Slipstream - April 2016


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Destination Restoration: Waking from Hibernation

By Ash Seidl-Staley

Photo Courtesy of the Author

10 April

Spring is a beautiful

time of year. When referring to

how spring makes me feel, I speak

less of mild temperatures, singing

birds, or blossoming flowers,

but rather about the thousands

of Porsches awaking from their

long winter hibernations. I mean

buzzing bees and chirping birds

are great and all, but what really

excites me about this time of year

is the roaring of a Porsche engine

as its lucky owner speeds through

the streets of North Texas. Winter

is just depressing. Even in Texas the

numbers of roadfaring Porsches

drastically decline in these colder

months, and for good reason! Who

wants to risk icy driving, salty road

conditions, or crazy southern drivers?

Not this guy! Thankfully winter,

which was rather mild this year,

has relinquished its grip on the

weather and we can all go out and

play with our cars.

Due to an intense work load

in Graduate classes last fall, I was

unable to write up two separate

articles describing the methods I

used to stow away both my 914 and

my 944 for the winter. But there is

always this year right? My school

work has not let up at all this spring

semester, but I still managed to

draft the procedures I took to wake

up my 944, not only to get her running

for the 2016 year, but also to

get her inspected and registered by

the end of February.

Since, due to regular maintenance

on my wife’s vehicle, I had

planned on using the 944 a couple

times during December and January,

the procedures to get the car

ready for another year were fairly

simple. Unlike the 914, I had not

completely drained the car of gasoline

or of brake fluid. Because of

this my list of tasks was amazingly

short. First, I reconnected the recently

charged battery, pulled my

spark plug wires, and turned over

the engine a few times without a

spark. After I felt like all the pertinent

mechanicals were coated

in some much needed oil, I reattached

my spark plug cables and

fired her up. I could not believe

how quickly the car started or how

gracefully it sat idling. Was this the

same Guards Red 944?

With the remaining hours left

in the day, I hopped in the car

and drove straight to a gas station.

There I topped off the fuel tank

and filled the droopy tires with

compressed air. As the car drove

I took special care to notice if my

dashboard components illuminated

when I initiated the turn signals,

hazards, and headlights, including

the high beams. Similarly, I monitored

my engine’s fluctuating temperature,

watching it steadily rise to

the 3/4 mark, waiting for the fans

to kick on, and watching it travel

back down to the appropriate level.

When I had finally made it back to

my apartment I continued to let

the car run for a good twenty minutes

more. I was delighted to find

that my cooling fans did indeed

work, and all my fluid levels were

right within Porsche specifications.

A quick oil change, oil and air filter

replacement, as wells a brake pad

check rounded out my necessary


The first hurdle was past me; I

had my 944 back on the road. Now

all that was left was the dreaded state

inspection. For those Mavericks

who have followed my inspection

escapades over the years I am grateful

to report that the 944 passed on

its first try! Most of the credit is due

to my intense pre-inspection procedures,

but some of it is definitely

attributed to luck. While out on my

test drive I had confirmed that the

interior and exterior turn indicators

all worked perfectly fine. With

the assistance of a helper I checked

to make sure that all the brake

lights, tail lights, reverse lights, and

rear signals illuminated when supposed

to. The only hiccup found

was my right rear tail light. For

some reason

the light

would work

at some


and then go

dark for others.

Quirky right tail light

After opening the light housing

and fidgeting with the bulb I came

to the realization that I had mistakenly

misplaced the tail light and

brake light bulbs. Once I made the

switch with new bulbs I again tested

the vehicle, which, as you might

have guessed, passed. A quick jolt

down the road to my neighborhood

inspection station took literally two

minutes, and the inspection itself

was a world record breaking seven

minutes. The humble attendant at

the station took great care with my

precious classic, even asking “are

there any quirks with it I should

know about?” When I answered that

there weren’t any to my knowledge,

minus the finicky tail light, he sped

off around the corner with a smile

on his face. By the time I checked

my email the car inspection was

done and paid for. Miraculously,

my time spent in line at the DMV

was even shorter!

Driving home with my new registration

sticker, I felt as though I had

wandered into an alternate universe.

I have never had such a

smooth inspection/registration experience

ever! Let’s just hope that

the good luck will continue on into

May when I have to get the 914’s

credentials updated. Until that

time and the next article: Wrench

on Mavs!

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