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WHERE NOW EXHIBIT TALES OF ATA → The exhibition focuses on children as shown by Kandó Ata, one of the greatest Hungarian photographers. What makes the pieces captivating is not only their splendid composition, but the humanity with which Ata treated her subjects. Children were equal partners in the process of creation, emerging as wise teachers to adults. Tue- Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm, Deák17 Gallery – Pest V, Deák Ferenc u. 17 Map C5 EXHIBIT PERMANENT REVOLUTION ↔ Permanent Revolution is the first comprehensive show of contemporary Ukrainian art in Budapest. Overarching 3 decades since independence, the exhibition tackles the relevance of art in a social context between simmering tension and regular outbursts. Opening: 6 April, Tue-Sun: 10am-10 pm, Ludwig Museum – Listing p.14 BALLET BOLSHOI: GISELLE ▲ Enjoy the timeless splendor of ballet in the stunning surrounding of Uránia Film Theatre. Recorded at the Bolshoi, this production of Giselle sees Svetlana Zakharova shine in this ultimate prima ballerina role, along with Sergei Polunin’s sensational Albrecht. A chilling tale of love, betrayal and vengeance imbued with grace and beauty. 15 April, 5pm, Uránia Film Theatre – Listing p.13. EXHIBIT FAIR EXHIBIT OPERA WOMEN OF THE WORLD, RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND The title of the exhibition is a slogan WINE AND VIOLIN Spend an afternoon in the eminent company of beautiful THE BODY For the curious and not the fainthearted: “The Body” exhibit A QUIET PLACE Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Leonard Bernstein’s birth, Mupa of the De Beers factory’s diamond instruments, master luthiers showcases actual human stages the master’s last composition sales campaign, appropriating and Hungarian wine. You are bodies (200 to be precise) for the stage. In collaboration with a feminist symbol of protest for free to test the violins or just preserved to reveal the Neue Oper Wien and arranged commercial purposes. Marge absorb their beauty, talking to complex system of our earthly by Bernstein expert Gart Edwin Monko’s exhibition looks at how artificially constructed feminine values play out in our society through photos videos and installations. Dissect the intricate web the advertising industry weaves around our ideas of beauty, desire, fertility and identity. Tue-Fri 12-6pm, Sat 11am-7pm, Molnár Ani Gallery – Pest VIII, Bródy Sándor u. 36. Map B7 their makers, while sipping the produce of Hungarian cellars. The event closes with a concert, a duo of cello and violin give voice to the precious art of violin making. 7 April, 4pm, Fonó Budai Zeneház – Buda XI. Sztregova u. 3, shells: from the skeleton to the nervous system. A thorough and educational, if at times shocking show, great at promoting a healthy lifestyle. Look and learn! Mon-Sun: 10 am-6pm, KOMPLEX - Pest VI, Király u. 26,, Map D6 Sunderland. A sequel to Trouble in Tahiti, this late piece is filled with dark introspection as a family struggles to reconnect emotionally. Many interpret the score gliding between tonality and atonality as a critique of the American dream, timely again in our day. 9 April 7pm, Mupa Budapest – Listing p.11, PHOTO: TOP LEFT – ATA KANDO 1982 6 WHERE LONDON BUDAPEST I JANUARY I APRIL 2018 2013

HungAriAn cuisine from the “GOOD OLD DAYS” gets A modern updAte rich flAvours of their originAl prepArAtions, BUT LIGHTER re-imAgined through A MODERN LENS 21 Hungarian Kitchen 1014 Budapest, Fortuna utca 21. +36 (1) 202 2113 21 177x124 mm.indd 1 2018.01.16. 14:29:47 GOURMET STREET FOOD, SHARING FOOD, SERIOUS MEATS FROM THE HANDMADE CHARCOAL JOSPER GRILL Országház utca 31. Budapest // Buda Castle // // +36 1 300 7050 // Baltazar 177x124 mm.indd 1 2018.01.16. 14:29:13 7

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