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COAX products - Modulight

COAX products - Modulight

Absolute Maximum

Absolute Maximum RatingsParameter Symbol Rating UnitOptical output power Po 15 mWLD reverse voltage VRLD 2 VLD forward current IFLD 200 mAOperating case temperature 1 ToP -20-85 °CStorage temperature TS -40-85 °CNote 1: Heatsink temperature, designed for 0-70°C transceiver ambient temperature.Chip layout and typical characteristicsAll dimensions in microns.Chip thickness: 100 µm.Polarity: p-contact (anode) up.44

Value adding solutions to optical applicationsLasers for range finding and LIDARThe pulsed laser range finder is based onmeasuring the difference in properties of transmittedand back-reflected light from the target.The target changes the properties of the incidentlight and the back-reflected light is analyzed inthe receiving equipment. Modulight manufacturesrange-finding lasers for various marketsegments.The distance measurement techniques are requiredin determining the height, width, distance,volume or movement of the target. Applicationsfor the technique are laser radar speed measurements,traffic safety, laser profiling of targetdimensions, weapons simulation, aeroplane/satellite positioning and security area monitoring.Modulight’s laser boasts a high peak-power anda short rise-time – laser characteristics which areimportant for high performance solutions.and reflectivity of the target. High power can beachieved by constructing several emitter stacksor by increasing single emitter dimensions. Lightpulses up to 120-150 Watts can be generatedusing Modulight’s laser diodes at 900nm wavelengthrange. Though comparably lower outputpower with 1550nm can be achieved, theselasers benefit in applications, where eye-safetyis in key role. Modulight is pioneering in the 1550nm range-finding lasers.Custom productsThe technological advances in the transmittershave followed the requirements in optical fibercommunication. The wavelengths 900 nm, 1310nm and 1550 nm are favored in fiber communicationdue to low fiber attenuation on thesewavelengths.The laser range finding applications set severalrequirements for the laser device. High outputpower is required at the same time in very shortpulses of even picosecond range. However,the required power is defined by the distanceLaser rangefinder applied in golf binocularsmeasures quickly an accurate distance fromthe golf pin.45

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