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This week June 21 - 27, Palm Springs California Your LGBT Desert Daily Guide Since 1994

Quick heatless getaways to Los Angeles with Alan (Zach Galifianakis) borrow a baby with the right sunglasses. Or a look alike for a $5.00 tip. Hot Bar nights Hot Men and woman from all over the world. Here now in Palm Springs.

Summer getaways - Gay

Summer getaways - Gay edition like Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and you can borrow a baby with the right sunglasses. $5.00 tip. Hollywood may not be as good as it once was but its still there and hints of its seedy past are slowly emerging from its closed stores and fading paint. This adds just enough fright to make it exciting. Experience Tinseltown glamour at the Chinese Theatre or the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which has honored celebrities for over 50 years, old and new starts. You can still stand in their footprints or compare hand size with Betty Davis, Joan Crawford, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Jack Nicholson, to name a few. Play like a celebrity. You can be all the stars that you want to be on Hollywood blvd. and with all the closing businesses, the road that glitters where the hopes and dreams begin. You can pretend you are a star or you can even be one. Be it drag or that famous star everyone says you look like. Dress up and Another fun free day involves memory wake up from a bachelor party in LA, with lane on the Walk of Fame - (stars inlaid on no memory of the previous night and the the sidewalk) Step onto the sidewalk bachelor missing. It works well if you look Continued on page 36 6 The original Gay Desert Daily Guide. View our Free Digital Version on-line.

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