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Jan 3 to Jan 9, 2018 Your Gay Desert Daily Guide Since 1994

Now celebrating our 23th year! 2018 will bring many changes for the entire nation and for us as a minority owned business, we will stand with you. Servicing the LGBT community has made us proud of who we are, in our community, our nation and the world at large. Once again this year’s gift, Free obituary's, help wanted ads, and everyone gets one free classified each year, from anywhere for anything to say anything non-bigoted but uncensored, a 30 word or less classified ad (Space permitting, some details apply. Emails only please.)


THE LAST WORD by Greg Pettis Well the New Year has arrived. The Desert is fresh and crisp and as 2017 ended so 2018 began, Tweets. Well the rest of us can think, easily, of a hundred things the President of the United States could do on the first day of the new year, the Tweeter-in-Chief spent the day attacking the governments of Pakistan and Iran, the former head of the FBI, former President Obama, and a former aide to Hillary Clinton. My oh my, his index fingers must be tired and in need of a massage. He says he wants to do a bipartisan infrastructure bill but I have yet to see him try to even speak nice of a Democrat. Even Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, probably the most likely Dem to support an initiative of the President, has come under attack on social media from Mr. Trump. Is there any question left in ANYONE’S mind that is man is not suited to be President and is probably in some stage of mental deterioration? to Southern CA as it relates to the ports and good movement. He will be missed. Locally, we should see financial reports on various candidates for US House, CA Assembly and Senate, and by the end of the month candidates for city Council races throughout the valley and County Supervisor. Look for House candidate Dan Ball (R) and State Senate candidate Joy Silver (D) to surprise folks. It looks like there may also be a new candidate for Governor! So far focus has been on Gavin Newsom, John Chiang, Antonio Villaraigosa and Delaine Eastin. Now it appears that Congresswoman Jackie Speier may be jumping in. She has $1.5 million in the bank from her House campaign Committee that could be transferred over so she can start the campaign running. StatenDems are meeting in San Diego Feb 23-25. Should be an interesting convention. Are you voting in 2018? Have you begun to focus on that election? The primary is only 6 months away! I’d be interested to know who have chose or are leaning to and why. Send your comments to me at Orin Hatch, Republican Senator from Utah has announced his retirement after 20 + years. I won’t miss him much, but he has been fairly good on education and some HIV votes. More troubling, to me, was the announcement that Congressman Bill Schuster (R-PA) 2017 showed a tremendous amount of orga- is stepping down. He has served 18 years and nization and discipline in the opposition to has been Chairman of the House Transportation President Trump. We must continue to do and Infrastructure Committee. I’ve had the same and even louder. The ineptitude the privilege of working with the Congressman and moral depravity is beyond the pale and and his office on Transportation issues. certainly does nothing for our country. He is smart, thorough in his analysis of the issue and willing to work across the aisle on That’s all for this week. Keep RESISTING!!! T&I concerns. He has been especially helpful 46 The original Gay Desert Daily Guide. View our Free Digital Version on-line.

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