8 months ago


Quasi Modo (In the

Quasi Modo (In the Manner of the Newly-Born) Children, sons and daughters, draw from me for I have much to give. Come, lie upon my breast and rest within my arms and I will pluck from you the sounds of jubilation that are heard in celebration, when we pull a note of plainsong into polyphony. Yet, in just that sense, my heart is like a cello, silent if unused. As one new-born who craves her mother’s milk, I long to feed upon the sounds of glory I have hidden.

Do we dare to play each other, friends and lovers? Do we dare to draw a bow across our lives? Can we bear to read whatever notes are written? I need your touch to tremble into sounds of hope. you need my arms to lift your songs to joy. This is the way that kingdom comes; this is the way that Saving happens.