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A World That Does Not Read - Chicago Street Journal for Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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Chicago Street Journal December February 2017 5 Being a Great Leader: Part 2 Correspondent: C. Dwayne West I continue to examine what makes effective and even great leaders. It's imperative to me that I understand this much discussed and overly used word that can either make America great again or watch as our world sinks into a mental abyss. Because leaders who are strong, innovative, courageous and visionaries, can propel the weakest of men to perform great feats of strength in order to change the world in which they live, work and play. Great leaders can take mediocre prospects and guide them to championship status. How many times have we seen talented professionals who were unable to reach their full potential? They could not fulfill their planned objective because of a support system of failed leaders. Or how many times have we seen common men climb the highest mountains, swim the deepest seas, and/or run and complete the longest marathons? Not only did their trained abilities surpass their wildest expectations, but their leadership teams also motivated them to greatness. I've been watching, for instance, this Chicago Public School (CPS) fiasco emerge over the last month, starting with the RAT problem. It was clearly handled wrong from the beginning to the end. It was missing leaders who would stand up and take charge of hundreds or maybe even thousands of kids being subjected to a RAT infestation in schools likes Mollison Elementary. After the crisis broke ground, initially, it took several weeks before a CPS figurehead showed her face, and she was not the right face to be seen, in my opinion. Now, here we have another CPS scandal taking place, and socalled leaders are being removed and others are being inserted into our lives. This corruption with now former CPS CEO Forrest Claypool resigning because of his admitted assertion that he influenced the alteration of certain CPS awarded contract invoices, leads me to believe that the buck should not CARL WEST stop with just his floundered leadership. But these so-called leaders stayed silent, as they often do. And when the Mayor of Chicago, for instance, did speak, he praised Claypool as an honorable man. How laughable was that statement? I will not make this a black or white issue, but again, when it's a black person (Barbara Byrd Bennett) who violates the public's trust, she, for instance, was ridiculed, embarrassed and essentially sent to prison. But the white male (knight in shining armor), who has for some reason, been labeled the savior of local systems like Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), the Park District and now CPS, has been caught with his dirty hands in the cookie jar, he's applauded. He gets a slap on the wrist and a celebratory farewell press conference and after party. Let us forget about Forrest, the mayor, and CPS' new CEO for a moment. They're typical players in this rigged chest game against the citizens of Chicago. What I'm saddened by are the black oldheads, socalled leaders who remain loyal to a system that has proven to be flawed and discriminatory. As I watched the stunt conference announcing Claypool's exit last Friday, it was prominent Negroes who stood like zombies behind him, saluting Forrest's record, all while ignoring his immoral and unethical actions. His alleged robbery of resources from black and brown kids were similar propaganda charges that Bennett was overly-hyped to have committed. Let me make a merciful plea to my old-head, so-called leaders who continue to deliver 'fake news' to (their) community about their untrustworthy alliances. WHY? What happens to old black men who somehow have forgotten about the struggles of black folks and the massive burden that we've carried on our backs fighting for progress, freedom, and liberation? These men, for some reason, still consider themselves to be COL- ORED. I Write To Differ FREE Classified Ads in NEXT edition of CSJ. Send your ad by 25th of month to