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Selwyn Times: November 07, 2017

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34 Wednesday November 8 2017 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday November 8 2017 35 News School gets defibrillator • By Georgia O’Connor- Harding CALLS FOR a new automated external defibrillator by nearly 50 parents at a school in Rolleston has paid off. West Rolleston Primary School received a a device through a national campaign ran by Heart Saver New Zealand and Cigna. The AED 7000 was donated by Heart Saver, Cigna and Grown Ups. It comes after several near misses in the community prompted 47 parents to make submissions for the device through the Become a Heart Saver campaign. About six weeks ago resident Melissa Sole suffered a cardiac arrest while feeding her baby on her bed. Her husband Aaron Sole arrived home to find her unresponsive and gasping for air and provided CPR until the paramedics arrived with an AED and were able to restart her pulse. Principal Sylvia Fidow said it was exciting for the school to receive and the device would be made available to both the school and wider community. The school was already CHANCE TO SAVE LIVES: West Rolleston Primary School received an automated defibrillator through a national campaign orgnised by Heart Saver New Zealand and Cigna. (From left) – Pupils India and Harry, the school’s parent-teacher association chairman Lee James, and Josh, Isla and Sophie. ​ looking into fundraising supports a satellite branch for an AED when a parent of Waitaha Special School mentioned the Become a with 16 children who have Heart Saver competition. special learning needs. The “All of our staff have nearest AED to the school been trained in first aid so is a 10min drive away. it is exciting to know we Last term a child had a will have that resource,” seizure at the school which Ms Fidow said. prompted the PTA to look Ms Fidow said there are at ways they could improve issues in terms of getting the resources available to an attachment for the defibrillator, which will likely •HAVE YOUR SAY: Do their community. be an additional $700 to you think there needs make it easily accessible to to be more defibrillators available in Selwyn the community. West Rolleston Primary communities? Email school opened last year and your views to georgia. have 324 children, 16 teachers and 10 support staff. It oconnor@starmedia. kiwi From Thursday 9 November Airways New Zealand, the Board of Airline Representatives New Zealand (BARNZ), Christchurch Airport and New Southern Sky will run a 12-month flight paths trial, which will involve approximately 25% of arrivals (landings) into Christchurch. The trial will gather data to be used in the progressive upgrade from procedures based on radars to a network guided by satellites. The new navigation procedures are more accurate and allow for shorter, more direct routes, as well as more efficient take-offs and landings. Collectively, they reduce fuel burn, airport and airspace congestion, aircraft emissions and noise impacts on communities. CELEBRATING For more information, please see 18–28 Years January 2018