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“Today the School,

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” The below factors will be considered with applying disciplinary measures: • Nature of the infraction • Circumstances relating to the infraction • Age of the student • Student's previous behavioral history • Injury occurred • Whether a weapon or controlled substance was involved • Probability of repeat violations • Safety of other students and staff • Educational needs of other students • Educational needs of the student to be disciplined • Extenuating circumstances • Harm inflicted upon the reputation of the RHS Community • Harm inflicted upon the wider community Disciplinary measures shall be aimed at remediation and rehabilitation to enable students to complete their instructional programs. Disciplinary options for intervention, remediation, and rehabilitation shall include, but are not limited to, the following measures: Tier 1&2 Infractions (Handled in Class by the Teacher) • Excessive student talking • Student not doing assignment • Horse-playing • Student not prepared for class • Student late for class (up to 5 minutes) • Chewing gum • Minor disruptive behavior • Using the computer without permission • Inappropriate language (not directed at teacher) Tier 3-5 Suspension Warranted Infractions (Dean/ Administrator Involvement) • Documented pattern of continued Level 1 or Level 2 infractions as evidenced by documentation of steps taken by instructor. • Verbal, written or physical threat to a person • Engaging in behavior that demonstrates gang, neighborhood or crew affiliation • Leaving school without permission • Student leaves class without permission • Gambling • Slurs based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability including derogatory sexual language • Forgery • Cheating 24

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” • Bullying or using humiliating or intimidation language or behavior • Fighting (no weapons/no physical harm) DCPS has established a Student Discipline Policy designed to ensure the rights and responsibilities of all students. While grounds for disciplinary action are outlined in the DCPS policy, Roosevelt High School has the authority to transfer a student to his/her neighborhood school if the student is not meeting the expectations of the RHS community or fails to maintain eligibility for a DCPS special or city-wide program. Students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA to remain a student of RHS. The instructional superintendent of cluster 9 will receive all recommendations for dismissal of any student who does not meet the academic criteria to remain a student of Roosevelt SHS. SCAR Team (Student Character & Refinement Team) The SCAR Teams (Deans/ ISS) functions as a support system for all staff and students participating in the learning process. The fundamental purpose of the SCAR Team is to promote and sustain a positive and challenging learning community through discipline, character development, motivation and teaching students how to make wise day to day decisions. Our goal is to foster a socially transforming environment that inspires our children, empowers our teachers and encourages our parents to participate in the child’s learning process. The Dean’s office is not the first option for discipline. Teachers should hold students accountable for their actions before involving the Dean. Our Discipline Plan involves 3 fundamental components: to teach, to discipline and to inspire. • Teach – Dean’s will teach students the skills and habits necessary to succeed in a structured learning community • Discipline - Discipline will be used as a means to bring about change in the students philosophy and actions towards the learning community. • Inspire – Dean’s will consistently motivate students. Through motivation, students will develop positive habits and have a desire to participate and perform within and beyond the Roosevelt HS learning community. Behavior Ladder Each class will have a posted set of the school expectations and your classroom procedures. • Verbal/Non-Verbal Warning • Redirection (warning) • In Class Consequence • Teacher Conference • Send Referral (make parental contact) 25

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