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Perde Dergisi Mart Nisan 2018

Burhan Barutçu Chemical

Burhan Barutçu Chemical Engineer/General Manager ANOTHER INNOVATION FROM APRESAN Apresan, which is the first manufacturer of roller blind fabrics in Turkey, has started production of reflective fabrics which are of great importance in the world. The first step in the sector in 1994. Apresan was founded in 1994 by Mr. Burhan Barutçu, who previously had worked on textile chemistry, with the intention of concentrating on curtain fabrics with roller blinds and mechanics. In the roller blind acceptance in Turkey, Apresan's technical studies, researches, limitless possibilities in color and pattern options, and custom solutions for your needs in this area have been inarguably the most decisive factors. However, it would not be wrong to say that the rise of the roller blinds in Turkey started with Apresan. Today, it has become a pioneer company in the local market and export sector with its wide range of stocks and experienced staff, with more than 1000 different types of machine curtain fabrics of different colors and designs. In each of our fabrics, we offer you a world-class quality understanding of the stability of long years of experience and the safety of continuity. MODERN PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY AND PRODUCTION Apresan has succeeded in bringing human errors to a minimum level with its state-of-the-art production line imported from Europe, quality control machines and laboratory equipments in its modern facility, which has a large part of its investment. Our present facility has an indoor area of 11,500 square meters and an average production capacity of 15,000 meters per day on the Şekerpınar site of Gebze. We work continuously in 3 shifts in our factory. We combined the technology with our experience with spectrophotometers and light cabinets that make automatic and programmable production line color and light transmittance measurements. Production can be done for customized measurements according to customer needs, in our production line which has the ability to process the fabrics of up to 3 meters, besides the standard sizes of catalogs of 2, 2.50 and 3 meters. SPECIAL PRODUCTION Apresan's products, whether they are specially produced, selected from collections made up of hundreds of products, will never compromise on timing, just as they are delivered at the desired amount of time. Extraordinary measures, unusual technical values, unusual decorations. Thanks to the new technology it has developed, Apresan also started to produce reflex fabrics which have great importance design in the world. These fabrics reflect sunlight up to 76%. It helps to save the energy used in the air conditioning significantly 86 Mart-Nisan 2018

y preventing the interior from getting warmed up. Our technology and R & D team, which can support all your needs, is always with you whenever you need it. Please call us for the special design sector products you want it to be manufactured. DECORATIVE FIT The choice of your home and office is also Apresan. Roller blinds are unique products that adapt with your home and office decor. Roller blinds are representative of elegance with image and original patterns. Your customers can make their homes suitable for all tastes from the authentic Anatolian melodies to the modern world of the sea, with the fabric they will choose. At this point, apresan will be the solution you are looking for with catalog and a wide range of product. ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY Apresan has given priority to the protection of the environment at every stage of production. For this reason, the products are produced under environmental protection without adding harmful substances such as PVC, CFC, Formaldehyde and other organic solvents, halogen compounds or class MAK III A1, III A2 or azo-pigments. In order to achieve energy efficiency, we continue to be an exemplary institution with our sensitivity to the environment by minimizing energy loss with high efficiency in our machine tracks, all of which are European production. In addition to having all the necessary environmental documents, we are leading our sector with emissions and pollution values that are far below the limits. COMMUNICATION, ORDER, DELIVERY Apresan takes care to ensure that customer satisfaction and service understanding are at the top. In Apresan your time will not loss with your order waiting. All of the catalog products you will order are available. It is possible to supply your orders instantly. Hall.1 A 32 Mart-Nisan 2018 87

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