Hasson Special Insert July | August 2018

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| LIVING BY DESIGN, JULY/AUGUST <strong>2018</strong>, VOL. 2 |<br />


Welcome to Living By Design, a publication showcasing the expertise and excellence of <strong>Hasson</strong> Company, Realtors top producers.<br />

In each issue you’ll learn more about available properties, lifestyle and design trends, and what these <strong>Hasson</strong> brokers can offer<br />

you. Our company has 180 full-time agents in seven offices spanning Portland, Central Oregon and Southwest Washington.<br />



Median Sales Price: $435,700<br />

Monthly Change: -0.2%<br />

Annual Change: 2.5%<br />


Median Sales Price: $678,800<br />

Monthly Change: 0.3%<br />

Annual Change: 8.0%<br />

BEND<br />

Median Sales Price: $422,600<br />

Monthly Change: 1.6%<br />

Annual Change: 8.6%<br />


Median Sales Price: $310,100<br />

Monthly Change: 0.5%<br />

Annual Change: 9.8%<br />

<strong>2018</strong> PORTLAND MEDIAN HOME SALES<br />

Jan Feb March April<br />

$436K<br />

$435K<br />

$434K<br />

$433K<br />

$432K<br />

$431K<br />

$430K<br />

$429K<br />

$428K<br />

<strong>2018</strong> LAKE OSWEGO MEDIAN HOME SALES<br />

$675K<br />

$670K<br />

$665K<br />

$660K<br />

$655K<br />

Jan Feb March April<br />

<strong>2018</strong> BEND MEDIAN HOME SALES<br />

<strong>2018</strong> VANCOUVER, WA, MEDIAN HOME SALES<br />

$425K<br />

$310K<br />

$420K<br />

$308K<br />

$415K<br />

$306K<br />

$410K<br />

$304K<br />

$405K<br />

$302K<br />

$400K<br />

$300K<br />

Jan Feb March April<br />

$395K<br />

Jan Feb March April<br />

$298K<br />


<strong>Hasson</strong> Company, Realtors<br />

15400 Boones Ferry Road<br />

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035<br />

Produced in association<br />

with Statehood Media<br />

COVER PHOTO: Iris Leonardo<br />

Rebecca Green<br />

Broker<br />

M: 541.728.1143<br />

E: rebeccagreen@hasson.com<br />

W: sellingportlandrealestate.com<br />

Marcia Kies<br />

Principal Broker<br />

M: 503.789.1525<br />

E: kiesm@hasson.com<br />

W: marciakies.hasson.com<br />

Kendall Bergstrom-deLancellotti<br />

Principal Broker<br />

M: 503.799.2596<br />

E: kendall@hasson.com<br />

W: kendallbergstrom.com<br />

Steve Studley<br />

Broker<br />

M: 360.606.8816<br />

E: steve@hasson.com<br />

W: stevestudley.hasson.com<br />

1 HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS JULY / AUGUST <strong>2018</strong>

| LIVING SMART |<br />




Rebecca Green<br />

Broker<br />

ABOVE A well-designed kitchen<br />

can make meals a breeze.<br />

LOCATION: 1832 SW Elm Street,<br />

Portland<br />

Whether you’re a gourmet chef, a budding host or anything in between, a<br />

functional, beautiful kitchen makes the creation of any cocktail, dessert or<br />

meal that much better. The kitchen really is the heart of many homes, and good<br />

design is inspirational. Kitchens are where many of us entertain our friends<br />

and nurture our families.<br />

Oregon is a place where we value our land’s bounty and prepare it in the<br />

comfort of our own homes. We are seeing more and more rooftop growing,<br />

community gardens and elaborate organic beds in backyards. Farmers markets<br />

are thriving throughout Portland and the surrounding communities. With a<br />

well-designed kitchen—clean lines, proper placement of tools, and lighting<br />

that illuminates the local fare we’re cooking—the enjoyment factor of cooking<br />

is an elevated affair.<br />

Kitchens are also decision-making rooms when it comes to purchasing.<br />

Thoughtful layouts, unique infusions of style and high-tech appliances are<br />

consistently on trend. No matter what the case, we can help you think through<br />

these critical lifestyle decisions.<br />

JULY / AUGUST <strong>2018</strong> HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS 2

| GET THE LOOK |<br />


LIVING<br />

It’s summer—time to soak up<br />

the sun! Make your outdoor<br />

space even more appealing<br />

with these picks from some<br />

of the Portland area’s top<br />

outdoor living stores.<br />


This classic chair, made in Duluth,<br />

Minnesota from 100 percent<br />

recycled high-density plastic, is<br />

eco-friendly and durable. Bonus:<br />

It features a stainless steel bottle<br />

opener under the arm, making<br />

outdoor entertaining even easier.<br />

$399<br />

roomandboard.com<br />


Filled with simple,<br />

compatible colors and<br />

tons of texture, this<br />

container garden loves the<br />

morning sun. The glossy<br />

green leaves of the ZZ<br />

plant are in stark contrast<br />

to the feathery foliage<br />

of the Maidenhair fern.<br />

Designed by Josh Clarke<br />

of Al’s Garden & Home in<br />

Sherwood, the container<br />

garden also includes<br />

variegated Dracaena and<br />

Tillandsia, a drape of String<br />

of Pearls, and a tropical<br />

stunner in the Phalaenopis<br />

Orchid.<br />

$250-400, depending<br />

on container<br />

als-gardencenter.com<br />


Get ready to sink deep into summer with these<br />

comfortable, sturdy teak pieces. The fade- and<br />

mildew-resistant Sunbrella cushions, which are<br />

4 inches deeper than typical cushions, come in<br />

more than fifty colors and the weather-resistant<br />

teak adds a contemporary look to your patio.<br />

$175-1,476, depending on pieces<br />

loveteak.com<br />

3 HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS JULY / AUGUST <strong>2018</strong>

| TRENDING |<br />



ABOVE Try landscaping with<br />

catmint or other droughtresistant<br />

plants to conserve water.<br />


Cut down on water use—this saves you money and saves a resource we often<br />

take for granted. The Oregon State University extension service suggests<br />

grabbing catmint, pineapple sage and other drought-resistant plants. Then<br />

capture the water you do use by putting down a thick layer of mulch, or use<br />

drip irrigation for pots to make sure it all goes where you want. Next-level<br />

sustainability—get rid of your lawn entirely and try xeriscaping, which<br />

eliminates the need for irrigation.<br />


If you’re considering a new deck, think long-term for the wood you<br />

use. According to Sustainable Northwest Wood, a for-profit lumberyard<br />

subsidiary of the nonprofit Sustainable Northwest, options can include<br />

wood—like Western Red Cedar—certified by the Forest Stewardship Council,<br />

or Juniper decking, which is known for being exceptionally durable.<br />


You can make your yard an attractive wayside stop for bees, hummingbirds,<br />

butterflies and other creatures with hardy, handsome plants. Start with<br />

lavender and Russian sage for an unforgettable pop of blue and purple, then<br />

try zinnias to mix up your color palette. For a larger, bee-friendly plant,<br />

Pacific rhododendrons grow exceptionally well in and around Portland.<br />

JULY / AUGUST <strong>2018</strong> HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS 4

| LAKE OSWEGO |<br />


Kendall Bergstrom-deLancellotti<br />

Principal Broker<br />

I remember living on the waterfront in Lake Oswego in my<br />

early 20s as I was just starting out in real estate. The best<br />

memory is a feeling—opening the front door of my home and<br />

seeing water lapping over the edge of my dock from passing<br />

boaters; serene mornings of flat water when only early risers<br />

had no wake from other skiers; the sun rising over the lake<br />

with bald eagles making their morning route of discovery,<br />

and late afternoons full of laughter, adventure and fun while<br />

waterskiing and wakeboarding.<br />

Now, after nearly twenty-five years of living and working<br />

in Lake Oswego, I have truly come to love my home. Living<br />

on the lake provides a true vacation lifestyle when work is<br />

done. When considering relocating to Lake Oswego, note that<br />

there are 750 waterfront homes and twenty-one easements<br />

for homeowners living off the lake but with access rights for<br />

boating, swimming and paddleboarding.<br />

The downtown Millennium Plaza is newly refreshed,<br />

doubling the size of retail, restaurant and shopping space.<br />

Enjoy local dining favorites such as Five Spice, Salt & Straw<br />

and the newly opened artisan Pizzeria Sul Lago! Weekend<br />

farmers market, Sunday symphony and Monday movie nights<br />

bring a sense of community togetherness through the<br />

summer along the waterfront. Come home and enjoy!<br />

PHOTOS:<br />

5 HASSON<br />

Brian Pierce/Pierce<br />


Pixels<br />

JULY / AUGUST <strong>2018</strong>

LOCATION: 15845 Oswego Shore Ct., Lake Oswego<br />

DETAILS: 4 beds, 4.2 baths, 5,500 sq. ft.<br />

PRICE: $2,150,000<br />

Kendall Bergstrom-deLancellotti, Principal Broker<br />

503.799.2596 | kendall@hasson.com<br />

JULY / AUGUST <strong>2018</strong> HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS 6

LOCATION: 26002 NE 10th St., Camas, WA<br />

DETAILS: 4 beds, 4.1 baths, 6,430 sq. ft.<br />

PRICE: $1,400,000<br />

Steve Studley, Broker<br />

360.606.8816 | steve@hasson.com<br />

7 HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS JULY / AUGUST <strong>2018</strong>

| CAMAS, WA |<br />


Steve Studley<br />

Broker<br />

The life you live can be defined by the place you live it in, so<br />

live it in a place full of life—southwest Washington.<br />

Here, you will be glad home is more than the house you live<br />

in. It’s the community that surrounds you and the experiences<br />

you have when you step outside. It’s the activities you can<br />

enjoy on a Saturday afternoon. It’s the memories you’ll look<br />

back on and say, “This is where I lived.”<br />

In southwest Washington, those experiences and memories<br />

are full of all the beauty and grandeur of one of the most<br />

desirable corners of the world. Whether dining alongside the<br />

Columbia River, hiking in the Gorge, kayaking on Vancouver<br />

Lake, or visiting one of the region’s many stunning wineries—<br />

the lifestyle you can enjoy when this community is your<br />

backyard is vast, and as peaceful or as adventurous as you<br />

wish it.<br />

Come step out with us—discover the fullness of what a<br />

home can be.<br />

JULY / AUGUST <strong>2018</strong> HASSON COMPANY,<br />

PHOTOS:<br />


Iris Leonardo<br />


LOCATION: 3720 NW Devoto Lane, Portland<br />

DETAILS: 8 beds, 8.5 baths, 8,256 sq. ft.<br />

PRICE: $1,495,000<br />

Rebecca Green, Broker<br />

541.728.1143 | rebeccagreen@hasson.com<br />

Marcia Kies, Principal Broker<br />

503.789.1525 | kiesm@hasson.com<br />

9 HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS JULY / AUGUST <strong>2018</strong>

JULY / AUGUST <strong>2018</strong> HASSON COMPANY, REALTORS 10

L ’ A N G O L O E S T A T E<br />

Photo: Jeremy Bittermann, courtesy of LEVER Architecture<br />

Seamless Beauty<br />

Nature, handcraft, and pleasure<br />

elevated in a single expression.<br />

Join us for tasting.<br />

____<br />

Estate grown Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the Dundee Hills<br />

Open from 11am – 4pm, Fri. – Sun. in May and Fri. – Mon. from June – Nov. • 18830 NE Williamson Rd. Newberg, Oregon 97132 • langoloestate.com

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