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BIS Annual Report 2003-2004

BIS Annual Report 2003-2004

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¼0-17 yk[k½ O;; dhA blds lkFk 50 yk[k #- dh vfxze jkf’kizf’k{k.k laLFkku Hkou dh QfuZf’kax ds fy, eSllZ ,uchlhlhfy- dks fn, x, tks 31 ekpZ 2004 dks cdk;k gS vkSj blsvuqlwph & ,l en] 3 ¼x½ ¼v½ esa n’kkZ;k x;k gSA o”kZ dsnkSjku xSj iz;qDr fuf/k;k¡ pkyw [kkrs esa j[kus dss LFkku ijvYikof/k tek esa cSad esa tek dh xbZA C;kt izkfIr ds 4-95 yk[k #- miHkksDrk dY;k.k dks”k [kkrs esa Mkys x, gSA2-5 fuf/k;ksa dk fuos’k2-5-1 dqy fuos’k & 31-3-2004 dh fLFkfr ds vuqlkj dqyfuos’kksa dh jkf’k 20 350-18 yk[k #i, Fkh tks ukefufnZ”Vfuf/k;ksa vFkkZr isa’ku fuf/k [kkrk] volajpuk fodkl fuf/k [kkrk rFkk fo’o cSad _.k izfrnku fuf/k [kkrs dk|ksrd gS [ns[ksa vuqlwph vkj ¼Øe la- 1½]A o”kZ 2003&04ds nkSjku ysu nsu fuEu izdkj Fks%&¼yk[k #i,½1-4-2003 dh fLFkfr ds vuqlkj fuos’k 16 017-99tek % o”kZ 2003&2004 7 044-00ds nkSjku o`f)fuos’k dh ifjiDork 2 711-81ldy ;ksx 4 332-1931-3-2004 dh fLFkfr dsvuqlkj fuos’k 20 350-182-5-2 fuos’k ij vftZr C;kt & fiNys o”kksaZ ds nkSjku fuos’kij vftZr C;kt dks mn`f”V fuf/k;ksa vkSj vk; rFkk O;; [kkrksa dschp foHkkftr fd;k tkrk jgkA orZeku o”kZ esa fiNys o”kZ dh ys[kkizFkk ls ,d fopyu fd;k x;k vkSj fuos’k ij vftZr ldy C;kt1 829-59 yk[k #- dks vk; rFkk O;; [kkrsa esa Mkyk x;k gSA ;fnorZeku o”kZ dk vftZr C;kt fiNys o”kksaZ ds leku foHkkftr fd;ktkrk rks 177-62 yk[k #- dh jkf’k vk; rFkk O;; [kkrs esa MkyhxbZ gksrhA bl fopyu ds ifj.kkeLo:i vk; rFkk O;; [kkrs esa1 651-97 yk[k #- dh jkf’k vf/k’ks”k gks xbZ gSaAaddition to this, an advance of Rs.50 lakh waspaid to M/s NBCC Ltd for furnishing of TrainingInstitute Building which is outstanding as on 31March 2004 and shown in Schedule-S, Item-3 (c)(v). During the year, the unutilized fund wasinvested in short-term fixed deposit with banksinstead of keeping in Current Account. The interestreceipt of Rs. 4.95 lakhs has been credited toConsumer Welfare Fund Account.2.5 Investment of Funds2.5.1 Total Investments – The total investments ason 31.3.04 amounted to Rs. 20 350.18 lakhsrepresenting the earmarked funds viz. Provisionfor Pension Liability Account, InfrastructureDevelopment Fund Account and World BankLoan Redemption Fund Account [Refer ScheduleR (Sl. No. 1)]. The net of transactions during2003-04 is as under:(Rs. in lakh)Investment as on 1.4.2003 16 017.99Additions during 2003-04 7 044.00Maturity of Investment 2 711.81Net Addition 4332.19Investments as on 31.3.2004 20 350.182.5.2 Interest earned on investment --- During theprevious years, the interest earned on investmentused to be apportioned among the earmarked fundsand Income and Expenditure Account. In thecurrent year, a deviation has been made fromthe previous year accounting practice and thegross interest earned on investment amountingto Rs.1 829.59 lakh has been credited to Incomeand Expenditure Account. Had the current year’sinterest earned been apportioned as in previousyears an amount of Rs.177.62 lakh would have beencredited to Income and Expenditure Account. Asa result of this deviation, the surplus in Income andExpenditure Account has gone up by Rs.1 651.97lakh.okf"kZd fjiksVZ 2003-2004 53

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