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March 2017

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The daily grind.

Without the last letter.

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these occurrences are accredited to the Macan. An inspired take on a sports car, it puts excitement in your hands. And, a smirk on

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The new Macan.

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Zone 5 Presidents..........................................1

Sprockets (President’s Column)....................2

Maverick of the Month.................................2

List of Officers and Board Chairs.................4

Maverick Minutes.........................................6

New Mavericks and Anniversaries................9


Advertiser Index..........................................34

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New Maverick Event: Mavs & Mochas..... 11

Kruder’s Cars & Conversation....................12

PCA My Plates............................................12

Gimmick Rally Overview...........................17

PCA Tours Preview.....................................22

Volunteers Needed......................................23

Porsche of the Month..................................23

Five Speed Chatter......................................27

Club Racing News......................................29

Upcoming Events

March Board Meeting...................................7

Treffen North America: Hill Country.........10

PCA Parade: Spokane.................................10

Maverick Lunch Series...............................10

Mavs & Mochas..........................................11

Drivers’ Education......................................14

Rally Schedule............................................17

Mitas Hill Vineyard Tour............................22

Spring Party Social.....................................23

Autocross Schedule.....................................28

Fiesta New Mexico.....................................29

Past Event Recaps

All Member Party.......................................18

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Volume 55, Issue 3, March 2017


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

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Day March

1 Board Meeting

3-5 PCA Club Race/DE: COTA

6 Plano Lunch (every Monday)

11 Mavs & Mochas: Highland Park

14 Lewisville Lunch

16 Mav Social: Uncle Buck’s, Grapevine

23 Richardson/Southlake Lunches

26 PCA Tour: Mitas Hill Vineyard

29-Apr2 PCA Treffen Hill Country

Day May

1 Plano Lunch (every Monday)

3 Board Meeting

6 May at Mayo’s

9 Lewisville Lunch

13 Mavs & Mochas: Frisco Rail Yard

18 Mav Social: TBD

19-21 DE: COTA

20 PCA Tour: Fortunata Winery

25 Richardson/Southlake Lunches

28 Autocross #4: MW

Driving Event Venues

BHS Burleson High School, Burleson

COTA Circuit of the Americas, Austin

ECR Eagles Canyon Raceway, Slidell

MHS Mesquite High School Stadium, Mesquite

MSR MotorSport Ranch, Cresson

MW Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

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9 10 11 12 13 14 15

16 17 18 19 20 21 22

23 24 25 26 27 28 29


Day April

2 Autocross #2: MW

3 Plano Lunch (every Monday)

5 Board Meeting

8 Mavs & Mochas: Zims

11 Lewisville Lunch

15 PCA Tour: Ennis Bluebonnets

20 Mav Social: Hard 8 BBQ, Coppell

22 Easter Rally

23 Autocross #3: MHS

27 Richardson/Southlake Lunches

29-30 DE: MSR

Day June

5 Plano Lunch (every Monday)

7 Board Meeting

10 Mavs & Mochas: TBD

11 Autocross #5: BHS

13 Lewisville Lunch

15 Mav Social: TBD

22 Richardson/Southlake Lunches

On the Cover: Driving

Friendships! The people and

car scene at Hackberry Country

Club for our All Member Party

in January.

Photo by George Luxbacher

Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily endorsed by the Club’s membership or officers. Contributions will be

printed on a space available basis. Chartered regions of PCA may reproduce items from this issue provided the author/

artist and Slipstream are credited. Slipstream is printed by Ussery Printing Company in Irving, Texas.



Ken Chandler,


Bryan Kerrick


2017 PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative


Steve Bukoski


Scott Spradley


Jim Woolly



Mike Hamza



Joy Jones




Tracey Gross


Charles Bush


David Robertson


Randal Goodman


Leonard Zechiedrich



Jon Jones


Sprockets: The Porsche Owner’s Tire Replacement Philosophy

By David Robertson, Region President

he tires on my 911 don’t seem to last very


long. It wasn’t long ago when I was ordering

a new set of rear tires at my local shop. I will

be placing that order again shortly as my

tread gauge says it is time once again. This time it will

be worse because I probably need all four and as we all

know these are not the kind of tires you cut a coupon

out of the paper to obtain.

Yes, I understand that my tires can’t be rotated, thus

giving them a much quicker trip to the recycle bin. I

also understand that the way these tires are constructed

for high performance and grip lead them to a much

shorter life than the tires on my Subaru, which will

probably last 50 or 60 thousand miles. Is it the way I

drive my 911 that burns through tire tread? Perhaps

taking that turn just a little tight to let the back end

slide out just a little? Maybe going through the traffic

circle utilizing throttle steering as if I was in an autocross?

Of course, all traffic laws are obeyed, but there

are times when I just can’t help but enjoy the way my

911 makes every day driving trips fun.

We are all just a bit crazy in the sacrifices we make to

drive these cars. Most people don’t drive a vehicle that

can go from a trip to the grocery store right out on to

the track. When I am at the golf course, many times the

first question I get is, “Where do you put your clubs?”

I just smile and say “Oh, it isn’t a problem.” I don’t

mention that there is a certain

amount of skill involved (that

When I am at

the golf course,

many times the

first question I

get is, “Where

do you put your


is only learned over time) to

get them in just right. Gingerly

inserting my golf clubs into the

car for the short drive to the

course pales in comparison to

those of you who drive thousands

of miles cross country

every year to Porsche Parade

and other events in older models

that were in no way built for

comfort or convenience. This is passion!

The more practical and curious non-Porsche people

sometimes ask me, “How often do you have to buy

tires?” Only Porsche owners really grasp that this is

truly a philosophical question. How can I answer this

without trying to convey a very non-tangible concept to

this person as to why I happily put new tires on my 911

almost as often as I change my A/C filters at home? I

usually just smile and say something encouraging like

“It is really not as bad as you think,” but the true answer

is “If you must ask you will never understand.”

SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor

1235 William D. Tate Ave

Grapevine, TX 76051


MAV OF THE MONTH: Mark Schnoerr

Maverick Region’s Autocross series was in a bit of

a crisis at the end of 2014, when long-time Autocross

Chair Travis Howard stepped down after many years at

the helm. Available locations for our Autocross series

were dwindling, as was attendance. We were able to

make a deal with Equipe Rapide (ER) to piggyback on

their events while still using our own car classifications,

and even got them to allow us to pay their discounted

entry fees. Wes Lincoln was our interim AX Chair in

2015, but when job responsibilities prevented him

from continuing the role, Mark Schnoerr readily and

enthusiastically stepped in to take the Autocross reins.

Mark and his equally enthusiastic wife Sigrid can

be found at just about every Autocross event ER puts

on. Mark is also on the ER board as their Porsche Club

Representative, is an experienced Autocross instructor,

and sometimes a tech inspector to boot. The Schnoerrs

drive a very quick 914 2.0, which is

often the fastest Porsche in attendance,

and they have the trophies

to prove it. Next time you see

Mark at an Autocross, feel free to

ask him or Sigrid for a ride in their

car – you won’t be disappointed!

Congratulations and thank you

Mark for your contribution to

Maverick Region’s Autocross program!

2 March

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2017 Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs


David Robertson

C 617-797-0516

Vice President

Jim Falgout


Wendy Shoffit

C 972-977-9821


Richard Solomon

C 903-530-8281

David fell in love with the Porsche

911 when, as a child, he would have

his parents stop by the old Forest Lane

Porsche in Dallas so he could dream of

someday owning one. He bought his

first Porsche 911 in 2011. He and his

wife Tracy enjoy being active members

in the Maverick Region.

Jim joined Maverick Region in August,

2008. He drives a 2003 996, which is

the third Porsche he has owned. Jim

enjoys attending Maverick Region

social and driving events.

Wendy and husband James joined

Maverick Region in 1997, when their

daughter was only 9 months old.

Jasmine is now in college. They own

three Porsches including a 1978 911SC

as a dedicated racecar, which she enjoys

autocrossing. Her daily driver is a 2016

Cayman GT4.

Richard joined Maverick Region in

2012 when he fulfilled a 30+ year

dream to own his first (of many) 911,

a 2009 Silver Carrera! Although fairly

new to the club, he is excited about

being more involved and meeting more

Porsche fanatics!

Autocross Chair

Mark Schnoerr

Time Trial Chair,

(AX/TT Rules)

Travis Howard


TT Registrar, AX/TT

Schools, Swap Meets

Robyn Howard


Charity Chair

Chris Hamilton

Club Race Co-Chair

Pat Heptig


Club Race Co-Chair

Joel Nannis

Club Race/DE Registrar

Wendy Shoffit

Concours Chair

Andy Kay


DE Chair



DE Chief Driving Instr.

John Sandusky


DE Equipment Mgr.

Hunter Allen

DE Hospitality

Rose Gohlke

DE Sponsorship

Daren Kirbo


Email List Moderator

Brian Scudder


Email List Moderator

Matt Platts


Goodie Store

Chris Flaugh


Histographer, Tenured

Charlie Davis

Membership Chair,

Past President

John Hamilton


Monthly Social Chair

Stephanie Ho

Online Calendar

Karl Poulsen

PCA Tours Co-Chair

Tom Martin

PCA Tours Co-Chair

Bill Orr

Rally Co-Chair

Don Sebert


Rally Co-Chair

George Luxbacher

Safety Co-Chair

Wayne Elliott

Safety Co-Chair

Bob Kramer

Slipstream Advertising,

Coffee Meets

Bill Kruder


Slipstream Event

Ad Design

Kurt Scaggs

Slipstream Editor

Jim Hirsch


Slipstream Content Ed.

Carey Spreen


Slipstream Mailing

Andy Mears


Slipstream Printing

Fran Ussery

972--438-8344 (W)

817-481-8342 (H)

Social Co-Chair

Tracy Robertson


Social Co-Chair

Phyllis Gallegos


Tech Sessions Chair

Nikolaus Klemmer


Trivia Chair

Jerry DeFeo


Volunteers Chair

Jim Gallegos


Web Site Chair

James Shoffit


Please contact any of these club event chairs with your questions!

4 March






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Last Minute Stand-in: February Board Meeting

By Carey Spreen, Assistant to the Secretary February 1, 2017

egion Vice President


Jim Falgout started the

meeting at 7:03 pm. Reporting

for Membership

Chair John Hamilton, Jim told us

that Maverick Region currently has

1,691 primary members and 854 affiliate

members, a total of 2,545 voting


Concours d’Elegance Chair Andy

Kay noted that the first event of the

season will be the People’s Choice

Concours at May at Mayo’s on May

6. The Autos in the Park Concours,

which normally takes place the first

Sunday of June, has not been finalized,

but is expected to take place as

usual. Andy also wants to put on a

fall judged concours, and is looking

for volunteers who are interested in

becoming judges. He has ordered

new medals with the new Mav logo.

Bill Orr, who spearheaded the

effort to get license plates with the

PCA logo approved by TxDOT, says

that he has received 395 signatures

of the 400 needed.

Treasurer Richard Solomon noted

that he needs a way to confirm

that submitted expense forms are legitimate

and approved. After discussion,

he moved that the club adopt

a policy that any reimbursement

checks over $200 require board approval.

Chris Tabor seconded the

motion, which passed unanimously.

Rich also requested a resolution to

authorize the Region President, VP,

Treasurer, or Secretary to complete

bank transactions. This motion was

seconded by Jim Falgout and passed


Rich needs a list of workers prior

to the event so that he can make out

paychecks in advance. Safety Co-

Chair Wayne Elliot (not present at

the meeting) has taken on that role

from Amber Stice and will provide

the list of worker names in advance.

Ad Chair Bill Kruder noted that

the Net Revenue statement that ran

in the February Slipstream could be

a bit misleading to our non-accountant

members, in that it seems to indicate

a loss of $9,755 for 2016. Rich

6 March

Solomon (and others) explained

that it merely shows that our net revenue

is down by that amount from

this time last year, reassured us that

the Region has plenty of money in

the bank (well over $100,000), and

will submit a cash flow statement to

that effect.

Nikolaus Klemmer, who has been

a Maverick for several years after

transferring in from Hurricane

Region, was at the meeting to offer

his services as a Tech Session Chair,

since Ed Mullenix is stepping down.

Welcome Nikolaus!

Social Co-Chair Tracy Robertson

recapped the All Member Party, saying

that the presentations from the

Chairs were well-received overall, especially

Tom Martin’s Top Ten list.

About 220 people and 105 Porsches

attended. Tracy thanked Autobahn

Porsche for sponsoring the party.

Calendar Chair Karl Poulsen

added the newest event to our online

calendar: lunch meetings every

Monday at Mama’s Daughters’

Diner in Plano.

Slipstream Managing Editor Jim

Hirsch received several inquiries

about a 2017 Maverick Region calendar,

which we did not produce

this year. Based on the number of

requests he got, Jim is considering

producing one for 2018. He also

thanked Bill Orr for managing the

Porsche Photo of the Month submissions.

Based on discussions with Bill

Kruder, Jim has been investigating

the costs associated with printing

Slipstream in full color. He checked

with four print firms, and three of

them provided estimates within $49

of each other.

Current costs for Slipstream are

about $42,000 per year, averaging

$3,525 per month, or about $1.81

per copy. With full color printing,

annual cost would be roughly

$63,600, with average monthly costs

of $5,300, or $2.72 per copy.

Bill Kruder followed with estimates

of advertising cost increases.

A committee is being formed to

come up with recommendations as

to how to proceed.

We are still waiting for revenue

from the 2016-17 year to come in.

Bill is considering generating an

automatic email to our advertisers

reminding them of the status of

their ads.

Bill has also been working with

Tony Lisotta, the originator of the

Porsche DFW Cars & Coffee meetings.

Tony has graciously turned

over the event to Maverick Region

so that we can sanction it officialy,

with Bill becoming the event chair.

Porsche Plano is donating lanyards

to identify event officials. The first

“Mavs & Mochas” takes place on

March 11.

Content Editor Carey Spreen

reported that Chris Macarak, VP of

On-Site Tires, is interested in writing

a series of tire tech articles for

Slipstream. Carey will be attending

the Zone 5 meeting in February in

order to write an article about the

meeting that can be distributed for

use in other Zone 5 regional newsletters.

Social Co-Chair Phyllis Gallegos

thanked Tracy for filling in for her

in coordinating the All Member Party,

as Phyllis was under the weather

leading up to the event.

Volunteer Chair Jimmy Gallegos

announced that “we have volunteers,”

but we’re always looking for

folks who are interesting in participating

and giving back to the club.

Outgoing PCA Tours Chair Tom

Martin reported for Monthly Social

Chair Stephanie Ho that the February

event at Lavendou should

completely fill all 140 seats in the

restaurant. Regarding the upcoming

Tour to the Mitas Hill Vineyard,

Tom said that they are pleased to

have us return. Tom also noted that

our tours and socials are attracting

larger numbers of participants,

which is making the events trickier

to manage. But it is a great problem

to have!

Drivers’ Education Chair Chris

Tabor informed us that the February

DE has already sold out the Green run group. There

will be two instructed three-day DEs at Circuit of the

Americas this year, with Lone Star Region (Houston

area) running the events. Dates are May 19 – 21 and

November 17 – 19, with entry fees expected to be about


Safety Co-Chair Bob Kramer said that he and Wayne

Elliot are writing job descriptions for their positions to

make it easier for potential candidates to understand

the qualifications. Bob stated that the Tech Inspection

process needs a better way to authorize official DE inspection

locations and inspectors. They are coming up

with a list of authorized shops and individuals, as well

as a list of qualifications that potential inspectors must


Rally Co-Chair Don Sebert told us that he and George

Luxbacher have two Rallies on the calendar and a third

tentative one. Easter Rally II will be April 22, and the

popular Halloween Rally III will take place October 28.

They are working on a Poker Rally for July 15. They are

looking for suitable restaurants they can use as Rally

destinations, so any suggestions are welcome.

Jim wrapped up the meeting by announcing the

Maverick of the Month: Autocross Chair Mark Schnoerr.

Congratulations Mark, and thanks for your continuing

work with Equipe Rapide! Meeting adjourned

at 8:27 pm.


It’s Easy to Play!

Play here for fun and find the answers below


Play for prizes on the web at

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for putting this together.

The Winner for this month is


Tom got all 5 of 5 correct. We had a number of

folks getting 4, but only Tom had all 5 correct.

Thanks for playing and we will see

you again next month.

Frank, please contact Kirk at Zim’s

to claim your $25 Gift Certificate.

Thanks to all for playing!

1. One of the highlights of the Porsche Parade is the Concours

D’Elegance competition. At the 2016 Parade, out of 42 different

classes, the Maverick Region won ________ classes.

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4

Source: Porsche Panorama, Sept 2016, p 48

2. Which Region had the most Concours winners?

a. Chesapeake b. Maverick c. Northern NJ d. SE Michigan

Source: Porsche Panorama, Sept 2016, p 48

3. Parade was held this past year in Jay Peak, Vermont. The

Region that traveled the farthest was Alaska, at an average of

3,147 miles for the six members that attended. Which Region

had the largest Attendance Percentage of all their members?

a. Alaska b. Central NY c. Northeast d. Vermont

Source: Porsche Panorama, Sept 2016, p 56

4. Some years ago, Porsche decided that they would prefer to

cool their engines with water vs air, thinking this was an

improvement. Of course, a water-cooled engine has its own

idiosyncrasies, which are not so troublesome on the aircooled

engines. One is that the radiator cap must be replaced

occasionally to prevent electrolysis. Another is that Porsche

recommends using only Porsche brand coolant. How often do

you need to flush and change Porsche brand coolant?

a. 2 years or 30K miles b. 3 years or 50K miles c. 5 years or

100K miles d. Never

Source: Porsche Panorama, Sept 2016, p 118

5. One of the biggest headaches on Porsche engines has been

the IMS (intermediate shaft) bearing failure, which has been

a nightmare for Porsche and the owners of the afflicted cars.

A complete cottage industry has produced retrofits due to this

poor design. Porsche removed the IMS in what model year?

a. 2009 b. 2010 c. 2012 d. 2013

Source: Porsche Panorama, Sept 2016, p 118

Answers: 1) a 2) d 3) a 4) d 5) a


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8 March

6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, Texas 75205 214.522.2400

Welcome Our New Mavericks!

By John Hamilton, Region Membership Chair

Eric Barna


2013 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

Jose Barrios


2011 Cayenne

Martha Casad (Chris)


2017 Macan S

Yong Chang


2016 Cayenne S

Stephen Hamn


2007 911 GT3

Sandy Hedrick

Fort Worth

2001 Boxster S

Scott Hudson

Highland Village

2015 Macan Turbo

Ben Kiehn

Fort Worth

2015 Cayman

Ken Krivacic


2011 911 Carrera S

Paul Labbe


2017 Macan GTS

Mike Mendez


2006 Cayman S

John Miciotto


2017 Cayenne

Jason Oliver


1999 911 Carrera

D. Bryan Pettit


2010 911 Turbo

Kerry Roth

Fort Worth

2017 Macan GTS

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide,

contact John Hamilton at

Maverick Membership Totals

Members ~ 1,691

Affiliate Members ~ 854

Total Membership ~ 2,545

Michael Valliere


2014 Cayenne S Hybrid

Transfers In

Brian Davis


Transfer From: ALT

2011 911 Turbo

Jakin Wilson


Transfer From: LA

2004 911 Carrera

Joe Hanlon


2015 Macan Turbo

Greg Harper


2004 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Kyle Laney


2017 911 Carrera

John Larsen


1999 911 Carrera

Thomas Stephen


2009 Cayenne Turbo

Samuel Torrez


2009 911 Carrera S

Ken Miles (Sherrie)


Transfer From: LA

1986 944 Turbo

Say hello to your fellow

Porsche drivers!

Flashing your high beams at fellow Porsche

drivers is a time-honored tradition . . .

Keep the flash alive!

Anniversaries: March

Steven Foster (Beth)

Carl Amond (Chris)

James Hughes

30 Years

25 Years

20 Years




15 Years

Shelly Burbank (Trish Christensen) Fort Worth

10 Years

Robert Bowen (Sandy)

George Ferrell (Summer)

John Torres (Melissa)

Henry Vieux (Vicki)

5 Years

Kevin Creed (Linda)

Jason Lehmann

Steve Rapfogel (Bob)

Mark Winkelman (Susan)






North Richland Hills

Fort Worth



10 March

Mavs & Mochas: Maverick Region’s Cars and Coffee Event

By Bill Kruder and Debi Gibson, Region Coffee Meets Co-Chairs Photo by Jim Hirsch

Tony Lisotta,

Porsche DFW Cars &

Coffee Founder

ow many of you can’t start your Saturday


without coffee? Or maybe you head right

out to the garage with coffee in hand just

to look at your car? And then you go for a

drive? Well, we have the solution to all of these, starting

in March and continuing every month thereafter.

But let’s get a little background

on this. About a year

and a half ago, Tony Lisotta

came up with the idea that it

might be fun if we gathered

for coffee once a month.

So the first meet took place

in May of 2015 in front of

Scruffy Duffies at The Shops

at Legacy with 15 to 20 cars.

As the months went on, it

took on a life of its own, with

nearly 500 people joining

the Facebook page he created,

and over 70 cars attending

one very cold morning

last year. The key to Tony’s

success in organizing it was to keep it moving around

the Metroplex, from a Starbucks in Addison to Zims

Autotechnik in Bedford, all the while “flying under the

radar” of our local PCA region.

Fast forward to now, and the decision has been made

to transition it under the Maverick Region umbrella to

ensure that all members have a chance to enjoy.

Those familiar with the original Porsche DFW Cars

and Coffee, or PC&C for short, will notice only a name

change, to what will now be Mavs & Mochas. We will

continue to find new and improved sites at which to

show and share our cars. Those that have never attended

a PC&C will be in for a treat. Each month we

will move to a new location in and

around DFW, some to the east

some to the west, but always a very

cool experience with great people

and their cars.

So stay tuned -- check the Maverick

online calendar and be

ready to enjoy your two favorite

things on a Saturday morning

each month.


Kruder’s Cars & Conversations

By Bill Kruder, Region Advertising Chair

Photos courtesy of the Author

ob and I first met about five years ago at the


Classic BMW Cars & Coffee in Plano. Our

next meeting was at the annual Autos in the

Park Concours, where we’d exchange hellos

and move on our separate ways. Time passed and we

would see each other again at Porsche Cars & Coffee

or one of our “impromptu” Saturday coffee gatherings.

Then not long ago Jack Griffin and Bob invited me,

along with a bunch of car people, over to the “garages”

for pizza. It was that Wednesday that I thought, “I

bet there are a lot of people that have no idea who

this guy really is.” So here is the next in my series of

“conversations” to share with you…

12 March

Bob Aines, owner 1965 356SC and

several others, member since 1977

Bill Kruder: So are you originally from Dallas?

Bob Aines: No, though I have lived here I think four

different times over the years and think it’s probably

where I’ve lived the longest.

BK: Where do you call home then?

BA: I was born in Virginia -- Fort Lee actually. Home

is hard to pin down as my dad was in the military. I

think I’ve moved like thirty three times and we moved

every year up until I was in high school.

BK: What might be your favorite or biggest move you remember

as a kid?

BA: Think that might be in 1957 when we were sent

to Germany. My dad had this 1955 Dodge Red Ram

Hemi that he took over with us. This car was massive;

well, it seemed like it on the roads there, as it took up

about one and half lanes.

BK: Anywhere else that left a lasting impression?

BA: Think it was the next move in 1958. My dad had

bought a VW in Germany and brought it back with

us to Fort Ord in California. As things would have it,

that was the year Laguna Seca opened, and we would

take the VW and watch races there. Think that’s when

I caught the sports car racing “virus.” I just couldn’t get

enough of it, and hell, I was only like ten years old.

BK: So your dad was into cars then?

BA: He was, but really as a spectator. He did enjoy

his British cars. We had a couple MGs. I actually took

my drivers test in his MGB; made the parallel parking

test a cinch with the top down (laughing). I did get to

drive them quite a bit, despite wrecking the second one

twice, but the first wasn’t my fault. I was the victim.

BK: Tell me about college and your career.

BA: I graduated from Clemson, then went into the

Army like so many others back in the day. In about 1971

I was getting out of the service and EDS was hiring a lot

of Junior Officers, so I started with them in Atlanta. I

was there until about 1975, and spent lots of time spent

at Road Atlanta. Then they moved me to Dallas. I then

spent the next 26 years moving around with them from

Paris, France to Detroit, Michigan. I took an early retirement

package in 1999.

BK: So how did you get started driving and collecting


BA: That goes back to the MGs actually. We lived in

Virginia and the dealer in D.C. was called Manhattan

Motors; they handled both Porsche and British Leyland

cars. And if you know anything about British cars

in the 60s and 70s, you were in the dealership a lot for

repairs. Well every time we went in I would check out

the Porsches.

BK: And what was the first one you bought?

BA: Well the first one I “almost” bought was a 1968

911S Targa in Irish Green . . . damn, I regret never buying

it. But the first one was a 1965 Dolphin Grey 356SC.

It was 1977 and I had been living here a couple years.

I was driving on US 75 and stopped in Town North

Porsche (later known as Boardwalk in Plano) and just

bought it.

BK: And how long did you have it?

BA: Oh I still have it! It’s at the house. I actually met

Zim and Mayo at that time; they know the car well.

BK: Now I’ve heard stories that you led kind of a double

life: white collar job by day and sports car racing by night, so

to speak. When did this begin?

BA: I got to know Don Istook and a couple of other

guys and we help him build a 1967 911 SCCA D-Production

car, which

had the short

wheelbase. After

the first season we

converted it to a

LWB S/T (1972),

as allowed by the

SCCA rules.

BK: What ever

happened to it?

BA: We built

a Targa and sold

it. Funny story

though -- in 2006,

I’m a member of

R Gruppe and we

were at an event

where another

member and I are

Bob in his garage;

the ultimate man cave

trading stories. It turns out he was the one who bought

it! Neither of us knew where it ultimately ended up.

BK: So you guys raced pretty successfully then?

BA: We did pretty well. Matter of fact, at the 1981

SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Road Atlanta,

Porsche had four or five of the 924 DP “kit cars”

from the factory, and they were expecting to take 1-2-3,

but we came in third and kinda ruined the celebration

for them. This led us to getting one of only six 84 ½

944’s they had built at the factory just for racing -- no

sunroofs, no nothing.

BK: What was one of your most memorable racing moments?

BA: We were at a Sebring 12-hour race and I had

jumped over the wall to make the tire change on the

Bayside 935, when A.J. Foyt was exiting his pit in the

Swap Shop 935 and hit me! Well, he hit the tire I was

carrying, and sent me on my a**. It’s one of the moments

you don’t forget! We didn’t have the helmets or

crew uniforms like they do today, so heck, I could have

been hurt, more than just my pride (laughing).

BK: So you retired in 1999 from EDS, and what did you do

then? You were a pretty young guy still.

BA: Don Istook and I created Istook/Aines Motorsports.

We had been racing Porsches for several years

and had some very good contacts, so we thought we

would get ourselves a 996. Well, to our surprise Porsche

said NO. They did not feel comfortable having the 996

raced. So we then talked to Audi and they provided us

with S4s, which we raced for five seasons.

BK: What’s the “Zuffenhaus” ( on

your GT3?

BA: Well that developed out of the racing team actually.

We had two crew chiefs, both from Charlotte. One

of the guys moved here to work full time with us and

the other stayed behind and flew in for the races. When

we stopped racing, the guys wanted to open a shop and

asked me to partner with them, utilizing the assets we

had from the motorsport team. So the guys went back

to Charlotte and ran it. I talked to them several times a

week and maybe visited 3-5 times a year.

BK: And is it just a Porsche service and repair shop?

BA: No, we do Porsche servicing but that’s only part

of it. We do some repair, restoration, and fabrication

of parts, from 2.8 RSR brake kits to reproductions of

steering wheels for 911R and RSs.

BK: Ok, so one last question that everyone that sees the

GT3 wants to know: what’s the significance of the plate?

BA: One of my friends from R Gruppe lives in Singapore

and has a few Porsches, one of which happens

to be a 996 GT3. He was telling me about an event he

had just gone to and he said he took his “kettle,” as

in “teapot,” meaning his 996. I got a kick out of that

and seeing how most of mine are air cooled I asked if

I could borrow his idea for the GT3; so it’s my teapot.

I could have written two columns with all these great stories!

Special thank you to Bob for having me over to his garage

( for coffee and pastries, sitting

amongst his very cool cars.

As always, I’m amazed at what you learn about people

when you take the time to be interested enough to listen. Next

time you’re at an event don’t be afraid to walk up, introduce

yourself, and ask them something . . . anything.

World’s fastest “teapot”


Top motorsports brands... the lowest prices in the nation!

844 . 438 . 7244

14 March

©2016 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

More of the Porsche services you want from

the Porsche-certified technicians you trust.

Park Place now provides an even wider range of in-house services and options to make

your Porsche its best. You get everything from tint and clear bra installation for all Porsche

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Park Place Porsche

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Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.

16 March

Inquiring Minds Question: Gimmick Rally???

By Don Sebert and George Luxbacher, Region Rally Co-Chairs

hink of enjoying a great drive in the country,

while at the same time exercising your


mind! There are various types of Gimmick

Rallies, but all consist of tricky instructions

and questions, entertaining details, deceptions, and

puzzles. If you follow the precise instructions and figure

out the gimmicks, you will do well and have fun.

When you register before the event, entrants are

emailed General Instructions (for late registrants, we

also have copies available the day of the event). On

Rally day, we hold a Driver/Navigator meeting to provide

additional explanations, helpful hints, and answer

any and all questions. We then distribute Route Books

with the turn-by-turn directions and the “gimmick” for

the rally. You will have ample time to review the Route

Book and General Instructions before we start dispatching

cars on the course (usually 50 to 70 miles in

length) at two- to three-minute intervals. The Driver’s

ability to follow instructions from the Navigator, and

the Navigator’s accuracy in interpreting route instructions

according to the order of precedence, are the

keys to success!

A Gimmick Rally is not a timed event or a race, and

participants are subject to local speed limits and traffic


Cars individually leave a pre-designated point at an

individual starting time and travel from point to point

until they reach the finish. The winner is the team that

has most accurately negotiated the route and solved

the gimmicks. You may run a rally competitively, or

treat it as a pleasant day’s scenic drive, ending with the

camaraderie of your fellow Porsche Club members at

the finish – either way you will have fun! We always try

to have our destinations be interesting and have food.

Win or lose, whether you are first, second or third

place, or the coveted DLBF (Dead Last But Finished),

you cannot fail to have a great day with a smile.

Stay tuned to Slipstream for more Rally details.

For further Rally information, the following websites

have some great content:



2017 Maverick Region All Member Party

By Jim Hirsch with observations by Richard Cross

Photos contributed as noted

he PCA motto “It’s not


just the cars, it’s the

people” was evident to

the Maverick Region

members who started 2017 by attending

the All Member Party

(AMP) held on January 28.

This year’s edition of our annual

AMP was another success judging

by the smiles of those in attendance

at the event. With 110+ Porsches in

the parking lot and over 200 members

inside, we Mavericks made

Hackberry Country Club the place

to be!

Once again, our Region Social

Co-Chairs, Tracy Robertson and

Phyllis Gallegos, did a wonderful

job of putting all of these pieces

together for our new and current

members to enjoy. Our new President,

David Robertson, did a masterful

job as MC. In addition, all

of the Board Event Chairs shared

pertinent information about our

upcoming club activities with the


Autobahn Porsche provided

sponsorship for our event

(photo by George Luxbacher)

Beyond great food and libations,

the conversations heard throughout

the afternoon were those of

new and old friends sharing good

times together. A special thank you

goes out to Autobahn Porsche for

their gracious sponsorship of this

Maverick Region event.

All attendees also got a close-up

look at our updated Region logo

along with our refreshed tagline,

“Driving Friendships”.

One attendee, long time Maverick

member Richard Cross and his

1964 356SC, shared these observations.

“The cars keep getting newer, wider,

and more aerodynamic. And the

tires on the new cars – when did my

165-SR15s go out of fashion? And

since when did headlights stop using

single bulbs? What are “LEDs”

anyway? And isn’t 1600cc plenty

big enough?”

And, “The owners are changing,

too. Everyone looks so young – especially

the ladies! Remember when

an up-and-coming young lady from

Port Arthur (Janis Joplin) drove a

356 every day with a dog next to


President David Robertson acted as

MC for the afternoon presentations

(photo by George Luxbacher)

18 March

Friends gathered inside and outside

(photo by Bob Molyneux)

Bill Kruder helped members park

(photo by Bob Molyneux)

As members began to depart, I

think the consensus of the group

was that this year promises to be

one where we borrow the slogan

from author Dwight Knowlton –

Carpe Viam (Seize the Road) – as

our members commit to enjoying a

multitude of Maverick Region driving

and social events together in


All Member Party Scrapbook

Photos by George Luxbacher


20 March

The Art of Paint Protection

After Installation

A virtually invisible urethane film

professionally applied to high-impact areas

of your vehicle to protect your paint job from

stone chips, sand, road debris and bug acids.

During Installation

Owner Installed

Highest Quality Guaranteed

2530 Tarpley Road, Suite 100

Carrollton, TX 75006


PCA Tours Preview: The Mitas Hill Vineyard Tour

By Tom Martin, Region PCA Tour Co-Chair

t seems only appropriate that the first weekend

of spring should incorporate a PCA


Tour, n’est-ce pas? So far, North Texans have

experienced a relatively mild winter, and

the holidays are long over, so it’s time to get back to

basics. Let’s all mount up our Porsches and drive!

The 2017 PCA Tours season kicks off with our inaugural

event “Don’t Crush that Grape, Hand Me the Corkscrew”

– The Mitas Hill Vineyard Tour. The Tour will be

held later this month on Sunday, March 26. Our starting

point is the parking lot of Fry’s Electronics, located

at 700 East Plano Parkway in Plano. Start time is 1:00

pm, so plan to get there a little early to sign up and

attend the mandatory Drivers’ Briefing.

The route mirrors last year’s 62.1 mile jaunt, which

serves as a primer for new members, and also a short

workout for those Porsche owners shaking off the cobwebs

from their rides after winter hibernation.

Last year’s Tour to the Vineyard resulted in a record

turnout of 111 Porsches and 183 attendees! Needless

to say, the Vineyard was overwhelmed by the ensuing

crowd that descended upon their venue for food and

drink. Since then, the Vineyard has changed their food

service philosophy, preferring to concentrate their efforts

as a winery, rather than a winery/restaurant.

With that being noted, the Vineyard has reserved

their ballroom for us Mavericks, with stewards enlisted

to serve a variety of the Vineyard’s fine wares.

Of course, attendees are not required to participate

in any of the Vineyard’s wine offerings, so if one desires,

attendees may head straight home after the Tour

on their own route.

If you plan to attend the Tour, it is imperative that

you RSVP before the Tour. Just send an e-mail off to us

at with a simple “I will be attending

(by myself, with my wife, with a friend, etc.)” and you’re in.

When you RSVP, it gives us an accurate count to alert

the proprietor of the Vineyard; plus, three days before

the Tour, you will receive an e-mail

with the following attachments:

a Garmin .gdb file of the route, a

route overview, and turn-by-turn


Hope to see you and your

Porsche at the Mitas Hill Vineyard


22 March

Porsche of the Month

Selected by Bill Orr

Red 2015 Porsche 911 GT3, Owned by Shawn Sabanayagam (Photo by Zach Walker)

For instruction on how to submit your

Porsche photos in the POTM contest go to:


24 March


So Your Part is NLA!

• Rebuild, Restore or Totally Recreate

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When all HAIL breaks loose...

Roofing Solutions

By Darren Houk

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• Performance and track mods

2530 Tarpley Road • Suite 700

Carrollton, Texas 75006

(972) 417-0997

26 March

Five Speed Chatter: Surviving

By Ash Seidl-Staley

hat a crazy winter! Wait, can we even categorize

the 60-degree-plus days we’ve had since


New Year’s as winter? It’s like it went from

an extra-long summer to a mini autumn to

an elongated spring. Although I complain, mostly in

jest, I am thankful for no ice storms (as of this writing

anyway) and grateful for the ability to drive my

Porsches more. Usually both cars are in hibernation

until late March, but this year has thrown all the rules

out the window.

Last month we dove into a brief history of Ferdinand

Porsche and his son Ferry. We discussed their

innovations, their ties to Nazi military vehicle production,

and their hand in the initiation of the iconic 356.

More Porsche history will come with later editions of

Slipstream. This month I would like switch gears and

send a special shout-out to my 944, which is turning 30

this year! Happy Birthday, Mistress Denna!

It has been seven years since I found the Guards Red

1987 944 N/A on Craigslist, and I still couldn’t be happier

that I pulled the trigger on the sale. After a few

cosmetic switch-outs, a

little custom pizazz in

the interior, and some

special attention to the

engine bay, this classic

still proudly screeches

her tires and turns

heads. Despite new rear

axles, both a passenger

side and a driver side

window regulator, a

steering console, a water

pump, a fly wheel

sensor, a belt tensioner,

a quick resurfacing of

30-year old interior looks

pretty good considering

its age and use.

the cylinder head, a set

of valves, a handful of

brake pad replacements,

some new rotors, and a

few switches and fuses, my 944 is practically original. As

far as I know, which stretches back to the second owner

of the vehicle in the late ‘90s, the car has never been

resprayed, had a complete engine rebuild, or been in a

frame-twisting wreck. WalMart shopping carts and random

door dings seem to be the only modes of damage

inflicted on this beauty. Thirty years of weather and the

blisteringly hot Texas sun have taken their toll on the

paint and clear coat for sure, but considering the age of

the car, I’d say she is sitting pretty well; you might even

say she is surviving with style.

Photos courtesy of the Author

When people ask me about the 944, I usually respond

to them with “Basically, I couldn’t pass up such

a sweet deal.” I also tell them, “I practically saved the

car from becoming scrap metal.” Considering that the

cylinder head was pretty warped when I bought it, and

that I have already experienced the snapping of two

separate timing belts, I’d say my comments are pretty

accurate. If the engine had blown even one valve with

its previous owner, there is no doubt in my mind that

Mistress Denna would be gutted and sitting on blocks

in a central Texas salvage yard.

There is one person who thanks me for saving the

Porsche virtually every day: my son Christian! That kid

LOVES the 944. He loves to sit in it, he loves to turn

the wheel, and he absolutely loves to press the various

buttons on the console. Anytime Christian sees the 944

he runs to the passenger side door, turns to me, and

asks, “Keys?” I then ask him what he needs the keys for.

He responds with “Trishtan poesha an Dada poesha”

(he can’t quite pronounce the “Chris” portion of his

name yet). Depending on how close it is to dinnertime,

I usually let the little bugger have free reign of the car

for twenty or thirty minutes, but even then he wants


Now that the car

no longer has to

sit in an apartment

parking lot, Christian

can hang out in

the 944 whenever he

wants. Since our new

house is completed

and our family is all

moved in, the 944,

along with her sister

914, has finally

become the garage

queen she deserves

to be. The house will

allow Jenny and me

to grow our family of

Porsche fanatics, but

it will also allow me

the space to conduct

Christian heading over to the

Driver’s side and

asking for the keys!

larger, and more time consuming restoration projects.

Denna’s vinyl interior and peeling headliner need attention,

and she could definitely use a new passenger

seat, but I’m sure I will have to ask Christian what he

thinks we should do first! She is his car too.

As always, wrench on Mavs!!


28 March

Club Racing News: Vintage Run Group for 2017

By Joel Nannis, Maverick Region Club Race Co-Chair

Photos contributed as noted

averick Region has been granted permission

to include a Vintage Run Group as


part of our Club Race at MotorSport Ranch

on November 11-12, 2017. This is an opportunity

to bring out the older racecars and put them

on track without the drivers having to worry about the

speed differential of newer cars with twice the horsepower.

Everyone we ask thinks this is a grand idea.

Here are some details:

Location: MotorSport Ranch, Cresson, TX

Dates: November 17-19, 2017; setup begins Nov 17

at 4 pm

Eligibility: Air cooled Porsches through model

year 1983

PCA Club Racing Rules will be enforced for safety

but not classes. Of note here is that the rules now require

full cages, not just roll bars.

The PCA Club Racing Rules are available here:

There will be only four classes as follows:

• V4U – four cylinder up to 2.0 liters

• V4O – four cylinder over 2.0 liters

• VU – six cylinder up to 2.4 liters

• VO – six cylinder over 2.4 liters

Vintage Group entrants will not run for PCA National

Points. Accordingly, the normally-required Data

collection plug is waived. See CR Rules for details.

PCA Membership is required, and all drivers must

have a PCA Competition License. See CR Rules to see

the qualifications – it’s simple to apply! The license is

good for the entire 2017 season.

New licensees are advised to have their license paperwork

submitted well in advance of the event. ALL

licensing questions should be directed to Susan Shire



for all

PCA Club

Race events

is through


Our twoday


Vintage Run Group at Thunderhill Raceway

(photo courtesy of PCA)


practice and practice starts. Qualifying and 30-minute

Sprint races take place on Saturday, with one Sprint

race on Sunday. Lunch and dinner are included on Saturday,

with lunch on Sunday, and an awards presentation

Saturday and

Sunday evenings.

We require at

least 20 vintage

racers in order to

run this group. If

we have more than

20 vintage racers,

we will be able to

run two groups.

Please do not

hesitate to contact

Joel Nannis, Maverick

Region Club

Race Co-Chair,

with questions at or


2017 Porsche 911 RSR has to await

its turn to become a vintage racer!

(photo by Wendy Shoffit)

SAVE THE DATES: MAY 25 – 28, 2017

Celebrate the 2017 Fiesta New Mexico

at the Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza Hotel

in beautiful Santa Fe, NM! It’s the 50th

Year of Roadrunner Region hospitality

and fun!

• Concours

• Autocross

• Landmarks Rally

• Beautiful New Mexico Drive Outs

There will be a Welcome Reception,

Continental breakfasts and Awards

Banquet. You will definitely want the

commemorative t-shirts and other

goodie bag items, all included.

Registration will be


Plan to register early- we can

accommodate a maximum

of 100 cars at our event.

More details to follow and a

link to register for this sureto-be-sold-out

event will be

emailed and posted on our

website soon.











Specializing in all years and models

of Porsche exclusively for more than

30 years.

The only certified installer for the "IMS Solution"

in Texas and surrounding states!

Complete and Meticulous Maintenance and Repair

Tuning and Diagnostics (Carbs, MFI, CIS, OBD I & II)

Custom Engine and Transmission Rebuilds

Competition Car Preparation (Track or Autocross)

1521 Baccarac Ct, Euless, TX 76040

817 540 4939


30 March

Body repair experts as


as your Porsche.

Trust your Porsche to Park Place Bodywerks. It’s the only Porsche-certified dealer collision

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area’s premier dealership for Porsche and other exceptional vehicles. Don’t settle for anything less

than true Porsche expertise—schedule your Bodywerks appointment at


Dallas | Fort Worth | Grapevine |



32 March



Unclassifieds are available free to Maverick Region members and are $5 for all others (contact editor@mavpca for payment details). Please limit size to no more than 6 lines. Ads will run for 3

issues, after which they will be removed unless you request that they be run for an additional 3 issues. E-mail your ad to by the 10th of the month to have your ad run in the

following month’s Slipstream. Be sure to include year, make, model, color, mileage, and asking price, as well as a contact name, phone number and/or email address. All parts will be advertised

on our website. Check your ad for accuracy the first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner. Due to space constraints, photos may or may not be included. No dealers please!

For Sale: 1968 Porsche 912. Tangerine ext./Black

int.‎ Very clean inside and out. Very dependable and

a head turner. 122,000 miles. Engine has been rebuilt

and the car has been fully restored. $58,000. Contact

Terry Kafka at or 214-912-

6054. (03)

For Sale: 1977 Porsche 911S. Black/Black. Sunroof/5

speed. Very clean inside and out. Above average

weekend driver that runs strong and fast and has a

great appearance. A beautiful example of a California

car, but registered in TX. 108,000 miles. Completely

rebuilt. This car has matching numbers along with a

Porsche certificate of authenticity. $42,500. Contact

Terry Kafka at or 214-912-

6054. (03)

For Sale: 2000 Boxster. Arena Red with Grey

interior, 5-speed manual, L&N IMS bearing and

clutch package (pilot bearing, throwout bearing, Sachs

HD clutch) done at 46k miles, 17” Boxster design

wheels, new rear tires 2/17, sport package, water

pump and spark plug tubes at 44k, motor mounts,

coolant reservoir and horn contacts replaced, Top

Speed cat back exhaust. Body, interior and top very

nice. No track time. 53,900 miles. $13,500. Contact

Rich O’Day at or 817-691-

9993. (03)

For Sale: 2009 Mazda CX-9 Touring w/ 3rd Row.

Silver with Black interior. Original adult owner,

regularly maintained and have records. 102,410 miles,

70/30 highway/city miles, still driving. California car

with 273HP V6 engine FWD. New tires and recently

serviced with clean bill of health. Leather interior in

great condition and 3rd row seating, seats 7. AC ice

cold, power everything, heated front seats, and tow

hitch. Minor wear and tear and has been a great car,

would not hesitate to go on long trips! $9,150 OBO.

Contact Andy Farkus at or

214-263-9331. (03)

For Sale: 1987 Porsche 924S. Guards Red with

Black interior. 83,000 miles. Does not leak any

fluids and AC works great. Includes many features

like tools, detachable roof cover, inside hatch cover,

manuals, books, literature and more. The car is in

correct original condition except for a plastic dash

cover, which at one time had a carpet dash cover.

Many maintenance items completed recently. $7,000.

Contact Ted Carrington at tedcarrington@hotmail.

com or 214-552-8523. (03)

For Sale: 2016 Porsche GT4. Guards Red with Black

interior. LWB seats, Nav/PCM, Full leather w/red

stitch, red belts, additional leather/Alcantara options,

auto-dim mirrors w/rain sense, 2-zone air, trunk liner,

$3k in Suntek PPF, Ed-Guard seat bolster covers,

window tint, new spare front spoiler lip in box. Zero

track use, never driven in rain, always garaged and

hand-washed. 3,755 miles. $105,800. Contact Mark

Roberts at 918-557-3558 or mark.roberts32@gmail.

com. (03)

For Sale: 2002 Boxster S. Artic Silver with grey

interior. Very good condition, sport touring package,

18” wheels. 62,xxx miles. $16,000. Contact Mike

Farrar at 214.208.2852 or mikefarrar911@gmail.

com. (03)

For Sale: 2008 Cayenne GTS. Sand White / Havanna

Alcantara interior. Tiptronic S, Moonroof, Bose

sound, PCM with Nav, Rear-view camera, iPod

integration. Bi-Xenon headlights with cornering

lights and washers, clear front bra, WeatherTech tray

in the rear hatch. 89,300 miles. Ask Porsche Plano

about the service history – everything done there,

nothing left unfixed. Excellent shape inside and out.

Selling because my 2017 Macan arrived and garage

overflowed. Asking $21,000. Contact James Shoffit at or 972-786-6246. (02)

For Sale: 2007 Porsche GT3. Carrara White/Black,

19K Miles, Full Leather, PCCBs, Adaptive Sport

Seats, Sport Chrono, Sound Package, PCM, Bi-

Xenons, Yellow Belts and Stitching, Aluminum Foot

Rest, Floor mats and more. MSRP was $136,985

and includes $12K in exclusive leather and stitching,

Never Tracked, Always Garaged and Porsche Serviced.

A fun and collectable investment quality car offered at

$105K. Contact Don Heditsian at lotusmarketing@ or 845 721 5381. (02)

For Sale: 1989 Porsche 911 Cabriolet. I am the

3rd owner of this magnificent driving machine. I

purchased the car in 2004 with 54k miles…12 years

later it now has just under 86k miles. I have ALL

maintenance history and records-there have been no

major issues at all; not a drip of oil on the garage floor

or whiff of smoke ever coming from the tailpipe. New

leather seats (matching the original tan) in 2013, new

stereo/speakers in 2015 (I kept the original working

Blaupunkt head unit if you’re a purist!). Cylinder, 2.3L

215HP engine. Power windows, mirrors, cabriolet top

work great. While not in ‘Concours’ condition, it’s

close. Price is $62,387, which is below ‘Concours’

valuation, above ‘Excellent’. If you are truly interested

call or email me for more pictures. Contact Rick Selah

at or 214-587-6766. (02)

For Sale: 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera. Beautiful Seal

Gray Metallic, 29,400 Miles, fully serviced at 20,183

miles at Roger Beasley Porsche, oil changed at 23,626

miles, Sunteck clear bra on hood, bumper and lights,

new Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Installed Options: Seal

Gray Metallic Paint, Bi-Xenon Headlamps, leather

sport seats, heated front seats, rear window wiper,

Sport Chrono Package Plus, Bose high End Sound

Package, exterior matching console and Porsche Crest

in Headrest. $38,500. Contact Steven Cloutier at or 817-874-8399. (01)

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Around the Bend...

By Jim Hirsch, Managing Editor

fter introducing Carpe Viam - Seize the


Road - in last month’s column, I thought

it would be prudent to spend some time

promoting appropriate manners in accomplishing

that dictum while not on the track.

To borrow an old line about racing drivers from Max

Prince, there are three kinds: those who have crashed,

those who will crash, and those who are crashing right

now. Set out to chase limits on the track, and eventually

you’ll find them.

The prevailing attitude when racing is summed up

nicely by Stirling Moss: “To achieve anything, you must

be prepared to dabble on the boundary of disaster.”

So, according to David Zenlea from Road & Track

magazine, the best and worst thing about track driving

is how little it resembles what we normally do in cars.

“It’s definitely easier to get distracted on the road than

in a race car,” admits IndyCar driver Graham Rahal.

The most important advice you’ll hear from your DE

instructor is also what I’ve written about here before

regarding driving on the street: look well ahead, not

simply over the front of the car. Keep your eyes where

you want to go and your hands will follow. A street corner

has an apex, just like the track. Identify it and aim

for it - unless there’s a pedestrian standing there. Also,

the street curbs tend to be a bit higher than the track

curbing, so stay off of them!

In addition, always try to pay attention to your mirrors

and side windows. Any vehicles or cyclists cutting

into your lane as you drive on the street are a lot like a

racer attempting to pass you on a track.

Finally, don’t speed on the street. Plus, a little-used

county road isn’t the place to learn your limits. Racetracks

have runoffs, corner workers, and ambulance

crews in the expectation that bad stuff happens when

cars go fast. Public roads do not.

Speaking of driving, in addition to the many opportunites

listed throughout this issue, keep your calendar

open for this year’s PCA Parade in July (see page 10).

Drive smart - especially as you Carpe Viam!

Please welcome our newest Board member, Nikolaus

Klemmer, as he takes over the duties as our Tech

Sessions Chair. You’ll hear more from him soon.

Also, a big thank you to Tony Lisotta who began a

Porsche-only cars & coffee gathering almost two years

ago. This is now turning into an official

monthly Maverick Region event

with Bill Kruder and Debi Gibson volunteering

to take over the coordination

of Mavs & Mochas. See page 11

for more info and join us in March.

36 March

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