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Arik’s mom, is a gorgeous, vivacious Russianborn woman who performed as a Prima Ballerina for many years with the very famous ballet company Voljanka and Moiseevkii troop. She found her strength in theater in Vienna where she really felt she belonged and developed a strong love for the stage. She starred in theater and, as her talent grew, felt a calling to become an actor which eventually led her to Los Angeles to pursue her career. She recalled of an amazing time with Steven Spielberg who let her sit next to him while directing a scene where she got to experience first hand a view through the director’s eyes. Irina now lives in the hills overlooking Beverly Hills with her young son Airik Ace. Her tidy home is filled with treasures and art from around the world. Above, she is pictured with an incredible portait of herself. Irina is an actress and producer, known for Nowhereland, The White Horse Is Dead (2005) and DayDreams of Rudolph Valentino (2007). She also had a role in the Versace film, Silent Screams. She is an incredible devoted mother and would like to help her son become a force in the entertainment industry. What will she be doing next? Irina Stemer 28

TECHNOLOGY Social Media It’s Time to Get Out There and Engage Here’s How... Social Media . . . that’s just for hormonally-charged teens, political pundit wannabes and doting grandparents trying to keep up with where their geographically-dispersed families... right? While the above may be true for some, the reality is that Social Media has thrust itself into the marketing and communications landscape—an essential tool for businesses and individuals of all types to engage their customers and potential customers in conversations about their brands and/or themselves. Do it right and rather than you reaching out to your target customers, they come to you for the indispensable content and sense of brand community that only you can provide. The key, of course, is doing it right. Read on for how. SIZE MATTERS First, whether you’re selling a widget, an album, or promoting a new film, size does matter. Of course, you want a quality audience that’s genuinely interested in your brand and what you have to say, and interested in sharing news about your brand with others, but you also want numbers—BIG numbers. Case in point, telling 10 of the most interested and loyal fans all about your products and services just won’t create the kind of buzz telling a self-selected target audience of a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, or even more “fans” will.Twenty years ago, advertisers and marketers could only dream of such a thing. Now, with social media it’s reality . .. and commonplace. ROOM TO GROW . . . BUT IT TAKES COMMITMENT So now you’re either thinking,“I’ve already got those numbers,” or you’re shaking in your boots wondering,“I’ve got 100 followers, how am I ever going to get numbers like that?” Regardless of the current size of your Social Media followings, you have room to grow—and audience growth is achievable, so long as you are committed, patient, and in it for the longrun. Success through Social Media is not a one-anddone proposition. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: content. Content. CONTENT! Without providing valuable content that your followers can’t find elsewhere, you’re just treading water.Articles, blogs, infographics, videos, white papers, etc., are all examples of the kind of content you should be generating and posting to social media. Participate/post/tweet often. If you post articles or comment on Social Media only once or twice a month, you’re unlikely to create buzz around your brand.Those who follow you want reassurances that you’ll be a frequent contributor, otherwise they’ll just go elsewhere.To you, daily updates might feel like overkill, but remember only YOU read 100% of what you share.Your audience will not see everything you post, so frequency is important, just like it’s important when running radio or print or TV advertising. more>> IN ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE 29