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Our Porsche Master Technicians don’t have to know all the back

roads of Germany to know our way around every Porsche born there.

For unparalleled service from uncompromising Porsche experts,

turn to The Porsche Store. You might say, we speak the language.

Visit us at 5930 W. Plano Parkway, just East of the North Dallas Tollway. Phone 214.576.1911

Volume 40, April 2002, Issue 4


Zone 5 Presidents ..........................................................1

List of Officers/Board Chairs .......................................4

Prez Says..........................................................................5

Because I Said So (Editor’s)..........................................6

Maverick Minutes..........................................................6

New Wheels..................................................................27



Advertiser Index...........................................................28

Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events..........................................................1

Happy Hour at Speed Zone ..........................................2

Board Meeting ................................................................2

Porsche Lunches .............................................................3

Hill Country Tour ..........................................................3

Time Trial #1 and Autocross #1....................................7

Piney Woods Tour ..........................................................7

Pinewood Derby.............................................................7

DE at TMS Application ...............................................17

Clark Gardens Tour......................................................21

Club Race at TMS ........................................................23

DE at MotorSport Ranch Application.......................25

Past Event Recaps

Autocross 101..................................................................9

Ladies Autocross School ..............................................10

Autocross Therapy .......................................................11

Happy Hour at Champp’s...........................................13

DE Questions Answered from MotorSport Ranch ..14

Park Place Tech Session ...............................................19


Trivia Quiz.......................................................................2

Help Sponsor the Club Race.........................................3

Tow Hitch Installation .................................................20

Attention Potato Heads! ..............................................20

Day April - Events

5-7 Spring Tour (p. 3)

10 9 Board Meeting has been moved!

12-14 Mardi Gras Club Race

(No Problem Raceway)

13-14 Time Trial #1 & Autocross #1 (p. 7)

16 Plano Lunch (p. 3)

18 Happy Hour (p. 2)

19-21 Early S Registry Meeting

20 Piney Woods Tour (p. 7)

20 Park Place Tech Session

20 Pinewood Derby (p. 7)

27-28 Lone Star DE at TWS

28 Clark Gardens Tour (p. 21)

30 Addison Lunch (p. 3)

Day May - Events

4-5 Time Trial #2 & Autocross #2

8 Board Meeting

11 Park Place Tech Session

11 May at Mayo’s Dinner Social

16 Happy Hour

18-19 Hill Country DE @ MSR


Dennis Chamberlain, Mark Gluck,

Robert Van Buskirk, Bill Dugan,

Drew Campbell, Kevin Hardison

& Wendy Shoffit

Cover Photo

A Porsche Store customer brought his new silver

GT2 out to MSR during the DE. Photo by Wendy

Shoffit, although Keith Olcha got to drive it!


A happy hour photo caption incorrectly said “Calvin

and Amy Gissendaner” but he’s not married.

Day May - Events (cont.)

21 Plano Lunch

25-27 Club Race and DE at TMS

28 Addison Lunch

Day June - Events

1 Park Place Tech Session

5 Board Meeting

8-9 Lone Star DE @ TWS

15 Concours 101

16 Father’s Day Picnic

18 Plano Lunch

20 Happy Hour

22-23 DE @ MotorSport Ranch

25 Addison Lunch

29-30 Time Trial #3 & Autocross #3

Day July - Events

10 Board Meeting

13-14 Time Trial #4 & Autocross #4

16 Plano Lunch

18 Happy Hour

30 Addison Lunch

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2002 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents


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Sponsorship Deadline April 26th

If interested, contact Lanean Hughes at

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Thanks in advance!


2002 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs

Maverick Region President

James Shoffit

W - (972) 506-7449

H - (972) 506-7449

1112 Santa Fe Trail

Irving, TX 75063

A member since 1997, James has also been

co-editor of Slipstream and the Timing &

Scoring chair of AX. 2001 PCA Family of

the Year. He owns a ‘90 911 C4 Cab and a ‘78

911 SC.


Eric Erz

H - (972) 396-2900

122 Estelle Lane

Lucas, TX 75002

Eric has been a member since 1997. He is

active in many types of events. He currently

owns a '72 911E targa, and a '87 Turbo Look



Andy Mears

W - (214) 360-9221

H - (940) 321-8683

1512 Shadow Crest Dr.

Corinth, TX 76210

Andy has been heavily involved with the

mailing and distribution of Slipstream for

several years. He now hopes to attend more

driving events since he has completed his

911 Coupe project.


Bob Knight

W - (214) 461-1426

H - (214) 349-1108

9047 Oakpath

Dallas, TX 75243

A member since 1986, Bob has previously

held the offices of President and Vice

President, edited Slipstream, and has won

the Selcer Memorial award. He owns a 2000

Boxster S.

Driving Events - Chair

Keith Olcha

W - (817) 706-7678

H - (817) 251-6865

711 Manchester Court

Southlake, TX 76092

Keith has been a regular at all driving events

and has recently been heavily involved in our

Driver’s Education program.

Logistics & Support - Chair

Joe McGlohen

W - (817) 366-1678

H - (817) 861-2792

704 Bowen Court

Arlington, TX 76012

Joe has been involved in virtually every type of

event that the Maverick Region holds.

Joe was the 2001 Selcer Memorial award winner.

He owns a 912 and a 914 2.0 liter.

Communication - Chair

Wendy Shoffit

H - (972) 506-7449

1112 Santa Fe Trail

Irving, TX 75063

A member since 1997, Wendy is the editor

of Slipstream and has won the Selcer

Memorial Award. 2001 Porsche Club Family

of the Year. She owns a ‘90 911 C4 Cab and

a ‘78 911 SC.

Activities - Chair

Teri Davis

H - (940) 682-4719

P.O. Box 213

Weatherford, TX 76086

Teri is a past Slipstream Editor and the

current Rally Chair. She has also been a

major force behind Round Up and the

recent Rally Schools.


Cody Sears

W - (214) 357-7000.

H - (817) 540-1076


Joe McGlohen

W - (817) 366-1678

H - (817) 861-2792

Managing Newsletter Editor

Wendy Shoffit

H - (972) 506-7449

Goodie Store

Dee & John Lersch

W - (214) 697-3291

Time Trials

Bill Dugan

H - (817) 265-0704 (

Prez Says

by James Shoffit, Maverick Region President

As a young boy growing up, I was involved

in the Boy Scouts of America, and one of

my favorite things was the Pinewood

Derby. This is the event where the kids and their

dads get together and carve a car out of a block

of wood and attach some small wheels and

paint. The object is for your gravity-powered car

to win each race by being smooth and fast. Just

like autocross. (It’s all starting to make sense now!)

The Longhorn Council Boy Scout troop is having a

Pinewood Derby at the Dillards at NorthEast Mall in Hurst on

April 20th. They have invited us to join with them for a “shine

contest” concours event and we can even race our own cars if we

want to! Our new Concours Chair, Jimmy Carter is spearheading

the effort (see ad on page 7), and we are looking for ALL kinds of

Porsches to show these kids. Dillards has reserved an area on the

top of one of their parking garages for us to park our cars and let

the kids drool. This will be a great opportunity to reach another

generation of Porsche owners!

Our two-day Mineral Wells Autocross and Time Trial school

was, as usual, an outstanding success! The students, instructors,

and even the workers all had a great time and learned a lot. Baris

hosted the Saturday night meal which was quite a pleasure as

well. Kevin Hardison and Cody Sears deserve mountains of

praise, as do all the other instructors and volunteers. It always

warms my heart to see so many people come out and dedicate a

weekend to helping the newer autocrossers learn to drive better.

All for a couple of lunches, a shirt, and a bit of sunburn!

April is the start of our Autocross and Time Trial season with

our first AX/TT weekend in Mineral Wells! (Yes, this is my

favorite time of the year).

We also have two tours coming up in April, two lunches, a

Happy Hour, and a Tech Session (993 suspension upgrade) at

Park Place. There is a Drivers Ed event down at TWS, a Club Race

at No Problem Raceway in Louisiana, and a tour of the fabulous

Clark Gardens in Mineral Wells. As usual, something for nearly

everyone! If you can’t figure out what you might be interested in,

or don’t know what some of our events are about, come to a

Happy Hour – Dennis Chamberlain will be more than happy to

introduce you to some members who can show you the ropes. So

come on out, and join the fun!

Email: or

FAX at (817) 267-4939












Service Clinics

for Porsche

Club Members.

Where: Park Place Porsche.

When: April 20, 2002

May 11, 2002

June 1, 2002

Why: An opportunity to see firsthand

service being performed on Porsche

models. Also get the opportunity to ask

questions of Porsche Master Technicians.

Who: Porsche Club Members

R.S.V.P.: Space is limited, so stop by or

call the Porsche Service Department to

reserve your spot today—214.525.5400.

©2002 Park Place Porsche

4101 Oak Lawn Ave. • Dallas, TX 75219 • 214.525.5400 AOL KEYWORD: PARK PLACE

Saturday, April 20

“Shine Contest” at 11:30 - 3:00

Maverick Region has been invited to join the

Longhorn Council Boy Scouts of America on April

20th at their Pinewood Derby (NorthEast Mall in

Hurst in front of Dillard’s).

This will be an opportunity to shine up the cars

and show them to all the kids (and grown ups) in a

casual concours event to be judged by the cub


And, can build your own car

to race! See

for entry rules and more info.

Or contact our

Concours Chair

Jimmy Carter at

(214) 330-6609


Because I Said So

by Wendy Shoffit, Editor

There are a couple of things on my mind

this month, but I’m sure you already

knew that! I guess that’s why the title of

my column is “Because I Said So.” It is one of the

few times I can talk without being interrupted.


I wanted to start by thanking the fabulous

dealerships we have in this area, (in alphabetical

order) Autobahn, Park Place, and The Porsche Store. They have

stepped forward in a major way to sponsor our largest events. We

couldn’t give nearly as much value to our participants if it weren’t

for you. Here is what’s coming up:

May 18-19 HCR DE at MSR Sponsored by Park Place

May 25-27 MR Club Race at TMS Sponsored by The

Porsche Store

June 22-23

Sept. 21-22

MR DE at MSR Sponsored by Park Place

MR DE at MSR Sponsored by The

Porsche Store

As always, we appreciate ALL of our sponsors!

The next thing on my mind involves you women out there. I

am really enjoying the increasing level of participation by you

gals lately! For last year’s ladies AX school we had to nearly beg

women to come out... this year, we were jam-packed with

enthusiastic drivers! I asked you all for an article and I got three

volunteers. It thrills me when I have a man come up to me and

Maverick Minutes

by Pro-Tem Lanean Hughes

On March 6, 2002 the Maverick Board

meeting was held at the home of Prez

James Shoffit. Meeting was called to order

at 7:05 p.m. Report for Happy Hour Chair, Dennis

Chamberlain, was given by James who reported

there were 32 people in attendance last time and

we signed up 6 new members. Mark Gluck, HH

co-chair, provided business card reminders to all

those present to share with others stating time and date of next HH.

April’s will be at SpeedZone.

Next up was Bill Dugan regarding the driving event rules. No

major changes were made with the exception that the 50 series tire

rule has been deleted. Bill also reported that the Naval Air Station is

still alive and well, but making major repairs to the area, and then

perhaps a positive AX site in the future.

Eric Erz stated that he is working with Jimmy Carter (our new

Concours chair) and that we have been invited to participate with the

Boy Scouts at an upcoming Pinewood Derby on 4/20, taking place at

Northeast Mall. See page 7 for more information.

Jan Mayo, Zone Rep reported that a discussion is taking place

nationally regarding opening the membership to a person who is not

a Porsche owner. She would appreciate your opinion. Bob Knight,

treasurer, reported that “We have money.”

tell me that his wife is the first one to pick up Slipstream and read

it cover to cover. I’ve also seen more and more independent women

come out with their own Porsche to participate in our events. Not

only do you ladies come out to play, but also you are the first ones

to step forward and help out (and do a darn good job). I mean

absolutely (seriously) no slight to our testosterone-laced counterparts,

but women kick butt! Go estrogen... and thanks!

Which brings me to the next thing ... volunteers. No, I’m not

going to beat you over the head again this month. I’m just going

to make a simple request. We need people to help out with the

Club Race on Memorial weekend (May 25-27). We want people

in all areas - corner workers, grid and parking, hospitality, timing

and scoring, registration, and “runners.” Nancy Dugan (one of

the fabulous women I was just mentioning) has agreed to be the

volunteer worker coordinator this year. Signing up to help out

has never been easier. All you have to do is visit our website

( and follow the link to the Club Race. There’s

an online volunteer form to fill out. It’s a piece of cake and the

information goes straight into a database. Try it out!

The last thing I have (for now) on my mind also involves the

Club Race and ties in volunteerism and sponsorship. If you want

to help out, but maybe don’t have the weekend free, you can help

be a sponsor of this great event! For $25 or more, your name will

be in the program and for $100 or more, you will also be on the

official race shirt. See p. 3 for more info. Of course, once I ask you

women out there for help, I’m done! Fuhgettaboutit... *smile*

Cody Sears, AX chair, reported that we have approximately 25

students signed up for the MW school. He explained the format and

asked for volunteers. Wendy Shoffit reported on the success of the AX

101 and Ladies AX, we lost $0.73/but everyone had a GREAT time.

Discussion took place on raising the advertising rates of Slipstream.

James requested a proposal be prepared on the rates and we will

decide at a later date this year.

Joe McGlohen asked for a volunteer to store the coolers, and

other items for our events. We hope to find a place to store all the

cones, coolers, radios, and someone to inventory and be responsible

for these items. Kevin Hardison arrived late to finish off the pizza and

pass out information on the upcoming AX school. Wendy’s fresh

baked chocolate chip cookies finished off the meeting at 8:47 p.m.

Those in attendance: Jan Mayo, Joe McGlohen, James & Wendy

Shoffit, Bill Dugan, Cody Sears, Albert Sansores, Kevin Hardison,

Bob Knight, Eric Erz, and yours truly!

Maverick Region PCA Board

Meetings are held once a month.

The meetings are open to all PCA members and

your suggestions and opinions are welcome.

And there’s free food!


Photo by Kevin Hardison

Intro to Autocross 101

by Michael Ufer

This was our first event with the Porsche Club and our

second Driving event in our 1971 911T. It seems like only

yesterday, all be it over five years ago, that our first Porsche

was towed to our house. Then began the slow process of getting it

running and chasing all of the gremlins out, from a car that sat for

over four years in the weather deteriorating. We were encouraged

to join PCA Potomac Region, at the time we lived in Virginia. We

joined and made great friends while learning to restore our early

911. We could not have restored the “Beast” (lovingly named by

our three children) with out their tireless support and willingness

to share their guidance and knowledge of Porsche. Our thanks to

all who participated in breathing life back into the “Beast”.

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Michael Ufer putting the car through its paces.

Autocross. I wish to take this opportunity to say that the Maverick

Region instructors are ready for you no matter what your skill

level. I am encouraging you to learn first hand what your Porsche

was built to do, in an environment that will support you every step

of the way. The AX101 event was my first opportunity to watch the

orchestration required which make these events both safe and fun

while learning how to handle your Porsche.

Allen Swanson showing just how fast 914s can go!

When we were transferred to Dallas last June we thought we had

left this incredible network of Porsche support in Virginia. We were

wrong. As I prepared the Beast for the AX101 the shifting rod broke

at the front cup. I know, it what?… I never heard of that breaking,

well somehow it did. I e-mailed Cody Sears, having submitted my

. . . guidance, encouragement and

confidence to push our limits . . .

application for the AX101. He made a few suggestions about who

may be able to help. I dropped the engine and transaxel and

was up and running Friday night for the Saturday event. The

incredible people behind the Porsche marque continue to support

our restoration efforts of the now beautiful Beast.

I know there are many PCA members who have thought

about flirting with a Drivers Education event or maybe even an

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Monda Degan learning the line in her Boxster.

The AX101 was a terrific experience! Starting with James

Shoffit’s class explaining the fine art of the line and car handling.

Then Ed Mayo’s careful articulation of what is involved in a

technical inspection. To each instructor giving us the personal

guidance, encouragement and confidence to push our limits.

Many thanks to all the efforts of the Maverick Region officers

and volunteers who made this the best experience with my

Porsche I have had! I hope to see you at an event soon!

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Jack Wales showing no mercy to his borrowed Boxster.

John Welte getting some direction from his instructor.


Ladies Autocross School

By Ellie Luce

It's a cold, early morning and nothing would make me get up before

dawn except a commitment to friends that I would do something

called Autocross. It's somewhere out in Euless or Hurst, places my

car has never been, but still a promise is a promise..

I arrive, there are a few people about and one Porsche, and I am

instructed to park my Mercedes in slot 4. I go and register, and learn I

am to take EVERYTHING out of my trunk. OOPS, this means this

could get a little rough!

Then some friends arrive, with donuts. It's still cold but things are

looking up until I realize that I am the ONLY non-Porsche in the place.

Will this be good or bad, I have no idea.

...the adrenaline pumping and the

challenge of bettering each run . . .

stops shorter than ever expected, so MAYBE I should stick around.

Anyway, my friends are still here so I’d better hang in.

Mitch does the course twice and now it's my turn: 58 seconds and

no cones..this is pretty cool. Then another run..56 seconds and no

cones, and another of 55 and another of 54. Then Mitch abandons me

to run the course by myself (less wait, faster time, maybe). I'm all for

speed and independence and sure enough it's the best yet. I'm pumped

and ready to volunteer at the second station while Mitch runs the car

thru its paces, and he actually breaks 50 seconds.

Good Car, Good Day, Great fun and I'm ready to do it again...tomorrow

would be a good day to have the adrenaline pumping and the challenge

of bettering each run. I could even get up at 3 am if needed.

So it's time to practice. This is fun. Mitch does a few runs, shows

me how, and then says "just do it." Too funny, the car is so well trained

is wants to slow to a stop and not wait to the last possible second. It

objects to squealing around the corners and keeps trying to become

classy and sedate. But I persevere and finally Mitch says I might be OK

to do a good job when we do the course for real after lunch.

But wait, I already made a complete fool of myself by taking out 4

cones in one run, why would I want to do that again? Oh, I realize that

this is really interesting, that the car goes faster than I imagined, and

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Ellie Luce learning what her Mercedes can do.


Autocross Therapy

By Suzanne Cochran

Ican sum up the Ladies AX school in just a few words. RIP

ROARING GOOD TIME! But here are a few more just in case

you don’t yet have the picture.

I arrived at the Ladies AX school thinking it couldn’t be any

more fun than AX 101 the day before. Boy, was I wrong! I had the

advantage of not being a total novice having been at the school the

year before and having driven in events a few times. But since I

mostly drive a Ford truck, every time I’m in the Boxster, it’s a new

driving day. My 101 instructor, Lanean, lobbied for me to have one

of the instructors most in demand: Ed Mayo. I have to admit that I

was a bit intimidated. After all, everybody knows Ed is one of the

THE best drivers in the country (maybe second only to Jan, his

wife.) My impression was also that he was a no nonsense kind of

guy. How much tolerance could he have for a timid driver that just

shows up every now and then in a helmet. My concerns faded

away quickly.

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Suzane Cochran in a rare (?) moment of control.

I wasn’t about to say “I can’t” but I was thinking it would be a cold

day in hell when the car went that fast through a slalom with me at

the wheel.

Ed coached me to a performance I would never thought I

could achieve but, to get there -- Well, all I can say is Ed is a saint

when it comes to patience. He remained calm and mercifully kind

when I hit the same cone again - and again - and again. (I expect

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Karen Erz showing us what her 911 can do.

. . . so out of control that I wound

up in the other slalom course . . .

the workers who were having to run for the cones may have had a

few not-kind-comments, though.) We laughed when I went so out

of control that I wound up in the other slalom course. Backwards

at that. But, hey, I didn’t hit any cones.

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Here’s how we started. The usual procedure was for the

instructor to drive first – to give the student a taste of what it’s

supposed to look and feel like. But since I had driven in autocross

before, Ed suggested that I drive first so he could see what we need

to work on. My experience from the day before made that easy: my

priority was the slalom.

So. As I sat in line, I tried to recall what I’d been told before.

(and, judging from my dismal performance on the Saturday slalom,

I obviously didn’t stay told). I played over and over in my head

“Keep it smooth; don’t try to go too fast.” So I drove as smoothly as

I could which was pret-ty darn sloooow. Ed just said “OK.” Pause.

“Let me show you how I do it.” We changed seats. He drove the

same course. Holy Cow!! I didn’t know my car would even do that!

Sandy Long looking through the corner.

Photo by Kevin Hardison

Dede Todd sends the cone flying.

There were a lot more “Oops!” moments throughout the day,

but Ed and the other volunteers whooped and cheered me on

with every little improvement. If you work in a confrontational

environment like I do, where opponents lay in wait for you to make

a mistake so they can cram it down your throat, AX is the place to

go for a vacation. The cadre of hard working volunteer instructors

and workers not only tolerate mistakes, they encourage them. Its

how you learn to go faster. And they celebrate every small victory

with you as if you climbed the Matterhorn. It’s exhilarating. Even if

you feel you’re not quite ready to drive, then come out any way and

work with these great people. I promise you won’t even think about

the office and you’ll freak out your co-workers the next day because

you’re in such a good mood.





AUTOSCOPE, Now in it’s 19th year in Dallas, has satisfied thousands of

European automobile owners looking for exceptional service.

As a Bosch Authorized Service Center, we offer the latest in technology

and equipment to accurately diagnose sophisticated vehicles like yours. All

our work is backed by factory trained and certified A.S.E.technicians. We

carry only the highest quality parts and products with the service to match.

We want you to see what our customers are talking about, so please accept

our invitation to come in and let us introduce to you our staff and facility.

Our VIP service includes:

• Pick-up and delivery of your driveable car from home or office.

• Hand wash and vacuum your car after every service.

• Prompt, courteous customer service you demand.

Call Us Today 972.867.7467

601 Coit Road

Plano,Texas 75093


Happy Hour At Champp’s

By Dennis Chamberlain

Happy Hour Crew: Dennis Chamberlain,

Dee Lersch, and Mark Gluck

The hot topics at the February

21 Champp’s Happy Hour

were the recent autocross

school, the coming weekend’s DE at

Motorsport Ranch, and the Spring

Hill Country tour – not to mention

the women’s ice skating finals at the

Olympics, which were in progress as

we were finishing our dinner.

My good friend Jay Easley was not able to attend, presumably

because of the large “no shirt, no shoes, no service” signs on the

front door, but we had thirty-two other members, including six

new members. I enjoyed visiting with Rollie and Stacy Waters, who

told me about totaling their 2002 Boxster S in Oklahoma in ice and

snow after just 1,400 miles. They turned around and bought a new

one, which was exactly the same except for being Seal Gray rather

than Arctic Silver. Other new members included Sandy Long, who

had just purchased a 1984 911, and Richard Bennett (a 1985 911).

Mark Williams (944) was attending his first function. Also attending

was Ben Hartsell, who has recently moved to our region, with his

gorgeous 1997 993 C2S.

Mark Gluck distributed business cards that members can hand

out to promote the next happy hour event. The cards invite the

recipient to come to the event, and include the club's web address.

They're perfect to carry in your car/wallet/purse to give to a friend

or even tuck under the wiper of a lonely Porsche.

. . . “no shirt, no shoes, no service” . . .

As the evening wound down, Mark decided he would give

Karaoke a try, and the few remaining Maverick members anxiously

awaited his singing debut. Just before his name was called, Michelle

Kwan skated out (on Champp’s big screen) to compete for the gold

medal. It was a tough choice, but we opted to leave Mark and watch

Michelle. Mark breathed a sigh of relief, took his name off the list,

and came to join us. The analogy was interesting – Mark backing

out from the pressure of having 100 people hear him sing, and

Michelle slipping on the ice from the pressure of having half of the

entire world watching. Everything, I suppose, is relative.

Speaking of relatives, bring your friends, relatives, and

especially your kids to the April 18 Happy Hour at Speed Zone. It

has been a big hit in the past.

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Photo by Dennis Chamberlain

Stacy and Rollie Waters enjoying their first Maverick Region event.

Mark Gluck and Carol Frank having lots of fun.

Sandy Long was all smiles.

Lanean Hughes hamming it up with Jasmine Shoffit.


DE Questions Answered from Motorsport Ranch

By Bryan Henderson

Ihad several questions this weekend concerning the correct

driver response to situations and flags during track events.

With the number of questions it appears we have a great

opportunity for better understanding.

1. Can I pass under a white flag and can I pass the car causing

the white flag?

Yes, you can. At our DEs the white flag indicates a slow moving

vehicle on the track. This is probably going to be another car at

DE but might be an ambulance, wrecker or fire truck at a race.

In most cases it is actually much safer for you to pass the car causing

the white flag. There are only two flags under which you can not

pass, yellow and black. At a DE I would be disappointed if

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

2. If I spin and stop what do I expect from the corner workers

and what do they expect from me?

If I am off track and in a position where I can, I will look for

a point from the corner worker to HELP get me safely on track.

Photo by Bill Dugan

Cody Sears using the curb to help rotate his car through Rattlesnake.

National President Bob Miller getting ready for

an exciting ride with Brooke Van Horn

It is still my responsibility to re-enter safely. At some tracks in

some situations getting a point might not be feasible. If I am ON

TRACK it is my responsibility to get the car moving and in a safe

position in a safe manner as quickly as reasonably possible. If

you are on track the corner worker will not generally give you a

point. They will expect you to start moving.

someone gave a passing signal for a third car while passing a slow

moving vehicle. I might question your judgment at black flag.

You must use care and common sense when passing this slow

moving vehicle and do so in a safe manner. If we don't pass the

slow car we may end up with cars bunched closely together and

lots of hard braking behind the slow vehicle.

If the white is shown with a yellow then regular passing must

stop. If you are driving the slow moving vehicle you must also

apply great caution and common sense. Please don't wander

from side to side on the track. The best place to park a failing car

that is not going to make it to the pits is at a corner station behind

the bunker wall.

Photo by Bill Dugan

Nancy Dugan waiting for her turn at grid.

Thank You to

The Porsche Store

Sponsor of the February Maverick DE!


Photo by Bill Dugan

Photo by Drew Campbell

Which way did they go?

Cars stopped on track will generally be covered by a waving

yellow flag. If the car is fully functional, I should bring the car

back to a reasonable speed off line then resume my lap and report

ASAP to the black flag station in the hot pit. A parked car on the

track is a bad thing and will generally bring a halt to the session

at one of our DE's. If the car is stopped ON THE TRACK it is

usually in a more dangerous situation than if it is moving even

slowly down track.

In this situation the corner workers will first protect

themselves, then communicate with other cars through the flags,

notify control and communicate with you. The communication

with you can take several forms, but basically, if you are moving

or signal you are ok, they are going to assume you are ok. If you

move your car they are going to assume it is ok. If YOU don't

move they will call for help. If your car does not move they will

assume it can't and take appropriate action. On Sunday that

action was to stop the session with a black all. Both cars were on

A “patriotic” 911 showing its colors.

Photo by Wendy Shoffit

track, off line and facing the correct direction. They should

have accelerated down track off line and continued as

appropriate. Sitting on track created a dangerous situation where

none should have existed.

3. What do I do if my car is not operable?

Most of the time you should stay strapped in the car unless

it is on fire until help arrives or the session is over. If you feel you

must leave the car, do not cross a hot track. You can use hand

signals with the corner workers for special request from a stalled

. . . arms raised over your head like

a touchdown . . .

car. There is a "normal" set of arm and hand signals that you can

use but they are actually designed for corner workers to communicate

with each other. For example, arms outstretched to the

Let sleeping drivers lie... Right, Hill Bullock? DEs are tiresome.

sides forming a T with your body says you need a flat tow. From

the T position bend the elbows down forming a W with your

arms and that says you need a wrecker. Slant your T by raising

one arm and lowering the other says I need a roll back flat bed.

The signal to request a point back on to the track if you get the

car restarted is arms raised over your head like a touchdown with

your palms facing forward. The problem with these signals is,

you can't do most of them very well from inside a car. Let the

corner workers and control do their job. Wait until the session is

stopped then signal what you need.

The reason I use terms like generally, usually and most of

the time is in any situation on a race track you must ALWAYS use

good judgement and that prevents us from saying always.


Specializing in


repair, Maintenance,

4-wheel alignment,

and complete

German automobile

body repair.

A.S.E. certified



Glasurit certified

1118 S. Airport Circle, #120

Euless, Texas 76040

Metro (817) 540-0712

Member Automobile Service Association


Driver Education At Texas Motor Speedway

May 25,26,27 in conjunction with

PCA CLUB RACE sponsored by:

Postmark Date: April 10, 2002

Maverick Region PCA invites you to participate

in a solo-only three-day PCA Driver Education event

at Texas Motor Speedway. Drive the full 2.4 mile

ALMS road course using the high-speed banking

and chicane. Instruction will be limited. This DE will

be for drivers who are already solo-qualified in the

Blue, Yellow, White, and Red run groups at

Maverick, Lone-Star, and other PCA regions. The

DE will be run in conjunction with our Maverick

Club Race weekend as was done last year. All cars

must be inspected for track worthiness (tech) prior to

the event. Tech locations, dates, and forms, along

Cost: $295 per driver

with further information will be sent with your


Event registration will open with April 10 postmark

dates. The cost is $295 each, for all three days

only, payable to Maverick Region PCA. Each

entrant fee covers the entire weekend, typical DE

format and track time, and includes one shirt and one

admission to the trackside banquet. Applications

need payment to be processed. Sorry, due to limited

availability we are unable to issue refunds once

you've been accepted into the event. One Application

and check Per Entrant, please!

Mail Application with check to:

Wendy Shoffit

1112 Santa Fe Trail

Irving, TX 75063

General Information:

Keith Olcha


Tech Information:

John Sandusky



Sharing Car With:

Address: City: St: Zip:

Phone: Day ( ) Eve. ( ) e-mail:

Do You Prefer Contact By: US MAIL / E-MAIL Driver's Lic #: State:

PCA Region: PCA # Helmet type: M95 / SA95 / M00 / SA00

Year Make Model Color Cabriolet

Yes No

DE Experience- #days/date Organizing Club Track Run Group Car #


I am Solo Qualified at one or more of the tracks above (name):

Please select shirt size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) DE Fee: $295 per driver

Additional Shirts @ $15.00 each________ (S, M, L, XL, XXL)

Additional Meals @ $25.00 each________

Total extra shirts: $ ________

Total extra meals: $ ________

Total Enclosed:

$ ________

Number choices below: If over booked, do you want on the waiting list? YES NO

Car#( ) Second Choice( ) Third ( ) Signed:




3151 Skylane, Suite104 • Carrollton (Dallas), Texas • 972.733.4807

Catch your Porsche in action!


Dede Todd

Ladies’ Autocross School

High resolution 8” x 10” digital photos start at $15.00.

Poster print sizes up to 36” x 48”!!!

Custom magnetic car numbers start at $75.00.

Need a photo print from last year?

The scans and prints from every Porsche Club driving event are

being sorted and grouped by driver and will be ready soon.

If you are interested in an archive print of your car in action . . .

call us at 214-957-8193 or email us at:




Layout • Design • Hats • Shirts

Banners • Posters • Calendars

Track Photography • Car Numbers

Digital Photo Editing

Kevin Hardison

Irving, Texas • (214) 957-8193




FAX 972-721-1847


Park Place Tech Session #2

By Robert Van Buskirk

The second Tech Session at Park Place Porsche was on the 996.

The membership was questioned concerning what they

would like to see performed and what they would like to

learn. Two areas of interest were an exhaust upgrade and shift

linkage enhancement. It is the opinion of the technicians that the

shift linkage upgrade is very important in early 996’s.

A significant number of Maverick Region members were in

attendance. Also in attendance were some 993 and Boxster owners.

Photo by Robert Van Buskirk

How can I get one of those signs myself?

Photo by Robert Van Buskirk

The group getting an eyeful underneath the car.

Park Place had on display the new 996 C4S, TARGA, and

TURBO available for us to carefully inspect on the floor and

up on lifts.

A 996 was selected for demonstration purposes that required

both upgrades be done and also an after market air intake system

using a K&N air filter.

The process of removing the old exhaust system, to include

headers, was very interesting. First, the technicians removed all the

rear molding and bumper components. All of these pieces came off

quickly and made working on the car much easier.

The owner had selected custom headers and a very low

restriction (loud) exhaust. We were shown all of the work in a

step-by-step process. A comparison was made of the factory

headers and aftermarket ones. It was very obvious how there would

be a significant increase in performance.

Photo by Robert Van Buskirk

The technicians worked in a very precise and steady manner.

Some adjustments had to be made for a precision fit, which helped

me understand the value of all of the resources they have available.

They were willing to answer all manner of questions concerning

what they were working on and many questions specific to member

cars not involved in this tech.

. . . when I found out he is a State

Judge. . .

After several hours the new air intake and complete new

exhaust system were installed including the catalytic converters.

Interesting note was they would not allow the catalytic converters to

come off of the car even though the job would have been easier had

they been removed.

The new Targa is quite a machine.

Photo by Robert Van Buskirk

The new exhaust is a beauty.

When the 996 was started the noise level was intense. I was

reminded of Mineral Wells events. I wondered out loud to the

owner if he was concerned about too much noise. That’s when I

found out he is a State Judge!

Looking forward to Tech Session #3 which will focus on 993’s.

It is scheduled, as of this writing, to be April 20. Park Place is

intending to do a suspension upgrade and possibly a 30K service if

time allows.


Tow Hitch Installation-Who needs a Cayenne to tow?

By Noby Takahashi

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in December, a few Mavericks

gathered at the home of Rocky Johnson to install a trailer

hitch on a Boxster. Our trailer hitch kit was purchased

from Evolution Motorsports ( in

Tempe, AZ, 800-998-8510. Why were we doing this? So that

we can tow our track tires and associated tools out to our driving

events. This is an alternative to the Tow Vehicle/Car Trailer


Photo by Noby Takahashi

Photo by Noby Takahashi

Taking apart Wayne’s car

the tongue extension with a rubber mallet. Be sure that the

center hole is perfectly aligned with the tow hook hole. That big

bolt requires a 1-1/4” socket.

Swifttow Trailer Hitch System

. . . we would have spent all night

camping out in Rocky’s garage. . .

The physical installation of the hitch is relatively simple.

First, remove the rubber bumperette covers with a 6mm hex

wrench. Taking off the license plate/bracket results in this:

Photo by Noby Takahashi

Trust me, it is 1”. Blame the photographer!

Photo by Noby Takahashi

This is Wimbledon Green if you’re wondering...

Notice how filthy it is. Might want to clean it up before

proceeding. A 5/16” hole needs to be drilled through each

Aluminum bumperette. EVO provides a template to mark the

location. It is easier by starting out with a small pilot hole and I

recommend fairly sharp drill bits for this task even though it is

just Aluminum (FYI, don’t borrow them from Rocky).

Now for getting the hitch on the car. As seen in the picture,

the main bar needs to be on the backside of the bumperettes. In

order to ‘shove’ the piece behind the left bumperette, we needed

to wedge it with a large flathead screwdriver and tap ‘gently’ on

The rubber bumperette covers will need to be notched out

for the main bar using a sharp Exacto knife. And for the tow hitch

ball, the hole is 1” (shank diameter).

The following items from a local PepBoys or AutoZone is

needed to complete the trailer light wiring job:

European Tail Light Converter Hoppy P/N 48845

Quick Splice Kit, 16-14AWG Conduct-Tite P/N 85464

Ring Terminal Connector (for the ground connection)

Plastic Tie Wraps

And I spliced into the following wires on the car, according

to my wiring diagram:

Left Turn Signal Black/White

Right Turn Signal Black/Green

Brake Light Black/Orange

Tail Light


Many thanks to John Hrad and Wayne Corley of The Porsche

Store for stopping by and lending a hand (as always)! Thank you

for allowing us to check out the installation on Wayne’s car.


Without your help, we would have spent all night camping out in

Rocky’s garage…

For anyone that’s interested, feel free to check out the hitch

(BTW, Hill Bullock has the SouthSport hitch on his Boxster S,

Doug Molny has a custom hitch on his 911SC and Kay Leibel has

a custom hitch on her 993 C4S. Just don’t ask Kay about her

license plate!) or the various utility trailers at our AX/TT or DE

events. It’s the swarm of track trailers!

[No one was injured, no screams of expletives and tools did

not go flying around the garage during this event. Even Santa

Claus, showing up for the next-door neighbor’s Christmas party,

was impressed with all the Porsches at Rocky’s house]

Attention Potato Heads!

by Taxi Breithaupt

While sitting on the back porch in comfort

in Comfort, I tried to think of

some way we could say a big

“Thank you” to our Parade hosts in Boise.

Then it came to me in a vision ... Potato


The first get together at Parade is the Welcome Party, an

informal happening where we get to visit Porsche friends, old

and new. Let’s have the Maverick Region also make this a

“Salute to Idaho” party by wearing Potato Hats. “What is a

Potato Hat?” you ask?? Take a hat or cap of your choice, decorate

it with a Potato theme - real or artificial potatoes, cooked

or raw, with or without gravy. Be creative, have some fun and

we’ll see you in Boise!

Photo by Noby Takahashi

Doesn’t look THAT bad!

Please join us at...

April 28, 2002

Clark Gardens will be hosting a tour of their facility.

All proceeds will go to the Hope Shelter.

For more details, contact

Lanean Hughes at

(972) 484-3040 or


German Engineering With Southern Hospitality.

Personal Service.

At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —

quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized service

that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will have the

peace of mind that it will be serviced correctly the first time. Every time.


We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our

technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions

or need timely information about your car.


Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure

that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and

equipment. Clean cars. We are meticulous about details.


Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in

finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized dealer

for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch, and many

others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who needs race

prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your car running

at peak performance.


Crown Rd.

Cindy Lane


Royal Lane

Joe Field Rd.



Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.

Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,

Mercedes & Porsche

2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229



We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways

in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged

for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between

7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.


Sponsored by: May 25-27, 2002


The price for this event is $350, which includes

Sunday Club Race practice and sprint races and

the Monday Enduro. Also included is an event

shirt and dinner Sunday night. Additional shirts

and dinners are available as well.


This will be a very casual "show and shine" concours

event. Bring your most beautiful car

(Porsche or not) out for display. We will be teaming

up with other car clubs to bring spectators a

fabulous array of automobile magnificence.


Maverick Region PCA and The Porsche Store

invite you to Texas Motor Speedway for a

Memorial Day weekend of Club Racing and

Drivers Education on May 25-27. Last year's

event was a huge success and we're expecting

this one to be even better!

Drivers’ Ed

You can participate in a solo-only three day PCA

Driver Education event. Drive the full 2.4 mile

ALMS road course using the high-speed banking

and chicane. Instruction will be limited. The

price is $295 for all three days. See page 17.


Spectators are welcome, including purchasing

tickets for the Sunday evening dinner!

Visit our website to find out all the details.

See you there!


214-965-6102 or 1-800-527-5746

100 Crescent Court, Suite 600, Dallas, TX 75201.


Driver Education At MotorSport Ranch

June 22-23, 2002

Sponsored by:

Postmark Date: May 10, 2002

Maverick Region PCA invites you to our PCA

Driver Education event at Motorsport Ranch, , located in Cresson,

Texas on highway 377, 15 miles southwest of Fort

Worth. Novices encouraged and will be provided

comprehensive instruction. All cars must be inspected

for track worthiness (tech) prior to the event. Tech

locations, dates, and forms, along with further information

will be sent with your acceptance package but

also look for new DE information on the Maverick

Region web site Rule change

from PCA National: All Cabriolets (but not Boxsters)

made before 1999 must have an after market roll-bar

installed to drive in this event at all. Targas okay. All

Boxsters and 1999-on cabs okay as-is with factory

rollover protection. Convertible tops for all cars must

be in the UP position to drive unless driver uses

Cost: $195 per driver

PCA/SCCA approved arm restraints. Non-Porsches

will be evaluated for factory-rollover protection and all

the above rules shall apply.

Acceptance priority will be: Maverick Region

members and all instructors, other PCA members,

other Porsche drivers, and other cars, in that order, all

based upon postmark date within assigned run group.

Expect to have a response (In/Out/Waiting List)

approximately three weeks before the event date.

Event registration will open with May 10th postmark

dates. No postage meters, please. The cost is $195 each,

payable to Maverick Region PCA. Applications without

payment cannot be processed. Sorry, due to limited

availability we are unable to issue refunds once you

are accepted. One Application and check Per Entrant,

please, even if sharing car.

Mail Application with check to:

Bill Dawson, Registrar

1041 Nottingham Drive

Cedar Hill, TX. 75104

972-291-8817 before 9:30 pm

General Information:

Keith Olcha


Instructor Information:

Bryan Henderson

2416 BedfordCircle

Bedford, TX 76022


Tech Information:

John Sandusky




Sharing Car With:

Address: City: St: Zip:

Phone: Day ( ) Eve. ( ) e-mail:

Do You Prefer Contact By: US MAIL / E-MAIL Driver's Lic #: State:

PCA Region: PCA # Helmet type: M95 / SA95 / M00 / SA00

Year Make Model Color Cabriolet

Yes No

DE Experience- #days/date Organizing Club Track Run Group Car #


If NO, explain any driving experience and rate yourself below:

(use back of sheet as necessary)

Total Beginner / Novice / Intermediate / Advanced /Team Williams F1 Test-Driver

Instructor Assigned to Team # ( ) If over booked, do you want on the waiting list? YES NO

Car#( ) Second Choice( ) Third ( ) Signed:

** Attend Friday evening Barbeque? No Yes

If Yes, please add $10.00 per person incl entrant


Complete Collision Repair

Featuring the latest Shark & Hunter Equipment.

We work closely with your insurance company on all repairs.

• Track Alignments and Suspension Setups

• Your convenient Drivers Education

inspection location for

North Dallas


Steve Watkins in the Streetwerks 944 S2 at Motorsport Ranch.

5401 I-35 • Corinth, Texas 76205 • 940-270-8000 • Fax 940-270-8001 •

New Wheels

If you have any changes that you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, call Joel Nannis at (972) 722-2735

by Joel Nannis, Membership Chair

John Q Adams Jr

1310 Bentley Court

Southlake, TX 76092

1995 911

Douglas M Bielefield

2816 Stanford

Dallas, TX 75225

2002 911

Charles W Bricker

505 Westway Drive

Rockwall, TX 75087

1995 911

Rebecca Daniel

514 Clermont

Dallas, TX 75223

2000 Boxster

George F Edwards Jr

4554 Westway Ave

Dallas, TX 75205

1989 964 C

Austin A Hilton

144 Hearthwood Drive

Coppell, TX 75019

2001 911

Don W Johnson

604 Sunrise Court

Fort Worth, TX 76120

1984 928

Mark Johnson

5849 Bedrock Drive

Plano, TX 75093

1984 944

Kevin C Kelly

7780 Mc Callum Blvd #22313

Dallas, TX 75252

1970 914

Alan R Lancello

1021 Hardwick Trail

Keller, TX 76248

1997 993

Steve Taggart

9212 Martin Road

N Richland Hills, TX 76180

1988 928 S4

Scott Tankersley

2114 Quarry Street

Dallas, TX 75212

2001 Cabriolet

Rollie Waters

3435 Courtyard Circle

Farmers Branch, TX 75234

2002 Boxster S

W Dan Wright

2525 Tolar

Vernon, TX 76384

2002 Turbo


Jan H Edwards

2949 Woodwat Drive

Flower Mound, TX 75028

2001 986

Dario Ferdows

3003 Franciscan Drive #1916

Arlington, TX 76015

2002 996

Florentino E Garcia

1513 Lloyds Hall Court

Mansfield, TX 76063

1985 930

Andrew F Garner

222 Malibu Drive

Highland Village, TX 75077

1974 914

John L Gladwill

4200 Horizon North Pkwy #616

Dallas, TX 75287

2001 Boxster


5 Years

Brian & Lisa Hurst .....................................Dallas, TX

Elaine Cerney .......................................Mansfield, TX

Gary & Gayle Lambert.........................Mansfield, TX

Georges Michaud & Gail Cotton ...............Plano, TX

Daniel Sheehan...........................................Dallas, TX

10 Years

Pierce Hooper & Stephanie Grafton ...Benbrook, TX

Sean A Lewis

5046 Bridgecreek

Plano, TX 75093

2001 911

Dustin J Mohan

18211 Kelly #528

Dallas, TX 75287

1987 944

Ahmed Naby

7336 Lavery Drive

Plano, TX 75025

2001 966

Ed Roberts

959 Condor Drive

Coppell, TX 75019

2001 Boxster

Davis Speight

10002 Asheboro St

Frisco, TX 75035

1999 996

Kim D Greaves

403 Hogons Drive

Trophy Club, TX 76262

1997 986

Transferred From Central Indiana

David L Grimes

5510 Merrimac Avenue

Dallas, TX 75206

1999 Boxster

Transferred From Suncoast Florida

Richard B Whitman

8101 Towne Main Drive #721

Plano, TX 75024

1992 968

Transferred From Kentucky


New Members!


15 Years

Don & Taxi Breithaupt ..........................Comfort, TX

Robert & Lori Latham................................Dallas, TX

35 Years

Ed Mayo .............................................Fort Worth, TX

Happy y Anniversar




Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region Members and are $5 to all others (Payment to MR-PCA must accompany ad). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines.Ads

will run for 3 issues. Call 972-506-7449 or e-mail ad to by the 10th to have your ad run the following month. Be certain to include a contact name and

phone number. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Photo inclusion based on space constraints.

1990 911 C2 Cabriolet, Black/Black Top/Tan Interior, 5 speed, 116K miles,

new Top and covers (car, boot, and cockpit), new Alpine stereo w/6 disc

changer & 200W amp, Stainless Steel B&B Tri-Flo exhaust system w/dual 4"

Oval Tips, Teardrop mirrors, Extra Wing, Garaged, Professionally

Maintained, Paint and Body Perfect, $30K, Call 972.754.5345 or email (1)

1996 911/993 cab -speed yellow,black leather and black top. Six speed; 18in.

hollow spoke turbo wheels w/ Bridgestone SO2's. Premier stero w/ cd. Full

electric seats. 40,000 miles and excellent condition. Al Stickley, 940-241-1181

or stick $55,000.00 (1)

1986 911 Carrera Coupe. Meteor grey metallic/Burgundy leather interior.

33,900miles. 2nd owner since 1996. Sunroof, cruise, 16"forged alloys. ALL

factory equipment/manuals plus Momo steering wheel, full sheepskin seat

covers, Statesman mats, cover, bra, and more. $26,000 firm. Gary Sprott.

817-421-5844. E-mail (1)

1991 911 Carrera 2 Targa #WPOBB2964MS440531,grand prix white/black

lea, 5-spd, only 16,500 mi, AC, pwr windows, seats, mirrors, alarm, cruise,

dual airbags, AM/FM/CD, bra, garaged, covered, $37,500. Rick Burleigh, 408

Driftwood Ct., Azle, TX 76020. 817/237-2766. (1)

Factory Fuchs Wheels Set of absolutely mint condition 7 & 8 X 15". Factory

finish black centers. $800.00 for the set. Contact Larry at 972-729-6649

(days), 972-495-7828 (eves), or

Wanted: (For 2.2L 911S); heat exchangers, with or without sheetmetal, Any

Fuel Injection parts, S heads, S cams or complete S engine, any condition.

Jim Buckley at 817-237-9577 or email

1986 911 Carrera Coupe, White/Black leather, whale tail, power windows,

power locks, power sport seats, power mirrors, cruise control, air conditioning,

sun roof, Alpine 3-CD in-dash stereo, bra, cover, Dunlop Sport

8000 tires, white spoke/polished rim wheels, short throw shift, less than

2500 miles on new clutch and synchros, new battery, garaged, 91,071 miles,

$22,000. Bruce Roberts (972) 527-6910, (972) 205-7515, or (1)

1987 911 Carrera Targa. Silver/Black. Calif. car,concours potential, near

perfect, 17" Kinesis polished 3pc. Cup wheels w/painted crests, Potenza S-

02's, leather sports seats, CD, alarm, fully loaded. All records, no smoke or

rain, meticulously maintained and serviced. Gorgeous car. 116,000 mi.,

$26,500. Don Crusius, 214-724-0831, (1)

1984 Carrera Turbo Look, Zennmetallic/Blue leather interior w/Sport

Seats. 43,000 miles, 2nd owner since 1989. New F/R brakes & Yoko AVS's.

Excellent. Original tool kit, air pump, owner manuals and window sticker.

$29,000 Firm. Steve @ Nine-Eleven Enterprises 972-241-2002 X104 or

e-mail (2)

1979 911 Turbo (930) 158K Miles -- U.S. Car (Not Euro Grey Market) This

is a meticulously maintained near perfect example of Porsche’s mighty

Turbo. All service records from 1979 - I am the second owner. This car looks

and drives like new. The following items have been either replaced or

rebuilt: Engine, Trans, Clutch, Shocks, Struts, Front Suspension (including

rack and pinion steering) Wheels, Brakes and much more. Additional

Equipment: Alpine CD changer with ADS speakers and amplifiers.

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Louden Motorcar (214) 241-6326 I.B.C.

Jerry DeFeo Designs (972) 240-5800 Page 16

Mayo Performance (817) 540-4939 Page 5

Mean Green Travel (940) 243-3788 Page 26

Upgraded Air-Conditioning compressor with multiple condensers and

fans. Engine was upgraded to 3.4 liters when rebuilt. Momo steering wheel.

Built-in Valentine 1 Laser/Radar Detector. This is an emissions legal 300 HP

plus car. Price $29,000.00. Paul Labute (2)

1985 911 Carrera Cab Black, tan interior, all records, maintained by Nine

Eleven, garaged, Alpine CD stereo, amplifier, Boston Acoustic speakers, A/C,

power windows, mirrors, locks, cruise, 115,000 miles, $17,900, M.C.

Meador, 972-395-1452, (2)

1995 Chevrolet Suburban LT 5.7L V-8, Auto., Front & rear A/C, Towing

package, Power steering, brakes, windows, locks, seat, Leather, Cruise,

Tilt, Privacy glass, Running boards, Alarm, Alloy wheels, Luggage rack,

Third seat, Premium AM/FM/Cassette. Excellent condition; great tow

vehicle. 96k miles; $12,500 OBO. Contact Bill Dawson 972.291.8817 (H) or

214.350.0350 (W) (2)

1986 944 Turbo. Red w/Black interior. 88K Miles. WPOAA0952GN154948.

All original. Garage kept w/car cover. Dealer/Autobahn FW serviced. 90k

belt service done. Showroom condition! Wake the neighbors. New Sony

X-Plode CD, Xtant amp with Infinity speakers. Every high school kids

dream & parents nightmare. Perfect toy for yourself, the wife, & possibly the

race track. $12,800.00. Contact Jerry. 817-431-5078. (3)

1995 911/933 Coupe. 6 speed , red with black leather, original, like NEW,

needs nothing, 37,000 miles, litronic headlamps, sunroof, tinted glass,

17"cup wheels, cruise, cd changer, extended warranty..$43,000 OBO Bill

(H) 214-691-1461 (O)214-748-1828 x307, (3)

Parting out 1975 2.7 liter, CIS, Carerra tensioners, Sachs street/track clutch.

Nitrous Express for 2.7/3.0 CIS $1100, adds 50-75 H.P. w/ bottle heater and

purge. 993 Brembo Big Black brakes like new drilled/molded disks, fresh

pads, sensors, set of 4 reduced to $2800. Factory Alumn rear deck lid $650.

1987 Black leather Interior less seats. 11 blade fan pulley $175. Fan housing

$150, both powder coated. A/C parts, Rear Sway bar, oil lines, '76 915 5

speed trans needs ring & pinyon w/clutch cable. Other misc. parts Wade

Kolody (972) 304-1159 Buyer pays shipping. (3)

1987 944 Turbo. Alpine white/tan leather. 121K mi. Never chipped, Mobil

1, Koni's, MSDS cone air filter(original airfilter box available), Khumo

Victoracers mounted (worn Michelin allseasons available), timing belt tensioning

tool&7 vol. factory workshop manual, spare Sachs "sport" clutch,

pilot & throw out bearings but current clutch seems fine. All maintenance

records & receipts. Very solid, well maintained & cared for. Selling to buy

Formula Vee. $8,000 firm. (580) 252-0036 (eve.). (3)

'99 Dodge Dakota Sport Club Cab, 44k mi, white, 3.9 V6, 5-sp, ltd slip diff,

A/C, lockable camper shell, towing pkg (up to 4000 lb), spray-in bed liner,

factory wheel & handling pkg, new 275/60-15 tires, transferrable 5yr/60k mi

warranty, asking $12,000. Carey Spreen, 972-420-9953 (3)

1988 928 S4, classic combo of guards red and tan leather with 66K. A nine

inside, outside and under the hood. Up to date service and maintenance at

Louden Motorcars. Owned by two long time porsche owners/enthusiasts.

This is your chance to set yourself apart from the normal Porsche pack, going

180 mph the whole way. A steal @ $19k Contact Toner @ 972-965-1780.

Only serious inquiries please. (3)

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The Porsche Store (214) 576-1911 I.F.C.

Soundwerk (817) 281-9381 Page 26

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Zim’s Autotechnik (817) 267-4451 B.C.

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