275 Times May 2017

Mangere community news - 275 Times

Mangere community news - 275 Times


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EDITION #30<br />

MAY <strong>2017</strong><br />

<strong>275</strong><br />

Māngere’s<br />

times<br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

Free!<br />

Our stories, our people, our Māngere<br />

Kōrero paki ō tatou, Tāngata ō tatou, Ngā Hau Māngere ō tatou<br />


SOUL representatives Pania<br />

Newton and Delwyn Roberts<br />

arrived back from New York<br />

last Friday to a rousing<br />

welcome from supporters.<br />

The said they received a warm<br />

response when they presented<br />

the case for protecting Ihumātao<br />

to the UN Permanent Forum on<br />

Indigenous Issues last week.<br />

They also met Victoria Tauli-<br />

Corpuz, the United Nations<br />

Special Rapporteur on the Rights<br />

of Indigenous Peoples, who was<br />

“very sympathetic towards our<br />

struggle and agreed to lodge<br />

individual communications with<br />

the NZ Government regarding the<br />

injustices suffered at Ihumātao.<br />

"During the meeting we extended an<br />

invitation to the Special Rapporteur<br />

to visit Ihumātao and investigate<br />

Fletcher Residential and the<br />

Government's breaches of various<br />

international standards of human<br />

rights. We await a response from<br />

the Special Rapporteur regarding<br />

our invitation to visit Ihumātao<br />

in a few weeks time. I am very<br />

hopeful,” Pania told <strong>275</strong><strong>Times</strong>.<br />


Where to from here for the campaign?<br />

“We were invited to take our kaupapa<br />

to CERD in Geneva (Switzerland)<br />

in July this year, this means our<br />

issue will go up another level. We<br />

look forward to sending some<br />

representatives there on our behalf.<br />

“We will also continue to do what<br />

we have set ourselves to do, which<br />

is exercise our kaitiakitanga over<br />

this whenua and lobby for the<br />

protection of Ihumātao. We will focus<br />

our efforts on the proceedings that<br />

we have lodged in various Courts<br />

including the Maori Land Court<br />

and The Waitangi Tribunal. We are<br />

also looking to pursue other legal<br />

avenues in both the Environment<br />

Court and the High Court.”<br />

How can people best<br />

support the campaign?<br />

“There are so many ways<br />

people can support our<br />

campaign from near and far:<br />

hhIn campaigns like this,<br />

public awareness is key. Share<br />

our story with your networks<br />

and community to shed light<br />

on the violations that Fletcher<br />

Residential and the Government<br />

have committed at Ihumātao.<br />

Above: Representatives from Ihumātao<br />

are welcomed home from New York.<br />

Inset: Pania Newton presenting at the UN<br />

Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.<br />

hhGet involved with the campaign<br />

intimately by attending the<br />

weekly meetings at Ambury<br />

Farm every Tuesday at 6pm.<br />

hhAttend the fun SOUL activities<br />

that we hold on a regular basis.<br />

hhSend letters or call Members<br />

of Parliament, Auckland City<br />

Council, Heritage New Zealand, and<br />

Fletchers Residential to voice your<br />

concerns regarding this issue.<br />

hhMake a donation via Givealittle to<br />

help the SOUL campaign continue<br />

its operations. https://givealittle.<br />

co.nz/cause/soulstopsha62<br />

hhKeep in touch through our<br />

Facebook page: Save Our Unique<br />

Landscape campaign - SOUL<br />

P3: Low-carb High-Fat Workshops P5: Local Gardens Shine P7: Maramataka

Māngere KFC Workers Strike<br />

Workers from south Auckland<br />

were well-represented during the<br />

Restaurant Brands strike last month.<br />

Unite Union members from KFC<br />

Manukau, Airport drive-through,<br />

Māngere Central, Māngere East,<br />

and Ōtāhuhu filled a bus to<br />

capacity to travel to KFC Balmoral<br />

to take part in the big one-day<br />

combined Auckland picket.<br />

These strikes united the diverse<br />

workforce at KFC. Strikes were largely<br />

led by the women in the stores,<br />

and there was a strong showing of<br />

Pasifika and Indian workers. Assistant<br />

Managers, Shift Supervisors and<br />

Team Members were all involved.<br />

Fast food workers from around<br />

Aotearoa are taking industrial action<br />

against their employer Restaurant<br />

Brands, (which owns KFC, Carls<br />

Jr, Starbucks and Pizza Hut) in an<br />

effort to improve their Collective<br />

Agreement. Union members are<br />

asking for a small pay increase<br />

each year, better staffing levels<br />

in each store, a living wage and<br />

redundancy compensation.<br />

Astevez, a Shift Supervisor at<br />

KFC Māngere explains:<br />

“I felt I needed to go on strike<br />

because this was my chance to<br />

legally show the company, in a way<br />

that affected them, that I am serious<br />

about wanting to change my work<br />

conditions, which I was sick of.<br />

“When I walked out I felt<br />

empowered and I realised just<br />

how vital each person is to<br />

running a store – I realised the<br />

Above: Shift Supervisor Astevez<br />

(inset), joined workers from KFC stores<br />

in Māngere, Māngere East, Ōtāhuhu and<br />

Auckland Airport at the one-day strike.<br />

company doesn’t value me enough<br />

and treat me like a decent human.<br />

“While I was doing the strike action<br />

I was amazed at all the other people<br />

who felt just like me and were sick<br />

of their working conditions and<br />

treatment by Restaurant Brands.<br />

“When I saw the manager of a KFC<br />

branch close her store and join in<br />

the union strike action at Balmoral, it<br />

made me see everyone outside of the<br />

top management has had enough.”<br />

2<br />


by Alan Worman<br />

The need for a purpose-built community centre in Walter<br />

Massey Park has been spoken about for many years.<br />

Māngere East Community Centre Manager Hone<br />

Fowler and I are part of a community working group<br />

that is planning to make this idea a reality. The working<br />

group is made up of local residents, existing park users,<br />

and organisations that provide services in the area.<br />

In April we proudly presented the group’s feasibility<br />

study to the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board.<br />

The study, funded by Māngere East ACCESS Trust,<br />

Ohomairangi Trust and a Lotto grant, clearly showed<br />

the need for a new centre and highlighted how it could<br />

expand the number of services already provided.<br />

There are many possibilities. Just think how great<br />

it would be to have a gymnasium, more meeting<br />

spaces or even a community café in Māngere East!<br />

We thank the Local Board for passing a motion to refer<br />

the Māngere East Feasibility Study Report to the Auckland<br />

Council’s Service Strategy and Integration Unit.<br />

Campaigning for a new community centre: Alan Worman (left) and<br />

Hone Fowler present to the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board in April.<br />

We eagerly await the report that the Council Officers<br />

will prepare outlining different options, costs for the<br />

development and the inclusion of funding for the<br />

project in the Auckland Council’s 10-year budget.




Māngere dad Joseph Finau is<br />

running workshops to help local<br />

people improve their health<br />

while eating familiar Māori and<br />

Island foods.<br />

by Patricia Teariki-Veiao<br />

While most children were enjoying the<br />

school holidays last month, students<br />

from Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae were<br />

preparing for the National Secondary<br />

Schools Kī-o-rahi tournament.<br />

More than 20 schools from around<br />

the country took part in the twoday<br />

event, which was held at Sir<br />

Barry Curtis Park on April 19–20.<br />

Coached by head PE teacher, Danny<br />

Maera, the team from Nga Tapuwae were<br />

hoping for a top four placing as they have<br />

never made it to the final round before.<br />

But they did better than that – first<br />

reaching the final, then fighting off fierce<br />

competition from Huntly’s Te Wharekura<br />

o Rākaumangamanga to post a<br />

score of 10–8 and come away<br />

with the National title.<br />

Captain Debra-Wai Henare says her team<br />

had trained hard for the past five months<br />

and were humbled by the support of<br />

their school and the students who<br />

turned out in force to cheer them on.<br />

Kī-o-rahi is a fast-paced traditional<br />

Māori sport incorporating skills similar<br />

to netball and touch rugby. While<br />

its origins are indigenous to New<br />

Zealand, it is very popular overseas.<br />

Below: A member of Te Kura Māori o Ngā<br />

Tapuwae's winning Kī-o-rahi team in action<br />

Taking control to<br />

fight depression,<br />

obesity & diabetes<br />

by Joseph Finau<br />

Three years ago, I lost my<br />

wife to cancer not long after<br />

she gave birth to our sixth<br />

child. This was hard for all of<br />

the children, including two<br />

with autism and ADHD.<br />

I stopped work to take care<br />

of the children who missed<br />

their mother deeply. I went<br />

through depression, anxiety<br />

and was suicidal, so I sought<br />

help. At this time I was also<br />

diagnosed with diabetes and<br />

weighed in at over 200kgs.<br />

I tried many programmes<br />

referred by my doctor, but I<br />

wasn’t losing enough weight.<br />

Even though I was exercising<br />

every day and eating low fat<br />

products, I ended up gaining<br />

more weight than I lost. I<br />

became depressed again.<br />

I thought of my kids and<br />

decided to use this ‘fail’ as<br />

‘fuel’. I wanted to keep trying.<br />

I asked my doctor for an<br />

alternative, and she gave me<br />

a copy of “LCHF – Low Carb<br />

Healthy Fats” by Professor<br />

Grant Schofield from the<br />

Human Potential Centre at<br />

AUT. It was to be my bible for<br />

two years, helping me reduce<br />

sugar and starchy foods such<br />

as pasta, rice, bread and taro.<br />

The thing about eating low<br />

carb is that you never starve<br />

yourself – you eat till you’re<br />

full. I was on a budget, and I<br />

didn’t have to separate my food<br />

from the kids meals. I cooked<br />

lamb flaps, bacon bones, pork<br />

bones, corned beef, povi, brisket,<br />

salmon frames, and pig heads<br />

with coconut cream and taro<br />

leaves; staple Island ingredients.<br />

The more I ate this way,<br />

the more my body was<br />

healing, using familiar<br />

Island and Māori foods.<br />

I’m currently living a full life<br />

and I’m in control! I’ve been<br />

given a second chance in life.<br />

Come along to my free<br />

workshops on Soulfood to<br />

help our community combat<br />

obesity and type 2 diabetes.<br />

Where: ME Family Services,<br />

7 Hain Ave, Māngere East.<br />

When: Every Tuesday,<br />

10:30am – noon.<br />

To find out more, you can check<br />

out my Facebook group:<br />

Low Carbz 4 Starters<br />

& Big Families<br />

or this one, run by Dr Lily Frazer:<br />

Low Carb Healthy Fanau<br />

– community support<br />


Help shape an exciting future for Māngere<br />

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local<br />

Board needs you to help<br />

shape Māngere’s future by<br />

providing feedback on its<br />

draft Local Board Plan.<br />

Local Board Plans are developed<br />

every three years. Boards use<br />

the plans to guide decisions on<br />

local activities and projects.<br />

“This plans builds on the foundations<br />

we have put in place over the<br />

past two terms and reflects what<br />

our community has told us is<br />

important to them,” says local board<br />

chair Lemauga Lydia Sosene.<br />

Among the priorities for the<br />

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board<br />

are improvements to Walter<br />

Massey and Boggust parks, Kiwi<br />

Esplanade and Blake Road Reserve,<br />

completion of Māngere Town<br />

Centre bus station upgrade and<br />

Bader Drive improvements.<br />

The Board also wants Māngere Centre<br />

Park to become a destination park<br />

and to continue delivery of Te Ara<br />

Mua – Future Streets to increase<br />

opportunities for walking and cycling.<br />

The local board supports the<br />

community’s desire to create a vibrant<br />

community hub in and around the<br />

Māngere East shops but says planning<br />

and investment must be coordinated<br />

to ensure the best outcome.<br />

“The local board doesn’t have the<br />

money to make it happen and so<br />

our focus is to advocate to the<br />

council’s governing body and<br />

council controlled organisations<br />

such as Pānuku Development<br />

Auckland, for joined-up thinking<br />

and investment that take existing<br />

facilities in to consideration.”<br />


• yGo to shapeauckland.co.nz<br />

from 22 <strong>May</strong> to read the<br />

plan and give feedback.<br />

• yMake a submission between<br />

22 <strong>May</strong> and 30 June <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

• yMeet with local board<br />

members at pop up events:<br />

Thursday 1 June, 4:30pm–<br />

7:30pm, Māngere East<br />

Community Centre, 372<br />

Massey Rd Māngere East<br />

Saturday 3 June, 12pm–<br />

2pm. Tōia, Ōtāhuhu<br />

Recreation Precinct, 30<br />

Mason Ave, Ōtāhuhu<br />

Sunday 18 June, 8:30am<br />

–11:30am, Māngere Boutique<br />

Market, Māngere Bridge Village,<br />

Coronation Rd, Māngere Bridge<br />

Or at the ‘Have your Say’<br />

event: Thursday 25 <strong>May</strong>,<br />

6–8pm at the Māngere Arts<br />

Centre – Ngā Tohu o Uenuku.<br />

4<br />

Planning for success<br />

Reaching your final year of<br />

school can have you thinking<br />

ahead to what’s next.<br />

For 18-year-old Tamati, hitting this<br />

milestone made him realize that in<br />

order to do a carpentry course with<br />

BCITO, he’d need to think about<br />

getting his drivers licence. He shared<br />

with us his licensing journey so far:<br />

“For the past two years I had no<br />

intention to get my licence. But<br />

this year, when I thought about<br />

work next year, I thought it’s a<br />

must for me to get licensed.<br />

“I have to give credit to Koia [Behind<br />

the Wheel Māngere instructor].<br />

He hit me up to do four classes at<br />

Māngere East Community Centre.<br />

“He taught me a lot. It was only<br />

four practices and then I went to<br />

the test in VTNZ and I passed! I was<br />

shocked and amazed – sort of not<br />

expecting to pass. I was a bit scared,<br />

but when I did it I was stoked.<br />

“I have five more months till I<br />

do my Restricted test. I’m still<br />

learning at the moment – there<br />

are still things I need to improve.<br />

“I’ve been practising with family. My<br />

brother has his Full licence and has<br />

been a big support so far. We’re using<br />

his car and driving around with him in<br />

the passenger seat. It’s cool, he knows<br />

to be cautious when driving and he<br />

said safety is a must when driving.<br />

“I’m definitely planning on going<br />

to the Restricted workshop to make<br />

it easier to pass my Restricted<br />

licence exam. I’m excited to do<br />

the course and see how it goes.<br />

“When I get licensed I’m excited<br />

about going everywhere – and I<br />

won’t have to rely on my parents to<br />

drop me off. I also want to help my<br />

grandparents. They’re getting old<br />

and they need us to be with them<br />

to take them to appointments.<br />

“I’d tell others like me to get a<br />

licence early ’cos it’s a good feeling<br />

to have it and it means you’re safe<br />

when you get in a car to drive.”<br />

Let’s get licensed together!<br />

Thinking ahead: Year-13 student Tamati is<br />

planning for life after school by getting his<br />

licence now.<br />

Check out Behind the Wheel for awesome licensing<br />

workshops and community instructors, to help you and<br />

your whānau learn every stage of the licensing process!<br />

For more information about<br />

Behind the Wheel and the licensing<br />

workshops coming up, visit:<br />

www.behindthewheel.nz<br />

or find us on Facebook<br />

@BehindtheWheelMangere.<br />

@behindthewheelmangere<br />


Find out more at<br />


Growing gardeners: Four-year-old Tristan Helleur-Tafoulua (right)<br />

and friends enjoy the garden at Papatūānuku Kōkiri Marae.<br />


Māngere’s hidden garden<br />

gems had a chance to<br />

shine during last month’s<br />

Garden & Foraging Tour.<br />

by Justine Skilling<br />

Talking Rubbish<br />

ME Family Services<br />

Hosted by Talking Rubbish (ME<br />

Family Services), the tour group came<br />

from near and far to see what the<br />

Māngere community has to offer<br />

for people interested in growing<br />

their own food and eating local.<br />

First stop was Papatūānuku Kōkiri<br />

Marae, where students from Te Whare<br />

Wānanga o Awanuiārangi’s Kai Oranga<br />

gardening course showed us the<br />

fruits of their mahi so far this year.<br />

Tutor Helen Davis took us through<br />

the new seed house and garden<br />

plots, where course participants<br />

put their learning (about organic<br />

gardening from a Māori perspective)<br />

into practice. Places are now<br />

open for the next free course,<br />

which starts in September.<br />

Next up was the Māngere College<br />

garden. The tour group was<br />

welcomed by volunteer garden coordinator<br />

(and NZ Gardener of the<br />

Year finalist) Metua Aerenga, along<br />

with staff, and student members of the<br />

school gardening club. The plots were<br />

bursting with produce and included<br />

an orchard area, compost bins and<br />

large greenhouse. Students from a<br />

variety of subjects spend time here<br />

and are able to take produce home to<br />

family, as well as selling to school staff.<br />

Last stop before lunch was the Old<br />

School Reserve Teaching Garden,<br />

where co-ordinators Yvonne Thomas<br />

and Graeme Hanson sent us out<br />

to forage for lunch amongst the<br />

lush vegetation. Having gathered<br />

a large basket of produce from<br />

the first three gardens, the group<br />

enjoyed fresh, local fried rice and<br />

smoothies in the sun at CIDANZ<br />

(Cook Island Development Agency),<br />

along with delicious homemade<br />

pies from the CIDANZ café.<br />

Before heading home, we stopped in<br />

at Ngā Iwi School to see how their<br />

recently opened garden was growing.<br />

Teacher Kathrina McGuire and her<br />

group of green-fingered students<br />

gave us a guided tour, taking in the<br />

vege plots, rainwater tanks, compost<br />

bin, worm farm, orchard areas and<br />

harakeke spiral. It was fantastic to<br />

see a new generation of Māngere<br />

gardeners getting inspired to grow.<br />

Thanks to all the gardens that<br />

participated in the tour. “Awesome<br />

people. I’m inspired to muck in<br />

more and learnt heaps too”, said<br />

one participant. The tour reminded<br />

us all of how amazing the soil is in<br />

this area, and how easy it can be<br />

to grow our own delicious, cheap,<br />

fresh food – better for our bodies<br />

and for better for Papatūānuku!<br />

Useful contacts:<br />

• yPapatūānuku Kōkiri Marae:<br />

141R Robertson Rd, Māngere<br />

• yTe Whare Wānanga o<br />

Awanuiārangi: www.wananga.<br />

ac.nz (ph. 0508 926 264)<br />

• yOld School Reserve Teaching<br />

Garden: 299R Kirkbride Rd, Māngere<br />

• yCIDANZ: 283–289<br />

Kirkbride Rd, Māngere<br />

• yMāngere Mountain Education<br />

Centre: 100 Coronation<br />

Rd, Māngere Bridge<br />

• yCompost Collective:<br />

www.compostcollective.org.nz/<br />

• yGardens for Health:<br />

www.dpt.org.nz/ourprogrammes/garden-4-health<br />

Above: Paul Lesoa encourages fellow<br />

students to aim high, study hard and believe<br />

in themselves.<br />



My name is Paul Lesoa. I’m 16<br />

years old and currently a Year-12<br />

student at Māngere College.<br />

Some of us young Pasefika students<br />

might feel as if school is just too<br />

hard for us, that we’re not capable<br />

of achieving an endorsement.<br />

I believe that we’re more<br />

than capable of achieving an<br />

endorsement or even earning a<br />

scholarship, but it all comes down<br />

to one thing, and that is hard work.<br />

Some of us can relate to the<br />

struggles that some of our families<br />

go through to make sure we have<br />

a better education than what<br />

they had. They do their best to<br />

give us resources that weren’t<br />

available to them, just so we can<br />

get a good education. That’s a<br />

beautiful act of selflessness.<br />

The power of knowledge comes<br />

from many things, but the most<br />

important is hard work. Many of us<br />

are taught to work with what we’ve<br />

got, and that’s just how life is at<br />

times. Every obstacle you overcome<br />

you gain a bit of knowledge. You<br />

will go places if you just take the<br />

time to study and work hard.<br />

Strive to do your best, aim for<br />

merits and excellences because<br />

you are more than capable,<br />

you have the knowledge to get<br />

those endorsements. Put your<br />

mind to it and you’ll achieve it.<br />








Inspiring soul sister: Lisa Cave<br />

6<br />

fundraiser<br />

When: 20th <strong>May</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

Where: Mangere East library (outside)<br />

370 Massey Rd, Mangere East<br />

Time: 10am - 2pm<br />


MANGERE EAST COMMUNITY CENTRE 09 <strong>275</strong> 6161<br />




by Shirl’e Fruean<br />

This month, I wanted to<br />

feature a beautiful, strong<br />

soul sister with the voice<br />

of an angel: Lisa Cave.<br />

Born and raised in<br />

Murupara, a small town<br />

45 minutes out of<br />

Rotorua, Lisa discovered<br />

her talent for singing<br />

early – joining the local<br />

children’s church band<br />

at just six years old.<br />

Now living in Māngere,<br />

Lisa has been happily<br />

married to her best friend<br />

Kaleb for nine years. The<br />

couple are leaders at<br />

their church, where Lisa<br />

works with women who<br />

have been in abusive<br />

relationships. They also<br />

have two adorable babies<br />

– Armani (3) and Vilah-<br />

Prayer (12 months).<br />

Being a mother can<br />

be pretty full-on, but<br />

somehow Lisa manages<br />

to balance everything she<br />

does with style and grace.<br />

Even though the church<br />

has been her main<br />

vehicle to express her<br />

talents, Lisa also teaches<br />

singing, song writing,<br />

recording and live sound<br />

as part of the Certificate<br />

of Māori Performing<br />

Arts at Te Wānanga o<br />

Aotearoa in Māngere.<br />

I first met Lisa, and<br />

witnessed the blessings<br />

of her labour, when I<br />

was also tutoring at<br />

the wānanga a couple<br />

of years ago. I admired<br />

her work ethic and<br />

remember that we both<br />

wanted the best for our<br />

students. That’s what<br />

I loved about her.<br />

“ALWAYS<br />

BE OPEN TO<br />




YOUR CRAFT. ”<br />

On Easter Sunday this<br />

year, Lisa invited me to<br />

attend a production at her<br />

church. I was extremely<br />

moved by the message<br />

behind the show and I<br />

couldn’t hold back my<br />

tears of joy, especially<br />

seeing her still on stage<br />

singing and still giving<br />

me goosebumps.<br />

Over the years Lisa has<br />

helped many students<br />

who didn’t believe in<br />

themselves, and some<br />

of them have since<br />

gone on to become<br />

independent artists.<br />

Her advice for any upand-coming<br />

artists is:<br />

Don’t just rely on ‘natural<br />

talent’, always be open<br />

to learning new things<br />

and upskilling in your<br />

craft. You can always<br />

go beyond your best!<br />

Lisa will be releasing her<br />

own music real soon so<br />

keep an eye out for it.

REVIEW<br />

MIRROR<br />

MIRROR<br />

Māngere Arts Centre’s Mirror<br />

Mirror is South Auckland<br />

at its finest. The classic<br />

tale of Snow White retold<br />

through a Pasifika lens,<br />

the show combines heart,<br />

soul and more laughter<br />

than I could handle.<br />

by Gabriel Faatau’uu<br />

Set in Auckland, the story follows<br />

Snowy (played by high school<br />

student Irene Folau), as she<br />

attempts to fulfil her father’s will<br />

after his death by searching for<br />

the legendary seven dwarves.<br />

Snowy and her best friend Pati<br />

(Luse Sua-Tuipulotu), travel around<br />

Auckland seeking the dwarves while<br />

facing difficulties created by Queen<br />

B (Brady Peeti) and the trolls.<br />

By the end of the journey, Snowy<br />

learns that her mother was the<br />

seventh dwarf. After her mother’s<br />

death, the gift was passed on to her<br />

first born – which we learn is Pati, the<br />

best friend who was always her sister.<br />

The show is beautifully written<br />

and ticked all the boxes for<br />

me. I thoroughly enjoyed the<br />

South Auckland’s Snow White: Snowy (Irene Folau) and Queen B (Brady Peeti)<br />

rock the stage at Māngere Arts Centre. (Photo: Tanya Muagututi’a)<br />

storyline and the spin-off created<br />

by the cast and directors Alison<br />

Quigan and Troy Tu’ua.<br />

Although at times I struggled to<br />

hear certain solos, the music,<br />

led by musical director Siosaia<br />

Folau, and accompanied by<br />

Elvis Lopeti’s contemporary<br />

choreography, was astonishing.<br />

I watched the show with my fouryear-old<br />

nephew AJ, who has seen<br />

many shows at the Centre. The<br />

experience took me down memory<br />

lane. I wondered how AJ would<br />

understand the references to Arthur,<br />

Captain Planet and Pokemon –<br />

but he laughed just the same and<br />

more. He now sings and dances to<br />

all the songs at home every day.<br />

Unlike AJ, I was not born nor<br />

raised in Auckland, so I particularly<br />

enjoyed Snowy’s journey as she<br />

travels across the harbour bridge,<br />

visits the night markets and finally<br />

ends up in Māngere – it reminded<br />

me a little of my own my life.<br />

Although I was not part of this show,<br />

I have been in of a couple of shows at<br />

the Māngere Arts Centre where AJ has<br />

seen me perform. I hope that one day;<br />

he too will perform at Māngere Arts<br />

Centre, and I can watch him<br />

and be proud – like I am<br />

of Mirror Mirror.<br />

In the meantime, we’re both<br />

looking forward to the Centre’s<br />

next round of kids shows.<br />


<strong>May</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

by Ayla Hoeta<br />

<strong>May</strong> is the last month<br />

of the year according<br />

to our maramataka<br />

or lunar calendar.<br />

If you follow the<br />

maramataka you’ll notice<br />

that we’ve just come out of<br />

a late harvest season that<br />

started on 3 March, when<br />

Whānui (Vega) the harvest<br />

star rose in the morning<br />

sky at 35° north east.<br />

This star is an ancient<br />

time-marker telling us to<br />

preserve and store our<br />

food so we have plenty of<br />

kai when the cold winter<br />

months come around.<br />

The end of the year<br />

is also a time<br />

to prepare for<br />

the rising of<br />

Puanga (Rigel<br />

in Orion), the<br />

star that marks<br />

the New Year<br />

for West Coast<br />

communities.<br />

This year Puanga will<br />

be visible just before<br />

sunrise on 10 June at 5°<br />

above the horizon (siting<br />

is at 100° south east).<br />

The best place to view<br />

Puanga will be the<br />

Maraetai Wharf (close to<br />

Umupuia Marae). Plan to<br />

arrive about 6am, and<br />

take a compass with you.<br />

Mark a spot on the horizon<br />

along the 100° line. The<br />

bright star you’ll see is<br />

Puanga<br />

rising to signal the<br />

start of the new year.<br />

Start preparing your<br />

fishing, planting, exercise<br />

and social calendar for<br />

the year. Then wait for the<br />

kohurangi to flower. This<br />

is the time to get going<br />

and put all your welllaid<br />

plans into action.<br />

Te rākaunui, the<br />

highest energy day,<br />

is 9 <strong>May</strong>. The<br />

days before<br />

and after te<br />

rākaunui<br />

are always<br />

quite highenergy<br />

as well.<br />

Tangaroa a mua,<br />

Tangaroa a roto,<br />

and Tangaroa kiokio<br />

(16 – 18 <strong>May</strong>) are good<br />

planting and fishing days.<br />

Check out the <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong><br />

Facebook page if you<br />

need a maramataka dial.<br />

Enjoy whānau.<br />

Kohurangi blossom: a sign<br />

that it’s time to put your plans<br />

into action.<br />


Community Notices<br />


Learn to play the ukulele as part of the Funtastic Fridays After<br />

School Programme! Join in the strumming good fun on Friday,<br />

26 <strong>May</strong> at 3.30pm. Parental supervision requested. Ph. 09 636<br />

6797 for more info.<br />


FREE Pacific aerobic exercise classes every Monday 5:30pm<br />

– 6:30 pm and Saturday 8am – 9am at the Māngere Baptist<br />

Church hall, corner Bader Drive and Ashgrove Road, Māngere.<br />

All welcome. For more info contact Tom on 027 <strong>275</strong> 9532.<br />


FREE Walking group every Wednesday (if the weather is fine).<br />

10 – 11am at the Baptist Church Māngere East, 162 Portage<br />

Road, Māngere East. All welcome. For more info phone Dr<br />

Upstall on 09 278 2356 or Tom on 027 <strong>275</strong> 9532.<br />


Time to spare or skills to share? Why not volunteer for Citizens<br />

Advice Bureau (CAB) in Māngere, Ōtāhuhu or Papatoetoe? The<br />

CAB is all about the client – making sure that individuals do not<br />

suffer through ignorance of their rights and responsibilities, and<br />

that communities are responsibly developed. Visit, phone, or<br />

email CAB Māngere for more info, or apply online at cab.org.nz.<br />

Find CAB Māngere at Māngere Town Centre behind the Library<br />

(Orly Avenue side). Ph. 09 <strong>275</strong> 6885 for an appointment or email:<br />

manager.Māngere@cab.org.nz<br />


The Māngere East Community Centre runs FREE and lowcost<br />

community education classes in te reo Māori, Samoan,<br />

English, sewing, literacy and numeracy, korowai and tukutuku,<br />

drivers licence theory, tai chi, zumba – and more! Visit www.<br />

mangereeast.org, email: fiona@mangereeast.org, ph. 09 <strong>275</strong><br />

6161 or drop in to the Centre at 372 Massey Road, Māngere<br />

East to find out more.<br />


Get assistance with your CV and connect with people who<br />

can help you in your search for a job. The A2E programme is<br />

a relaxed, informal, FREE session held in the Māngere Town<br />

Centre Library at 10:30am on Fridays. Meet other locals and<br />

hear from employers and training agencies. All ages and<br />

backgrounds welcome.<br />


We’d love to hear from local writers, photographers and anyone<br />

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Don’t<br />

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BECOME IT!<br />

Fitness &<br />

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Community Notices are FREE for community groups. Send us a<br />

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