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Selwyn Times: March 14, 2018

8 Wednesday

8 Wednesday March 14 2018 Latest Christchurch news at Your Local Views Readers respond to the Selwyn Times’ article on Selwyn MP Amy Adams’ concerns on the impact Christchurch Southern Motorway Stage 2 will have on West Melton roads Terri Pickworth – As a resident of Weedons Ross Rd we will definitely be affected by much larger volumes of traffic using our road to travel down to the on/off ramps of the new motorway – as it is a direct link from the township to the motorway so, of course, people will take the most direct route, and to do that they will have to cross SH 73. We use this corner regularly and it has to be one of the most dangerous in the district for confusion, near misses, minor crashes and several major crashes. What will it take for Mr Harland to believe Amy – several deaths? Three years until it is upgraded is a joke. I have no doubt that if it was his local intersection something would have been done long ago about it . . . which brings me to the point that when the latest subdivision was completed on the corner of Weedons Ross Rd and SH 73 there was talk, and surveys, about the corner needing something to be done as part of the consent. WORRIED: Selwyn MP Amy Adams is concerned about the impact the Christchurch Southern Motorway Stage 2 could have on West Melton roads including the intersection of Weedons Ross Rd and State Highway 73. Why has the subdivision been allowed to go ahead and still nothing done at the corner? I would also be interested if the district council has plans to change the speed limit on Weedons Ross Rd to accommodate the much larger volumes of traffic we will experience when the new motorway is opened in the next two years or if they will take their time and “monitor” flows – all the while delaying important, sensible decisions that should be made before any crashes injure or kill someone. Here is hoping you will be proactive and not reactive regarding this issue. West Melton Residents’ Association member Bruce Russell – In support of Selwyn MP Amy Adams re: the very dangerous intersection SH73/West Melton Rd/Weedons Ross Rd at the West Melton township. I need to point out that the progress to address the problem by the New Zealand Transport Agency has been disappointingly very slow. The West Melton Residents’ Association has been active and I personally have held several wellattended public meetings at the West Melton Community Centre on this very matter. To the NZTA’s credit they have always sent a representative along as has the district council. Safety issues at this corner have been an issue for many years. They include students being able to access the West Melton Domain for sports, parents and students walking across State Highway 73 to and from trying to accessing the West Melton School and childcare facilities. So not only are there safety issues with walking traffic but private vehicles, business vehicles and truck vehicle traffic has all increased without any upgrade to the corner in question. Traffic safety issues have been a top priority of the West Melton Residents’ Association agenda for many years. Discussions about safety at the intersection in question have been held with district council for over 20 years that I am aware. An underpass on State Highway 73 was the request by the West Melton Residents’ Association as far back as 20 years ago. The West Melton School has always had safety issues with their students accessing the West Melton Domain. Today the need is more of an issue with increased traffic flow and the fact that the school has increased to 450 pupils, easier access to more sports fields would be appreciated. Also the safety of foot and vehicle traffic has been brought to the notice of district council counsellors on their annual tour of the district. Now with the growth explosion Local News Now SELWYN TIMES Fire rages, homes at risk due to new subdivisions the underpass is not a sufficient answer to the problem. A roundabout has been considered but there is insufficient land area available for a two-lane roundabout. The future safety of this corner now lies with traffic signal lights with separate arrow times for right turning traffic. An essential requirement not only for our children’s safety crossing the very busy roads to and from school but also the vehicle traffic volume has increased so much that drivers are taking dangerous chances at driving across or turning right at the State Highway 73/West Melton Rd/Weedons Ross Rd corner. It seemed that the belief or assumption of the planning is that the expected route for heavy trucks wanting access the State Highway 73 for Darfield and beyond would come off the Stage 2 motorway and travel along Hoskyns Rd to State Highway 73. Eggstravaganza BuffE t april 1 st The best thing about Easter is being with family & good friends. So get every bunny together for Easter Eggstravaganza. 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SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday March 14 2018 9 I can assure you truckies will take the easiest route (where they have less braking and less corners to slow down at) and possibly this will be along Weedons Ross Rd, past Weedons School to West Melton Township corner. From here they will again go past another school being West Melton School in Weedons Ross Rd to access Halkett Rd thus bypassing Kirwee and Darfield. Safety is paramount. West Melton is a thriving community. Since 2010 there has been a population explosion with subdivisions taking off, very busy BP service station, West Melton Tavern, new West Melton shopping complex and the new West Melton Community Centre to be completed later this year. To the NZTA: State Highway 73/West Melton Rd/ Weedons Ross Rd intersection – please install traffic signals at this very dangerous corner now, or is a fatality the criteria. Safety first. Bill Taylor – I am very concerned by the fact that our elected Member of Parliament Amy Adams, is criticised by the New Zealand Transport Agency, for giving incorrect information in respect of her investigation into the effect that the Christchurch Southern Motorway (CSM2) will have on local roads. Jim Harland (NZTA’s regional relationships director) says Ms Adams was wrong in the information she received from the people she spoke to at NZTA in relation to this matter. Perhaps Mr Harland could get his internal relationship director (I am sure there is one) to inform his staff of the correct information, or is he insinuating that Ms Adams is lying? As our MP, Ms Adams has every right to point out the potential problems the CSM2 could have on our local roads and in particular the intersection of West Melton and Weedons Ross Rds with State Highway 73. This is of very real concern to all those that regularly use this intersection. One wonders why the set of traffic signals (just west of the Russley Rd/Yaldhurst Rd intersection) can not be shifted a few kilometres along State Highway 73 to the West Melton/Weedons Rd intersection. These traffic signals have been dormant and useless for the past decade or so and still are. Perhaps Mr Harland could give us the latest information in respect of traffic volumes on West Melton and Weedons Ross Rds close to State Highway 73. It would be interesting to know traffic volumes now (probably 2017) compared to the year 2000 when Ms Adams was told that was the last traffic volume count. We said: Springfield’s historic railway station (above) will be given a makeover in a bid to be transformed into a community hub You said: Sue Silk – Fantastic. Will head over there for a drive to check it out. Is the cafe wheelchair-friendly? Pauline Handley – Will they be selling pink iced donuts with coloured sprinkles? (Memories of the big doughnut sculpture in Springfield). BE A GOOD NEIGHBOUR $ 1,000to be won in each store south island wide* $ 9 Meadow Fresh 99 Tip Top Ice Cream 2 Litre Lindt Gold Bunny 100g $ 5 49 ea $ 6 99 ea Cheese 1kg Mild, Edam & Colby NEW! ea M&M’s Crispy Speckled Eggs, Maltesers or Snickers Egg Casket 148-180g $ 9 99 ea V Energy Drink 500ml Single Can $ 2 79 ea NEW SEASON Fresh Chicken Drums $ 6 99 kg Love Apples Royal Gala Loose Product of New Zealand $ 2 69 kg Lindauer Special Reserve 750ml Your fence, your style! QUALITY • STYLE • PRIVACY CALL US TODAY FOR A NO OBLIGATION QUOTE CHRISTCHURCH 55 Hands Road Ph: (03) 338 9063 $ 12 99 ea $ 17 DB Draught, 99 Export Gold or Tui 12 Pack 330ml pk Specials available South Island only from Monday 12th until Sunday 18th March 2018 or while stocks last. Wine and beer available at stores with an off licence. Wine and beer purchases restricted to persons aged 18 years old and over.