FBR Issue 2 - 2018

Top 50 Multi-Unit Franchises; Rockstar Franchise Owners; Emerging Franchises

Top 50 Multi-Unit Franchises; Rockstar Franchise Owners; Emerging Franchises


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Franchise Business<br />

REVIEW<br />

Ratings and Reviews of Today’s Top Franchises<br />

Spring <strong>2018</strong><br />


TOP 50<br />














CULVER’S<br />



WENDY’S and more... P. 10<br />

Meet this Year’s<br />

Rockstar Franchisees P. 12<br />

Top Emerging Franchises<br />

for <strong>2018</strong> P. 18


Never look at a house<br />

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HomeVestorsFranchise.com<br />

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*Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

Features //Spring <strong>2018</strong><br />

7 18 20<br />

5 Letter from the Founder and CEO<br />

Making the Leap<br />

7 Building an Empire<br />

The Path to Successful Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership<br />

10 Top 50 Multi-Unit Franchises<br />

Best of the Best<br />

12 <strong>FBR</strong>’s <strong>2018</strong> Rockstar Franchisees<br />

Meet Franchising’s Finest<br />

18 Who is the Next McDonald’s?<br />

Discovering the Next Big Franchises<br />

22 Marketplace: Franchise Opportunities<br />

More on the franchisee approved<br />

franchise opportunities for <strong>2018</strong><br />

22 <strong>2018</strong>’s Top 200 Franchises Overall<br />

Franchises with high franchisee satisfaction<br />

in every industry sector<br />

Franchisee Profiles<br />

9 Brian Anderson, FirstLight Home Care<br />

17 Mark Sylvester, CarePatrol<br />

19 Sally Hanson & Roger Osborn, Our Town America<br />

20 Pete Wilson, Window Genie<br />

21 Dan LaBrake, HouseMaster<br />

23 Ben Smith, The Glass Guru<br />

26 Brittany Schmid, Dale Carnegie Training<br />

27 Bob Harms, Huntington Learning Center<br />

29 Manny Castro, Minuteman Press<br />

+<br />

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<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

Making the Leap<br />

Whenever anyone faces a career decision in life, the fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. No<br />

doubt, trading a “safe job” for a potentially “risky” future as a business owner can give anyone<br />

pause. I experienced this first-hand when I quit my job to launch Franchise Business Review.<br />

Like many people exploring franchise opportunities, I am now “middle-aged.” I can’t tell you<br />

how many of my friends with “safe jobs” are painfully unprepared for retirement—with little<br />

money in a 401k or IRA.<br />

Yes… starting a new business comes with risks. But I would argue that NOT owning a business<br />

is a much greater risk for many people. Business ownership has given me more financial<br />

security than any job in corporate America ever could have. I’ve been fortunate, but I truly<br />

believe that making the leap into franchise ownership (with a good franchise system) is a lot less<br />

risky—and more rewarding—than riding out the rest of your career as someone else’s employee.<br />

I was reminded of this when we interviewed Blake Edwards this month. Blake is a successful<br />

multi-unit Bin There Dump That franchise owner in Ontario. Like many franchise owners,<br />

Blake put it this way: “My only regret is not having started sooner!” Amen to that!<br />

In this issue, we cover the Top 50 Multi-Unit Franchises for <strong>2018</strong>, as well as a look back at<br />

the most successful emerging franchise brands of the past decade. We also included our annual<br />

list of #Rockstar Franchisees and feature a number of amazing stories of people setting the<br />

franchise world on fire!<br />

My parting advice… use our research, do your homework, and find a franchise concept that<br />

sets your world on fire! Stop thinking about owning your own business, and take the leap to<br />

make it happen. You won’t regret your decision. I know I don’t.<br />

I’ve been fortunate, but<br />

I truly believe that making<br />

the leap into franchise<br />

ownership (with a good<br />

franchise system) is a<br />

lot less risky—and more<br />

rewarding—than riding<br />

out the rest of your<br />

career as someone<br />

else’s employee.<br />

Happy Franchising!<br />

Eric Stites, CEO and Managing Director<br />

Franchise Business Review is the leading franchise market research firm that performs<br />

independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction and franchise buyer experiences.<br />

Before you invest in any franchise opportunity, read our reports to get the facts<br />

from those who know best — franchisees. We publish quarterly research reports,<br />

examining segments of franchising including the Top 200 Franchise Opportunities,<br />

Top Low-Cost Franchises, Top Multi-Unit Franchises, Top Food & Beverage Franchises,<br />

and Top Franchises for Veterans. All publications are available digitally at<br />

FranchiseBusinessReview.com.<br />

Eric Stites, CEO & Managing Director<br />

Michelle Rowan, President & COO<br />

C.J. Fleck, Senior Web Developer<br />

Michael Kupfer, Online Marketing Manager<br />

Ali Forman, B2B Marketing Manager<br />

Nicole Kenney, Client Operations Manager<br />

Linda Lorrey, Client Consultant<br />

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The Secret Agency, Design and Production<br />

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Participation in Franchise Business Review’s franchisee satisfaction<br />

research is free for all North American franchise systems with<br />

a minimum of 10 franchisees. For this report we looked at franchisee<br />

satisfaction from over 27,000 franchisees representing over 300 brands<br />

that we collected between August 2016 and February <strong>2018</strong>. We asked<br />

each franchisee to answer 33 benchmark questions ranking their<br />

franchise in the areas of financial opportunity, training and support,<br />

leadership, operations and product development, core values (e.g., honesty<br />

and integrity of franchisor), general satisfaction, and the franchisee<br />

community. We also asked them to answer an additional 16 questions<br />

about their market area, demographics, business lifestyle, overall<br />

enjoyment running their franchise, and role in the franchisee community.<br />

From this data, we identified our list of top multi-unit and emerging<br />

franchises with the highest franchisee satisfaction. Franchise brands that<br />

participated in our research were invited to submit nominations to help<br />

us identify franchisee rockstars. More detailed information about our<br />

research methodology is available at FranchiseBusinessReview.com.<br />

Surveys to determine the Top Franchises for 2019 are underway.<br />

If you are a franchisor and would like to participate, please call 866-397-<br />

6680 or contact info@FranchiseBusinessReview.com.<br />

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<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

TIME TO<br />


We’re Franchise Business Review’s top auto franchise 11 years running and<br />

we’re looking for strong leaders. You’re motivated and ready to make things<br />

happen. You’re ready to lead your own team. And now you’re ready to learn<br />

about becoming a Christian Brothers Automotive franchisee. No automotive<br />

experience needed – 90% of our franchisees had no prior automotive<br />

experience, yet we’ve never closed a location.<br />




The Nation’s Premier New Mover Marketing Franchise...<br />

is the #1 Advertising & Sales Franchise For <strong>2018</strong>!<br />

Helping Local Businesses Connect with<br />

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Top Franchise for Veterans • Top B2B Franchise • Top Multi-Unit Franchise • Top Innovative Franchise<br />

• Quick Ramp Up<br />

• Home-based<br />

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• Scalable Business<br />

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• Low Overhead<br />

• Sales & Service<br />

No Production<br />

• Enhanced Mobile App<br />

• Rated Top 50 Franchise for 13 Years 1<br />

• <strong>FBR</strong> 10-year Hall of Fame 1<br />

• <strong>FBR</strong> All-time Top Company 1<br />

• 45+ Year Industry Innovator<br />

800.497.8360 X236 • ourtownamerica.com<br />

Ask us<br />

about our<br />

Veteran<br />

Discount!<br />

Our Town America, A Franchising Corporation<br />

13900 US Highway 19 N | Clearwater, FL 33764-7238<br />

MN Residents: Minnesota Franchise Registration No: F-6498 (Unit); F-7645 (RD)<br />

NY Residents: This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made<br />

by a prospectus filed first with the Department of Law of the State of New York.<br />

Such filing does not constitute approval by the Department of Law. 1 www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com<br />

FR-<strong>2018</strong>0322-<strong>FBR</strong><br />

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<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

Clockwise from top, left: Mary Rolf, Multi Unit Franchisee, Springfield, MO; Franchisee<br />

Pouya Moalej, Multi-Unit franchisee from California; Ian, J-Ray and Adam Lieberman, Multi-Unit<br />

Owners, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Tampa, FL; Oxi Fresh Rockstar Franchisees Charles and Jesse Keyser<br />

understand the franchisor/franchisee relationship being strong is vital to their business and have<br />

done great things with Oxi Fresh in the St. Louis market.<br />

Building an Empire<br />

The Path to Successful Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership<br />

Many entrepreneurs dream of building a large<br />

franchise business with multiple locations.<br />

That said, very few franchise owners actually<br />

do. Being a successful, multi-unit franchisee<br />

requires a unique skill-set. Certainly, having<br />

the vision is a key first step, but vision alone<br />

is not enough.<br />

Just ask former NFL quarterback, Peyton<br />

Manning. Manning recently unloaded his 31<br />

Denver-area Papa John’s restaurants after being<br />

a franchisee for just six years, according to the<br />

Associated Press. While Manning is far from a<br />

typical franchise owner, his foray into franchising<br />

probably wasn’t all that different from what<br />

many multi-unit franchisees experience.<br />


Successful franchising requires a strong, supportive<br />

relationship between the franchise<br />

company (AKA “the Franchisor”) and the<br />

franchisee. While franchise attorneys don’t like<br />

to use the word “partnership” when describing<br />

the working relationship between franchisors<br />

and franchisees, our research strongly suggests<br />

that the very best franchise companies treat<br />

their franchisees as business partners.<br />

Just ask Nader Masadeh, CEO at Buffalo<br />

Wings & Rings. Masadeh and his team put<br />

franchise relations above everything else. “We<br />

seek continuous feedback from our franchisees—try<br />

to do the right things—and create<br />

a fun environment in which our franchisees<br />

want to grow.”<br />

For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com | 7

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

Multi-Unit Franchisees<br />

by the Numbers<br />

67%<br />

22%<br />

male/female<br />

10% partnerships<br />

19% own 5 or more units<br />

have a Bachelor’s<br />

degree or higher<br />

22% have an advanced degree*<br />

20% have no college degree<br />

1% did not graduate high school*<br />

*(overlap with above)<br />

33%<br />

67%<br />

83 %<br />

would recommend<br />

their franchise brand<br />

to others<br />

76 %<br />

would<br />

“do it again”<br />

have been knowing what<br />

an owner they know today.<br />

for 10 years<br />

or more 15% have been an<br />

owner for less than two years<br />

90 %<br />

enjoy operating their business<br />

“The relationship between the franchisor<br />

and franchisee is essential for success,” says<br />

Mark Crayne, a multi-unit Fazoli’s Restaurants<br />

franchisee from Lubbock, TX.<br />

“When both parties have a shared culture,<br />

listen, and value the ideas of each other, there is<br />

a greater potential for achieving a common goal.”<br />

The abrupt Manning exit from Papa<br />

John’s is a great example of just how fragile<br />

the franchise relationship can sometimes be.<br />

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter stepped<br />

down as CEO in December, after he made<br />

controversial comments regarding the NFL’s<br />

handling of the anthem protests.<br />

Schnatter’s comments kicked off a social<br />

media barrage, with many calling for boycotts<br />

of Papa John’s restaurants, and accusations<br />

that the company is racist. Fast forward three<br />

months…Manning exits as a franchisee just<br />

days before the NFL officially dumped Papa<br />

John’s as the official pizza of the NFL.<br />

Clearly Manning and the NFL no longer<br />

have a shared culture with Papa John’s.<br />



Manning’s franchise experience holds a valuable<br />

lesson for all of us: Do your homework and<br />

be very careful to whom you hitch your wagon.<br />

Understanding the business opportunity<br />

and potential local market for the product or<br />

service of a franchise is just step one. More<br />

importantly, who are the people behind the<br />

brand you are considering as an investment?<br />

What are their beliefs, their values, and the<br />

company culture? How do they approach the<br />

franchise relationship? And most importantly,<br />

what do their current (and former) franchisees<br />

have to say about their experience?<br />

While no brand or team is completely<br />

immune to missteps, the very best franchise<br />

companies have a long track record of doing<br />

right by their franchisees.<br />

“I would not have made this leap of faith<br />

without knowing that the company andthe<br />

people I was going to be partnering with were<br />

trustworthy and supportive,” says Scooter’s<br />

Coffee multi-unit franchise owner Ali Dreher.<br />

“Scooter’s corporate has been amazing at their<br />

training, support, and the time that they give<br />

you as a franchise owner.”<br />

Franchising is a people business. Before<br />

you invest in any franchise opportunity, take<br />

your time and really get to know the people<br />

behind the brand. Most multi-unit franchise<br />

agreements are 10–20 years long…longer than<br />

many marriages. Be sure your values, as well<br />

as your business interests, are aligned.<br />

“The collaborative culture between franchisor<br />

and franchisee at Fuzzy’s starts at the<br />

top with Mel Knight,” says Tampa natives<br />

and brothers Ian and Adam Lieberman, who<br />

along with Adam’s wife J-Ray, are multi-unit<br />

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop owners. “Mel is accessible,<br />

approachable and passionately embodies the<br />

spirit of the brand every day.”<br />

Knight is the President of Fuzzy’s Taco<br />

Shop, which was acquired by NRD Capital<br />

in 2016. NRD founder and Managing Partner<br />

Aziz Hashim and his team are a shining<br />

example of financial partners that “get it”<br />

when it comes to the franchisor-franchisee<br />

relationship.<br />

Before founding NRD Capital in 2014,<br />

Hashim was a very successful multi-unit franchisee<br />

himself, investing in such high-profile<br />

franchise brands as Popeye’s, KFC, Taco Bell,<br />

Dominos Pizza, and many others.<br />


There are many factors to consider when<br />

investing in any franchise: business model<br />

profitability, growth opportunity, long-term<br />

industry trends, brand innovation, company<br />

culture, training and ongoing support, and<br />

more. And especially when you are looking<br />

to commit to being a multi-unit franchise<br />

owner, all of these factors become even more<br />

important.<br />

To help you narrow your search for the<br />

best multi-unit franchise opportunities, we<br />

surveyed and interviewed over 6,600 multiunit<br />

franchise owners representing nearly 250<br />

of today’s leading franchise brands. We asked<br />

them the critical questions that any prospective<br />

business owner would want to know.<br />

A proven business model, solid profitability,<br />

and long-term growth opportunity were<br />

certainly important factors with the franchise<br />

owners we surveyed. However, the franchise<br />

companies that rose to the top shared many<br />

other characteristics in common. Strong leadership,<br />

an inclusive culture, excellent support,<br />

and a franchisee community that feels more<br />

“like family” than a business partnership.<br />

“There are so many franchisors out there<br />

that disappear as soon as they get business<br />

owners to sign on the dotted line,” said Chris<br />

8 | For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

Alford, a Lenny’s Grill & Subs multi-unit<br />

franchisee based in San Antonio, TX. “That’s<br />

definitely not what Lenny’s is about. The corporate<br />

team invests time, energy and dollars<br />

into every one of its locations to ensure that<br />

their franchisees are successful.”<br />

Blake Edwards, a multi-unit franchise<br />

owner with Bin There Dump That in<br />

Ontario, Canada put it this way, “My only<br />

regret is not having started sooner! Bin There<br />

Dump That has provided me with a turn-key<br />

system where we consistently exceed customer<br />

expectations. Their proactive approach<br />

to franchise support has allowed me to spend<br />

my time on what’s really important to me and<br />

my family while growing my business.”<br />

“The support has always been there and<br />

that’s what has helped us grow from two stores<br />

to 25 stores,” said Pouya Moalej, a multi-unit<br />

Jamba Juice franchise owner. “We’re so<br />

blessed that we’ve grown so much with Jamba<br />

Juice. This brand has pretty much given me<br />

There are a few significant differences in financing a multi-unit franchise versus a single unit,<br />

though many of the same financing solutions will work for both. Unless you’re able to pay cash<br />

or credit, you’ll likely need to finance your investment. Before making any major investment, seek<br />

out the expertise of a financial professional familiar with franchising to review all your options and<br />

make sure you’re getting the most competitive rates.<br />

Here are some of the most common options to consider:<br />

everything I have right now. I’m glad I made<br />

the right decision eight years ago.”<br />

This year’s Top 50 Multi-Unit Franchises<br />

includes a wide variety of business types<br />

including real estate, food, fitness, business<br />

services, personal services, education, and<br />

more. There is definitely something for everyone<br />

on our list of award-winning franchises.<br />

Which one is the best opportunity for you?<br />

Only you can ultimately answer that question,<br />

but Franchise Business Review is here to<br />

help you in achieving your goal of multi-unit<br />

franchise ownership.<br />

We encourage you to explore our list of<br />

top multi-unit franchises. Reach out to the<br />

brands that interest you to learn more about<br />

opportunities in your area. Visit our website at<br />

FranchiseBusinesssReview.com to download<br />

free reports on today’s top franchise brands,<br />

and explore many other resources to help you<br />

succeed in franchising. We wish you the best<br />

of success!<br />

Financing Your Multi-Unit Franchise Investment<br />

SBA Business Loans<br />

The Small Business Administration encourages banks to lend to small business owners with<br />

preferable terms and low interest rates. When it comes to multi-unit franchises, SBA lenders<br />

usually look at each individual unit and also at the collective performance of all the units.<br />

401(k) Business Financing<br />

With 401(k) business financing (formally known as Rollovers for Business Start-ups or ROBS), you<br />

can use up to 100 percent of funds from an existing retirement account to buy franchise without<br />

taking a taxable distribution or getting a loan.<br />

Unsecured Loans<br />

Unsecured loans consist of multiple lines of revolving credit that can be used and paid back as<br />

needed. This type of loan shows up as revolving credit on your credit report and can impact credit<br />

score, especially if payments aren’t made on time.<br />


Franchisee<br />

Brian<br />

Anderson<br />

FirstLight Home Care<br />

Fort Myers and Naples, FL<br />

Franchisee since 2013<br />

What was it about the franchise model and/or<br />

leadership that led you to purchase it? I looked<br />

at numerous franchises and was turned off when<br />

they just handed me a manual for training. For<br />

the FirstLight model, the technology platforms<br />

are the industry’s best, and most importantly,<br />

they hold me accountable.<br />

What do you like most about your job? FirstLight<br />

is our partner in a constantly changing and<br />

learning environment of home health care. Our<br />

office is known for taking difficult cases, such<br />

as Behavioral Dementia and Senior Substance<br />

Abuse. We are a Veterans Choice Provider (VCP)<br />

helping homeless, low income veterans of all<br />

types to obtain the best care possible.<br />

How did you fund your franchise? Did you<br />

receive any discounts/incentives? I am selffunded,<br />

knowing in the early years I would need<br />

to put it all back into my employees and clients.<br />

We have since passed many milestones in<br />

growth, almost doubling each year over the past<br />

several.<br />

What advice do you have for prospective<br />

franchise buyers? What do you wish you had<br />

known prior to going into franchising? The<br />

Industry is a constantly changing environment<br />

of legal and healthcare initiatives. FirstLight<br />

is exceptional in this regard. On my first visit<br />

for the meet and greet, I appreciated that not<br />

only was I interviewing FirstLight, but that they<br />

were also interviewing me. They were truthful,<br />

direct, and their numbers matched my own<br />

industry research. I have a good relationship<br />

with FirstLight and look forward to a continued<br />

relationship in the future.<br />

Portfolio Loans<br />

You can borrow up to 80 percent against the value of your securities portfolio without having to<br />

liquidate your holdings. They’re ideal for financing multi-unit franchises as you can borrow, repay<br />

at will, and then borrow again when you’re ready to move forward with additional locations—<br />

all without getting a new loan.<br />

You can read the in-depth article, How to Finance Multi-Unit Franchise Growth, online at<br />

www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com. For a detailed walkthrough on funding your franchise,<br />

visit www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com/Toolkit<br />

For more information about FirstLight HomeCare<br />

opportunities, call (877) 570-0002<br />

or visit www.FirstLightHomeCare.com.<br />

— by Jeremy Ames of Guidant Financial<br />

For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com | 9

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

THE LIST<br />

Best of the Best:<br />

Top 50 Multi-Unit<br />

Franchises<br />

101 Mobility<br />

Mobility equipment services<br />

Assisting Hands<br />

In-home senior care<br />

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate<br />

Real estate<br />

Survey<br />

Date<br />

Aug.<br />

2017<br />

Aug.<br />

2017<br />

Jan.<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

Start-Up<br />

Investment<br />

$114,060 –<br />

$210,120<br />

$70,550 –<br />

$147,500<br />

$65,170 –<br />

$540,000<br />

Cash<br />

Requirement<br />

Total<br />

Units<br />

$100,000 148<br />

$38,500 111<br />

$100,000 293<br />

Budget Blinds<br />

Custom blinds and window coverings<br />

Dec.<br />

2016<br />

$110,140 –<br />

$230,870<br />

$64,950 1,150<br />

Captain D’s<br />

Fast casual<br />

June<br />

2017<br />

$771,000 –<br />

$1,003,000<br />

$350,000 523<br />

“I have multiple layers<br />

of franchise support,<br />

and the high quality of<br />

support is because each<br />

person I come in contact<br />

with seems to understand<br />

my goals.”<br />

* CertaPro Painters<br />

Painting<br />

* Checkers & Rally’s<br />

Quick-service<br />

* Crunch Fitness<br />

Fitness club<br />

Culver’s<br />

Quick-service<br />

Donatos Pizza<br />

Quick-service<br />

Feb.<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

May<br />

2017<br />

Sep.<br />

2017<br />

Aug.<br />

2017<br />

July<br />

2017<br />

$134,750 –<br />

$169,500<br />

$96,414 –<br />

$1,501,265<br />

$1,200,000 –<br />

$1,600,000<br />

$1,845,000 –<br />

$4,155,000<br />

$449,000 –<br />

$667,000<br />

$80,000 483<br />

$250,000 875<br />

$300,000 –<br />

$400,000<br />

$350,000 –<br />

$600,000<br />

197<br />

610<br />

$200,000 152<br />

– CertaPro Franchisee<br />

ERA<br />

Real estate<br />

Jan.<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

$4,800 –<br />

$221,900<br />

$4,800 –<br />

$221,900<br />

2,370<br />

* FASTSIGNS — more on p. 28<br />

Visual business communications<br />

April<br />

2017<br />

$182,329 –<br />

$267,520<br />

$80,000 675<br />

“Describing Hungry<br />

Howie’s in one word<br />

would be ‘Integrity.’<br />

The whole company<br />

has been built on<br />

this principle from<br />

the beginning.”<br />

Fazoli’s Restaurants<br />

Fast casual<br />

* FirstLight Home Care — more on p. 9<br />

In-home senior care<br />

Go Mini’s<br />

Portable storage<br />

Goldfish Swim School<br />

Swim lessons<br />

* Home Instead Senior Care<br />

In-home senior care<br />

HomeSmart International<br />

Real estate<br />

May<br />

2017<br />

May<br />

2017<br />

Oct.<br />

2017<br />

Sep.<br />

2017<br />

Oct.<br />

2017<br />

Oct.<br />

2017<br />

$1,098,000 –<br />

$1,739,818<br />

$97,681 –<br />

$141,726<br />

$208,441 –<br />

$396,645<br />

$1,335,283 –<br />

$3,065,358<br />

$115,000 –<br />

$125,000<br />

$65,000 –<br />

$205,000<br />

$250,000 210<br />

$65,000 245<br />

$200,000 –<br />

$400,000<br />

$450,000 –<br />

$600,000<br />

80<br />

65<br />

$55,000 1,095<br />

$20,000 102<br />

– Hungry Howie’s Pizza Franchisee<br />

* HomeVestors of America — more on p. 2<br />

Visual business communications<br />

Jan.<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

$54,000 –<br />

$357,250<br />

$50,000 –<br />

$55,000<br />

900<br />

* Homewatch Caregivers<br />

In-home senior care<br />

Oct.<br />

2017<br />

$83,000 –<br />

$131,000<br />

$50,000 198<br />

* HouseMaster — more on p. 21<br />

Professional home inspections<br />

Oct.<br />

2017<br />

$61,100 –<br />

$106,150<br />

$42,500 313<br />

* Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs — more on p. 1<br />

Quick-service<br />

Nov.<br />

2017<br />

$251,375 –<br />

$495,850<br />

$100,000 548<br />

Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries<br />

Casual dining<br />

Oct.<br />

2017<br />

$196,055 –<br />

$433,055<br />

$125,000 149<br />

*This brand’s Franchisee<br />

Satisfaction Report is available at<br />

www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com<br />

Keller Williams<br />

Real estate<br />

LaRosa’s Pizzeria<br />

Fast casual<br />

Oct.<br />

2016<br />

Oct.<br />

2017<br />

$183,947 –<br />

$336,995<br />

$800,000 –<br />

$1,000,000<br />

$183,947 730<br />

$500,000 65<br />

10 | For more information on the companies in this report, visit www.<strong>FBR</strong>50.com

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

Survey<br />

Date<br />

Start-Up<br />

Investment<br />

Cash<br />

Requirement<br />

Total<br />

Units<br />

Linc Service Network<br />

Commercial HVAC services<br />

Feb.<br />

2017<br />

$66,350 –<br />

$136,000<br />

$66,350 –<br />

$136,000<br />

172<br />

Molly Maid<br />

Cleaning services<br />

Nov.<br />

2017<br />

$165,000 –<br />

$197,000<br />

$165,000 –<br />

$197,000<br />

471<br />

* Mosquito Joe<br />

Mosquito control services<br />

Feb.<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

$66,600 –<br />

$127,500<br />

$55,000 234<br />

My Salon Suite<br />

Private, spacious salon suites<br />

Nov.<br />

2017<br />

$395,000 –<br />

$955,000<br />

$150,000 68<br />

Nothing Bundt Cakes<br />

Snack retailer<br />

May<br />

2017<br />

$400,037 –<br />

$566,837<br />

$150,000 250<br />

Orangetheory Fitness<br />

Fitness club<br />

Nov.<br />

2017<br />

$327,600 –<br />

$634,100<br />

$150,000 722<br />

Palm Beach Tan<br />

Beauty services<br />

Dec.<br />

2016<br />

$503,070 –<br />

$811,140<br />

$250,000 438<br />

Planet Fitness<br />

Fitness club<br />

March<br />

2017<br />

$853,390 –<br />

$2,882,070<br />

$600,000 1,371<br />

Precision Concrete Cutting<br />

Concrete maintenance services<br />

Property Damage Appraisers<br />

Property damage assessments<br />

* Remedy Intelligent Staffing — more on p. 23<br />

Staffing Company<br />

Right at Home<br />

In-home senior care<br />

RNR Tire Express — more on p. 31<br />

Custom wheel & tires<br />

Scooter’s Coffee<br />

Fast casual<br />

Feb.<br />

2017<br />

Oct.<br />

2017<br />

Jan.<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

Feb.<br />

2017<br />

Oct.<br />

2017<br />

Aug.<br />

2017<br />

$150,000 –<br />

$176,500<br />

$75,888 –<br />

$653,425<br />

$151,840 –<br />

$258,280<br />

$78,250 –<br />

$137,900<br />

$500,000 –<br />

$1,000,000<br />

$334,000 –<br />

$514,000<br />

$76,000 55<br />

$75,888 –<br />

$653,425<br />

242<br />

$165,000 615<br />

$150,000 558<br />

$500,000 15<br />

$100,000 193<br />

“It has been an incredible<br />

experience to have<br />

so many people not<br />

competing, but working<br />

towards the same goal.<br />

When one succeeds,<br />

we all do!”<br />

– Mosquito Joe Franchisee<br />

Sotheby’s International Realty<br />

Real estate<br />

Jan.<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

$194,650 –<br />

$627,000<br />

$63,650 –<br />

$206,000<br />

607<br />

The @WORK Group<br />

Recruiting services<br />

Feb.<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

$152,000 –<br />

$211,000<br />

$150,000 100<br />

* The Goddard School<br />

Early childhood education<br />

July<br />

2017<br />

$706,700 –<br />

$750,700<br />

$150,000 434<br />

* The Haagen-Dazs Shoppe Company<br />

Quick-service<br />

— more on<br />

p. 25<br />

July<br />

2017<br />

$164,158 –<br />

$542,408<br />

$80,000 –<br />

$200,000<br />

207<br />

* The Learning Experience<br />

Early childhood education<br />

April<br />

2017<br />

$493,549 –<br />

$3,585,549<br />

$150,000 227<br />

The Wendy’s Company<br />

Quick-service<br />

June<br />

2017<br />

$300,000 –<br />

$3,000,000<br />

$2,000,000 6564<br />

Tropical Smoothie Cafe<br />

Fast casual<br />

Nov.<br />

2017<br />

$198,050 –<br />

$478,550<br />

$125,000 541<br />

* Two Men and A Truck<br />

Moving services<br />

March<br />

2017<br />

$95,000 –<br />

$670,000<br />

$95,000 –<br />

$670,000<br />

351<br />

Verlo Mattress Factory Stores<br />

Mattress retailer<br />

May<br />

2017<br />

$228,500 –<br />

$305,000<br />

$228,500 –<br />

$305,000<br />

59<br />

* Weed Man<br />

Lawn care<br />

July<br />

2017<br />

$68,453 –<br />

$85,513<br />

$50,000 656<br />

Weichert Real Estate Affiliates<br />

Real estate<br />

Sep.<br />

2017<br />

$50,000 –<br />

$364,700<br />

$50,000 –<br />

$364,000<br />

470<br />

For more information on the companies in this report, visit www.<strong>FBR</strong>50.com | 11

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

>> Visit FranchiseBusinessReview.com<br />

for in-depth interviews with this year’s<br />

Franchisee Rockstars!<br />

<strong>FBR</strong>’s <strong>2018</strong> Rockstar Franchisees<br />

<strong>FBR</strong> Recognizes Some of Franchising’s Finest<br />

The great Bill Rosenberg, founder of both<br />

Dunkin’ Donuts and co-founder of the International<br />

Franchise Association, once said,<br />

“You can’t have a successful franchisor without<br />

successful franchisees.”<br />

Rosenberg had a deep understanding and<br />

appreciation for the significant role that hard<br />

working, high performing franchisees played.<br />

These are the people that make franchising<br />

happen each and every day.<br />

At Franchise Business Review, we have a<br />

simple name for these successful individuals—<br />

we simply call them Rockstar Franchisees.<br />

We analyzed our research from over 27,000<br />

franchisee surveys, across more than 300<br />

leading franchise brands, to identify the best<br />

of the best in franchising today. We narrowed<br />

our search to just a few hundred candidates—<br />

successful franchise owners very much worthy<br />

of the title of rockstar.<br />

“There are so many fantastic success stories<br />

out there; it was painful to narrow our list<br />

down to just 50 Rockstar Franchisees,” said<br />

Michelle Rowan, President of Franchise Business<br />

Review. “There were hundreds of deserving<br />

business owners. In the end, we picked 50<br />

individuals that really stood out. Franchisees<br />

that not only excel in their businesses, but provide<br />

strong leadership within their franchise<br />

organizations and their local communities.”<br />

We asked a few of<br />

our winners to tell us<br />

about their franchise<br />

experience, and to share<br />

any advice they have<br />

for others considering<br />

investing in a franchise.<br />

Here’s what they<br />

had to say…<br />

12 | For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

Owning a small business in the growth stage<br />

can be a great incubator for children.<br />

“<br />

We’re so proud of having been able to be there for our kids as they went through school<br />

and college…not being consumed in our business. We provided a high quality education<br />

for them, and a great lifestyle for our family. The harder times we went through in the<br />

earlier years were a great example for our children, and we’re very proud of the adults that<br />

they are becoming. Owning a small business in the growth stage can be a great incubator<br />

for children.”<br />

Brian & Nola Klaubert<br />

Christian Brothers Automotive<br />

Alpharetta, Suwanee, & Dacula, GA<br />

Few things are more satisfying than observing<br />

the professional growth of your employees.<br />

“<br />

Few things are more satisfying than observing the professional growth<br />

of your employees. Candidly, it’s not something I had expected when<br />

embarking into entrepreneurship some years ago. I’ve derived significant<br />

fulfillment from job creation, training and promotion, and from seeing<br />

the pride in the eyes of our people (and their families) as they advance<br />

their careers and realize professional goals.”<br />

Chris Mehalic<br />

Truly Nolen // Charlotte, NC<br />

Work hard.<br />

Plan to do what it takes to be successful.<br />

“<br />

Learn the systems of your new franchise. Amada taught me everything. I had never been<br />

in medical sales so I had no idea what I was doing. They taught me who to market to, how<br />

to market, and when to market. You need to learn all of the differentiators between you<br />

and your competition. Work hard. Plan to do what it takes to be successful. Sometimes it<br />

takes working 7 days a week.”<br />

Ken Jenson<br />

Amada Senior Care // Colorado Springs, CO<br />

For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com | 13

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

Jonathan Shelson<br />

MaidPro // Thornhill, Ontario<br />

A franchise will provide you with<br />

systems and most importantly, support.<br />

“<br />

Starting a new business isn’t easy. A franchise will provide you with systems<br />

and most importantly, support. Through coaching, marketing, and other<br />

means, your franchisor is your expert business partner. I couldn’t imagine<br />

my business surviving without the support of the MaidPro Home Office and<br />

the other MaidPro owners.”<br />

“<br />

Being a part of the Brightway Insurance franchise has been a great experience<br />

during my seven years with the company. With a franchise like Brightway, you<br />

get the benefit of being part of a national brand and enjoy comprehensive<br />

business support including customer service, carrier relationships, marketing,<br />

accounting and technology. As a result, I’m able to focus on my customers, and<br />

growing my business while outselling other independent agents three-to-one.<br />

Lindsay Verdun<br />

TSS Photography // Peoria, IL<br />

“<br />

What I love most about TSS Photography<br />

is that we truly have a family atmosphere.<br />

Our franchisors are amazing and always<br />

make us feel like a valuable part of the team.<br />

We have so many colleagues we now call<br />

friends. Being able to share your own knowledge<br />

on professional levels, and offer an ear<br />

and compassions on personal matters as well—<br />

the relationships we have developed in this<br />

business keep us going.”<br />

Steve Trout<br />

Brightway Insurance // Rockledge, FL<br />

14 | For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

Jane and Tom McElhaney<br />

Our Town America<br />

Charlotte NC / Columbia, SC<br />

Investing in a franchise is a wise decision,<br />

but choosing the right franchise is the key<br />

to your success.<br />

Frank Sprinkles<br />

AtWork Personnel // Sedalia, MO<br />

“What sets AtWork Personnel apart . . .<br />

Leadership, awareness, support, and an awesome<br />

group of owners and support staff to<br />

move the franchise forward into the everchanging<br />

staffing world!”<br />

“<br />

Investing in a franchise is a wise decision, but choosing the right franchise is the<br />

key to your success. Do your homework and investigate the type of franchise model<br />

that you would see as a vocation. Talk to other franchisees, get input, and have them<br />

share the experiences they’ve had. In the Our Town America franchise system, the<br />

franchisees pull together to contribute to each other’s success. It’s like one big family<br />

helping and looking out for each other.”<br />

For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com | 15

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

A franchise is similar to raising a child.<br />

Be prepared to love, nurture and go<br />

through the growing pains from birth<br />

to maturity.<br />

Kimberly Lombardi<br />

Pizza Factory // Phelan, CA<br />

“<br />

A franchise is similar to raising a child. Be prepared to love, nurture<br />

and go through the growing pains from birth to maturity. Expect<br />

to enjoy all the excitement it will bring, and don’t let the adversity<br />

get you down. Set realistic goals and take positive steps every day<br />

to make the goals come to fruition. Watch what other successful<br />

people do and emulate it. Be excited and passionate about what your<br />

business will do for your community, take all the knowledge and<br />

expertise your Franchisor gives to you, and run with it. Investing<br />

in a franchise means you do not have to ‘go it alone.’ You will get a<br />

family-like support system surrounding you.”<br />

Heather and Seth Allison<br />

American Poolplayers Association<br />

Reno and Carson City NV<br />

I had always envisioned starting<br />

a business where my husband,<br />

my parents, and I could all work<br />

together —a true “family owned<br />

and operated” venture.<br />

“<br />

Before purchasing the American Poolplayers Association franchise, I had<br />

always envisioned starting a business where my husband, my parents, and I<br />

could all work together—a true “family owned and operated” venture. Since<br />

none of us had experience owning a business, and all of us came from totally<br />

different professional backgrounds, the challenge was finding something<br />

that worked for everyone—something that could incorporate each of our<br />

strengths. The APA franchise was a perfect fit!”<br />

16 | For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

We like that we not only grew<br />

the business, but also a<br />

bunch of families.<br />


Franchisee<br />

Phil Bacon<br />

FastSigns // Chattanooga, TN<br />

“<br />

To think about where we were<br />

when we started, and to look at<br />

our center now, is pretty amazing.<br />

But I am more proud that we have<br />

taken our employees with us. They<br />

have started families, bought houses, able<br />

to purchase medical insurance for themselves<br />

and their families. We like that we not only<br />

grew the business, but also a bunch of families.<br />

Proud to be in the top 5 centers in the world.<br />

There are a lot of good owners and operators<br />

that we admire. To think we can hang out with<br />

that group is pretty amazing.”<br />

Jason & Simon Courtney<br />

Office Pride // Pensacola, FL<br />

“<br />

We have the privilege of getting to know so<br />

many of the franchisees and visiting their locations,<br />

and to see how hard everyone works and<br />

how much effort we all put in. To be acknowledged<br />

this year as the Franchisee who has<br />

demonstrated the best overall performance in<br />

sales and continued growth, customer and<br />

employee satisfaction, contribution to Office<br />

Pride’s corporate brand development and<br />

reflection of Office Pride’s Core Values and<br />

Mission Statement. We have strived to give<br />

back as much as we have been given, and this<br />

feels like we are doing that.”<br />

There were so many amazing stories,<br />

we can only share a few highlights here in<br />

our report. For our full list of this year’s Franchisee<br />

Rockstars, as well as expansive interviews with our<br />

winners, visit us at FranchiseBusinessReview.com.<br />

Mark<br />

Sylvester<br />

CarePatrol<br />

Northern Arizona<br />

Franchisee since 2014<br />

— An <strong>FBR</strong> Franchisee Rockstar! —<br />

What was it about the franchise model and/or<br />

leadership that led you to purchase it? I am a<br />

believer in the franchise model due to the value<br />

of a “proven system” as opposed to a grass-roots<br />

start-up and was impressed that CarePatrol was<br />

a consecutive <strong>FBR</strong> franchisee satisfaction award<br />

recipient. As a franchise partner entering my<br />

fourth year in business, I continue to receive<br />

business-building support and encouragement<br />

from CarePatrol to grow and prosper.<br />

What type of business experience, education,<br />

and/or skills did you have prior to becoming<br />

a franchisee that you have found particularly<br />

helpful? I had transferrable skills sets from<br />

a regional sales management role in the<br />

construction products industry including<br />

territory management, customer relationship<br />

management, business development, marketing,<br />

and negotiation.<br />

What do you like most about your job? The<br />

absence of corporate politics, as well as the<br />

ability to listen, respond, and deliver to clients<br />

without delay, freedom to take risks and own the<br />

results, minimal business travel, and an overall<br />

improved quality of life.<br />

How did you fund your franchise? Did you<br />

receive any discounts/incentives? My franchise<br />

was funded through personal savings without<br />

discounts or incentives.<br />

What advice do you have for prospective<br />

franchise buyers? What do you wish you had<br />

known prior to going into franchising? Take<br />

100% personal ownership for your results and<br />

plan conservatively (net operating loss) for your<br />

first year.<br />

Safer Senior Living. Your Goal, Our Mission.<br />

For more information about CarePatrol<br />

opportunities, call (480) 626-2450 or visit<br />

www.discovercarepatrol.com.<br />

For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com | 17

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />

Above: First time guests: Complimentary class at Orangetheory Fitness.<br />

Right: WOW 1 DAY PAINTING is the innovative painting franchise that delivers the quality<br />

customers expect in a timeline that’s unexpected.<br />

Who Is the Next McDonald’s?<br />

Discovering the Next Big Franchises<br />

When most people think of franchising<br />

success stories, McDonald’s is often held up<br />

as the gold standard. And while the McDonald’s<br />

story is truly an amazing one, McDonald’s<br />

was far from an overnight success.<br />

The McDonald’s brothers (Dick and Mack)<br />

started flipping burgers in their first restaurant<br />

in the early 1940s. A decade later, in 1953,<br />

they had perfected the business enough to<br />

start franchising. And by 1959, they opened<br />

their 100th location—thanks in big part to<br />

their now-famous partnership with Ray Kroc.<br />

The Subway franchise story is similar. It took<br />

founder Fred Deluca a decade to get the business<br />

dialed-in, and the better part of another<br />

decade to grow the franchise business to over<br />

100 locations. Many people think of these<br />

iconic brands as overnight franchising success<br />

stories, when in reality, they were 20–30<br />

years in the making.<br />

Contrast this with some of the newest<br />

“breakout” franchise brands of the past<br />

decade. Kona Ice is just one example. This<br />

“little” shaved ice franchise based in Florence,<br />

Kentucky was founded in 2007, started franchising<br />

a year later in 2008, and has grown to<br />

nearly 1,000 outlets in just ten years. Kona Ice<br />

is adding 100+ locations per year and shows<br />

no signs of slowing down.<br />

Orangetheory Fitness is another breakout<br />

brand of the decade, growing to nearly 600<br />

locations in just eight short years. Generally<br />

speaking, very fast growth doesn’t always<br />

bode well for franchisees, but in the case of<br />

Orangetheory and Kona, they have built<br />

strong franchise operations teams to support<br />

extraordinary growth.<br />

18 | For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />


There are several hundred new companies<br />

that start franchising every year. Many of<br />

their owners probably have similar visions<br />

to Ray Kroc, hoping to build the next franchise<br />

empire. But the reality is few franchise<br />

companies ever make it really big. In fact, the<br />

majority of franchise opportunities available<br />

today are with companies that are under 100<br />

locations. That said, you don’t have to invest<br />

in a big franchise company in order to be successful<br />

as a franchise owner.<br />

“Big isn’t always better,” says Eric Stites,<br />

CEO and Founder of Franchise Business<br />

Review. “Size certainly gives you scale, and<br />

other advantages like higher brand awareness<br />

and greater purchasing power. But<br />

just because a franchise company is large, it<br />

doesn’t automatically mean that the franchisees<br />

are happy and successful.”<br />

The tipping point for new and emerging<br />

franchise companies tends be somewhere<br />

between 50–100 units/locations. This is where<br />

the company becomes royalty self-sufficient…<br />

in other words, prospering on royalty revenues<br />

paid by successful franchisees, rather<br />

than being dependent on franchise fees from<br />

the sale of new franchise locations.<br />

Stites explains, “In those early days, when a<br />

franchise company’s only significant revenue<br />

source is new franchise fees, they can make a lot<br />

of mistakes. The good franchise companies<br />

quickly reinvest franchise fee income into building<br />

the support structures necessary to grow.”<br />

In addition to Kona and Orangetheory,<br />

Franchise Business Review has been tracking<br />


Franchisee<br />

Sally Hanson & Roger Osborn<br />

Our Town America<br />

Raleigh, NC, Fort Myers and Naples, FL<br />

Franchisee since 2015<br />

Franchisee Satisfaction: Emerging Brands<br />

Even though Emerging franchise systems can be considered riskier investments than more<br />

established systems, many franchise owners have found success with these newer brands<br />

by getting in on the ground floor. In fact, looking at franchisee satisfaction data spanning a<br />

recent 18-month period, franchisees of Emerging brands showed a more positive sentiment<br />

in several key areas compared to all franchise owners we’ve surveyed.<br />

Percent of franchisees reporting positive sentiment<br />

100%<br />

50%<br />

0%<br />

74%<br />

62%<br />

Franchisor and<br />

Opportunity Provided<br />

Emerging Franchises<br />

76%<br />

60%<br />

Overall Satisfaction<br />

* Note: Based on franchise owners in business for two years or longer.<br />

All Franchises<br />

84%<br />

73%<br />

Would You Recommend<br />

This Franchise?<br />

What was it about the franchise model and/or<br />

leadership that led you to purchase it? My friend<br />

had been a successful franchisee for 10 years<br />

and recommended Our Town America. I was<br />

looking for a business model where I could work<br />

from home with a flexible schedule and have few<br />

to no employees. The company offers so much<br />

support, from appointment setting services to<br />

sponsor services management. We have a<br />

wonderful corporate culture, much like a family.<br />

What type of business experience, education,<br />

and/or skills did you have prior to becoming<br />

a franchisee that you have found particularly<br />

helpful? I have a strong background in<br />

advertising sales and management. The role is<br />

similar to what I’ve been doing my entire career,<br />

but now I get to do it for myself and my family.<br />

How did you fund your franchise? Did you<br />

receive any discounts/incentives? My husband<br />

and business partner is a veteran so we were<br />

able to take advantage of the $10,000 Military<br />

discount that OTA corporate provides. We used<br />

our savings for the franchise fee, but we were<br />

able to pay it back and turn a profit within the<br />

first year.<br />

What advice do you have for prospective<br />

franchise buyers? What do you wish you had<br />

known prior to going into franchising? I think<br />

it’s necessary to have a strong direct sales<br />

background and to be able to manage time well.<br />

It’s also important to follow the training and<br />

guidance the company provides. You will do well<br />

if you do.<br />

For more information about Our Town America<br />

opportunities, call (800) 497-8360 x236<br />

or visit www.ourtownamerica.com.<br />

For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com | 19

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />


Franchisee<br />

Pete Wilson<br />

Window Genie<br />

West Chester, OH<br />

Franchisee since 2015<br />

— An <strong>FBR</strong> Franchisee Rockstar! —<br />

What was it about the franchise model and/or<br />

leadership that led you to purchase it? I liked<br />

the business model of home services and being<br />

able to offer multiple services for the home<br />

owner to keep their home looking great. We<br />

offer window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter<br />

cleaning, window film installation, and holiday<br />

lighting.<br />

What type of business experience, education,<br />

and/or skills did you have prior to becoming<br />

a franchisee that you have found particularly<br />

helpful? I had tremendous leadership training<br />

and experience while serving in the Marine<br />

Corps, and I coupled that with several years of<br />

corporate experience and also receiving an MBA.<br />

What do you like most about your job? I most<br />

enjoy interacting with our wonderful customers,<br />

making their homes look amazing through our<br />

services, and helping my employees reach their<br />

goals in life.<br />

How did you fund your franchise? Did you<br />

receive any discounts/incentives? I used an SBA<br />

veterans loan, and received a discount through<br />

the franchisor for being a veteran. Window<br />

Genie, as a member of VetFran, offers additional<br />

territory, a $7,500 value, at no cost to veterans.<br />

What advice do you have for prospective<br />

franchise buyers? What do you wish you had<br />

known prior to going into franchising? Take your<br />

time and do your research to find the right brand<br />

that fits you best and ask a lot of questions. Be<br />

prepared to work hard, make good decisions, and<br />

trust yourself.<br />

For more information about Window Genie<br />

opportunities, call (800) 700-0022 or visit<br />

www.windowgeniefranchise.com.<br />

Kona Ice franchisees tap into the popularity of the frozen dessert industry.<br />

several very strong franchise companies that<br />

have crossed the 100 unit mark over the last<br />

decade. These franchises include FirstLight<br />

Home Care, Mosquito Joe, Better Homes<br />

& Gardens Real Estate, Crunch Fitness,<br />

Pinot’s Palette, CarePatrol, 101 Mobility,<br />

and Brightway Insurance.<br />


Looking at companies that just started franchising<br />

in the last few years, we found a handful<br />

that show a lot of promise. Senior Care<br />

Authority, who started franchising in 2014,<br />

has already grown to nearly 50 locations, and<br />

is outpacing many of their competitors in the<br />

home healthcare industry. Bloomin’ Blinds is<br />

another 2014 franchise upstart with a lot of<br />

promise, poised to grab their share of the<br />

multi-billion dollar window treatment market.<br />



No matter what type of business you open—<br />

franchise or independent, up and coming or<br />

50 years old—there’s risk involved, but buying<br />

a franchise from an emerging brand can come<br />

with more risk if you don’t do your homework.<br />

Emerging franchises (and smaller brands)<br />

often come with a smaller corporate office and<br />

fewer resources, which can equate to less support<br />

for operators. Franchisees may struggle as<br />

the first in their market. With no prior brand<br />

recognition, it’s completely up to them to market<br />

their business, gain brand recognition, and,<br />

for franchisees of new concepts, they constantly<br />

have to explain what it is they do.<br />

On the other hand, franchisees new to a<br />

market have the opportunity to establish their<br />

reputation and image with no preconceived<br />

ideas of what they do or how they operate.<br />

Franchisees and franchisors both told us<br />

there’s more openness to franchisee input at a<br />

new brand, which might be an advantage for<br />

someone looking for the stability of franchising<br />

with the entrepreneurial feel of a start-up.<br />

“There’s a growing community of independent<br />

health and beauty professionals<br />

nationwide, and with MY SALON Suite,<br />

I’m meeting their demand for luxury, private<br />

working spaces,” said Aaron Gillaspie, a multiunit<br />

franchisee with MY SALON Suite, which<br />

started franchising in 2012. “I’ve opened<br />

multiple units throughout Houston and San<br />

Antonio with the corporate office’s ongoing<br />

marketing support, educational opportunities,<br />

and ambitious culture. Their top notch amenities<br />

have proven to be exactly what stylists in<br />

my region are looking for.”<br />

20 | For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT<br />


Franchisee<br />

Dan LaBrake<br />

HouseMaster<br />

Broken Arrow, OK<br />

Franchisee since 2002<br />

— An <strong>FBR</strong> Franchisee Rockstar! —<br />

Two Maids & A Mop’s fast growth is attributed to its innovative employee pay for performance compensation plan.<br />

Conducting thorough due diligence is<br />

important with any franchise opportunity, but<br />

it’s even more important with a new brand.<br />

Unfortunately, it can also be more difficult<br />

to clearly assess the strength of the franchise<br />

system and support. You will need to work<br />

harder to learn all there is to know about the<br />

franchise company—looking closely at the<br />

individual backgrounds of the leadership and<br />

asking detailed questions about the strategic<br />

vision for today, tomorrow, and five years<br />

from now.<br />

It takes a lot more than a healthy flagship<br />

store to be a successful franchise system, but<br />

we sometimes see new franchise companies<br />

that are based solely on that—the success<br />

of one or two stores. It’s imperative that the<br />

franchise structure, training, systems, and<br />

leadership be set up to support growth. In the<br />

end, there are both pros and cons to buying<br />

an up-and-coming franchise brand— as there<br />

are with any type of business investment.<br />

Investors need to find the franchise system<br />

that’s built for growth—both of the franchisee<br />

and the corporate office—and the brand that<br />

best suits their needs and personality type.<br />


There are many great franchise opportunities<br />

available to investors today, and we pride<br />

ourselves in identifying the best of the best.<br />

If you are considering an emerging brand, it’s<br />

important you look carefully at the franchise<br />

structure and leadership that’s behind that<br />

brand. Do they have the corporate resources<br />

to properly support you? Does the leadership<br />

team have previous experience in the franchise<br />

industry? Does the concept itself have<br />

staying power?<br />

Take your time and find the right franchise<br />

fit for you. We’re here to help. For more<br />

information on our research and the latest<br />

franchise reviews, visit our website www.<br />

FranchiseBusinessReview.com.<br />

For a complete listing of the most promising<br />

startup franchise brands of the past decade,<br />

visit www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com.<br />

What was it about the franchise model and/or<br />

leadership that led you to purchase it? Since I<br />

did not have any experience in the building or<br />

construction industry, I determined the franchise<br />

model gave me the highest percentage of<br />

succeeding. HouseMaster is the oldest home<br />

inspection franchise and they had a proven track<br />

record of success. My due diligence included<br />

a trip to New Jersey to meet the leaders in the<br />

industry and the decision was easy.<br />

What type of business experience, education,<br />

and/or skills did you have prior to becoming<br />

a franchisee that you have found particularly<br />

helpful? My previous career of 20 years in the<br />

telecommunication industry required detailed<br />

analytical skills and excellent interpersonal<br />

skills. These exact skills are necessary to be a<br />

successful property inspector.<br />

What do you like most about your job? This<br />

job requires attention to detail with a great<br />

deal of responsibility. We are charged with<br />

assisting people to make informed decisions on<br />

large purchases. The ever changing industries<br />

involved with home construction mandates<br />

constant vigilance to stay educated. It requires<br />

a dedicated work ethic and a continual effort to<br />

remain a master—a HouseMaster.<br />

What advice do you have for prospective<br />

franchise buyers? Following the system presents<br />

the best opportunity of succeeding while<br />

avoiding many of the pitfalls that one might<br />

otherwise experience. The ability to lean on,<br />

learn from, and share with the franchise family<br />

is the best system of support and education one<br />

could anticipate.<br />

What do you wish you had known prior to going<br />

into franchising? It would have been helpful<br />

to have some business education. Many of the<br />

decisions necessary to start and run a business<br />

were not part of the franchise model in 2002.<br />

For more information about HouseMaster<br />

opportunities, call (800) 526-3930 or visit<br />

www.housemaster.com.<br />

For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com | 21

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT // MARKETPLACE<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

TOP 200<br />


Today’s leading brands based<br />

on <strong>FBR</strong>’s owner satisfaction data.<br />

*Full Satisfaction Report Available<br />

at FranchiseBusinessReview.com<br />



* Our Town America — more on p. 6, 19<br />

N2 Publishing<br />

Proforma<br />

Welcomemat Services<br />

Town Money Saver<br />

Discovery Map<br />


* Christian Brothers Automotive — more on p. 6<br />

* Snap-on Tools — more on inside front cover<br />

RNR Tire Express — more on p. 31<br />

Auto Appraisal Network<br />

Priceless Car Rental<br />

Tint World<br />


* FASTSIGNS — more on p. 28<br />

Sanford Rose Associates<br />

* Sandler Training<br />

* Minuteman Press — more on p. 29<br />

* ActionCOACH<br />

* Brightway Insurance<br />

The @WORK Group<br />

YESCO<br />

Dale Carnegie — more on p. 26<br />

* Murphy Business & Financial<br />

* Supporting Strategies<br />

Sir Speedy<br />

Office Evolution<br />

The Alternative Board<br />

InXpress<br />

PIP Printing & Document Services<br />

Speedpro Imaging<br />


* Soccer Shots<br />

TGA Premier Sports<br />

High Touch High Tech<br />

Young Rembrandts<br />

KidsPark<br />

Goldfish Swim School<br />

Snapology<br />

Amazing Athletes<br />

College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors<br />

Child Services continued<br />

* TSS Photography — more on p. 30<br />

The Little Gym<br />

British Swim School<br />

CompuChild<br />


* MaidPro<br />

Aire-Master of America<br />

* Office Pride — more on p. 31<br />

Jan-Pro (Master Franchisors)<br />

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning<br />

Anago Cleaning Systems (Master Franchisors)<br />

Rooterman<br />

* The Maids — more on p. 26<br />

Two Maids & A Mop<br />

You’ve Got MAIDS<br />

Buildingstars<br />

* Image One — more on p. 4<br />


* The Goddard School<br />

* Mathnasium<br />

* The Learning Experience<br />

Huntington Learning Center — more on p. 27<br />

Online Trading Academy<br />

The Tutoring Center<br />

Best In Class Education Centers<br />

Creative World School<br />


* Payroll Vault Franchising — more on p. 26<br />

Estrella Insurance<br />


* Crunch Fitness<br />

Orangetheory Fitness<br />

9Round<br />

Baby Boot Camp<br />


Burn Boot Camp — more on inside back cover<br />

30-Minute Hit<br />

The MAX Challenge<br />

Planet Fitness<br />

World Gym<br />

Maidpro<br />

Startup Investment: $74,560 – $204,450<br />

Cash Requirement: $75,000<br />

Total Units: 221<br />

MaidPro prides itself on its proven<br />

groundbreaking technology, creative marketing,<br />

established brand identity, and stellar support<br />

to its franchisees. MaidPro offers you the<br />

advantages of rapid growth, low start-up costs,<br />

manageable hours, and recurring revenue.<br />

MaidPro has received Franchise Business<br />

Review’s Four-Star Rating and Franchise 50<br />

awards for franchisee satisfaction every year<br />

from 2006-2017. MaidPro is also offering a<br />

veteran discount valued at $15,000 for U.S. and<br />

Canadian veterans. Join a franchise family that<br />

gives you control and ownership of your business<br />

with unmatched 24/7 support.<br />

For more information on MaidPro<br />

opportunities, call (888) 624-3776<br />

or visit www.maidprofranchise.com.<br />


Checkers<br />

Startup Investment: $96,414 – $1,501,265<br />

Cash Requirement: $250,000<br />

Total Units: 870+<br />


Franchisees achieve their financial and growth<br />

goals faster with Checkers & Rally’s because<br />

of our low initial investment, strong return<br />

on investment, nimble modular building<br />

construction, and competitive franchise growth<br />

incentives. For over 30 years, we have focused<br />

on bold and flavorful food, amazing value for our<br />

guests, and restaurant profitability. Amid seven<br />

consecutive years of same-store sales growth and<br />

870+ restaurants, we still have top-tier market<br />

availability in all major US markets. Discover why<br />

Checkers & Rally's was named one of the BEST<br />

FRANCHISE DEALS by QSR Magazine in 2017 &<br />

2016.<br />

See page 24 for additional top franchises.<br />

Visit <strong>FBR</strong>50.com for brand details.<br />

For more information on Checkers<br />

opportunites, call (888) 913-9135 or visit<br />

www.checkersfranchising.com.<br />

22 | For more information on the companies in this report, visit www.<strong>FBR</strong>50.com


BIG<br />

MOVE<br />

Put your business development skills to work for you.<br />

Take the next step forward in your career with a<br />

Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise.<br />

Get your piece of the $147 billion staffing industry<br />

with the resources and support of a national leader.<br />


Franchisee<br />

Ben Smith<br />

The Glass Guru<br />

Baton Rouge, LA<br />

Franchisee since 2010<br />



502-255-2297 | REMEDYFRANCHISE.COM<br />

What type of business experience, education,<br />

and/or skills did you have prior to becoming a<br />

franchisee that you have found particularly<br />

helpful? I spent six years selling construction<br />

equipment, so I felt like It was a good fit for me<br />

and my past work experience. I’d say I owe my<br />

success to “doing the right thing.” Treating<br />

employees and customers with equal respect is<br />

how I continue to grow my business year after<br />

year. This is indicative of The Glass Guru’s culture<br />

franchise-wide.<br />

What was it about the franchise model and/or<br />

leadership that led you to purchase it? I wanted a<br />

job where I wasn’t at the mercy of an employer or<br />

anyone else. I didn’t feel like I had a trade that would<br />

translate into running my own small business, but<br />

when I spoke with the people at The Glass Guru<br />

headquarters, everything seemed to make sense.<br />

What do you like most about your job? I like<br />

getting out of the office and working with customers.<br />

I like being able to help people and fill a need.<br />

JOIN A<br />




It’s time to look into opening a Pizza Factory franchise and experience<br />

our fun, family-focused community and welcoming atmosphere.<br />

How did you fund your franchise? Did you<br />

receive any discounts/incentives? One of the<br />

reasons I was drawn to The Glass Guru franchise<br />

was its low startup cost. When purchasing the<br />

franchise, I was able to finance part through the<br />

franchise system and take out a small business<br />

loan. Through the immediate success of the<br />

business I was able to pay both off the same year.<br />

What advice do you have for prospective<br />

franchise buyers? Owning your own business<br />

isn’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to work, do<br />

what you say will do, be fair to everyone, whether<br />

it be your smallest customer, your largest<br />

customer, your vendors, and especially your<br />

employees, then The Glass Guru is a great<br />

business opportunity. I have no regrets with<br />

starting The Glass Guru of Baton Rouge. It is one of<br />

the best business decisions I have made and I look<br />

forward to many more years of success!<br />

pizzafactoryfranchises.com 1-562-340-6925<br />

For more information on The Glass Guru<br />

opportunities, call (916) 407-0934 or<br />

visit www.theglassgurufranchise.com.<br />

For more information on the companies in this report, visit www.<strong>FBR</strong>50.com | 23

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT // MARKETPLACE<br />

<strong>2018</strong> TOP 200<br />




* Kona Ice<br />

Culver’s<br />

Fazoli’s Restaurants<br />

Wings Etc.<br />

Captain D’s<br />

* Checkers & Rally’s<br />

The Wendy’s Company<br />

LaRosa’s Pizzeria<br />

Tropical Smoothie Cafe<br />

Nothing Bundt Cakes<br />

Lenny’s Sub Shop<br />

Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries<br />

Zaxby’s<br />

* Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs — more on p. 1<br />

Scooter’s Coffee<br />

The Haagen-Dazs Shoppe Company — more on<br />

p. 25<br />

* Pizza Factory — more on p. 21<br />

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill — more on p. 28<br />

Penn Station<br />

* East Coast Wings & Grill<br />

Jamba Juice<br />

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop<br />

Biggby Coffee<br />

Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs<br />

Donatos Pizza<br />

Eggs Up Grill<br />

Buffalo Wings & Rings<br />

Toppers Pizza<br />

Bahama Buck’s<br />

* Happy & Healthy Products<br />

DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks Systems<br />

Costa Vida<br />

Zoup!<br />


Palm Beach Tan<br />

* My Salon Suite<br />

BioPed Footcare Centres<br />

Sport Clips — more on back cover<br />

Fastest Labs<br />


* CertaPro Painters<br />

Miracle Method Surface Refinishing<br />

* HouseMaster — more on p. 21<br />

Budget Blinds<br />

Home Services continued<br />

* DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen<br />

Surface Specialists Systems<br />

Property Damage Appraisers<br />

Shine Window Care & Holiday Lighting<br />

Garage Experts<br />

Bloomin Blinds<br />


Tailored Living<br />

USA Insulation<br />

California Closets<br />

Go Mini’s<br />

* The Glass Guru — more on p. 23, 27<br />

* Kitchen Solvers<br />

The Grout Doctor<br />

ShelfGenie<br />


In Home Pet Services<br />

The Dog Wizard<br />

Sit Means Sit Dog Training<br />

Dogtopia<br />


Keller Williams<br />

Sotheby’s International Realty<br />

Weichert Real Estate<br />

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate<br />

Showhomes Home Staging<br />

ERA<br />

* HomeVestors of America — more on p. 2<br />

HomeSmart International<br />

United Country Real Estate<br />

RETAIL<br />

* Wild Birds Unlimited<br />

Pinch A Penny<br />

Rhea Lana’s<br />

Just Between Friends<br />

* Big Frog Custom T-Shirts<br />

Color Me Mine<br />

Mainstream Boutique<br />

Family Fare<br />

Verlo Mattress Factory Stores<br />


* Home Instead Senior Care<br />

* Visiting Angels<br />

* FirstLight Home Care — more on p. 9<br />

See page 25 for additional top franchises.<br />

Visit <strong>FBR</strong>50.com for brand details.<br />

LaRosa’s<br />

Startup Investment: $800,000 – $1,000,000<br />

Cash Requirement: $500,000<br />

Total Units: 65<br />

LaRosa’s is a family-style pizzeria serving over<br />

40 menu items for dine in, carry-out or delivery.<br />

For over 60 years, we’ve demonstrated consistent<br />

performance and proven Guest appeal. Our full<br />

service concept features a dining room, bar and<br />

party area. All pick-up and delivery orders are<br />

taken in our unique Guest Service Center. Guests<br />

enjoy world class service, and relationship<br />

management technology uses Guest order data<br />

to drive our loyalty program.<br />

For more information on LaRosa’s opportunites,<br />

call (513) 347-5660 or visit www.larosas.com/<br />

franchise.<br />

RETAIL<br />

Wild Birds Unlimited<br />

Startup Investment: $146,516 – $249,956<br />

Cash Requirement: $40,000<br />

Total Units: 305<br />

Wild Birds Unlimited owners are their local<br />

communities’ backyard bird feeding specialists<br />

and a premiere source for nature information<br />

as well as quality products. But who we are<br />

goes far beyond the items we sell. It’s our<br />

owners’ commitment to their customers that<br />

distinguishes them from other retailers, a<br />

fact that makes us very proud. Wild Birds<br />

Unlimited owners enjoy helping their customers<br />

understand birds and nature, swapping stories<br />

about the latest bird sightings and seeing other<br />

people share their excitement.<br />

Special Veteran Incentives: Offers a 15%<br />

discount off the initial franchise fee.<br />

For more information on Wild Birds Unlimited<br />

opportunities, call (888) 730-7108 or visit<br />

www.wbufranchise.com.<br />

24 | For more information on the companies in this report, visit www.<strong>FBR</strong>50.com



Senior Services continued<br />

Window Genie<br />

Startup Investment: $90,800 – $140,000<br />

Cash Requirement: $50,000<br />

Total Units: 121<br />

Window Genie is a nationally ranked mobile<br />

service franchise specializing in residential<br />

and light commercial window cleaning, window<br />

tinting, pressure washing and more. Our services<br />

are in high demand because we specialize in<br />

the time-consuming, difficult, but necessary<br />

property maintenance tasks most people are<br />

unwilling or unable to do themselves. By offering<br />

a variety of services to fit every home’s needs<br />

and budget, our owners are able to establish<br />

repeat and referral clients that provide multiple<br />

streams of revenue year-round. With our<br />

commitments to branding, professionalism and<br />

customer satisfaction, our owners stand out in<br />

their markets as the trusted go-to home service<br />

providers.<br />

For more information on Window Genie<br />

opportunities, call (800) 700-0022<br />

or visit www.windowgeniefranchise.com.<br />

Have your DESSERT<br />

and own it too!<br />

Call us for more information!<br />

Häagen-Dazs Shoppe, Inc.<br />

Development<br />

(612) 337-3314<br />

Molly.Hanson@US.Nestle.com<br />

Expedia<br />

Startup Investment: $150,000 – $250,000<br />

Cash Requirement: $100,000<br />

Total Units: 225<br />

Expedia CruiseShipCenters is North America’s<br />

largest retail travel agency franchise and a<br />

leading seller of cruise travel. Build equity and<br />

enjoy a great lifestyle with our proven franchise<br />

model with more than 30 years of success and<br />

over 250 locations throughout North America. As<br />

a full service travel agency specializing in cruises,<br />

your Expedia CruiseShipCenters location will<br />

offer travelers in your community a wide range<br />

of travel products along with outstanding service<br />

and Expedia prices. With 27.2 million cruisers are<br />

expected to set sail in <strong>2018</strong> according to Cruise<br />

Lines International Association, there’s never<br />

been a more exciting time to join this growing<br />

industry with an Expedia franchise.<br />

For more information on Expedia<br />

opportunities, call (844) 358-0361<br />

or visit www.expediafranchise.com.<br />

Right at Home<br />

Assisting Hands<br />

* Amada Senior Care<br />

Home Care Assistance<br />

* Homewatch CareGivers<br />

* Senior Care Authority<br />

* CarePatrol — more on p. 17<br />


Precision Concrete Cutting<br />

* Weed Man<br />

* Two Men and A Truck<br />

Truly Nolen of America<br />

Bin There Dump That<br />

FRSTeam<br />

Complete Weddings and Events<br />

* Fish Window Cleaning<br />

* Fibrenew<br />

College Hunks Hauling Junk<br />

* Window Genie — more on p. 20<br />

* U.S. Lawns<br />

Linc Service Network<br />

Critter Control<br />

Real Property Management<br />

101 Mobility<br />

Precision Door Service<br />

* Mosquito Joe<br />

Signal 88 Security — more on p. 29<br />

Creative Colors International<br />

Leather Medic<br />

NaturaLawn of America<br />

Service Team of Professionals<br />

PortraitEFX<br />

MarbleLife<br />

SPORTS & REC<br />

American Poolplayers Association<br />

Kampgrounds of America/ KOA<br />

* Pinot’s Palette<br />

APEX Fun Run<br />

* Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park<br />

Rockin’ Jump<br />

Wine and Design<br />


TeamLogic IT<br />


* CruiseOne — more on p. 4<br />

* Cruise Planners<br />

Expedia CruiseShipCenters<br />

Visit <strong>FBR</strong>50.com for brand details.<br />

For more information on the companies in this report, visit www.<strong>FBR</strong>50.com | 25

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT // MARKETPLACE<br />


Franchisee<br />

Brittany<br />

Schmid<br />

Dale Carnegie Training<br />

San Francisco, San Diego,<br />

San Jose, and Oakland, CA<br />

Franchisee since 2015<br />

— An <strong>FBR</strong> Franchisee Rockstar! —<br />

What was it about the franchise model and/or<br />

leadership that led you to purchase it? My dad<br />

gave me the book How to Win Friends and<br />

Influence People by Dale Carnegie when I<br />

graduated from college. The lessons learned<br />

helped me along my career path and now I have<br />

come full circle! Dale Carnegie was a trailblazer,<br />

and the business continues to innovate and<br />

remain at the top of its industry.<br />

What type of business experience, education,<br />

and/or skills did you have prior to becoming<br />

a franchisee that you have found particularly<br />

helpful? By having the balance of extensive<br />

sales experience, a background in corporate<br />

training, and years of leadership lessons to draw<br />

from, it set us up to hit the ground running.<br />

What do you like most about your job? It’s<br />

humbling and inspiring to be a part of an<br />

organization that tackles the human attitudes<br />

and behaviors that drive performance change<br />

with a simple but powerful approach. With a<br />

comprehensive host of coaching and assessment<br />

solutions to complement training, we are<br />

consistently engaged in helping others achieve<br />

their definition of success.<br />

What advice do you have for prospective<br />

franchise buyers? What do you wish you had<br />

known prior to going into franchising? I had<br />

a misconception of what franchises were and<br />

I didn’t realize the diversity of franchise options<br />

available. I knew that I had the entrepreneur bug,<br />

I just didn’t know how to jump in… franchising<br />

offered that start. I wish that I had been exposed<br />

to franchising with Dale Carnegie earlier in<br />

my career!<br />

For more information about Dale Carnegie<br />

opportunities, call (800) 231-5800 or visit<br />

dalecarnegiefranchise.com.<br />

26 | For more information on the companies in this report, visit www.<strong>FBR</strong>50.com




Franchisee<br />

Snap-on Tools<br />

Startup Investment: $171, 385 – $359,767<br />

Cash Requirement: $35,677 – $53,366<br />

Total Units: 4,845<br />

Snap-on Incorporated is a leading global<br />

innovator, manufacturer, and marketer of<br />

tools, diagnostics, and equipment solutions<br />

for professional users. Product lines include<br />

hand and power tools, and are sold through<br />

its franchisees, company-direct sales, and<br />

distributor channels, as well as over the internet.<br />

For more information on Snap-on Tools<br />

opportunities, call (877) 476-2766<br />

or visit www.snaponfranchise.com.<br />

Two Men and A Truck<br />

Startup Investment: $95,000 – $670,000<br />

Cash Requirement: $95,000 – $670,000<br />

Total Units: 351<br />

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK ® is the largest<br />

franchised moving company in North America.<br />

Currently there are more than 380 locations<br />

and 2,900 trucks operating in 43 U.S. states in<br />

addition to Canada, UK, and Ireland. TWO MEN<br />

AND A TRUCK ® has performed more than 6.5<br />

million moves since its inception in 1985. The<br />

company has seen consistent monthly growth<br />

dating back to December 2009 with more than<br />

95 consecutive months of growth. In 2017,<br />

Entrepreneur Magazine ranked TWO MEN AND A<br />

TRUCK ® as one of the top 500 franchises in the<br />

U.S for the 23rd consecutive year and ranked<br />

the company no. 1 in the moving/junk removal<br />

category for the second year in a row.<br />

For more information on Two Men and A Truck<br />

opportunities, call (800) 345-1070<br />

or visit franchise.twomenandatruck.com.<br />

Bob Harms<br />

Huntington Learning Center<br />

Pembroke Pines West and<br />

Plantation, FL<br />

Franchisee since 2007<br />

— An <strong>FBR</strong> Franchisee Rockstar! —<br />

What was it about the franchise model and/or<br />

leadership that led you to purchase it? The<br />

Huntington Learning Center franchise model<br />

was a big reason for me to purchase the business.<br />

I found that a franchise was an easy way to<br />

transition from corporate America to my own<br />

business without having to “create a new wheel.”<br />

What type of business experience, education<br />

and/or skills did you have prior to becoming a<br />

franchisee that you found particularly helpful?<br />

I have an undergraduate degree in marketing<br />

and two graduate degrees in management<br />

and international business. Previously, I was<br />

a business development manager. Having the<br />

experience and education in business helped me<br />

understand how to manage staff and have the<br />

common sense to follow a business model that<br />

has already been successful.<br />

What do you like most about your job? My<br />

favorite part of being a Huntington Learning<br />

Center franchisee is that I am able to give back to<br />

the community by helping our students improve<br />

their confidence and skills in the classroom and<br />

in many ways change their opportunities and<br />

their futures.<br />

How did you fund your franchise? Did you<br />

receive any discounts/incentives? I was lucky<br />

enough to have an early small percentage<br />

investor in the first center so I didn’t need to<br />

take out any loans. When I took over my second<br />

location, I took advantage of an opportunity<br />

to turn around a failing location due to poor<br />

management by prior ownership, which also<br />

proved to be a successful model.<br />

What advice do you have for prospective<br />

franchise buyers? Your franchisor has likely<br />

already made all the mistakes for you. If you<br />

follow the system and don’t try to be smarter<br />

than the system you are more likely to be<br />

successful.<br />

For more information about Huntington<br />

Learning Center opportunities, call (800) 653-<br />

8400 or visit www.huntingtonfranchise.com.<br />

For more information on the companies in this report, visit www.<strong>FBR</strong>50.com | 27

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT // MARKETPLACE<br />

ournew 10,000 sq ft cash register!<br />

■ Designed for broader<br />

consumer appeal and<br />

operating efficiency<br />

■ Bold, contemporary exterior<br />

elevates curb appeal<br />

■ Inviting interior with a<br />

roomier, more comfortable<br />

dining area<br />


Annette Bagwell<br />

abagwell@goldencorral.net<br />

800-284-5673 ext. 4479<br />

See more pictures and information<br />

regarding the new prototype at<br />

www.goldencorralfranchise.com/fbr<br />

28 | For more information on the companies in this report, visit www.<strong>FBR</strong>50.com


Senior Advocacy and Living Source<br />

Senior Care Authority<br />

Startup Investment:<br />

Cash Requirement:<br />

Total Units:<br />

Senior Residential Placement provides assistance<br />

to identify the best location for seniors to live<br />

and be cared for at no cost to families. Locations<br />

can range from larger assisted living communities<br />

to smaller residential care homes to locations<br />

specializing in memory care. This unique service<br />

simplifies the process, saving your clients time<br />

and money while helping to eliminate the<br />

stresses with this transition. Earnings come from<br />

the commissions paid by residential care homes,<br />

assisted living and memory care communities.<br />

For more information on Senior Care Authority<br />

opportunites, call (888) 809-1231 ext. 2 or visit<br />

www.SeniorCareAuthority.com/franchise.<br />

TM<br />

BE YOUR<br />

OWN BOSS.<br />

Choose your franchise<br />

business today from<br />

ones rated highest<br />

by the franchisees<br />

who own them.<br />

Visit <strong>FBR</strong>50.com<br />

Our Brand. Your Business.<br />

Start Your Own Security Business with a Signal 88 Security Franchise<br />

Create Peace of Mind in Your Community with the #1 Security Franchise<br />


Franchisee<br />

Manny Castro<br />

Minuteman Press<br />

Downey, California<br />

Franchisee since 2007<br />

When did you purchase your franchise?<br />

I I bought my Minuteman Press franchise in<br />

February 2007. I came to this beautiful country<br />

33 years ago without a dollar in my pocket, no<br />

skills, no academic degrees, no English, not even<br />

a high school diploma. Just a teenager at that<br />

time, I was running away from a civil war in<br />

El Salvador, looking for a better life.<br />

What was it about the franchise model and/or<br />

leadership that led you to purchase it? I was<br />

a distribution zone manager for a weekly<br />

publication company, and I was looking for<br />

something new. I had researched many other<br />

companies and different industries for a while,<br />

but none of them gave me the level of<br />

confidence I needed to motivate me and<br />

move forward that Minuteman Press did.<br />

What do you like most about your job? First, I<br />

love working with our customers and helping<br />

them meet their business needs. I also enjoy<br />

the time flexibility and financial stability I have<br />

been able to accomplish as a Minuteman Press<br />

franchisee. I have strong will and determination,<br />

and a passion for this business.<br />

How did you fund your franchise? Personal<br />

savings and an equity line of credit.<br />

$468,000 Average Income<br />

37% Gross Profit Margins<br />

What advice do you have for prospective<br />

franchise buyers? Take the time to do your<br />

homework. Talk to current owners and learn<br />

about their experiences. Learn as much as you<br />

can about the industry and ask yourself, “If I do<br />

this and I fail, what do I have to lose? And If I do<br />

this and I succeed, what do I have to gain?”<br />

Full Support & Training<br />

For more information, please visit:<br />

signal88franchise.com<br />

For more information on Minuteman Press<br />

opportunities, call (800) 645-3006 or visit<br />

www.minutemanpressfranchise.com.<br />

For more information on the companies in this report, visit www.<strong>FBR</strong>50.com | 29

TM<br />

<strong>FBR</strong> SPECIAL REPORT // MARKETPLACE<br />

WARNING:<br />



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one that will give you and your family a bright future. Franchise Business Review can help.<br />

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The Leader in Sports, School & Event Photography<br />

Visit tssfranchisebusiness.com/<strong>FBR</strong><br />

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www.RNRFranchise.com<br />


With over 100 locations nationwide, RNR has become the go to place for wheels and tires<br />

with a variety of payment options. RNR is the only place to get the wheels you want and<br />

the tires you need with easy payment plans. Call us if you want to be a part of the best<br />

tire and wheel concept in America!<br />

► $471,437<br />

$1,954,745<br />


►<br />



at 800.449.8744 or<br />

Vince@RNRTires.com<br />

*Figures above reflect averages for the 20 top performing stores (33%) of the 61 stores reporting that opened in 2014 or prior and have been open at least 24 months. These averages are based on a<br />

52-week annual period from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016. Of these 20 stores, 9 (45%) had higher total revenue and 9 (45%) had higher operating income. A new franchise owner’s results<br />

may differ from the presented performance. There is no assurance you’ll do as well. If you rely upon our figures you must accept the risk of not doing as well. ©RNR Tire Express. All rights reserved.<br />

For more information on the companies in this report, visit www.<strong>FBR</strong>50.com | 31

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