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The Star: May 04, 2017

4 Thursday

4 Thursday May 4 2017 Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi The Star News Card duo well travelled •From page 1 Through competing, Mrs Newton said the pair had been able to have some amazing adventures around the world, from riding camels in the desert to exploring markets in Asia. Their usual policy was “what goes on tour stays on tour,” she said. But they had plenty of stories – like one experience while taking a bus through a “dubious” neighbourhood in Tunisia in North Africa. “Someone pinched my bum. I turned around and it was the oldest, wrinkliest old man. I elbowed Jenny, and she turned around and just burst out laughing,” she said. Although they had plenty of fun while on tour, during the tournaments they stayed very focused, she said. The pair first competing together in 1989, when they made the World Championships in Perth. Since then, they have played for New Zealand as partners almost every year, and had steadily improved, she said. Their best performance was a fifth placing in the World Games last year in Poland. Vortex Flush Historic election recognised • By Caitlin Miles IT WAS called “solemn” news – the most important item of the week. Though it sounded like someone had died, or there had been a great tragedy to hit the city, it was in fact the announcement of the first woman city councillor in Christchurch. Tomorrow marks the day, 100 years ago, The Star reported that women’s rights campaigner and Labour candidate Ada Wells was elected to the city council. And it appeared that the biggest problem the city had with it, was that lads around the city council tables would have to change their smoking habits and figure out what to call her. The lads, according to the article, “were found gathered in little knots gloomily debating whether a lady member could be a called ‘councillor’ or . . . ‘counciloress’ or ‘councillorine’. Then the worst part. “The council has been a masculine organisation for so long that many of its unwritten rules will have to go by the board now. “For instance, there is that humanitarian rule that members may smoke ‘in committee’ and NEW LOCATION 13b Parkhouse Rd, CHRISTCHURCH NEW JSD12-6DH 6L Per Min Califont Internal, Battery Operated RRP $399 Now $199 after 10.30pm in open council.” Heathcote city councillor Sara Templeton had a bit of laugh when she came upon the article – which was shown to her by a city council staff member’s daughter. “Looking back it seems so silly that they were ‘gloomy’ and confused about what we now take for granted and see as completely normal,” she said. On May 11, Cr Templeton is organising a morning tea and ceremony to recognise and celebrate the historic moment. Mrs Wells didn’t seem phased by the blatant sexism, she was a FIGHTER: Ada Wells was heavily involved in women’s rights throughout her career. campaigner for women’s rights and the women’s suffrage movement. She held an ​active role in local and national politics. She argued in favour of free kindergartens and universal access to secondary education, among other things. INFORMED: The Star article reporting Ada Wells’ election success. She was not only an advocate but also a wife and mother to four children. One of the meeting rooms will be renamed the Camellia Room in honour of the women’s suffrage movement and pictures of the first female councillors will be hung on the walls. T025 RRP $599 Now $429 T005 RRP $399 Now $289 Large range of Tapware and baths at discounted prices OPEN 7 DayS Mon-Fri 9am - 5.30pm | Sat 9.30am - 4pm | Sun 10am-3pm 0800 MILLEN | | 03 348 8678

The Star Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday May 4 2017 5 Woolston man dies from burns PUG BOAT. Four-year-old pug Nixon has serious spinal issues and lost the use of his legs. An underwater treadmill helps his recovery. PHOTOS: MARTIN HUNTER Water gets Nixon walking again • By Ashleigh Monk NIXON IS a remarkable wee dog. The four-year-old pug has had spinal issues for almost two years, and after surgery last month, Nixon lost all sensation in his back legs. Owners Josie and Dan Mathieson were “devastated” when he was given just a 50 per cent chance of walking again. But, Nixon has been dubbed the “Benjamin Button” of the dog world, after, for the first time in three weeks, he took his first steps and defied the medical odds. “No one really knows how Nixon is actually standing and walking right now,” said animal physiotherapy technician Oliver Gooday. He said Nixon couldn’t go to the toilet on his own, and needed monitoring to make sure he didn’t twist his spine. Mrs Mathieson said Nixon was “like her child” and she was devastated when he became paralysed. “It was really upsetting. I felt a bit responsible in a way,” she said. “But a few days after [the surgery] he started to get back to himself. I realised that even though he couldn’t walk, it didn’t seem to bother him too much.” Nixon went to physio about four times a week and even wore a pug-sized life jacket as he walked in the underwater treadmill to strengthen his legs. Nixon would continue to have treatment at the clinic, and Mr Gooday hoped the pug would be “bounding around in no time”. •Watch the video at • By Andrew King A MAN who suffered severe burns after an accidental garage fire in Woolston has died. The 50-year-old man was flown to Middlemore Hospital on April 12 but succumbed to his injuries on April 26. Police said he had been living in the garage that caught fire. A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said there were about “10 explosions” before the smoke started billowing into the air. Fire crews extinguished the blaze and then police and fire investigators started to determine a cause. Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Worner said the cause of the fire was accidental. He said the man had been living in the garage, surrounded by his father’s possessions, who had recently died. After the fire the victim left the property and went to a nearby address on Hobson St where an ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital in a critical condition.