8 months ago


After Years of

After Years of Separation (With T S Eliot in Mind) Let us go then, you and I, to where the Thruway hems the sky. Do not ask where is it, where’s the place. Let’s just enjoy our visit, face to face. Time for you and time for me, before the taking of our toast and tea. I have dared to eat a peach, walking barefoot on the beach, and I have heard the mermaids chanting, each to each: “There isn’t time to mend the breach.” There must be time for visions of our friendship to recall; time for both of us to say: “That isn’t what I meant, you know, that isn’t it at all.” And then we’ll measure out the day, despite our wounded feet of clay. We’ll treasure every word we say before this moment slips away.

Twice-a-Day Thoughts of Meinrad Cackling, cawing, complaining crowds of crows collect in consternation Keeping time without a clock they congregate confabulate concentrate calculate cosmic cataclysms while calling cozy sleepers from cocoons Come sunset their croaks confound the cook Cacophony is cause of much confusion in the kitchen Crow Mother, Call them home!