275 Times April 2018

Mangere community news. This month: Active Futures, De La Salle volunteers in the Philippines, 'hands around the land' at Ihumatao, and more!

Mangere community news. This month: Active Futures, De La Salle volunteers in the Philippines, 'hands around the land' at Ihumatao, and more!


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EDITION #40<br />

APRIL <strong>2018</strong><br />

<strong>275</strong><br />

Māngere’s<br />

times<br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

Free!<br />

Our stories, our people, our Māngere<br />

Kōrero paki ō tatou, Tāngata ō tatou, Ngā Hau Māngere ō tatou<br />

On Saturday 24th March <strong>2018</strong> in the<br />

Mangere Town Centre, Otara Health<br />

Charitable Trust celebrated the<br />

inaugural launch of the Active Futures<br />

programme in the Mangere Community.<br />

A variety of free fun activities were on<br />

display on the day which included face<br />

painting; Zumba Swagg; Photo Booth and<br />

an Amazing Race around the Mangere<br />

Town Centre. A lucky family who took<br />

part in the Amazing Race won a fantastic<br />

Toaletai Faumuina David Tua with he team from Otara Health<br />

Charitable Trust’s ACTIVE FUTURES PROGRAM (photo supplied)<br />

Active Futures comes to town<br />

family prize pack filled with healthy<br />

breakfast products, fruit & vegetables<br />

and an awesome family sports<br />

pack that included a signed pair of<br />

boxing gloves by a Son of Mangere<br />

– Toaletai Faumuina David Tua.<br />

He endorsed the importance of<br />

providing our tamariki/ tamaiti with<br />

good nutrition and physical activity,<br />

to grow into a healthy body weight.<br />

A flash mob was planned and<br />

executed as a fun way of<br />

demonstrating how dance/<br />

movement is a fun activity<br />

continued page 4<br />

WHAT’S INSIDE: MABUHAY! From De La Salle College


2<br />

Talofa<br />

Bucket List<br />

grabs!<br />

Recently one of<br />

our <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong><br />

condtributors -<br />

Ernestina Bonsu Maro, made<br />

the decision to skydive to<br />

celebrate her 16th (*cough<br />

cough) birthday. This local<br />

daredevil diva, whom you all<br />

know represented the Cook<br />

Islands at last years Miss Pacific<br />

Pageant in Fiji, has become the<br />

epitome of “Living Life to the<br />

fullest”.<br />

One of the biggest barriers to<br />

being able to “Live My Life to<br />

its fullest” has been my weight.<br />

While I’ve learned to Be Happy<br />

with me, there is always that<br />

wondering thought (as I pull<br />

out my mirror so that I can see<br />

my toes) of how much more<br />

I could do in my life if I was in<br />

good shape and actively fit.<br />

Our community is no stranger<br />

to fitness programs. This worldwide<br />

healthy living trend is<br />

constantly in our faces thanks<br />

to social media. So, welcoming<br />

the Otara Health-Charitable<br />

Trust’s ACTIVE FUTURES<br />

program to Mangere was easypeasy<br />

thank you Sioeli.<br />

Cost of good healthy food<br />

is continuing to rise. For<br />

some of us, it’s already out of<br />

reach. Slap on the impending<br />

fuel tax and the everyday<br />

struggle will be real indeed.<br />

Keep your heads up!<br />

We welcome your feedback<br />

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monthly magazine?<br />

Email us at<br />

<strong>275</strong><strong>Times</strong>@gmail.com<br />

Hermann<br />

Tuataga Hermann Arp Jr<br />

Editor<br />

A ‘Fiddler’s tale of th<br />

Best friends Tia Ormsby and Mya Pritchard have a good reason to hang<br />

out together more often. Both girls, 11, are in the Manukau Performing Arts<br />

production of Fiddler on the Roof. Although this is not their first show together,<br />

what makes this one special is they will be playing the same character<br />

‘Bielke’, in an alternating child cast. They are happy because “we can share<br />

what we need to know” and “we can give eachother tips” they announce.<br />

Fiddler on the Roof, a musical with success on Broadway and West<br />

End, will be at Papatoetoe’s Spotlight Theatre donning 32 kiwi actors,<br />

directed by Regan Crummer. Set in Russia in 1905, the story is based<br />

on Tevye, father of five daughters, and his attempts to maintain his family<br />

traditions amidst outside influences, which is relevant to many walks of<br />

life today. Mya reflects a message from the story “follow your heart; just<br />

because there are certain traditions, you can still decide your own future”.<br />

Bielke, Tevye’s youngest daughter is “cheeky, really enthusiastic and<br />

she looks up to her older sisters”, says Tia, something both girls can relate<br />

to and with the cast and crew supporting their experience by making it “fun<br />

and welcoming”. Both girls love their new theatre family, “everybody is pretty<br />

crazy just like us and they always have a smile on their face” says Mya.<br />

Make<br />

Ella’s<br />

dream a<br />

reality<br />

by Ernestina Bonsu-Maro<br />

Bold, Beautiful and<br />

Energetic. Meet 4 year old<br />

Ella she defines courage,<br />

Ella was born with some<br />

difficulties one of them<br />

unable to walk, her<br />

extraordinary mother Kat<br />

has gone beyond measures<br />

fundraising, eeking<br />

sponsors, Dinner and Raffles<br />

you name it she has done<br />

it all. Kat has definitely<br />

contributed and networked<br />

with many people to<br />

get Ella walking again.<br />

An official fundraising<br />

event for Ella will be held on<br />

the 15th <strong>April</strong>. Proceeds will<br />

go towards a life changing<br />

surgery for her to be able

e two Bielke’s<br />

Tia Ormsby and Mya Pritchard<br />

(photo by Tawera Ormsby)<br />

Manukau Performing Arts also brings together our deaf<br />

community, by collaborating with a dedicated team to provide<br />

interpretation to one show per season. This is a highlight<br />

for Tia and Mya as they have learnt some NZ sign language<br />

and have a greater understanding for their deaf friends.<br />

The musical is suitable for all the family, with tickets<br />

already sold to four generations. “It has some songs<br />

people won’t realise they already know” Tia points<br />

out, “and some pretty funny lines” Mya adds.<br />

Fiddler on the Roof<br />

Papatoetoe Spotlight Theatre<br />

21st <strong>April</strong> – 5th May<br />

https://www.iticket.co.nz/events/<strong>2018</strong>/apr/fiddler-on-the-roof<br />

Director – Regan Crummer<br />

Musical Director – Edwin Randall<br />

Choreographer – Zoe Gilmore<br />

to walk again. In order for<br />

her dream to become a<br />

reality, one of the goals is<br />

to set the World Record for<br />

the most fairies in one area.<br />

If you would like to know<br />

more about Ella’s upcoming<br />

fundraiser visit their Facebook<br />

page https://www.<br />

facebook.com/fairysteps4ella<br />

if you will like to donate or<br />

help and you are free on the<br />

15th of <strong>April</strong> come along<br />

with your family & friends to<br />

a awesome event all for our local girl<br />

Ella. Remember to dress up as a Fairy.<br />

Most Fairies World Record Re-Attempt<br />


#MANGERE <strong>275</strong><br />

#South Auckland<br />

Lemauga Lydia<br />

Sosene:<br />

Chair of the<br />

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu<br />

Local Board<br />

Don’t let the cold put a damper on<br />

enjoying our area<br />

Kia ora, talofa lava and warm greetings from all of us at the Local Board.<br />

With winter just around<br />

the corner, it can be a bit<br />

disheartening knowing the<br />

days are going to be shorter<br />

and the nights will be colder.<br />

It can be especially<br />

concerning if your home gets<br />

a bit damp and draughty. But<br />

here at the local board, we’re<br />

keen to do our bit to ensure<br />

your family can be healthy as<br />

well as having plenty to do<br />

to to bring people together.<br />

One such initiative is the<br />

Healthy Rentals scheme.<br />

Thanks to funding from<br />

the local board, this project<br />

provides support for tenants<br />

and landlords to create warmer,<br />

drier rentals. Successful<br />

applicants get free resources,<br />

advice and installations<br />

of LED bulbs, hot water<br />

cylinder wraps, thermostat<br />

controllers and curtains. To<br />

find out what you’re eligible<br />

for; search ‘healthy rentals’<br />

at aucklandcouncil.govt.<br />

nz for more information.<br />

Our local board area is also<br />

hosting a number of great<br />

events this month. There’s the<br />

Toia Summer Food & Craft<br />

festival in Ōtāhuhu on <strong>April</strong><br />

4, there’s the hugely popular<br />

Harcourts Family Music Festival<br />

in Māngere Bridge on <strong>April</strong> 8.<br />

On Anzac Day there are<br />

a number of civic services<br />

and parades throughout the<br />

region and you get times<br />

and details at our website:<br />

ourauckland.nz/anzacday.<br />

We are also fortunate to<br />

have the Pop coming to<br />

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu which is<br />

all about creating fun things<br />

to do in our neighbourhoods<br />

and includes interactive<br />

activities like ping pong,<br />

marbles and cycling. Go to<br />

facebook.com/pg/popakl/<br />

events/ for all the details.<br />

To stay up with all that’s<br />

happening in our area,<br />

make sure you follow our<br />

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board<br />

Facebook page: facebook.<br />

com/mangereotahuhu<br />

Manuia,<br />

Lemauga Lydia Sosene<br />

Chair of the Māngere-<br />

Ōtāhuhu Local Board<br />


It’s Mangere’s turn to AFu (Active Futures)<br />

continued from page one<br />

enjoyed by all ages together.<br />

Families were encouraged to<br />

have their 4 year olds complete<br />

a B4 School Health Check with<br />

either Plunket or a Well Child<br />

provider before they start school.<br />

Local business, Countdown<br />

Mangere Mall & Airport Mangere,<br />

The Warehouse Airport Mangere,<br />

Hubbard Foods collectively<br />

contributed<br />

free water, fruit<br />

and prizes.<br />

Local health<br />

providers such<br />

as Moana Nui<br />

A Kiwa; Turuki<br />

Health; Family<br />

Fit Club; Pacific<br />

Early Learning<br />

Mobile Outreach<br />

Service; Census<br />

NZ; Family Teeth<br />

Matters were on<br />

board to share<br />

their resources<br />

and information.<br />

Active Futures collaborated with<br />

local Dance Group Te Ao Moana<br />

who provided beautiful cultural<br />

dances from the Cook Islands.<br />

What is Active Futures?<br />

The Active Futures service is a<br />

comprehensive family based<br />

nutrition, activity, lifestyle and<br />

parenting skills programme for<br />

pre-school children in Counties<br />

Manukau who are identified as<br />

obese at their B4 School Check.<br />

Active participants (photo supplied)<br />

The service supports families<br />

to make and sustain a range<br />

of lifestyle changes that will<br />

have long lasting benefits to<br />

their health and wellbeing.<br />

The Active Futures programme is<br />

a brand new service in Mangere.<br />

Our team of Health Facilitators<br />

work alongside parents, offering<br />

families the opportunity to engage<br />

in a FREE home based and group<br />

based programme over 12 months<br />

enabling them to be their child’s<br />

first health and wellbeing coach!<br />

The programme is for children<br />

aged 3-5 year old from<br />

Counties Manukau. Support<br />

is provided through weekly<br />

sessions on Physical Activity,<br />

Nutrition, Parenting & Lifestyle.<br />

A consenting parent/caregiver<br />

must be able to attend each<br />

session with their child.<br />

For more information contact<br />

Family Based Services<br />

Coordinator Maddi Schmidt|<br />

maddi@otarahealth.org.nz|<br />

027 274 8005| 09 274 8355<br />



MABUHAY!<br />


Teenagers of the Southside so often bear the<br />

brunt of their own scrutiny. Merely living in South<br />

Auckland betokens “the struggle is real”. Albeit due<br />

to the magnified media portrayal of our people,<br />

my perception of being poor was extraordinarily<br />

incorrect – finding out for<br />

myself walking through<br />

the trails of litter, through<br />

formidable humidity, through<br />

little hands out reaching<br />

for my bag. I was walking<br />

through Tondo, one of the<br />

Philippines’ most notorious<br />

ghettos – that saw no way<br />

of escaping her poverty.<br />

In early December 2017,<br />

following thousands of<br />

dollars of fundraising, fruitful<br />

immersion into cultures<br />

other than our own and<br />

months of eager anticipation,<br />

myself along with 17 of my<br />

fellow Lasallian brothers<br />

boarded a flight from Hong<br />

Kong en route to Manila,<br />

Philippines. Our 3-day<br />

stop there would mark the<br />

beginning of a stupendous<br />

adventure I will remember<br />

for the rest of my life. We<br />

went to the Philippines<br />

with a readiness to give<br />

back to the people, and so we did that mahi.<br />

There we plastered & landscaped the makings of<br />

multiple homes, shared hours of bonding with<br />

kindergarten-aged children, their families and<br />

neighbourhoods, met face-to-face with convicted<br />

prisoners among many other outreach activities.<br />

Service, a term discussed to us at school for so many<br />

years and without scripture meant virtually nothing,<br />

even we went into the community to do such a thing<br />

– now had substance.<br />

It was the interaction,<br />

hype and prosperity<br />

that us teenagers of<br />

the Southside were<br />

now exposed to<br />

some 8,000km away<br />

from the “brown<br />

bubble” that is.<br />

I attribute my<br />

changed view on<br />

the South Auckland<br />

struggle to the everso<br />

merry heart of the<br />

Filipino. Mahal kita. If<br />

I learnt anything from<br />

who I met along the<br />

way of our outreach,<br />

it was to live.<br />

By Mariner<br />

Fagaiava-Muller<br />

Hands around the land - Hei purupuru i te whenua<br />

Two years ago, in March 2016,<br />

the people of Tāmaki-makaurau<br />

showed their support for<br />

the people of Ihumātao in their<br />

struggle to protect their ancestral<br />

land from the /Fletcher Residential<br />

‘development”. Hundreds joined<br />

hands around the land.<br />

Fletcher Building is still sticking<br />

to its ill-conceived plans to<br />

build 480 housing units on<br />

the land at Ihumātao.<br />

Now it is time for the people<br />

to show Fletcher Residential,<br />

(and the Council, and the<br />

Government), that this beautiful<br />

landscape must be saved from<br />

destruction, and protected for<br />

future generations under the<br />

mana of its tāngata whenua.<br />

Support the people of Ihumātao<br />

and join Hands around the Land,<br />

<strong>2018</strong>. Hei pupuru i te whenua!<br />

Some of the many community<br />

leaders who have spoken up to save<br />

the land: Kaumatua Joe Hawke and<br />

Haare Williams, Māngere MP and<br />

Minister of Pasifika Affairs, Aupito<br />

William Si’o, Green MP Marama<br />

Davidson, City Councillors<br />

Cathy Casey, Mike Lee and Efiso<br />

Collins, as well as Lemauga<br />

Lydia Sosene, Māngere-Otāhuhu<br />

Local board and many more.<br />

Help heal the wound that was<br />

opened in 1863 when the land<br />

was confiscated, a wound<br />

was re-opened when Fletcher<br />

Residential bought the land in<br />

2016, ignoring the opposition<br />

of mana whenua, and the<br />

people of South Auckland. 5


By Shirl’e Fruean<br />

“Gatorway Music”. If you have not heard of them, you need to get<br />

familiar. They are an underground rap group who all grew up in Mangere,<br />

with 8 members in the group (Cloud, Lanz, Kere Kenz,Teck2daDash,<br />

Dillz, Benge, Rico Reigns & Wings ) one could only describe<br />

them as a true product of their environment & music.<br />

I had seen a music video of their “Mangere<br />

Appreciation Song” floating around on Facebook and<br />

I instantly felt a connection. However, It was their fun<br />

g-funk style track ‘Gwalk” that got me bumping my head<br />

& grooving along, I thought they were dope, especially<br />

putting their own music out there independently.<br />

A couple of months later they popped back up while I was<br />

judging a song competition that was hosted by Flava radio station<br />

alongside Hayden Hare (Content Director of Flava radio ) and Ty<br />

(Smashproof). Though it was very difficult to decide, because there<br />

were so many great songs, there was this one track that stood out<br />

the most, Something genuine, intriguing in their voices and lyrics.<br />

Their subtle aggressiveness & pride describing<br />

upbringing and the urgency of breaking into the music<br />

industry, something i could relate too, Luckily the other judges<br />

agreed in the end this crew were named the winners.<br />

I also discovered they had a self-made music video clip to their “Emergency” song that was shot in a guerrilla<br />

film style, it had a raw grimy street feel to it that gave me such an appreciation for them as young Hip-hoppers.<br />

Gatorway music will be performing at Kiwi Spirit bar in Rotorua. Then on to building their record label<br />

as well as recording,staying as active on the music scene as they can. They can be found on Facebook,<br />

IG , SnapChat, Sound Cloud and YouTube. Support local artists making something out of nothing.<br />

hanau<br />

oha<br />

We care about<br />

FAMILY<br />

one organisation, many services.<br />

we'd love to help out!<br />

pariv<br />

aiga<br />


Paengawhāwhā (<strong>April</strong>)<br />

By Ayla Hoeta<br />

Kia ora whānau welcome to Paengawhāwhā<br />

(<strong>April</strong>) the eleventh lunar month of the<br />

year! This marama (month) is a great<br />

time to get the gardens ready for winter<br />

crops and also get your fishing days in<br />

around Tangaroa days. Our kaumatua say<br />

the animal activity begin to slow down<br />

as they sense the coming of winter.<br />



love<br />

6<br />

ECE Centres of the highest<br />

quality (20hrs free ECE*)<br />

Experienced, qualified staff<br />

from many backgrounds<br />

Reliable, affordable After-<br />

School Care<br />

Over 10 Years in<br />

community<br />

kaing<br />

Creative, structured<br />

Holiday Programmes<br />

Regular Fathers & Kids<br />

events<br />

SuperGrans programme<br />

for local mums<br />

Community Playgroup<br />

FREE Van pick-ups<br />

201 Buckland Road, Mangere & 18A Mervan St, Mangere<br />

goodseedtrust www.goodseedtrust.co.nz (09) <strong>275</strong>-1065<br />

7, 8 and 9 <strong>April</strong> – Tangaroa A Mua, Tangaroa<br />

A Roto and Tangaroa kiokio (fishing and<br />

planting days) can be described also as more<br />

fruitful days. There’s lots of ika to catch and<br />

kai flourishes when planted on these days. On<br />

these fruitful days it’s also a better time to sort<br />

any raru or issues you might have as there<br />

is a greater chance of a positive outcome!<br />

11, 12 and 13 <strong>April</strong> – Orongonui, Omauri<br />

and Mutuwhenua: Planting all types of kai.<br />

14 <strong>April</strong> – Whiro: Lowest energy day<br />

and best to reflect rest and plan. This is<br />

also a good night to torch for eels.<br />

Thanks whānau!

Tararata Stream<br />


by Justine Skilling<br />

“The Tararata Streamwhere’s<br />

that?”, asked<br />

one of my born-andbred-in-Mangere<br />

colleagues, when I<br />

told her about my next<br />

<strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong> assignment.<br />

Streams are the hidden<br />

gems of our city<br />

neighbourhoods, channelling water from our<br />

streets out to the harbour and creating habitat<br />

for a multitude of plants, birds, fish, insects and<br />

people. They play a vital role in our ecosystem,<br />

but do we treat them with the respect and care<br />

they deserve and need? Do we even know they’re<br />

there? I decided to spend an afternoon with<br />

the Tararata Stream Team to find out more.<br />

Hidden behind houses between Bader Dr<br />

and Hall Ave in Mangere, the stream can be<br />

reached at Moyle Park, or at entrances off<br />

Elmdon St and at the end of Hinau Rd. I catch<br />

up with the Stream Team as they emerge<br />

through a gate in the fence of a neighbouring<br />

house. Armed with sampling nets, buckets and<br />

microscopes, the small team of dedicated locals<br />

are here to check the water quality and see what<br />

creatures they can spot in the stream today.<br />

Stream neighbours (Sarah, Helen, Beau,<br />

Cody and Catherine) and their dog are having<br />

fun, spotting inanga and eels in the stream and<br />

cooling off from the blazing sun. Several other<br />

neighbourhood children are hanging over their<br />

back fences and poking around near the water.<br />

Looking downstream towards Mangere Mountain,<br />

it feels as though we’re out in the countryside.<br />

The stream was a great resource for Maori,<br />

a source of freshwater and abundant fish”, says<br />

Julia. “It links us to the sea, with tidal water<br />

coming up as far as Hinau Rd. Fish and birds<br />

move between stream and harbour. Shortfin<br />

eels, to the delight of children, still come from<br />

the ocean - Moana Nui a Kiwa - in spring, and<br />

some live here for 50 years or so before leaving<br />

New Zealand forever to lay their eggs deep in<br />

the ocean. Little inanga come downstream to<br />

the tidal area in February and March to lay their<br />

eggs in the grass. Their babies will spend the<br />

winter in the Manukau Harbour, and come up<br />

our stream in spring as whitebait”, explains Julia.<br />

There’s still life in the stream, but it certainly<br />

needs some love. Local resident Tere Arere<br />

got involved last year, after receiving a letter<br />

inviting her to a planting session down at the<br />

stream. She’s concerned about the amount<br />

of rubbish being dumped in and around the stream and<br />

the potential for flooding that this creates. Long-time<br />

stream kaitiaki Maurice Sinclair is also concerned. He’s<br />

down at the stream most days, pulling supermarket<br />

trolleys of rubbish out of the stream and clearing away<br />

the waterweed that’s building up on the silty stream bed.<br />

Human actions can have a detrimental impact on<br />

stream life, but the Stream Team remains positive. They<br />

see the potential for the stream to be a place for the<br />

Ways to get involved:<br />

•Join the Tararata Stream<br />

Team facebook page:<br />

https://www.facebook.com/<br />

groups/1947178058889289/<br />

•Bring the kids to join in<br />

with water testing work<br />

and planting days<br />

•Watch and warn people<br />

who try to dump litter<br />

•Come along to the<br />

Matariki celebrations being<br />

planned at the stream<br />

•Enjoy the stream!<br />

community to<br />

value and nurture.<br />

Their current<br />

projects include<br />

the installation of<br />

a fish refuge in the<br />

stream- a structure<br />

that will allow the<br />

fish to shelter from<br />

the strong flow<br />

of the current.<br />

They aim to bring<br />

life back into the<br />

stream and to<br />

encourage people<br />

to engage with it.<br />

“We want people<br />

to notice that the<br />

stream’s looking<br />

a bit sad and to<br />

ask “why?” and<br />

“what can we do?”, says Julia. She hopes that more of<br />

the stream neighbours will join in and enjoy the stream.<br />


Part-time work available.<br />

Work with children with special needs in early childhood education.<br />

Experience preferred, but not essential. Training provided.<br />

Speakers of Samoan and/or te reo Maori are particularly encouraged to apply.<br />

Call Shayla today<br />

ph. 09 263 0798<br />


Community Notices<br />






SATURDAY 26 MAY <strong>2018</strong><br />

2PM - 2.30PM<br />


SATURDAY 14th <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

11am - 2pm<br />

Otahuhu Town Hall<br />

High Street, Otahuhu Auckland<br />

Great stories<br />

begin here<br />

ZERO<br />

FEES<br />

Conditions<br />

apply<br />


Time to spare, or skills to share? Volunteer for<br />

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in Māngere, Ōtāhuhu or<br />

Papatoetoe! The CAB is all about the client – making<br />

sure individuals do not suffer through ignorance of their<br />

rights and responsibilities. Apply online at www.cab.org.<br />

nz, or call or drop in. CAB Māngere is on the Orly Ave<br />

side of Māngere Town Centre (ph. 09 <strong>275</strong> 6885), CAB<br />

Ōtāhuhu is in the Tōia Precinct, 30–34 Mason Ave (ph.<br />

09 216 9813) and CAB Papatoetoe is at the back of the<br />

Town Hall, 35A St George St, Old Papatoetoe (ph. 09 278<br />

5191).<br />


Māngere East Community Centre runs FREE & low-cost<br />

classes in parenting, te reo Māori, Samoan, korowai,<br />

drivers licence theory, tai chi, zumba – and more! Visit<br />

www.mangereeast.org, email: fiona@mangereeast.org,<br />

ph. <strong>275</strong> 6161 or drop in to 372 Massey Rd (behind the<br />

library) Māngere East to find out more.<br />

Community Notices are FREE<br />

for community groups.<br />

To list your group or event in the next issue, send<br />

us a 50-word summary by 20 <strong>April</strong> <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

<strong>275</strong><br />

Māngere’s<br />

times<br />

Editor: Hermann Arp Jr.<br />

Publisher: Māngere East Community Centre<br />

<strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com<br />

www.facebook.com/<strong>275</strong>times<br />

www<br />

www.<strong>275</strong>times.com 09 <strong>275</strong> 6161<br />


Affordable Venue hire for all your special events, Feel free to contact us now.<br />

book<br />

now<br />


027 200 7368 or 0800 DJ DAVE<br />


www.djdave.co.nz - fb/DJDavesEntertainment<br />


Barista & Hospitality<br />

Building, Construction &<br />

Carpentry<br />

Electronics Technology<br />

Electrical Engineering<br />

Warehousing & Distribution<br />

COURSES FOR AGES 16-19<br />

+Travel Allowance and<br />

Learner Licence<br />

Automotive<br />

Foundation Skills<br />

Retail<br />

Security<br />

CALL NOW 0800 000 055<br />



SKILLS<br />

UPD TE<br />



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