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Welcome to the official news magazine for Brooke Point High School. This is the full, online, completely colored version of the second issue of the 2015-2016 publication. Within this issue, you will find articles about our students, the community, the winter weather, the upcoming Valentine's Day season, and much more!

Semester in review

By Isabella Taffera, Kassidy McCall, Sarah Moncure

The first semester of the 2015-2016 school year, for many, will be

memorable. For the first time, freshmen were tossed into the lion’s den

some may call high school, while the rest of us reveled in the joy of being

an upperclassman. Not only did we welcome freshman to high school life,

but we also got to experience countless fun school activities including

homecoming and its spirit week, exciting football games, and the infamous

Student Expression Night.

The few days leading up to homecoming night were filled with eccentric

outfits and plenty of spirited students. The electrifying days we all know as

Spirit Week, will be remembered for the exciting, pulsing energy throughout

the school. The highly anticipated homecoming night was cleverly themed:

“Under the Big Top.” For many, the fun-filled evening was filled with dancing,

playing games, and hanging out with friends.

Along with homecoming, Friday night football games were a highlight for

many BP students this fall. Head Varsity coach, Tommy Buzzo, was admirably

awarded “Coach of the Year” by The Freelance-Star. He felt honored and appreciated receiving it.

Adding to the many 2015 Brooke Point accomplishments, the drama department opened the year with their

commendable performance of “The Laramie Project”. Freshman Katie Monaghan, said, “It was powerful and inspiring.”

The student body basked in Brooke Point’s newly remodeled library at the start of the 2015-2016 school year. In the

cherished moments before the start of school, students utilize the highly equipped facility to its maximum. On the exterior

walls of the library, students and staff can walk by and be reminded of our shining new school motto: “Be Proud”.

Despite the many exciting events of 2015, Brooke Point was sad to see Cathy Van Valzah, a social studies teacher whose

career started at the opening of this school, retire from her impactful position as a member of the staff. Scott McClellan said,

“She brings a lot of experience, a lot of wisdom that we’re gonna miss.”


Spirit Week

Photos by Jasmine


Pep rally





Coach of the Year:

Coach Buzzo


& More!!


Upcoming in 2016

By Nathaniel Bowman and Virginia Lusker

Are you looking forward to 2016? You should

be, because we’re giving you a road map to a

successful and entertaining new year. Ending the

month of January, we have exams! We know it

can be difficult to find excitement in those, but

remember, it means you’ve made it halfway down

the road. Right after exams, we jump right into

February with many basketball games and track

events. Kicking off March, we have our Dare

Basketball Game right here at Brooke Point on

Friday, March 4. Five days later on March 9, we

also have another Student Expression Night! For

those of you who did not go to the first one, The

Hawkeye strongly suggests you attend it. As for

the following weekend, March Twelve and

Thirteen, the Fine Arts Festival will be taking

place also here at Brooke Point. And let’s not

forget that we will be ending the wonderful

month of March with spring break starting

on the twenty-eighth. That’s the start to your

successful and exciting new year.

Weekdays to Look Forward to

• January 27-29: EXAMS-Early Release

• February 1: No School

New Movies in 2016

• Deadpool

• Kung Fu 3

• Sherlock

The Divergent Series:


• Batman v Superman:

Dawn of Justice

New Music in 2016

•Ariana Grande: Moonlight

•Drake: Views from the 6

•Iggy Azalea: Digital Distortion

• February 15: Presidents’ Day-No School

• March 25: 2 Hour Early Release

• March 28-April 1: Spring Break!

•Kanye West: SWISH

•Rihanna: Anti

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