor switching, signalling, transmission aswell as network management for telecommunication.f) Lead in electronic ceramic parts (e.g. piezoelectronicdevices).As an ISO14001-certified supplier of optoelectroniccomponents Modulight wants to reduce theenvironmental risks caused by above mentionedheavy metals where possible. Modulight’s isclarifying the RoHS compliance of its products.If non-compliance with RoHS directive is found,Modulight will replace the non-compliant parts inits production. All Modulight’s bare die and TOcanlaser products are RoHS compliant.Please see Modulight website for up-to-date information.Inquiries related to RoHS compliance may besent to Information47

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