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TOTT 29 March 2018

2 Talk of the Town

2 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook March 29, 2018 Mystery of wrongly assigned RDP house CURRY FANS: Tania Seeger and Craig Johnson enjoyed the Port Alfred High School Carnival on Tuesday night, but were among the people disappointed that the school ran out of containers to serve the immensely popular curry and rice Pictures: JON HOUZET THREE’S COMPANY: Div de Villiers, driving a 1960 Rover 100, did not only have a navigator in the form of his wife Wilma, he also had a backseat driver, Trevor Collett, at the OD Inggs Memorial Run last Saturday BATHURST FARMERS MARKET Visit us at JUST OFF CENTRE from 8:30 & Noon every Sunday EASTER TREASURE HUNT FOR KIDS Yummy things to eat Farm fresh produce Loads of crafts Art in the garden Every Sunday, Rain or Shine! Contact Nos: Barbara 074 370 0648 / Lyn 082 470 8542 Sunshine Angel Gift Shop ĂŚĞĞŶĚŝĂůĞĂŽůĨĞĚ T: 046 624 1099 ŽĚůŽĐŬŝŶŐůŽĐĂůĂĞĂŶĂĐ ŽĚĐďĞĂĨůůŵĂĚĞŝŚĐŚĞĐŚĞŵĂĞŝĂů HAPPY EASTER EASTER SPECIAL – Bring this advert & receive a 10% discount on all Gift shop stock as well as juice. Valid until 30 April 2018 TK MTIKI MB U L E LO Jonathan Tokota and his wife, Nunze, are looking for answers about his m ot h e r ’s RDP house in Nemato which was given to somebody else for unknown reasons. The couple told their story to Talk of the Town last Friday. “My mom got an RDP house in 2000, but it was not given to her,” Tokota said. He explained that his m ot h e r ’s name appeared on the beneficiary list with stand No3873 in Zama Zama Street, Mimosa. “We checked the list when it came out and her name was there with a site number, but when the houses were released to the beneficiaries, she did not get hers,” he said. Tokota did not rely only on the beneficiary list to claim that his mom was one of the beneficiaries. He provided TotT with a recent municipal bill for his mother, Noma Regina Tokota, for 3873 Zama Zama Street. He said his mother constantly receives such bills from the municipality for a house she does not h av e . “Look, my mom receives monthly bills for water from the municipality and the physical address in those letters is the one WE WANT MOM’S RDP HOUSE BACK: Mbulelo Jonathan Tokota and his wife, Nunze, are battling to get his mother’s RDP house back, which they claim was given to somebody else Picture: TK MTIKI that was under my mom’s name in the list of RDP recipients,” he said. “But how do you pay for a house that you are not living in?” He said his mom is 78 years old and a pension recipient, and cannot pay the bill, considering she had never lived in the house. Tokota got teary-eyed when he said the house is currently occupied by somebody else. “We know the person who stays in the house, but we don’t know how he received it,” he said. “We have been talking with municipal officials and they always promise to solve this but they do nothing. We have been talking with them since 2000, but nothing has been done so far to solve this issue.” Asked for comment, municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa acknowledged that Noma Regina Tokota was approved for an RDP house during phase 2, but it was never built. He further said there was an error during the building of phase 3 RDP houses which led to the confusion. “It must be noted that NR Tokota was approved for an RDP house during phase 2 on erf 3873. The house was never built during phase 2. During phase 3, GJ Mgadi was approved for an RDP house on erf 3872, but the house was built on erf 3873 wrongfully,” Mbolekwa said. He said the charges billed to Tokota’s mother would be written off. He did not explain why she was being billed for a house she did not have in the first place or how this situation had been allowed to continue for so long. Tokota said the situation was exacerbated by the fact an RDP house had since been built on erf 3872, the plot assigned to GJ Mgadi, but that house was also not given to his mother, and Mgadi appeared to be occupying both houses. Tokota said that they would appreciate any outside advice on this matter since the municipality seems not to have a solution. He can be contacted on 078 - 8 8 0 - 8 9 1 1 . ¿ 29 Miles St, Port Alfred PO Box 2871, Port Alfred, 6170 046 624 4356 / Fax: 046 624 2293 Mauneen Charter, Sonja Raasch, Anneli Hanstein, Jon Houzet, ĂůŬŽŌŚĞŽŶĐŽĂ ΛĂůŬŽŌŚĞŽŶĞĐ ĂůŬŽĨŚĞŽŶ ĂůŬŽĨŚĞŽŶŶĚůĂŵďĞ

March 29, 2018 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook Talk of the Town 3 SAS war vet writes his memoir Jackson relates bush war experience in tell-all book JON HOUZET A SEPTUAGENARIAN from Kleinemonde has written his first book – memoirs from his time serving in the Special Air Service (SAS) during the Rhodesian bush war. Brian Jackson titled his book, Hot and Cold, to sum up the bush war experience – long hours of gruelling patrolling and waiting for signs of the enemy, followed by mere seconds of fierce fighting. “I’m old now and all the guys in the book are also old,” Jackson told TotT. “I thought it’s best to get my stories down while I still have time. Many of these are stories that have never been told.” Jackson is a South African citizen who said he joined the SAS for the adventure. “I was in the parachute battalion in South Africa, and was advised if I want a tough challenge, join the Rhodesian SAS. As a youngster the politics behind the conflict was not on my mind.” He served in the SAS from 1970 to 1975. The Rhodesian SAS was based on the old 22nd SAS in Hereford, England. They worked together, then Rhodesia formed their own C squadron SAS. After his service was up in 1975, he returned to Johannesburg. “I have written it in a very light-hearted fashion, but there were painful times. It’s something that in that context you come to accept,” Jackson said. He said he had lost a very good friend in the fighting, from school d ay s . He was about 20 years old. “Come 1980, when Robert Mugabe came to power, we did wonder what it all was for. You must remember we didn’t lose that war militarily, we lost because of politics. And South Africa [under John Vorster] put the biggest pressure on Rhodesia,” Jackson said. “I speak very little about the politics behind the fighting. “There have been so many books about the politics,” he said. “I’m still in touch with some of my fellow soldiers. I told the one guy I was writing something, and he corresponds with the world, with everybody. “The memories stayed with me over time. Some of the other SAS guys said, ‘I can’t believe you remembered this and this’. They remembered the operation but not the details.” Jackson and his wife Colleen moved to Kleinemonde nine years ago, after he retired. After the army he joined the Parks Board in Limpopo, where he was a game ranger for 30 years, keeping in touch with n at u r e . “I’ve always liked being out in the bush, he said. “It took me about three years to write the book. It was on and off. “I sent it to my brother-in-law who was in the printing field for 30 years to edit and check, and he send back to us,” he said. “I didn’t actually write it down, I spoke into a tape recorder, then my wife typed it out. It’s self-published. The idea was not to make money, I just wanted to get the stories down.” He said he had six different friends helping edit the book and chuckled that there were still mistakes with punctuation and spelling. It’s a short read at 125 pages and costs exactly R100. He initially printed 50 copies, but it’s also available on Amazon – both Kindle and hard copies. “My wife wanted to have a launch, but I don’t know,” he said. He has negotiated with two places in Bathurst to display the book, as well as CNA and Bargain Books. You can also order the book from Jackson on 072 - 6 5 5 - 0 8 0 3 . ENJOY OUR ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET RECALLING THE PAST: Brian Jackson has written his first book at age 70, called ‘Hot and Cold: Memoirs of a Rhodesian SAS Soldier’ Picture: JON HOUZET Trading Hours Superspar: Mon– Sat: 8am – 7pm Sun 8am - 5pm Valid: 30 March - 1 April 2018 | E&OE | Tel: 046 624 3542 | | While stocks last. WE DELIVER - Place orders telephonically or via email Trading Hours Nemato Spar: Mon– Sat: 7am – 7pm Sun: 7:30am - 6pm Valid: 30 March - 1 April 2018 | E&OE | Tel: 086 002 1039 | While stocks last WE DELIVER - Place orders telephonically or via email Hot Cross Buns 6s R14.99 Per tray Crumbed Calamari Strips & Chips R29.99Per combo SPAR Butter 500g R49.99 Each All Gold Tomato Sauce 700ml R19.99 Each Beacon Marshmallow Easter Eggs Dispenser R67.99 Each Crickley Maas R19.99 Each Potatoes 4kg, Onions 3kg R59.99Per combo Bulk Pork Packs R39.99 Per kg Pork Leg/Shoulder Roast R39.99 Per kg Bulk Beef Brisket R59.99 Per kg Golden Delicious 1.5kg R16.99 Each Sedgwicks Original Old Brown Sherry 2 FOR R59.99

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