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Slipstream - March 2015

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

All Member Party:

All Member Party: Hackberry Creek Country Club By Carey Spreen Every year in January for many years, Maverick Region has held a get-together for new members to meet with the club on an informal basis to find out what we do and why we do it. We used to call it the New Member Party, but after a while, we realized that only the new members were attending, which was great, but we also wanted the more experienced members to show up so that the new members would have someone who could answer their questions. For that reason, a few years ago, we renamed our little get-together the All Member Party, so as to attract new and “experienced” members alike. Each year it got a bit bigger; originally they were held at members’ homes, but pretty soon there were so many folks showing up that we needed larger venues. Last year we decided to host the All Member Party at Hackberry Creek Country Club in Irving. This is the same facility at which we hold our monthly board meetings, so we know the place well (and they know us). A plus is that it is centrally located in the Metroplex. Last year’s event was such a success that returning this year was a foregone conclusion, and the icing on the cake was that Maverick 16 March Although the Porsche lineup was colorful and mesmerizing, the All Member Party highlights that our club is “all about the people” Not even the widest angle lens could begin to capture all of the members’ rides in one frame. Photo by James Weber Photos by Charlie Davis member Michael Vatter offered to sponsor the event to help defray the costs that we necessarily incur in putting it on. And like last year, we broke the attendance record. More than 100 Porsches and over 200 members and members-to-be arrived to view the wide variety of cars in the full-to-overflowing parking lot. Every decade of Porsches was represented, from the 356s and early 911s and 912s of the ‘50s and ‘60s, to 914s, later 911s, and 928s from the ‘70s, and onward to what many feel is currently the pinnacle of the Porsche family, a real live 918 Spyder showed up. It seemed that some thought it was going to be a “cars and coffee” type event, until they found out that there was food, drink, and an actual program waiting for them inside! During the program, newly-elected Region President Jim Falgout took the time to introduce each and every event chair, giving them time to describe what events they ran, and why the membership might be interested in trying them out. We hope you had a chance to attend this year’s All Member Party, but if you weren’t able to do so, rest assured that there will be plenty of chances to meet your fellow Porschephiles this year. And yes, the 2016 edition of the All Member Party will be right back here again!

All Member Party: A New Member Perspective By Jim Hirsch Photos by Charlie Davis I’ve been a PCA/Maverick member since March 2014. I joined as soon as my Porsche Boxster S was in production and assigned a VIN. Almost immediately I began to receive information from the Maverick group about the wide variety of member events provided locally. In addition, the PCA organization kept me informed of national events. Everything from social get togethers, to club racing, to PorschePlatz areas for TUDOR Championship races, to detailing and tech sessions, to Sunday Drives, and much more was offered to me as potential opportunities to get involved. At this point, there was no question in my mind. The PCA, and in particular the Maverick Region, were certainly delivering on their motto: “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people”! After attending a few events, including Board meetings, it became obvious that the longtime members were excited to meet new members and anxious to get everyone involved in club activities. So, it was a “no-brainer” when it came time to attend the All Member Party in January. It would be a chance to see an amazing number and variety of Porsche vehicles, but more importantly, an opportunity to meet even more Maverick members and begin new friendships. As Carey mentioned in the previous page, the attendance was great. My wife and I met so many new friends that this event will be a permanent fixture on our future calendars. We hope to see you at the next one! And since this is “about the people”, please enjoy these member photos from the event. Frank Briggs, Stephanie Ho, and Jeff Sebert Linda Bambina and Monda Hanna Scoash Moore David and Jennifer Gardner Andy Kay 17

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