The Hawkeye - Issue II


Welcome to the official news magazine for Brooke Point High School. This is the full, online, completely colored version of the second issue of the 2015-2016 publication. Within this issue, you will find articles about our students, the community, the winter weather, the upcoming Valentine's Day season, and much more!

Running in a Winter

Junior Merritt Peterson has

been running track at Brooke

Point for three years. She

usually runs only distance

events, including the mile

or the 1,000. According to

Peterson, winter and spring

track are pretty similar.

Winter track runs from mid-

November until February

and meets are held inside.

Peterson explains, “The

season goes much faster than

you’d think.” She is looking

forward to the spring season.

She says, “Everyone has been

working and training hard.”

Peterson stays in shape during

the winter months by using a

tredmill and doing a lot of leg

and ab workouts. She claims

to like the spring season more

because more people come

out to their events. This three

year runner says “there’s

alot of talent on our team

and we have great coaches!”



By Cassidy Hoff and Emma McElwain


Winter Track


Tuesday January 12th: 3:30 Boys

and girls indoor meet at NSHS

Friday January 15th: Boys and

Girls varsity invitational at St.


Saturday January 16th: Boys and

Girls varsity invitational

Friday January 29th: Boys and

Girls varsity meet

Friday February 6th: Boys and

Girls varsity meet

Monday February 8th: Boys

and Girls Varsity Conference

tournament. BPHS

Wednesday February 17th:

Boys and Girls Varsity Reigon

Tournament. Prince George


Friday February 26th: Boys and

Girls States. Boo Williams Center

Saturday February 27th: Boys and

Girls States. Boo Williams Center

While runners are practicing

inside, Addison Phillips is

practicing shotput in the cold.

He explains that he prefers

spring track because it is much

harder to throw in the winter.

He says, “It’s more difficult to

be fluid with your movements

and you can’t throw as far.”

Phillips expects to qualify for

conference later on this year.

The History of Valentine’s Day

By Regan Flieg

You know that Valentine’s Day is the

designated holiday for expressing love,

but do you know where it comes from?

According to, Valentine’s

Day’s origins stretch back to the Ancient

Roman feast of Luperci, the festival of

fertility. As a part of this celebration,

Roman priests sacrificed dogs and goats.

They proceeded to dip strips of goat hide

into blood and slap fields and women

with them. This was gratefully recieved

as it was believed that this action would

increase fertility. To end the festival of

Luperci, bachelors drew the names of

single women out of an urn and were

randomly paired with them for the year.

In an attempt to override Luperci,

the Catholic Church placed the feast of

Saint Valentine on Feb. 14, one day before


According to Catholic Online, not

much is known about Saint Valentine, but

one of the stories depicts the saint as a

priest administering Catholic weddings

to couples despite this action being

illegal. He was put to death for his crime,

and he is believed to have sent a letter

to the daughter of his jailor signed “Your

Valentine” before he died.

According to, the

holiday of Valentine’s Day didn’t take

a definite turn toward romance

until the Middle Ages when it

was believed that February

marked the beginning of mating

season for birds. Charles,

Duke of Orleans, was the writer of the

oldest Valentine still in existence. It is

a poem written to his wife during his

imprisonment in 1415.

The mass-production of Valentine’s

Day cards began in the 1840s when Ester

A. Howland began selling her creations.

With approximately 1 billion Valentine’s

Day cards sent a year, it is the second

most popular holiday for card sending,

ranked only below Christmas.


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