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8 Talk of the Town

8 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook March 29, 2018 PRISTINE PRIDE: Carel Buchner from Grahamstown with his 1963 Jaguar E type at the OD Inggs Memorial Run last Saturday. Buchner won the prize for most desirable car and was runner-up in the two-day run Port Alfred BUSINESSFORUM Sticking to long-term investment strategy with adviser best plan SINCE early December last year, we’ve seen a fair amount of “noise” in the media and in response to this, markets have shown increased volatility. While you take care of your body, exercise and eat healthily, you still catch the flu. The strength of your immune system and the expertise of your medical professional could determine whether your flu will turn into pneumonia. Similarly, the strength of the comprehensive financial advice that you receive from your qualified financial planner could determine to what extent your investments will be affected when stock markets are volatile. Building a strong immune system for your investments Sanlam financial planner Sticks Stiglingh said that it might seem easy to make a selection off a fund fact sheet, given the fund’s historical performance, but choosing funds also involves in-depth research and an analysis of management soundness, for which the average layperson has neither the time nor the k n o w - h o w. Glacier by Sanlam lists some of the key factors that help to avert the worst-case scenarios: ýTaking into account the timing of negative incidents. This is critical. The length of time you have been invested, your age at the time of the market drop, and the future date when you are likely to want to reap the rewards of your PLEASANT RIDE: Making a change from their Mini, Charles and Myrna Pellew were in a 1973 Peugot 404 at the OD Inggs Memorial Run last weekend Pictures: JON HOUZET investment, all need to be taken into account to ensure successful investment outcomes. Mistakes can be made in fund selection. However, having a strong research and intelligence base builds confidence and expertise – ke y factors that help advisers to make sound decisions over time. ýDrowning out the noise. If investors take all of the noise in the media to heart, and adhere to the “advice” of all pundits, very few of their investment Catch up with what’s happening on the PA business front objectives would be realised. Morale in South Africa 12 months ago was at an all-time low due to socio-political uncertainty and the prediction of an economic downgrading. Some pundits were encouraging investors to hold at least 25% of their portfolios in offshore stocks and cash. If this advice had been heeded, sizeable losses would have been suffered by those investors as the rand and bonds strengthened during the year. ýPerseverance. Stick to the investment strategy that has been designed for you by your financial planner. Investing is a marathon, not a sprint. And most importantly, don’t panic. Contact Stiglingh at Strata Financial Solutions BlueStar on (046) 624-4948, 071-612-7339 or s t i c k s @ s t ra t a b l u e s t a r. c o . z a Sanlam is a licensed financial services p r o v i d e r. What should we expect from the market now? IRRESPECTIVE of whether we have long or short-term plans for our homes, it is nice to know what is happening in the market. I contribute to the Bureau for Economic Research and as a result I am privy to the results of the survey. Economists have a language all of their own and, sometimes, we mere mortals have trouble properly understanding the charts they produce from surveys! There are three areas that I think may be of interest to you: Eastern Cape, accommodation and real estate. Eastern Cape: Despite many positive signs in the Eastern Cape (other than the vote of no-confidence in the DA in Port Elizabeth) business people are not bursting with confidence and appear to have a wait-and-see approach to growth. This is unfortunate when one considers how much unemployment there is in the area. The good news though is that we are better off than KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. A c c o m m o d at i o n : The lack of business confidence has shown in the demand for property (which I think is mostly related to commercial property). Both rentals and sales are not strong and are WHO’S THE BOSS: Albany Vintage and Classic Motor Club members George Armstrong, left, and clerk of the course Peter Viner at the start of the OD Inggs Memorial Run last Saturday MYHOME ... with Simon Oliver expected to decline further in the next quarter. Real Estate: The survey suggests that after a fairly sluggish 2017, 2018 is starting to show growth in volumes and prices. This is surprising when the government has suggested that they would like to change laws to allow for expropriation without c o m p e n s at i o n . I must say that at Seeff we have seen an increase in volumes and purchasers’ preparedness to pay more to secure homes in the area. Overall, I am confident about our market and believe there are buyers out there looking for homes that are fairly priced – and prices are moving up after being stagnant for a while. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the market and what you can expect from your home should you want to sell or rent it out. Please contact me on 082-653-5643 or Kenton on Sea | R3 950 00 Immaculate modern family home, conveniently situated. Bedrooms 4 | Bathrooms 4 | Garage 2 Upstairs is the main bedroom en-suite, dressing room & private ůŽŶŐĞŝŚĮĞůĂĐĞŽŶĂŝŝŽĞŶůĂŶŬŝĐŚĞŶĞĂĂĞ ĐůůĞĚŝŶŝŶŐŽŽŵůŽŶŐĞŝŚďŝůŝŶďĂĨĂŵŝůŽŽŵ ďĞĚŽŽŵΘďĂŚŽŽŵWEB REF 462499 MIKE BAILEY | 082 899 8103 | ŝĞďĂŽŝŶŵĞŶŽĂůůŽĞŶĂůŶĞĞĚůĞĂĞĐĂůů ŝĐŚĞůůĞ Kenton on Sea | R3 950 000 ŽĚĞŶĞĞĐĞŚŽŵĞŝĚĞĂůĨŽŚĞĞŶĞĂŝŶĞ & with a view. Bedrooms 7 | Bathrooms 6 | Garages 2 ŚŝĂĐŚŝĞĐĂůĚĞŝŐŶĞĚŚŽŵĞŇŽďĞĂĨůůĂŶĚ ŵĂŝŵŝĞŚĞŶŶŝŶŐŝĞŚĂĂĨůůďĂŚŽŽŵďĂůĐŽŶ ĂŶĚŝĞĨŽŵĂůůďĞĚŽŽŵĂŶĚŵŽĞŶĞĂŝŶŵĞŶĂĞĂ ĨŽĂůůĞŽĨĞĂŚĞWEB REF 4623519 MIKE BAILEY | 082 899 8103 | ŝĞďĂŽŝŶŵĞŶŽĂůůŽĞŶĂůŶĞĞĚůĞĂĞĐĂůů ŝĐŚĞůůĞ

March 29, 2018 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook Talk of the Town 9 GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT: El Shaddai Christian Academy held their Annual Parade on Tuesday, with the theme being masks this year. Pupils were asked to be creative. Some masks were so good you could eat them. Going for an Easter egg and marshmallow theme were, from left, Siyolise Mbenga, Iphendule Pikoli and Lisakhanya Nobebe MASK MARCH: Benjamin Bowker leading the Grade 3 class on parade at El Shaddai C h r i st i a n Academy’s Annual Parade MANAGEMENT MATTERS: The Port Alfred High School management team led by Nicky Delport of Level Ground Training Solutions spent their Human Rights Day in a strategic planning indaba. While the Blue Team won the most points, everyone was a winner, having had their passion for e d u c at i o n excellence reignited. From left, are Charles Kantor, Mirna Myburgh, Erika de Klerk, Laura Guest, Ian Knott-Craig, Clive Pearson and Eleanor Taai with Travis Henderson in front FOND FAREWELL: All the staff at Shaw Park Primary School wished farewell to Annette Laas (in white) and thanked her for her dedicated 21 years at the school, for her love and knowledge shared with her Shaw Park family. ‘We will all miss you but wish you all the happiness in your new adventure that awaits you in Cape Town. May you be blessed and walk with faith,’ teacher Shani Stewart said ROOFING CORRUGATED IRON SHEETS 3,6m SKU: 2277 137.95 PAINT KIRKWOOD/QUEENSTOWN/MTHATHA/BUTTERWORTH/PEDDIE DOUBLE ROMAN CONCRETE ROOF TILES Various Per 1000 YARD Various Colours 9 200 SLIDING & GARAGE DOORS DURAM WHITE PVA White 20 Litres SKU: 301224 724.95 DURAM ROOFKOTE White 20 Litres SKU: 301365 724.95 MEDAL WOOD VARNISH Clear 1 Litre SKU: 300196 109.95 TIMBER SABS TIMBER CCA 38 x 38 Per Length 6,0m SKU: 171601 59.95 DOORS BRICKS CEMENT STOCK BRICK per 1000 FROM YARD SKU: 1009516 2 080 GARAGE DOOR 2.55m Woodgrain Buffalo Brown SKU: 302495 2 289.95 ALUMINIUM SLIDING DOORS N 1,8m x 2,1m SKU: 2 399.95 N 1,5m x 2,1m SKU: 2 379.95 ANODISED FRAME SABS APPROVED SAFETY GLASS SABS TIMBER CCA 38 x 114 Per Length 6,0m SKU: 191601 162.95 BUILDING PRODUCTS REINFORCE MESH 6x2,4m Sheet REF S100 SKU: 4551 334.95 BARGE BOARD 200x80mm x 3.0m SKU: 23080 109.95 HARDBOARD WOOD DOOR SKU: 212 219.95 ALL STORES DELIVERY RATES KIRKWOOD/QUEENSTOWN MTHATHA/BUTTERWORTH/PEDDIE 0km - 5km FREE 0km - 5km FREE 5km - 15km R150.00 5km - 15km R180.00 15km - 25km R350.00 15km - 25km R250.00 25km - 35km R500.00 25km - 35km R350.00 35km - 50km R500.00 FOR FURTHER DISTANCES ENQUIRE IN-STORE. The advertised rates are estimate rates and are subject to change if the road conditions vary and if areas are not accessible. Handling fee applies to bricks, blocks, concrete rooftiles and cement. Enquire in-store for details. TRADING HOURS: KIRKWOOD & QUEENSTOWN: S TUDOR 6 PANEL MOULDED DOOR SKU: 211404 379.95 Prices on bricks will vary from store to store. Check your local store for applicable Direct and Yard prices. STORES BRICK CLINKER FBA per 1000 31 Harrod Street, Kirkwood. Tel: 042 230 0359 28 Dunbar Street, Queenstown. Tel: 045 839 4000 8 Chatham Street, Mthatha. Tel: 047 531 1417 26 Oxland Street, Mthatha. Tel: 047 531 3112 12 Sprigg Street, Mthatha. Tel: 047 532 5409 Zanemali Road, Vulindlela, Mthatha. Tel: 047 531 0542 10 York Road, Mthatha. Tel: 047 531 0751 1 Merriman Street, Butterworth. Tel: 047 491 0035 Albert Street, Peddie. Tel: 040 673 3434 FROM YARD SKU: 302174 2 420 CASH AND CARRY WHILE STOCKS LAST! PRODUCTS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT ALL STORES PLUMBING ACCESSORIES POLYCOP PIPE SABS 15mm x 6m SKU: 54421 24.95 UNDERGROUND PIPE SABS Approved 110mm x 6m 100kpa SKU: 543 156.95 GARDEN TOOLS ECONOMY WHEELBARROW SKU: 302237 437.95 TAPS PLASTIC BIB TAP SKU: 301583 57.95 ELECTRICAL PVC CONDUIT White 20mm SKU: 580 12.70 PRICES VALID UNTIL 22 APRIL 2018 Zone 41a ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT 2622 WK40

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