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Selwyn Times: November 14, 2017

4 Wednesday

4 Wednesday November 15 2017 Latest Christchurch news at News SELWYN TIMES Lincoln hospitality scoops top award LINCOLN Hospitality Ltd – Catering has been recognised as the overall winner for the Selwyn Responsible Business Awards. The Lincoln Envirotown Trust held its awards celebrating Selwyn businesses’ commitment to environmental sustainability and community involvement Lincoln University Early Childhood Centre won the new special “educators” trophy donated by the Biological Husbandry Unit Organics Trust. While the award ceremonies had been previously held in different areas, it was the first time the whole district came together to receive recognition for their work. The event was held at the Rolleston Community Centre lounge. Lincoln Envirotown trustee Sue Jarvis said there were two excellent presentations to encourage businesses to do more. Presentations were made by James McDonald of Yealands Wineries and Martin and Lisa Bennett of The Laboratory in Lincoln. Mr McDonald gave an insight into the myriad of steps that they have taken to become a sustainable enterprise. There were hurdles along the way – the attempt to use guinea pigs to be non-fuel burning “mowers” was met with glee by the hawk population. The guinea pigs had to be replaced with miniature sheep imported at great expense. The Laboratory Lincoln discussed how they had built their establishment using materials from buildings condemned by the Canterbury earthquakes. Rangi Ruru Girls’ School staircases and the former Hororata pub’s bar are part of The Laboratory’s establishment. Dr Jarvis said all participants were winners and the trust would like to congratulate everyone. Many schools have waste-free lunch boxes, some enterprises are re-using water, others have “fill your own bottle or container schemes” and native tree planting is becoming a common RECOGNISED: : Assessor Darryl Griffin with Lincoln Hospitality Ltd catering manager Heather Watson and Lincoln Envirotown Trust chairwoman Sam Rowland. feature. Dr Jarvis said she would also like to thank Dave Fitzjohn and the trust for all their hard work and the district council for its financial support. “It was a true celebration of the wonderful things businesses are doing alongside providing us with our goods and services,” Dr Jarvis said. Other trophies awarded on the night: •The Malvern Trophy – jointly to Challenge Darfield and The Fat Beagle •The Lincoln Trophy – jointly to Lincoln Hospitality Ltd and Lincoln New World •The Ellesmere Trophy to Leeston Pharmacy •The Prebbleton Trophy to Mark’s Automotive •The Tai Tapu Trophy to Challenge Tai Tapu Hearing clinic to host free talks on tinnitus Do you have constant buzz or ringing in your ears or head? Tinnitus affects up to 15 per cent of the population yet there is a persistent myth that nothing can be done to treat it, says audiologist Brenna Sincock. it differently, although common manifestations include hearing buzzing, whistling, roaring or hissing sounds. Its exhausting and frustrating and it is important that people are aware that there are solutions and relief is achievable. To dispel that notion and share with people the latest developments in treatment, her clinic, Brenna Sincock Hearing will this month host free seminars with international guest speaker Dr Jill Benner. Benner’s doctorate in audiology from Pennsylvania’s Bloomsburg University is complemented by specialist work in neurological disorders of the ear, and seats for the November 20 and 21 seminars are expected to fill quickly. Tinnitus, characterised by noises heard in the ear or head, is for a minority of sufferers extremely bothersome. Unfortunately, many people delay seeking help due to a perception there is no way to alleviate the condition, Brenna says. “People need to know there are solutions,” she says. “The technology has come so far and a great percentage of people experience huge relief now due to this.” While tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss – particularly noise-related hearing loss – it can also present in otherwise unaffected people, Brenna says. It is not a disease but a symptom, she notes, adding that regardless of the cause, the sooner treatment is provided, the more effective it is. A small hearing aid can sometimes put an end to tinnitus on the spot, while in other cases strategies can be learned to minimise the noises heard. These techniques can result in marked improvements and a better quality of life. Brenna says every person with tinnitus experiences In addition to noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus can also result from buildup of earwax, ear infections, temporary exposure to loud sounds, and age-related hearing loss. Dr Benner’s expertise in neurotology follows from a long tenure at an ear, nose and throat practice in the United States. She is passionate about helping people with their hearing and her seminar is sure to inform attendees. “Knowledge is key”, says Brenna. “Our aim is to inform people of their options so they can live without the impact of tinnitus. “ > To secure a place at the free-of-charge seminars on tinnitus, being held at Lincoln & Rolleston Community Cenrtres on November 20 and 21, contact the clinic on 03 390 2332. Brenna Sincock Hearing’s usual clinic is located at 36 TennysonStreet, Rolleston and more information on the clinic is available at

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday November 15 2017 5 Water races set to close • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding THE CLOSURE of water races in Sheffield and Springfield has been described as “death by a thousand cuts” by a district councillor. Debra Hasson is concerned the closure of water races in Malvern to make way for the Central Plains Water scheme is short-term capital Debra Hasson Craig Watson gain. Her concerns were raised at the district council meeting last week. The closures were approved by the district council with Cr Hasson’s vote recorded against the decision. “We are potentially losing a water resource for our farming community long-term,” Cr Hasson said. She told Selwyn Times the district council needed to take into account the impact CPW’s CHANGE: Water races in Springfield and Sheffield are closing because of the CPW scheme. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN pipes will have on cropping and biodiversity in the future. “It is not all going to be transferred to dairy, it needs to be transferred to cropping. Cropping requires fertilisation of seeds. If you are going to pipe everything and deliver it by the irrigation scheme, how is the biodiversity going to survive?” she said. But her concern received little support from other councillors. Cr Craig Watson said while it could be argued the closures are interfering with future farming, the district council is only closing down rats and mice, leaving the district with the overall boom of the water race. “We lessen our takes but we increase, maintain our costs . . . This is the right thing to do,” he said. His views were backed by Cr Pat McEvedy who said the decision hasn’t been reached lightly and council has already agreed to this process by helping fund CPW. In June, a report went to the sub-committee to approve consultation over the water race closures. The closures received 100 per cent support and no submissions were received. The report put to the district council highlighted the Department of Conservation did not have the resources to go collect the species from the water races free of charge. The water races potentially have longfin eel, Canterbury galaxias, upland bully and freshwater mussels. Cr Nicole Reid said it needs to find a suitable way to collect the fish to protect the species. “That should be a requirement of being able to close that down,” she said. But the district council’s water asset manager Murray England said if DOC can’t do it, a ecologist will, meaning the ratepayer has to fund the fish removal. The report said companies equipped to undertake electrofishing are likely to attract a significant cost. •HAVE YOUR SAY: What do you think of water races closing in Malvern as a result of the Central Plains Water scheme? Email your views to georgia.oconnor@ Local News Now In Brief Fire rages, homes at risk DRAFT CEMETERY BYLAW The district council has approved a draft Cemetery Bylaw for public consultation. The draft bylaw, which updates the existing 2011 bylaw, regulates the use and management of district council cemeteries and provides guidance for the public on information such as the purchase of plots, provisions for interments, requirements for placing memorials and keeping graves in order. The district council maintains 19 cemeteries. The proposed bylaw includes some changes to ensure legislative compliance to provide for the comfort and well-being of visitors and to reflect current community needs. Consultation will be open until December 11, with hearings to be held in February next year. LAKE COLERIDGE WATER A boil water notice is in place for properties connected to the Lake Coleridge water supply. The notice was issued on Friday after test results were received showing e. coli levels were above recommended levels. E. coli was detected in the post-UV area of water treatment and no e. coli has been detected in the reticulation zone. The scheme is currently being chlorinated. However, residents are advised to continue boiling water until further notice. Use your outdoor living areas all year round • Warm & dry in winter • UV protection for summer • Stylish & permanent • 5 year warranty Chris Thorndycroft Phone 0800 27 24 46 | FREE EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR Want to know more about tinnitus & hearing loss? 15 months INTEREST FREE Normal lending criteria apply Been paid out from EQC or needing a facelift? Buy all your DIY painting & decorating trade products at affordable prices delivered to your doorstep. Decorative Supplies Ltd ″The Painters Warehouse″ ORDER ONLINE TODAY Trusted by tradies for over 14 years! 114 Sawyers Arms Road, Papanui 6 Huxley Street, Sydenham Phone 03 352 8575 EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS - 20 November 2pm @ Lincoln & Districts Community Care Centre 21 November 1.30pm @ Rolleston Community Centre SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER - International Audiologist Jill Benner will be discussing hearing, causes of tinnitus, and how it can be improved. Local hearing expert, Brenna Sincock will also be on hand to answer all your hearing loss questions. Join us to learn more about how we can assist with hearing loss and tinnitus. Call today to book your spot - 03 390 2332 Jon Griffiths (spaces limited) Brenna Sincock Hearing Branding / Appropriate Usage PRINT Brenna Sincock Hearing in Rolleston, Lincoln, Leeston & Darfield Hearing aids | Hearing tests | Tinnitus relief