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Proudly, Josel also

Proudly, Josel also talked about his two thick notebooks where he wrote everything he learned and every transaction the committee made. “My fellow BSPMC Chairpersons from other municipalities were wondering why I have such notebooks so I told them it is where I record everything I learn and refer to it every now and then especially when other volunteers come and ask about Kalahi-CIDSS in general,” he said. Josel went on to tell about the impact of Kalahi- CIDSS as he sees it. “One of the biggest impact of Kalahi-CIDSS in our barangay is related to gender equality” he said. During the implementation “we really practiced the idea of gender and development.” He added that he can’t help but notice and smile that women and even senior citizens are now active in construction-related labor. “As I see it, our barangay embraced Gender and Development which is one of the things being imbedded by Kalahi-CIDSS.”, he added. SERVICE FROM THE HEART After more than two years as a community volunteer “I came to see the whole picture that the program is trying to eliminate poverty and that became my motivation,” Josel reflected. KALAHISerye 2016|| 31 Volunteering also made him realize that he is a servant leader by heart. He added that when he thinks about his community, it inspires him. “Our place is just like Baguio where we have beans, cabbage, pechay and other vegetables but the only difference is we struggle in transporting our products to the market,” he said. They can reach barangay Poblacion within two to three hours motorcycle ride. There is no public transportation in the area. Being a volunteer, “I like the challenges that comes with it because I’m learning along the

process. I guess if given the chance, I would still want to continue as a community volunteer,” he added. As the youngest BSPMC Chairperson in the region, he says that his perspective about service and leadership changed in many ways. “Through the series of trainings, I realized that I should never stop learning but will instead strive to be a better person and leader,” he mused. Also, despite being discriminated as a member of the LGBT, Josel instead showed his abilities and passion making his community realize that he has unparalleled potential vital for their development. “Now, they started giving us important roles regardless of our gender,” he said in relief. Earlier in 2016, Josel was tapped to become a barangay health worker. He said they were called for a training in Bangued, Abra after Typhoon Ineng hit their barangay in 2015. His days are now filled with accompanying and transporting patients from their barangay health clinic to local hospitals nearby. Reflecting that his passion is to serve in his community, he said he would be happy in social work. “When I was younger, I wanted to become a teacher, but when I became a community volunteer, I think being a social worker suits me better,” he laughed. “I’m a high school graduate and I still wish to finish college or vocational course to be able to serve better, but for now I guess my volunteer work with Kalahi-CIDSS is good and genuine enough,” Josel thought. DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS is one of the poverty alleviation programs of the government that seeks to help alleviate poverty through community-driven development or CDD. CDD is a development strategy that puts power in the hands of the people by giving them the opportunity to decide the development of their communities. KALAHISerye 2016|| 32

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