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A large quantity of our immune system, about 70 - 80% comes from our digestive system.

The Digestive

2015 September Newsletter The Digestive System By Anni Dahms Owner of the retail chain ANNI’s VITAL SHOP. Nurse- & Health specialist, Biopath and Nutritional Adviser. I have read that 84 pounds of feces was found in Henry the 8th’s gut, which was perhaps one explanation for his big belly. From the moment you have eaten your food, until you acknowledge the remnants of it, there should preferably go between 24 to 36 hours. Many ”wise” people say that it does not matter if it takes longer, it is very normal, but normality does not say anything about quality, and we all know that it feels extremely uncomfortable when there’s a long time between our number two’s. Several conditions and diseases start in one way or other from the intestinal tract. Therefore, many people look at me little strangely, when they complain about some disorder in the body and first question is to ask them about how their stomach is. I do not think I’ve ever had someone who besides having unpleasantness somewhere in the body, has said to me, ”My gut is completely perfect, I feel fine there.” Many endocrine disorders originate from the gut. Psychological illnesses such as fear, nervousness, impatience, anger and irritability states, are most often linked to intestinal health. Guaranteed, we all know about it either in the form of constipation or the opposite as diarrhea. It is worth considering the next time you feel irritated and impatient, that your immune system may be low the moment. Personally, I believe that the vast majority of states of anger and impatience basically originates from fear. A large quantity of our immune system, about 70 - 80% comes from our digestive system. In Chinese medicine, which has been a major factor in my education in complementary medicine, various parts of the intestines are considered to relate with other organs, where any ailments often express themselves. For example, a bad bowel syndrome is often associated with lung and or skin problems, eg. asthma, bronchitis and/or acne or other skin related problems. When you have an infection, you may take some antibiotics. These can not distinguish the good bacteria from the bad, and are therefore responsible for clearing the body of most bacteria - both good and bad. This results in your immune 1

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