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Selwyn Times: September 05, 2017

24 Tuesday

24 Tuesday September 5 2017 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES dISCOVER Second speed indicator to be installed Following the installation of a first road speed indicator at Weedons Ross Road in West Melton by the Selwyn District Council, residents were keen to see a second one installed. They were concerned that the growth in the town’s population was seeing increased driving speed in the district, and around the local school. The West Melton Residents’ Association carried out a survey to determine where people wanted the second one to be installed, and the preferred location was the eastern approach on SH73. Selwyn District Council Road Engineer Mark Chamberlain said the road speed indicator should be installed during September. “The indicator has been ordered, but it has not been delivered yet,” Mr Chamberlain said. “It will be installed on SH73 initially, but it can be moved to other locations. The western approach to West Melton is the second preferred site.” Installation of the indicator requires a ground socket to be installed at each site with the device and pole placed in the socket, Mr Chamberlain said. “The cost for the speed indicator is about $8000 supplied and installed, which is the same as the other speed indicator devices in the district,” he said. Chairman of the West Melton Residents Association, Jeff Waters, said the association had some discretionary funding available, which was being used for this purpose. The Selwyn District Council has speed indication devices installed throughout the district, Mr Chamberlain said. “Anecdotally and from observation, we have found that traffic slows down to close to or below the speed limit when the ‘SLOW DOWN’ message is displayed. “Once the speed limit is reached, the actual speed of the vehicle is then displayed.” Room to grow Ray White_Know How to tap into buyers’ passion for your property We’ve got big sections, smaller sections and lots in-between in West Melton. Give yourself room to fit your lifestyle. Email or call 03 741 1340. Our agents have forged strong relationships with the local West Melton community and have the knowledge and expertise to talk to buyers about your property’s potential. We inspire buyers to imagine a lifestyle in your property, to encourage the highest valuation in their mind. Let us show you how. Ray White West Melton | Shop 7, West Melton Village | (03) 347 9933 | SALES AND INFORMATION OFFICE, 2 Kingsdowne Drive, West Melton. OPEN Sun and Wed 1-3pm. Or by appointment at 145 Papanui Road, Christchurch. Mon-Fri

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday September 5 2017 25 Tapping into community resources Initiator of Community Awareness Support Selwyn (C.A.S.S.) Peter Stafford has always been interested in sustainable living, conservation, self-sufficiency and water quality. C.A.S.S. is a new initiative focusing on co-operative marketing, and an open door for promoting local products and innovations at a grassroots community level, connecting with cafe and car boot sale operations, Peter says. “I believe in the principle of the power of one to change things, but at the end of the day community living and sharing skills and resources has to be that ultimate goal,” Peter says. “Surviving and thriving off-grid is a very attractive principle to work towards,” he says. “There are many marketing opportunities to be explored in this arena as highlighted in the accompanying advertisement. Communication networking and co-operating with the local community may very well be our future lifeline. “Being an ex-farmer and understanding the principle of the number 8 wire and the forgotten home remedies, traditions and with an appreciation of the depth of knowledge available within the community I would like to tap into this valuable resource. “My worldview embraces the life and times of Jesus Christ and the golden rule ‘Do unto others’,” Peter says. West Melton Pharmacy See our large selection of fine fragrance in store Saturday and Sunday Breakfast from 9am Shop 12, 736 Weedons Ross Road Phone 03 3470777 Fax 03 347 0888 EdEndAlE CAfE MArkETing opporTuniTy would likE To MArkET Any of ThE following: • Organic produce sales and production • Healthy living options • Herbal remedies • Water purification/collection systems • Alternative technology • Clean energy • Wifi protection/cellphone safety • Hydronics-raised bed growing • Bio domes/tunnel houses • Alternative education systems • Emergency survival preparation • Off grid living • Temporary shelters • Bugs bags/emergency supplies Community networking / cell groups / radio comms shortwave / meetings / venues / speakers To register your interest please email CASS (Community Awareness Support Selwyn) New Gold Card Lunch Menu Smaller portions = Smaller prices Available Mon-Fri lunches Open 7 days Coffee/Lunch/Dinner Open 11.30am Mon-Fri | Ph 03 421 6481 West Melton Village, Weedons Ross Road Courtesy Van available