9 months ago


Prelude to Glory Where

Prelude to Glory Where were you, Lady, when the other Marys visited the tomb? I waited for the Sabbath sun to set, until the others slept beneath their grief, then made my way along the outer walls to Golgotha. From there the garden wasn’t hard to find. I kept a vigil through the night prepared to answer Yes should any angel ask me to be his prism once again. Dawn came, bending a rainbow over the stone.

Air became crystal, spilling the sunrise into the tomb. Be it done, I said, according to your word. Come forth from this perverted womb! My flesh would not stretch to contain him this time, but the web of the world and the heavens beyond. I knelt and felt the earth still trembling from his passage. I waited hoping - When the Morning Star had waned I rose and hurried home. Perhaps I passed the others on the way.