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RHS_Student Handbook.SY17-18.FINAL

“Today the School,

“Today the School, Tomorrow the World. Global Education for a Global Society” ● Who lectures – professors or teaching assistants? ● Is tutoring available? ● What other support services will be available to you? ● What are the students like? ● Do you anticipate that you would fit in? ● How is the food? ● What do the kids do to relax? ● What type of entertainment is available to you on and off campus? ● What does it tell you? ● Write down your impressions at the end of the visit to a college. ● What was good? ● What was bad? ● Using the charts provided in the appendix, and your set of prioritized characteristics. ● Read the school newspaper (preferably several issues) ● Compare colleges on your list. 8

World. Global Education for a Global Society” College Comparison Worksheet “Today the School, Tomorrow the LOCATION ● Distance from home COLLEGE NAME SIZE ● ● Enrollment Physical size of campus ENVIRONMENT ● Type of school (2 year; 4 year) ● ● ● ● School setting (urban, rural) Location and size of nearest city Co-ed, male, female Religious affiliation ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS ● Deadline ● ● ● ● Tests required Average test scores, GPA, rank Special requirements Notification ACADEMICS ● Your major offered ● ● Special requirements Accreditation 1

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