Tasmanian Business Reporter February 2017

In the February Tasmanian Business Reporter we take a look at the millennial influence on Tasmanian business, with new technology and ecommerce trends set to reshape the economy.   You’ll also find exciting news of Stornaway and TasTafe’s new youth employment initiative, along with the master plan set to transform the Burnie Town Centre and the positive outlook for Hobart’s property and retail market.

In the February Tasmanian Business Reporter we take a look at the millennial influence on Tasmanian business, with new technology and ecommerce trends set to reshape the economy.
You’ll also find exciting news of Stornaway and TasTafe’s new youth employment initiative, along with the master plan set to transform the Burnie Town Centre and the positive outlook for Hobart’s property and retail market.


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T A S M A N I A’ S L E A D I N G B U S I N E S S P U B L I C A T I O N . C I R C U L A T I O N 1 2 , 0 0 0 M O N T H LY

$6m waste plant keeps Tassie clean and green




In a positive sign for Tasmania’s economy,

construction in under way of the $6m Copping C cell.

Once completed in July 2018, local companies will be

able to appropriately dispose of their contaminated

waste, helping keep Tasmania clean and green.



By Stuart Roberts

MILLENNIALS are set to

reshape the way Tasmanian

small-to-medium sized enterprises


Equipped with the latest

in e-commerce and business

intelligence technology, millennials

are defined as those

aged in their 30s and below.

They’re recognised as

the largest group in the

workforce, often characterised

by their tendency to

work smarter, not harder.

For Tasmanian businesses

looking to recruit millennial

expertise there may be no better

time than now, with recent

surveys recognising the state

as Australia’s most popular

destination for millennials.

In a survey conducted

by online food and popular

culture magazine The Urban

List, just under 14,000

respondents aged 18-34

indicated Tasmania sat at

the top of their travel list.

With attraction growing

by way of our thriving arts,

dining and tourism offerings,

millennials are not

only visiting, they are often

opting to stay, with the

For ... businesses

looking to recruit


expertise there

may be no better

time than now

average cost of living at a

fraction of our major cities.

In contrast to ongoing

fears surrounding the

state’s ageing population,

the exciting influx of youth

predicted for 2017 has the

opportunity to bring Tasmanian

businesses in line with

business technology leaders

overseas and interstate.

ANZ travel and expense

management technology

provider, Concur, said advanced

technology once

reserved for large-budget

companies, was now being

implemented with great efficiency

by millennials at a

fraction of its former cost.

ANZ managing director,

Concur, Matt Goss urges

businesses to take advantage

of the opportunity.

“The use of mobile expense

management systems

can save businesses time on

administrative processes and

also help reimburse employees

faster, especially if they

work offsite,” said Mr Goss.

“Employees simply snap

a photo of their receipt and

submit it to a system that

processes the expense claim

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2 Tasmanian Business Reporter - FEBRUARY 2017


Millenials reshape the state

From page 1

and automatically

authorises reimbursement.”

Concur research

shows the adoption of

technology such as mobile

expense management

systems, is likely

to be led in Tasmania

by our millennial population,

and will result

in improved productivity

for early adopters.

As our younger generation

would assure us,

Concur also confirmed

the value in maintaining

a high quality online

presence for business.

With a staggering 97

per cent of internet users

researchng research

prior to purchasing

products and services,

the importance of investing

in high quality

design and content

cannot be understated.

Mr Goss encourages

businesses to listen to

guidance from millennials

and adopt technologies

to help match

the flexible working

conditions they demand


builds a


Burnie City Council is

developing a master plan

IMPROVING the liveability of

Burnie is the main aim of a new

master plan and investment strategy

released for public comment

by the Burnie City Council.

The Burnie Town Centre

Master Plan and the Settlement

and Investment Strategy Review

are key to driving the city forward,

Mayor Anita Dow said.

“The purpose of the Burnie

Town Centre Master Plan is to

deliver on the Making Burnie

2030 objective to create an attractive

place to live, work and


“The Master Plan focuses on

creating precincts within the

CBD, delivering connectedness

across the CDB and improving

the liveability for Burnie through

creating a vibrant CBD,” Ald

Dow said.

“The Settlement and Investment

Strategy Review focuses on the

long-term impacts of economic,

demographic and housing challenges,

and settlement patterns;

and considers future plans for

industrial activity, retail and commercial

activity, tourism and hospitality,

transport infrastructure

and community infrastructure.”

The material is available for

comment via the council until

February, 24.

T A S M A N I A’ S L E A D I N G B U S I N E S S P U B L I C A T I O N . C I R C U L A T I O N 1 2 , 0 0 0 M O N T H LY

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Tasmanian Business Reporter - FEBRUARY 2017 3


Civil construction career path


boost youth jobs

Adrian McKenna from Ezikit, left, and Malcolm Honey from Tasmanian

Bakeries, right, with State Growth Minister Matthew Groom.

Pilot program helps

workers get job ready

TWO new programs

are ensuring workplaces

are ready to accept

new employees and that

those seeking work are

adequately prepared for

the job.

To support youth

employment in the Glenorchy

area, $47,000

in Government funding

was provided for

the Glenorchy

specific training

and work

readiness pilot


The program

was developed

and delivered

in partnership

between the Tasmanian


of Commerce

and Industry and the

Glenorchy City Council’s

Glenorchy Learn

(G-LEARN) Group.

Fourteen job seekers

from the Glenorchy

area graduated from

the G-LEARN program

with employer-validated

work ready skills, and

seven graduates have

already secured ongoing

employment as a result

of the program.

“These graduates

received a combination

of group workshops and

personalised coaching to

prepare them for work

experience to demonstrate

their employability.

Real-time experience

in the workplace with a

local employer through

Graduates received ...

group workshops and

personalised coaching

a structured four-week

work experience placement

was used to help

establish a strong foundation

for workforce

participation and lifelong

learning,” TCCI Operations

Manager Colleen

Reardon said.

“Employers participating

in the program

also received mentoring

and assistance to help

maximise opportunities

for successful and

productive employment

outcomes and become

worker ready employers.”

Meanwhile, the Worker

Ready Businesses

pilot program developed

and tested a framework

establishing what needs

to be in place to

endorse a business

as “worker


The program

has prepared a

number of businesses

to support

and build the

work readiness

of new employees,

job seekers,

work experience

participants and any

other individual in the


The program included

workshops, and customised

mentoring in areas

including recruitment,

induction, work experience

and work placement,

managing performance,

new employee

development plans and

promoting performance.

WITH educational attainment

rates on the

North West Coast the

lowest in Tasmania,

Stornoway was very encouraged

to see strong

government and business

support for the launch of

a new youth employment

initiative in Burnie.

Stornoway has joined

with TasTAFE, the Department

of Education

and Beacon Foundation

to develop the School

to Work Apprenticeship

Scheme for the civil construction


Year 11 students undertake

an apprenticeship

in civil construction,

spending two days

a week in a workplace,

gaining hands-on experience

while obtaining

their Year 11 and 12 Tasmanian

Certificate of Education.

“Educational attainment

rates in the North

West region are the lowest

in the state,” said

Camille O’Meara of Stornoway and Senator

Jonathon Duniam.

Stornoway General Manager,

Business Services

and CCF board member,

Camille O’Meara.

“Plus, Tasmania has

an ageing population,

increasing unemployment

generally and a significant

predicted skills

shortage for plant operators

over the coming decade.

“This is about presenting

a long-term solution

for our youth and our

industry. It is about creating

pathways for youth

to gain meaningful employment,


ongoing education with

hands-on skill development,”

Mrs O’Meara


“Students who undertake

these apprenticeships

really do come out

ahead. They get the work

experience and skills, all

the support they require

from Stornoway, Tas-

TAFE, the Beacon Foundation

and the Department

of Education – plus

they get paid and get to

complete year 11 and 12.

“The investment that

Stornoway is making is


Senator Jonathon Duniam

was a key supporter

of the initiative and said

as a father and young

Tasmanian, it was important

to ensure there

were as many learning

opportunities and employment

pathways as


“The schools-based

apprenticeships program

is a terrific way of creating

those opportunities

for young Tasmanians to

learn, work and then live

here in Tasmania,” Senator

Duniam said.

“Stornoway is to be

congratulated,’’ he said.

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Peddling hard for profit



TCCI Chief Executive

PUTTING Tasmanian

businesses on the path

to profit is a great aim to

take into 2017.

There are many suggestions

I want to make

to ensure we can all be


Firstly, there needs

to be a cultural change

when it comes to politicians.

There seems to be a

belief by some in government,

and certainly many

in opposition, that profit

is somehow wrong.

I often hear advisers

saying things like “they

just want to line their

pockets”. Too right they

do and that’s a good


Without successful

big companies and small

business, we simply

won’t have the opportunity

to provide greater

employment opportunities

for those seeking


Government needs to

understand this.

And, most importantly,

they need to support this

by removing the inhibitors

and making the path

Get to know potential partners

MANY businesses receive

enquiries from potential

customers in overseas

markets they have

never visited.

It is always wise, before

proceeding too far

into a negotiation, to ensure

research is undertaken

to learn as much about

that country and the relevant

industry in that

to profit easier where

they can.

As a state, there are a

number of items that can

assist business to thrive.

• The first is the finalisation

of the planning

reforms. Ensuring every

developer, business or

home owner has a level

playing field with clear

guidelines to work from

is essential.

• Secondly, our state

deserves the most efficient

public service

possible – which moves

quickly and is nimble –

and, heaven forbid, entrepreneurial.

• We also need to ramp

up the Federal-State

Government agreement

to abolish duplication

and save billions of dollars.

Micro changes to a

host of outdated regulations

and legislations

have started and are effective

but need to be


Nationally, there are

also a few areas that

need to be addressed post

haste this year.

• Tax reform – we need



Tradestart Adviser

country, as possible.

Simple Internet searches

make this very easy.

to encourage employment

by reducing businesses

taxes which are a

block to increasing employment

and training


• Industrial Relation

reform to swing the IR

pendulum back into the

middle from the left.

• And finally, leadership

– such a simple

concept but apparently

hard to deliver if you

look at the decision delays,

spending scandals

and overall poor performance

that’s very quickly

turning the Turnbull

Government into a great


Before entering into

any agreement with an

agent, distributor or other

business partner, the

market should always be

visited and due diligence


It is vital in these instances

that the longterm

partner is the right

fit for your business and

by meeting them in their

own environment you

gain an appreciation of

what they have to offer

and the potential for

growth going forward.

One of the best investments

you can make

is ensuring your trip is

planned well and you

visit all relevant companies

and extended activities

or infrastructure

while you are in the market.

I can assist with any

visit, as can the Austrade

office responsible for

that market.

In many cases, meetings

will not be fully

Michael Bailey in training for Tour de Cure.

• • • • • • • • • •

ON a completely different

note, something that

won’t be a disappointment

will be seeing me

kitted out in lycra for the

Tour de Cure in March.

I have been in training,

enjoying Tasmania’s

beautiful landscapes

from my bike and can’t

wait to take part in this

annual cycling extravaganza,

which will see me

ride from Hotham to Hobart

– that’s 1270km.


It’s a massive ride

through Victoria’s high

country and along the

beautiful Mornington

Peninsula before we

board the Spirit of Tasmania

to Devonport and

then peddle the pristine

East Coast of Tassie on

our way to Hobart.

Along the way we’ll

donate $10,000 to local

cancer projects in each

overnight stop.

To ensure the event is

a success, and to help me

forget about the pain I’m

probably going to endure,

I need your help!

I’m attempting to raise

$12,500 and I would love

it if you could make a donation

via www.tourdecure.com.au

and search

for Michael Bailey.

conducted in the English

language and having an

Austrade Business Development


present or your own interpreter

is essential unless

you are fluent in the

language spoken.

Be mindful that in

some cultures gift giving

is observed and a small

gift which has business

significance or Tasmanian

significance is appreciated

and is a gesture

of thanks.

Also be aware of the

dress code for business

meetings and the “do’s

and don’ts” regarding

business card presentation

and body gestures in

certain countries.

It may be appropriate

to claim Austrade’s

Export Market Development

Grant (EMDG)

and you should be aware

of what costs can be

claimed before you travel.

In all cases, a follow-up

email should be

sent to people met during

business meetings ideally

within 24 hours but

maximum 48 hours, so

that you are seen as interested,

credible and reliable.

Get to know your potential

business partners

and never be rushed into

signing any agreement.

For international

trade and investment


contact the TCCI’s

TradeStart adviser,

Sally Chandler, at


com.au or phone

1300 559 122.

Tasmanian Business Reporter - FEBRUARY 2017 5



Business Broker




Top 10 tips

for buying

a business

THERE is no doubt that

buying an existing small

business is less risky than

starting one from scratch.

Everything you need to

make money is in place,

such as equipment, inventory,

a business location,

employees, customers

and a reputation.

But there is still some


Here are 10 tips that

can help decrease risk.

1. Pre-determine

the type of lifestyle and

appropriate income level

you want, so you don’t

buy the wrong business.

2. Do a Google

search on the target business’

reputation. Talk to

as many people as possible

about the business.

3. Engage an experienced

business advisory

accountant, a

commercial lawyer and

a commercial finance

broker before you sign

an Expression of Interest

to buy.

4. Hire the services

of an expert business

broker for advice

on what other similarly-priced


are also on the market.

5. Conduct a

thorough and objective

due diligence of the

target business before

you commit to buy it.

Importantly, use the

business broker and/

or accountant to assist


6. Determine,

with your business

broker and accountant,

the fair price to pay.

7. Understand

where you can grow the

business before you buy

it. Have a well thoughtout

business plan for that

specific business.

8. Keep your

emotions under control

and seek independent

advice from your expert

support team.

9. Investigate the

business’ current competition

and whether there

are new players likely to

enter the market.

10. If you are still

unsure, ask to work in the

business prior to committing

to purchase. This way

you can talk directly to

employees, suppliers and

customers and be trained

on the business processes

and systems.

One last piece of advice.

Obtaining finance to

buy a business is very difficult.

Always use the services

of a professional commercial

finance broker who

can shop around to get you

the best deal.

Approaching your bank

directly can lead to a demoralising

knock back.

The finance broker can

shelter you from this.

Information is general

in nature. You can

contact Dean via


au or 0419382359.

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Negotiated corporate rates & group packages available. Conference

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6270 1444 / 1300 733 422 15 Hunter Street, Hobart


6 Tasmanian Business Reporter - FEBRUARY 2017


Job creation focus of

Government policies




WITH the start of another

year, the Hodgman

Government will again

be focused on working

with Tasmania’s small

business community,

building upon our previous

work to ensure businesses

are operating in

the best possible environment.

Our work with this

important sector, which

employs about 100,000

Tasmanians, is essential

to grow the state’s economy

and create jobs – the

Hodgman Government’s

number one priority.

We have implemented

a number of policies

to assist the small business

community, including

streamlining building

and planning regulations,

Don’t fall for workplace hazards

By Craig Hortle

ABOUT 2000 people per

year are hospitalised due

to falls that occur in the


Although around 17%

of these occurred in the

construction industry the

remainder have taken

place in factories, shops,

cafes, hotels, schools,

offices and other workplaces.

Under WHS regulations

34-38, to manage

risk a duty holder must:

• identify reasonably

foreseeable hazards that

could give rise to the


• eliminate the risk so

far as is reasonably practicable;

• if it is not reasonably

practicable to eliminate

the risk – minimise the

risk so far as is reasonably

practicable by implementing

control measures

in accordance with

the hierarchy of control;


• maintain the implemented

control measure

so that it remains effective;


• review, and if necessary

revise, risk control

measures so as to maintain,

so far as is reasonably

practicable, a work

environment that is without

risks to health and

The proposed CH Smith development in Launceston will benefit from

the Northern Economic Stimulus package.

abolishing water and

sewerage headworks

charges and introducing

a local benefits test to

make sure Government

tenders go to Tasmanian

companies as often as


Business confidence,

turnover and investment

are rising but there is still

more to be done, and we

know that some parts of

the state are performing

better than others.

That’s why we have

launched a raft of initiatives

to create more jobs

and economic activity

in the North and North

West of the state, such

as our Northern Economic

Stimulus Package

- a $100 million boost

to the northern Tasmanian

economy. Part of

the stimulus package

includes $60 million

to help councils in the

North and North West to

bring forward planned

infrastructure projects

that involve local contractors,

workers and


We have recently announced

the first round

of successful projects

safety. To assist in complying

with this regulation

the code of practice

managing the risk falls at

workplaces can assist.

The first step in the

process is identifying the

fall hazards.

You must identify all

locations and tasks that

could cause injury due to

a fall.

Tasks that need particular

attention are those

carried out:

• on any structure or

plant being constructed

or installed, demolished

or dismantled, inspected,

tested, repaired or


• on a fragile surface

(for example, cement

sheeting roofs, rusty metal

roofs, fibreglass sheeting

roofs and skylights);

• on a potentially unstable

surface (for example,

areas where there is

potential for ground collapse);

• using equipment to

work at the elevated level

(for example, when using

elevating work platforms

or portable ladders);

• on a sloping or slippery

surface where it is

difficult for people to

maintain their balance

(for example, on glazed


• near an unprotected

open edge (for example,

with a total value of over

$40 million that will

now flow to eight council

areas and all the small

businesses they support.

The stimulus package

will also see schools at

St Mary’s, Devonport

and Launceston upgraded,

investment in bridges

and roads across the

North and North West,

more affordable housing

and new visitor infrastructure

at Cradle

Mountain, a major driver

for tourist visitation to

the region.

In 2017 the Hodgman

Government will keep

listening and responding

to businesses to ensure

that the economic recovery

we are starting to see

benefits Tasmanians in

all parts of the state.

near incomplete stairwells);

• near a hole, shaft or

pit into which a worker

could fall (for example,

trenches, lift shafts or

service pits).

In some situations, advice

may be needed from

technical specialists,

such as structural engineers,

to check the stability

of structures or load

bearing capacity.

For more information

contact Craig Hortle

or Janelle

Whitehouse at the

TCCI on 1300 559

122 or via safety@


THERE are encouraging signs in Tasmania’s

economy which the Government is well within

its right to acknowledge.

The latest CommSec State of the States

Report saw us jump up to fourth on the overall

rankings, from seventh.

The improvement was driven by demand for

housing and promising retail spending.

Labor will also recognise good economic


But we urge the Liberal Government to also

address the obvious challenges facing the economy,

in particular when it comes to employment.

Over the past 12 months we have seen an

alarming shift from full-time to part-time work.

If you crunch the numbers, we have actually

seen 4600 full-time jobs disappear since April

last year.

It’s a worrying trend and it’s one neither the

Premier or Treasurer has publicly addressed.

We are not saying there is an easy fix to this

challenge but the first thing the Government

needs to do is acknowledge the trend.

The strength of our tourism and retail sectors

mean part-time jobs are being created but where

will new full-time positions come from?

We want to see the Government making serious

investments in infrastructure.

Without proper investment in areas like water

and sewerage we’ll hold the economy back and

limit its capacity to grow.

Aquaculture is one sector that has consistently

created full-time employment right across the


But we’ve seen with a sewerage contamination

on the East Coast just how critical modern

infrastructure is to that part of the economy.

Oyster growers will be shut down for three

weeks, costing them dearly and severely limiting

their ability to take on new staff.

The Government needs to recognise this and

spend money on infrastructure now.

There’s $185 million in unallocated infrastructure

funding in the state budget, it should

be brought forward and spent sooner rather than


Water and sewerage upgrades are a matter for

all three tiers of government, not something that

only local councils and TasWater have responsibility


Labor wants to see Tasmania’s economy

thrive and more people able to support their

families by finding full-time work.





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Jaguar reserves the right to extend any offer.

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Tasmanian Business Reporter - FEBRUARY 2017 7



Positive light on shipping

GOOD morning 2017,

what an excellent morning

it is.

Do you get the feeling

that Tasmania’s cup runneth

over at the moment?

Summer in Tasmania

is a great time with the

buzz of enthusiastic visitors

and Tasmanians filling

our streets in brilliant

sunshine and a temperature

that our interstate

cousins envy (we are not

talking about the other

six months of the year


It is a bit more difficult

to mow lawns at the moment

as the state tilts to

the east with David Attenborough-worthy


habits of resident

Tasmanians heading to

Coles Bay, Bicheno and

Binalong Bay.

In freight terms, shippers

should be buoyed

by the fact that we have



Agility Logistics

three of the largest shipping

lines on the planet

competing for Tasmanian

exports and

imports, one of the largest

terminal operators in

the world looking to invest

in our ports, our national

carrier announcing

direct freighter flights to

China and commitment

from the Bass Strait carriers

to increase capacity

(one new vessel already

on the run).

While there are still

capacity challenges in

some trade lanes (especially

in the lead up to

Chinese New Year) the

servicing of domestic

and international trade to

and from the island has

never looked more promising.

I would like to draw

your attention to a forum

being held at the Australian

Maritime College on

February 15.

Being opened by Tasmanian

Minister for Infrastructure

Rene Hidding,

speakers from

TasPorts, Melbourne

Ports, ANL Container

Line, Maersk, DP World,

Commonwealth Bank,

Freight and Trade Alliance

(FTA) and others

will paint a picture of

freight trends and world

DP World will be addressing a freight forum at the AMC on February 15.

trade environments with

a Tasmanian focus – we

have not had a forum

like this for many years

in Tasmania and the information

that these key

players will provide will

be helpful for future

... servicing

of domestic



trade to and

from the

island has

never looked



planning for traders and

logistics providers.

Tickets can be purchased

at the FTA website


com.au) under upcoming

events. I hope to see you


Cup runneth over with holiday confusion



Workplace Relations


day always causes much

confusion each year as to

whether it is regarded as

a public holiday or not.

As Modern Awards

do not determine public

holidays, an entitlement

to a public holiday is determined

by the National

Employment Standards

and by the industrial instrument

in place at an

organisation such as an

Enterprise Agreement.

For those employers

covered by a Modern

Award, to determine

which days are local

holidays, such as Launceston

Cup Day, the

National Employment

Standards refer to those

days which are “declared

or prescribed by or under

a law of a State or Territory

to be observed generally

within the State

or Territory, or a region

of the State or Territory”

(Section 115(b) Fair

Work Act 2009)

Although for the vast

majority of private sector

employees, Launceston

Cup Day has not been a

legislated entitlement in

the past, much confusion

existed as Launceston

Cup Day was previously

listed as a statutory

holiday; however, with

amendments to the Statutory

Holidays Act 2000

in Tasmania in December

2010, Launceston

Cup Day was removed

and listed as a government

holiday only.

Therefore, for the

majority of employees

in the private sector,

there is no entitlement

to Launceston Cup

Day, except for those

employees that are

covered by an Enterprise

Agreement that

provides for that specific


Having said this,

some businesses

choose to allow employees

to have all

or part of Launceston

Cup Day off in any

event and obviously

this is a matter for

each individual business.

...for the majority

of employees

in the

private sector,

there is no

entitlement to


Cup Day

For more information

or assistance

contact the

TCCI on 1300 559

122 or workplacerelations@tcci.










Whether it’s driving off the beaten track, or exploring the urban

jungle, adventure is in the DNA of every Land Rover. The 2016

Whether it’s driving off the model beaten Land Rover track, Discovery or exploring Sport, Range the urban Rover Evoque jungle, and adventure Range

is in the DNA of every Rover Land Sport Rover. are The now available 2016 model with Complimentary Land Rover Registration, Discovery Sport, CTP

Range Rover Evoque and insurance Range and Rover Stamp Sport Duty. are But now it’s only available with for Complimentary

a limited time.

Registration, CTP insurance and Stamp Duty. But it’s only available for a limited time.

Dealer Name Dealer Address, Suburb. Tel: 1234 1234

The dealernamelandrover.com.au

Big Yard, Margaret Street, Launceston. Phone 6337 5000

After Hours: Ian Fisher 0417 014 452 LMCT 3117

* The Main Event offer applies to new and demonstrator 2016 model year vehicles ordered and delivered between 01.12.16 and 28.02.17 while stocks last. Land Rover reserves the right to extend any offer.

* The Main Event offer applies to new and demonstrator 2016 model year vehicles ordered and delivered between 01.12.16 and 28.02.17 while stocks last. Land Rover reserves the right to extend any offer.

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8 Tasmanian Business Reporter - DECEMBER 2016


Activity a good fit for better health


CEO St Lukes Health

Improving participation

in physical activity is the

pathway to a healthier


IT HAS has long been established

that, along with diet, physical activity

is a vital ingredient in maintaining

a healthy body.

While some effects of regular

physical activity may be obvious

such as maintaining a healthy weight

and body mass index (BMI), exercise

also provides many, less tangible


Appropriate levels of physical activity

can improve mental health, assist

in increasing energy levels, and

allow for more restful sleep. It can

also help us to set simple goals for

improvement, teach communication

skills and provide an outlet for stress.

However a recent AusPlay report

released by the Federal Government

points to some disturbing facts on

the decline of our Australian sporting


In particular, only 2 per cent of

children were found to be active at

least once a day outside of school

hours and only 19 per cent exercised

three or more times a week.

Adults weren’t much better in setting

an example, with only 59 per

cent active three or more times a

week. As a lot of us time-poor professionals

are aware, only 23 per

cent of adults were active at least one

day per week.

Tasmania now has the unwanted

tag of being the fattest state in Australia.

The state already has high

rates of chronic health conditions

yet we are in real danger of diseases

such as diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis,

asthma, cancer as well as cardio

and respiratory conditions becoming

Score points for good health by being active.

even more prevalent, brought on by

our lack of physical activity.

To improve the health outcomes

of all Tasmanians, we must take preventive

measures such as physical

activity seriously.

St.LukesHealth believes it is vital

we encourage children to participate

in physical activity from an early

age, while setting a healthy example.

The report says the most common

factors contributing to a lack of activity

include being time poor, organised

sport having a lack of volunteers

and cost.

It was also noted parents of children

8-years to 14 years-old had a

false perception that their children

were too young to start participating

in organised sport.

We also shouldn’t restrict children

into any particular activity; there are

a variety of activities beyond the

football codes and cricket.

A sporting


TO celebrate the opening

of our new customer care

centre in Kingston and to

help contribute to the local

community, St.LukesHealth

is offering local sporting

groups, clubs and individuals

in the Kingborough and

Huon Valley regions an opportunity

to apply for grants

of up to $500.

These grants were designed

to assist in covering

registration fees, uniforms

or equipment all of which

allowed for improved


Simply contact


for more information.

Other activities include basketball,

skating, golf, cycling or tennis.

Some children may also extend

themselves into artistic endeavours

such as music, dance or acting – not

strictly sporting activities, but still

important in building values and

teaching healthy habits. Physical

activity helps children build relationships

and connections into our

community – making them more resilient

as adults.

Join or Switch to Hospital,

Extras or Packaged Cover

by 28 February to go into

the draw to win a


voucher *

Talk to the Business Development Consultant in your area today

to Join, Switch or get a cover comparison. It’s easy.

Courtney Osborne

North & Devonport

0417 563 546


Jan Hooper

West Coast & Burnie

0459 022 553


Alicia Frankcombe


0417 561 948


Rebecca Roth


0439 392 453


stlukes.com.au 1300 651 988 St.LukesHealth

Tasmanian Business Reporter - DECEMBER 2016 9


Future in

local print


IN A fast-paced world full of economic,

social and political uncertainty,

you can’t underestimate the

sense of security and value of trust

that comes with a locally-owned


Foot & Playsted has been trusted

by generations of businesses

throughout Tasmania to deliver innovative

and quality printed products.

That value still drives the 33 people

who make up the Foot & Playsted

team today.

With hundreds of years of combined

experience, the printing professionals

provide a service that is

respected for its innovation, reliability

and dedication to quality.

The Foot & Playsted story started

in the shadow of the great depression,

in 1926, when Jack Foot

and William Playsted combined

their experience and craftsmanship

– enabling the face of commerce in

Launceston to become professionally

branded through print communication.

Today, the business is regularly

embracing new methods to modernise

and exceed customer demands.

“Customer requirements have

changed significantly over the journey

and honestly, it is very difficult

to compete against the on-line offerings

from China for example,’’ general

manager Tim Lack explains.

“But we firmly believe in the importance

of providing personal service,

being able to assist customers

with very intricate orders and guaranteeing

our work.

“The feedback we get is that our

customers appreciate that we can

find solutions to their problems

which is a service you simply can’t

provide on-line.

“We are extremely responsive,

which can be invaluable for a business

wanting a quick turn-around on

an item without jeopardising quality.”

Foot & Playsted prints locally at

its Charles St operation, providing

services including traditional off-

set printing, books, magazines, and

a large range of administrative material.

Last year it acquired Prestige

Book Binders and is proud to offer

hand-crafted sewn and bound books.

The business has also invested

significantly in a new digital printer,

new laminator and large format

printing for business signage.

Its labelling work is also second

to none, with major customers Lion

and CUB singing Foot & Playsted’s

praises with regular supplier awards.

“Our digital laser printer allows

four colours plus white and clear

and we will soon be able to provide

While many traditional businesses are shutting up shop,

Foot & Playsted hopes to be around long into the future

metallic and security ink,’’ Mr Lack


“Our capacity and technology

actually makes us extremely competitive

– we can do large volumes

quickly, with our A2 six-colour and

five-colour offset printer turning

around jobs very competitively.”

While many traditional businesses

are shutting up shop, Foot & Playsted

hopes to be around long into the


“We have many staff who have

been here for 40-plus years so we are

very experienced but we also firmly

believe in the future of the business

and supporting locals into work, so

Foot & Playsted factory

manager Glenn Chapman

we are very proud to have the current

Tasmanian Apprentice of the Year

Andrew Mosely working with us.’’

At the core of Foot & Playsted’s

training philosophy for new employees

is the importance of valuing customer

relationships and respecting

the Tasmanian brand.

“We have very loyal customers

who respect and value our mission

to keep Tasmanians employed and

remain locally owned,” Mr Lack


“We love dealing with people who

share our value and missions and

look toward to serving the community

for many years to come.”

more than just fine printers.

10 Tasmanian Business Reporter - FEBRUARY 2017




your print specialist for over 89 years

Contact us for a quote today

6391 8481 sales@paperstat.com.au


Full Digital

and Off-Set




Variable data



and distribution




business cards | letterheads | envelopes | presentation folders | brochures | catalogues

Fine design recognised

HOBART business owner

Lucy Given has been

named as the first Retailer

of the Year winner in

the Gift and Life Instyle

Awards (GALA) and will

go on to represent Australia

in Chicago at the

IHA Global Innovation

Awards in March.

Lucy created LUC. design

in 2013, drawing on

her 25 years’ experience

in both commercial and

residential interior design

and retail.

Now the design store

offers those in Tasmania

a go-to source for

interesting, iconic and

well-designed products.

“Tasmania is a small

state and it is always a

challenge in any retail environment

to be competitive

and unique,” Lucy


“It is such an honour

to have achieved national

Award winner Lucy Given from LUC design

recognition and be able

to represent Australia.”

The IHA Global Innovation

Awards (GIA)

were created as a means

of fostering innovation

and excellence in housewares

retailing around

the word. LUC. design

store will be one of the

national winners nominated

for the awards,

judged by an internationally


panel of

retail experts.

LUC. design

store will also

be recognised

among other

great Australian

brands and stores

at the annual Gift

and Life Instyle

Awards night,

held at the end

of day one of the

five-day Reed

Gift Fairs Sydney



awards have

helped my business

and its

growth, along with

providing a platform to

be able to inspire people

to love great design and

make beautiful homewares

part of everyday



Loan guarantee

pilot scheme

Henty’s new

golden touch.

New truck retail

outlet for Tas

Thinking of selling or

buying a business?

THE State Government will pilot

a $500,000 loan guarantee

scheme, initially only for businesses

in the North West and

West Coasts, to support business

and job expansion.

Guarantees of between

$30,000 and $50,000 for up to

five years for Tasmanian-owned

businesses will be on offer in a

bid to generate up to $2.5 million

in local economic activity.

Under this scheme, the Government

will provide a guarantee

to successful applicants of

up to 20 per cent of the total

principal required for the purchase

of freehold property or

plant and equipment.

Applications will be open until

October 31, or when the total

guarantee limit is met.

For more information contact

Business Tasmania on 1800

440 026.

TASMANIA’S struggling mining

sector received a boost

last month with the first pour

at the Henty gold mine since

new owners restarted the operation.

The mine near Queenstown

had been in care and maintenance

mode since 2015 – with

150 jobs lost during the downturn.

It returned to production last

year when Diversified Minerals

bought it and employed 120

people to return it to operation.

Diversified started blasting

on site in the elusive hunt for

gold last September and the

first pour of a 300 ounce gold

bar took place in January.

It has been reported that

the operation needs to produce

1600 ounces of gold per

month to remain viable.

AUSTRALIAN parts retailer

and distributor Truckline and

Minecorp Tasmania have joined

forces to open CMF Solutions

retail outlets in two locations in

Tasmania – Spreyton and Hobart

– with the aim of providing

a huge range of truck and trailer

parts “straight off the shelf”

for Tasmanian customers.

Truckline is Australia’s largest

retailer of aftermarket truck

and trailer parts supporting all

makes and models of North

American, European and Japanese

commercial vehicles.

CMF Solutions, operating as

a Truckline reseller, opened in

Spreyton last October and in

Hobart last month.

CMF Solutions Director Michael

Coleman said the company’s

goal was to have a

wide range of product on their



Australia’s largest specialist

business broker network is

now in Tasmania.

Call Dean Demeyer on

0419 382 359 for a FREE, no

obligation assessment

of your business.


Steering MONA’s

Macquarie vision

MARY Massina has started

her six-month stint as interim

Chief Executive


of the


Point Development


to help bring



vision for the

prime site to


Business Mary Massina

and industry

welcomed Ms Massina’s appointment

after the resignation

of Liz Jack from the role.

Ms Massina had been the

Tasmanian Director of the

Property Council, and most

recently the Executive Chair of

the Planning Reform Taskforce.

She said she was excited by

the opportunity to start consolidating

MONA’s $2 billion,

30-year vision, which includes

accommodation, exhibition

space, commercial and conference

areas, a Tasmanian

Aboriginal history centre and

light rail as well as port developments.

The Government will conduct

an extensive nation-wide

recruitment process for the

permanent position in the

coming months.

New MyState

retail head

MYSTATE has created a new

position of General Manager,

Retail Banking Sales and

Service, which will be filled

by Kate Dean.

Mrs Dean will be responsible

for the performance of

the group’s branch networks

in Tasmania and central

Queensland and the development

of the group’s contact


As a

member of

the MyState


team she

will report

to MyState


Director and

Chief Executive


Melos Sulicich.

Kate Dean

Mrs Dean

has been Chief Sales and

Marketing Officer at Tasmania-based

B&E Personal


Her appointment will enable

Huw Bough to take up the role

of General Manager, Broker,

focusing on the national mortgage

broker channel.

Tasmanian Business Reporter - FEBRUARY 2017 11









Wrest Point

Hotel Casino


December 16,


ABOVE: Cathy Lea, left, and Diane Archer from Independent Health

Care Services.

ABOVE: Steve Withers from Fisheries Compliance and Jackie Withers from

Independent Health Care Services.

LEFT: Fabian





Mendoza and

Renae Fysh

from Guardian


ABOVE: Pene Shashall, left, from the Department of Human

Services, student Sophie Jones and Andrew Harris from TasTafe.

EVENT: Launch of

the TCCI's

Tasmania Report.


Country Club



December 14, 2016.

The report's

findings can be

found on the

TCCI's website and

photos from the

state roadshow can

be viewed on the

TCCI's Facebook



TCCI Chief Executive Michael Bailey, left, economist and report

author Saul Eslake and TCCI Deputy Chairman Paul Arnold.

ABOVE: Bede Clifton of Launceston Country Club, left, Launceston

Alderman Hugh McKenzie and Tourism Northern Tasmania Chief

Executive Chris Griffin.




Tasmanian Business Reporter - FEBRUARY 2017 12


Positive vibe in retail sector

Scott Newton

Property Matters with

Knight Frank

In this month’s article, Knight Frank’s retail sales

and leasing specialist Matthew Wright shares his

insights into Hobart’s retail sector of the property

market and his outlook for the future.

THE 2015/16 financial year proved

to be another strong year for the retail

sector in Tasmania.

Since mid 2013, retail turnover

has shown consistent levels of


The Australian Bureau of Statistics

(December 5, 2016) reported

that retail sales figures were strong

and reflected a 3.9 per cent increase

in the last 12 months, putting retail

sales above $500 million consecutively

for the last six months.

The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce

and Industry also reported

that confidence is strong throughout

the whole state, notably Launceston

and the greater northern region,

where businesses had reported 20

to 25 per cent increases in October

2016 alone.

As a result of the improved confidence

and spending in the retail sector,

we are seeing an exciting time

The Parliament Square development due for completion in 2018.

for the overall retail property market

throughout Tasmania.

Hobart has seen significant retail

revitalisation over the last five

years with significant developments

including the Cat & Fiddle Arcade,

the Myer Icon development, and the

Wellington Centre all completed.

With an improvement in retail infrastructure,

national brands such

as Franck Provost Paris hair salon,

L’Occitane, Witchery, Lululemon,

Napoleon Perdis, Adairs, House,

Mimco, Colette, Oxford, Bonds,

Gorman, Seed, Trenery, Sportscraft,

Review, Dangerfield, Nine West,

Wittner, Novo Shoes, Typo, T2,

Shaver Shop, Ghanda, Mr Burger,

Liv-Eat, and General Pants Co have

all joined the Hobart CBD.

Hobart has an array of further exciting

retail developments planned

and under construction which will

see further exciting retail offerings

hit the market over the coming


These developments include

the new Parliament Square development

(expected completion

in 2018); the second stage of the

Myer Icon development (completion

late 2018); the MAC1 development

(completion 2017); and 40

Elizabeth Street (2018).

Although there have been increased

numbers of retail offerings

due to new and national retailers

taking these spaces, we have seen

retail rents across greater Hobart

remain relatively constant which

is a positive for our local businesses.

The last 12 months have seen the

largest volume of freehold retail

sales transactions in recent years.

This is on the back of historic

low interest rates, improved confidence

in the overall Tasmanian

economy, and a larger pool of buyers

driven by interstate and international


This had led to recent sales

showing strengthening yields,

particularly for those in the inner

CBD and other strong retailing locations

and having long lease tenure

to strong tenants.

Yields for strip retail premises in

the southern region are typically in

the range of 6 to 8 per cent with the

The last 12

months have

seen the largest

volume of

freehold retail


transactions in

recent years.

lowest yield occurring in the CBD

at 5 per cent.

Strip retail locations to have

transacted over the past 12 months

include the Bidencopes building;

the former Glasser & Parker site on

Liverpool St; Freedom Furniture in

Melville St; the former O’Connors

shoe store in the Elizabeth Street

Mall; and the former ANZ building

on the corner of the Elizabeth Street


There is a positive vibe in the

greater Hobart area and as a number

of new developments are completed

over the next 12 to18 months, we

expect to see the next wave of exciting

retailers come to Hobart.



Business for sale by offer


29 Trumpeter Street, Battery Point

• ‘Shippies’ - a Hobart institution

• Historic, heritage listed hotel successfully

trading since 1846

• Includes public bar, lounge bar, dining room,

2 function rooms, rear courtyard, 9 rooms,

manager’s flat, and offsite parking

• Annual revenue around $1.87 million

• Great location in popular Battery Point with

limited competition

• Significant accommodation revenue

• Operated under management - huge

opportunity for a working couple

John Blacklow: 0418 128 735

View at KnightFrank.com.au/3405337

For lease


Level 2, 175 Collins Street, Hobart

• Quality office accommodation with a large

floor plate of 1,622sqm (approx) within the

heart of Hobart’s office precinct

• The tenancy comprises the whole of

the second floor; is lift serviced; fully airconditioned;

and has a good quality fit-out

in situ

• Can be leased as one large floor plate or

alternatively, divided into smaller tenancies

• Complemented by secure basement car

parking with 12 bays available

Richard Steedman: 0408 559 046

Hayden Peck: 0412 766 395

View at KnightFrank.com.au/3125730

For sale by formal tender closing 16th February


429 Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay

• Fantastic Derwent River location opposite

Wrest Point Casino and Lords Beach, and

only 3km (approx) from the Hobart CBD

• Includes 33 suites, 3-bedroom apartment,

manager’s residence, reception and office,

gymnasium and sauna, and onsite parking

• All of the 4-star rooms and apartments have

been substantially refurbished

• Mostly operated under management - no

food or beverages to worry about

• Annul revenue exceeds $1.37 million - up

19% from the previous year

John Blacklow: 0418 128 735

View at KnightFrank.com.au/3424970

For lease


71 Bathurst Street, Hobart

Situated in the historic ‘Bridges Brothers’

building, this property provides an outstanding

large retail opportunity in the heart of the CBD.

• 1,090sqm (approx) of retail space

• Would suit large format retailer

• Great window frontage to busy Bathurst St

• Loads of parking available, directly opposite

Vodafone head office and public parking

• Disability access; car access ideal for

deliveries and/or parking at the rear

• Future large developments planned for

surrounding areas

Matthew Wright: 0458 290 588

View at KnightFrank.com.au/3219862

KnightFrank.com.au P: 03 6220 6999 5 Victoria Street, Hobart

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