December 2018 Issue 53 features interviews with Original Dodger and Guy Mantzur as well as event highlights of Kaz'Out, Royauté, Pozitive Vibes and HIGHER.

December 2018 Issue 53 features interviews with Original Dodger and Guy Mantzur as well as event highlights of Kaz'Out, Royauté, Pozitive Vibes and HIGHER.


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"Never stop learning and

honing your craft."



"Be loyal to your true

love and music style."



A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e i s a g l o b a l m o n t h l y m u s i c p u b l i c a t i o n

w h i c h i s f r e e t o r e a d o n l i n e a n d a v a i l a b l e f o r o n d e m a n d

p r i n t p u r c h a s e s . W e f e a t u r e a l l s t y l e s o f m u s i c a n d v a r i o u s

l a n g u a g e s i n t h e m a g a z i n e , e a c h p i e c e i s a n e x p r e s s i o n o f

w h a t o u r w r i t e r s a n d f e a t u r e d a r t i s t s w i s h t o s h o w . W e d o

n o t h a v e s e t r u l e s a n d a l l o w t h e w o r d s t o c o m e n a t u r a l l y

w i t h f e w e d i t s . A r t i c l e s a r e n o t c o n s t r a i n e d t o s i m p l y m u s i c

- w e l i k e t o b e b r o a d i n t h e w a y w e e x p r e s s o u r p a s s i o n a n d

i n c l u d e a v a r i e t y o f t o p i c s i n c l u d i n g p o e t r y , f a s h i o n a n d

l i f e s t y l e . E a c h c h o s e n t o p i c w i l l r e fl e c t t h e t h o u g h t s o f t h e

w r i t e r a n d r e v o l v e a r o u n d m u s i c i n s o m e w a y . T h e

m a g a z i n e i s f r e e t o r e a d a s w e u n d e r s t a n d t h e d i ffi c u l t y i n

w h i c h c r e a t i v e i n d i v i d u a l s f a c e w h e n t r y i n g t o g o f a r , t h u s

w e w a n t t o h e l p t h e i r t a l e n t s r e a c h a s m u c h o f t h e w o r l d a s

p o s s i b l e . W e h a v e w o n d e r f u l p a r t n e r s , V i n y l F o r A C a u s e

b r i n g t o g e t h e r t h e i r f a v o u r i t e m u s i c i a n s w i t h a p e r c e n t a g e

o f p r o c e e d s g o i n g t o c h a r i t y , a n d , R i g h t C h o r d M u s i c w h o

h e l p t o p r o m o t e a n d d e v e l o p i n t e r e s t i n g i n d e p e n d e n t

m u s i c i a n s .

W e w i s h t o i n s p i r e m i n d s , e x p r e s s c r e a t i v i t y a n d r a d i a t e

o p t i m i s m t o t h e w o r l d t h r o u g h m u s i c .

w w w . A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e . c o m

"Music is much more than

sound. Music can be a

comforter, party maker,

career path or a way of


Ruby, Editor & Owner

"Music is much more than

sound. Music can be a

comforter, party maker,

career path or a way of


Rokuro, Associate Editor

"The birth of one's child is

the only feeling that

comes close to getting

lost in music."

Cessle, Associate Editor

"Music is a form of art

that reveals a truth in a

world full of mystery."

Sarah, Staff Writer

"No matter what's

happening in life, it's

usually great music will

keep you going."

Malachi, Staff Writer

"Music is life. It's a

universal language that

has no barriers. It unifies

people around the world.

It brings people joy."

Andy, Staff Writer

"Music & love are the

same things really. If kids

grew up with music in

their lives, then their lives

would always be filled

with love."

David, Associate Editor

"The moment you feel

happy about music, that is

the very essence of it.

Being in the vibes and

understanding what music

has for your soul."

Steve, Staff Writer

"Music is the way I see the


Mary, Brand Ambassador

"It's an escape, a relaase, a

chance to write how I feel

and allow other readers to

relate. Music has saved

me many times."

Jessie, Staff Writer

"Music is love, you can

feel it. Music binds people

together, ending war and

bringing peace to the


Ashna, Creative Assistant

"Music is a material

artwork of my dreams that

inspires me to overcome

difficulties of everyday

life. I admire people who

can make it!"

Tamara, Brand Ambassador

"You know you are a

music addict when you

get a natural high when

you hear a tune you love!"

Christina, Vice President

"Music is my Truth.

Techno is my Heart. Love

the mediator that led to a

connected, liberating,

beautiful, surrender to my

inner peace."

Sharm, Staff Writer

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30 Go find your inner peace

34 Royauté

37 Guy Mantzur

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Hi Guys & Dolls...

A b l o o d o r a n g e v i s i o n a d o r n s o u r c o v e r w i t h a q u i r k y m e r g e d p h o t o o f p r o d u c e r s

O r i g i n a l D o d g e r . T h i s b o l d c o l o u r a l s o f o l d s o v e r t o t h e b a c k c o v e r . W e l c o m e t o

o u r l a s t i s s u e o f t h e y e a r ! I m u s t fi r s t a p o l o g i s e f o r t h e l a c k o f a n i s s u e i n

N o v e m b e r , I w a s o n h o l i d a y w h i c h y o u w i l l fi n d m o r e a b o u t i n s i d e . T h i s y e a r h a s ,

o n c e a g a i n , g o n e s o q u i c k l y a n d i t h a s b e e n fi l l e d w i t h g r e a t m u s i c . A l t h o u g h w e ’ v e

a l l c h o s e n d i f f e r e n t s o n g s o f t h e y e a r , I f e e l t h a t A u / R a & C a m e l p h a t ’ s ‘ P a n i c

R o o m ’ s h o u l d b e m e n t i o n e d a s i t h a s b e e n a s t a t e m e n t p i e c e a c r o s s t h e m o n t h s

w i t h t h a t a d d i c t i v e a n d t i m e l e s s s o u n d . H o w e v e r y o u p l a n t o s p e n d y o u r l a s t

m o m e n t s o f 2 0 1 8 , w e w i s h y o u p e a c e , l o v e , a n d j o y .

I n t h i s i s s u e : W e s h i n e t h e s p o t l i g h t o n E m i n e m ’ s i n c r e d i b l e n e w a l b u m a n d J o h n

L e w i s ’ s m a g i c a l x m a s a d v e r t w i t h E l t o n J o h n . C e s s l e g i v e s u s t h e l o w d o w n o n

S o l a r d o ’ s H I G H E R e v e n t w h i c h m a d e t h e c r o w d s t o p , r o c k a n d r e l e n t l e s s l y s i n g i n

u n i s o n . I ’ m d a n c i n g i n M a u r i t i u s , e x p l o r i n g t h e i s l a n d I fi n d t h a t m u s i c d i s c o v e r y

i s e v e r y w h e r e . L e t i t b e , s a y s D a v i d a s h e i s i n s p i r e d b y T h e B e a t l e s a n d M a r y J .

B l i g e t o g i v e u s e m o t i v e l y r i c p i e c e s . R o k u r o p i c k s P o s t M a l o n e ’ s ‘ B e t t e r N o w ’ a s

h i s t r a c k o f t h e m o n t h w i t h i t s s e r i o u s l y c a t c h y c h o r u s w h i l s t J a d e B i r d ’ s r u t h l e s s

s i n g l e ‘ U h H u h ’ h a s m e r a v i n g . C h r i s t i n a a n d I c h a t w i t h U K G l e g e n d s O r i g i n a l

D o d g e r a s t h e y r e u n i t e b a c k i n t h e s t u d i o a n d r e l e a s e t h e i r n e w ‘ M o m e n t u m ’ E P .

T h e r e i s a l w a y s a r e a s o n t o d a n c e , s a y s C e s s l e a s h e d e s c r i b e s t h e w o n d e r o f t h i s

a r t i s t i c m o v e m e n t , t h i s e x p r e s s i o n o f t h e b o d y , t h i s r e l e a s e o f e m o t i o n s - t h e

p o w e r o f d a n c e . I ’ v e g o t y o u r r e v i e w s o f t w o o f M a u r i t i u s ’ b i g g e s t e v e n t s t h i s y e a r ,

t h e K a z ’ O u t m u s i c f e s t i v a l s h o w c a s i n g a s s o r t e d g e n r e s a n d t h e R o y a u t é b e a c h

p a r t y w i t h t h r i l l i n g h o u s e & d a n c e s t y l e s . S h a r m s h a r e s h e r d i s c o v e r y o f i n n e r

p e a c e t h r o u g h h e r D J j o u r n e y a n d i m p l o r e s u s t o p u s h p a s t t h e d r e a d e d f e a r . I c h a t

w i t h e l e c t r o n i c D J G u y M a n t z u r a b o u t h i s v i e w s o n t h e M a u r i t i a n c r o w d a s w e l l a s

h i s c a r e e r . C e s s l e l o o k s i n t o t h e e a g e r l y - a w a i t e d C I R C O L O C O e v e n t i n L o n d o n a n d

I c a t c h P o z i t i v e V i b e s w i t h t h e l i v e a n d u n p l u g g e d s h o w c a s e . W e ' v e g o t y o u r e v e n t s

g u i d e , s h o w l i s t i n g s a n d m u s i c f r o m D a n i e l l e B e l l a s , P h o n e t i x , T 8 P E S , L o l a

C a r m e l , D e u c e & C h a r g e r , S h a y D a n d S t o n e b w o y .

R u b y x

C o n n e c t w i t h u s :

F a c e b o o k / A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e

T w i t t e r @ A u d i a t i o n M a g

6 www.AudationMagazine.com

Happy Holidays!


London timezone

TV | Radio | Podcast

Spotlight: We've got highlights of Kaz'Out music festival and

Royauté beach party in Mauritius. Two fantastic and unique

events, both showcasing incredible talent from a variety of

genres. Watch the videos on www.youtube.com/AudiationTV


10am Clara Amfo | Variety - BBC Radio 1

2pm Danny Blaze | House, UK Garage & Club Classics - Flex FM

4pm Trending Live | Variety - 4Music


1am What’s Up? | Variety - Radio Plus

10am Clara Amfo | Variety - BBC Radio 1

4pm Trending Live | Variety - 4Music

Sister Bliss In Session | House & Dance

A State Of Trance | Trance


1am What’s Up? | Variety - Radio Plus

10am Clara Amfo | Variety - BBC Radio 1

4pm Trending Live | Variety - 4Music

8pm D3ep In The Underground | House, Garage & Bass - D3EP


1am What’s Up? | Variety - Radio Plus

10am Clara Amfo | Variety - BBC Radio 1

4pm Trending Live | Variety - 4Music

6pm Jeremy Sylvester | House & UK Garage - Urban Dubz Facebook

Toolroom Radio | House & Dance

Global Warm Up | House & Dance

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1am What’s Up? | Variety - Radio Plus

10am Clara Amfo | Variety - BBC Radio 1

12pm Lizzie Curious | Dance - Trickstar Radio

2pm Sam Supplier | House, UK Garage & Bass - Rinse FM

5pm The Dirty Outlaws | Variety - Touch FM Live

7pm Annie Mac | Dance - BBC Radio 1

7pm Friday Night Kiss with Steve Smart | Club - KISS FM UK

7pm Vibe And Drive | Variety - Radio Plus

8pm The Queen E Show | Grime, Hip Hop & RnB - DJQueen-E.com

9pm Pete Tong | Dance - BBC Radio 1

9pm Wideboys | House & UK Garage - KISSTORY

10pm Mike Delinquent | House & UK Garage - KISSTORY

Trustnobody | House & Techno

Hospital Records | Drum & Bass

Above & Beyond Group Therapy | Trance

Clublife | Club


1am What’s Up? | Variety - Radio Plus

3pm Kiss Fresh with Swarzy | Hip Hop & RnB - KISS FRESH

4pm Mark Radford | Tech House - Rinse FM

6pm The Music Box | House - D3EP

8pm Saturday Night Kiss with Steve Smart | Club - KISS FM UK

9pm Saturday Night Kiss Fresh with Charlie Hedges | Dance - KISS


11pm Saturday Night Kiss Fresh with DJ S.K.T | House, Techno &



10am Neev | Variety - KISS FM UK

The Beauty Of Sound | Trance

UKF Podcast | Bass

The Chillout Lounge Mix | Chillout

HeavyBeatsRadio | Club

Clubbing Culture | Club



If You Know You Know

By Pusha-T, this track has a killer main

hook. The first 45 seconds are a little too

repetitive for my tastes, with the word

“boy” overworked. But the drop brings

fire. That little melody and vocal clip

together with the lyrical flow is insanely

addictive. The track remains lively with

little tone changes here and there.

Featured on ‘Vice is now on All 4’ advert.


I can’t believe I forgot to mention this in

our last issue. How amazing is this new

album? Most of us are saying the same

thing - the real slim shady is back! This is

Eminem at his finest with that raw, snappy,

fierce attitude and incredible talent.

10 www.AudationMagazine.com

Time In A Bottle

Lykke Li covers Jim Croce’s song with a

beautifully husky voice and a soft,

contemporary piano track underneath -

simply divine. However, that particular

version does not seem to be anywhere

other than on an advert. The main track

does hold the husky voice though pairs it

with a tuneful country guitar melody.

Featured on Fuze Tea 2018 advert.


Christmas is just around the corner which

means the big brands are battling against

each other for the best seasonal tv advert.

Each year John Lewis creates a

heartwarming campaign, and this year was

no exception. ‘The Boy and The Piano’

vividly tells the story of music legend

Elton John with his beloved instrument. It

turns back time, spanning across his

career, to finally see him as a child

running down the stairs all excited on

Christmas morning. His present? The

piano. A gift which gave this little boy

courage to follow his passion. The

accompanying ‘Your Song’ sits perfectly

with this advert… My gift is my song.


12 www.AudationMagazine.com

H I G H E R @ S t u d i o 3 3 8

Within recent years Solardo have risen to become one

of the most sought after acts on the underground music

scene. Their hard-driving, party-starting style of Tech

House, which is evident in their tracks & DJ sets has seen

the boys from Manchester score numerous number 1s

and top ten hits, and play at some of the biggest parties

across the globe. With the Ibiza season at a close,

Halloween already drifting away and Christmas still

feeling a young age away, “Higher” a showcase

presented by Solardo was the perfect anecdote to bridge

the gap. The line up set to be showcased at the newly

re-built Studio 338 in Greenwich, London was

heavyweight. A top heavy line up playing through a bass

heavy Void sound system balanced out with upcoming

DJs Mason Maynard & Late Replies playing some cool

early sets.

It may have been raining cats and dogs but the heavy

showers didn’t deter faithful from turning out in full

swing as the sold out show was almost at full capacity

from early. Mason Maynard, a young UK DJ who is set to

light the scene up in the very near future, played an

incredible early set, leaving the helm rocking for LEON

to go b2b with Joey Daniel. Staged under the newly redeveloped

terrace of Studio 338, with ravers avidly fist

pumping from the balcony above, Solardo accompanied

by special guest Andrea Olivia churned out riddim after

riddim for hour upon hour. There were countless fresh

tracks being dropped alongside older classics such as

Detroit Grand Pubah’s track ‘Sandwiches’ educating the

younger generation. One of the most if not the stand out

moment of the night, was when Solardo dropped their

smash hit track ‘Somebody’. When this track was dropped

the whole venue rocked. The whole venue, right from

the very back of the inside club part to the front of the

terrace, stopped rocked and relentlessly sung in unison

the words to the song and dropped again whenever the

b-line dropped. The night was brought to a close with an

amazing dark set by Avorte label boss Sante, the perfect

way to end 11hrs solid music.




Dancing In Mauritius

I can’t say that I’ve ever danced so much! 4

weeks whizzed by and it was a holiday fuelled

by music. Let me take you back to the


It started off with the general meetings or to

“zwenn” with relatives. The first trip to the

beach proceeded and the serene atmosphere

washed over me once more. There is such

peace in the sounds and movements of the

waves kissing the shore whilst the sunlight

warms you. My cousin’s wedding was the next

occasion. One of my honorary sisters. It was so

special to see her fairytale unfold. This also

brought my first taste of a song which wowed

me on this trip, ‘Mein Tenu Samjhawan’

performed by Ebanez at the wedding

reception. The female vocalist had a stunning

voice reaching such exquisite sweet high notes

together the striking live band.

More beach trips followed and I was especially

captivated by Anse La Raie, although it is small

I felt a quiet charm in the energy here.

Bollywood fever took over with my next music

dose. One song I caught over the week which I

liked was ‘Tareefan’ by QARAN ft Badshah with

a sexy, smooth tone. A cheesy movie night

watching ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ got me

wiggling with the spicy track ‘Bom Diggy Diggy’

by Zack Knight ft Jasmin Walia which I have

previously reviewed. The next track which I

really enjoyed from the film was the modern

Indian number ‘Dil Chori’ by Yo

Yo Honey Singh ft Simar Kaur

& Ishers.

14 www.AudationMagazine.com

A great mix of sightseeing, dodo quest,

drinking, stargazing and baking filled the

days. One Friday night took me to the Flying

Dodo Brewing Company which had such a

warm atmosphere, good food, drinks and

good music. The Irish was the natural go-to

afterwards, and I was welcomed by a

fantastic live jazz performance complete

with a lovely rendition of ‘Isn’t She Lovely’

on the saxophone. As is a perfect ending to

the evening, the DJ came on and my soul

sister and I started the party, dancing like

there’s no tomorrow.

Throughout the holiday, one radio station

was the top choice - NRJ Maurice. Living up

to its slogan “Hit Music Only”, this station

holds a young, fresh vibe playing both local

and international music. One huge trending

song there was ’Taki Taki’ by DJ Snake ft

Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B with its

raunchy, flavourful, dance mood. A few

more tracks which caught my attention are

‘Later B*tches’ by The Prince Karma with a

fabulously filthy club vibe and ‘Coco’ by

Elijah & Otentik Groove with a soulful, lighthearted


I got to check out some killer events too,

explore this issue to find out more on those.

I ended up dancing everywhere: parties, on

the beach, in the car, around shopping

malls, in public toilets… yeah literally

everywhere! It So, with that in mind, I’ll

leave you with this simple statement:

Whatever the situation, enjoy the groove.


Let It Be

In our pain and sufferings,

When all hope seems lost,

Give light to the opportunity of acceptance.

In times where troubles cripple us,

When there seems way for us to redeem,

Find refuge in the present, even if we're down and wary.

When you feel like giving up,

Overwhelmed by darkness,

Close your eyes and let it be.

No time of tomorrow,

No more worries from yesterday.

No wonders in today.

Just let it be.

There is a light in the present.

There is an answer in acceptance.

Take a chance on your presence.

And just let it be.


Inspired by The Beatles - Let It Be




'Better Now' by Post Malone

Better Now sits right in the middle of Post Malone’s 2018

album ‘Beerbongs & Bentleys’ and recently peaked at #5

on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Listening through the whole

album, this is the one that really grabs me with 808 hip hop

and trap drums, pop rock style guitars and a chorus hook to

die for. Post Malone singing about a romance break up and

the fact that both parties, whoever they may be, are better

off now that it’s over (which is something many of us can

probably relate to). This song has a seriously catchy chorus

that repeats over and over until it gets firmly stuck in your

vortex while keeping the verse short. sweet and to the point.

The arrangement allows itself to be the beating heart of

this song, it keeps you going back multiple times to the

start of the track and have it on repeat. Even though It’s in

essence a break up song, it’s very up and euphoric at the

same time and for me definitely the main hit from the album.

A fantastic artist that has much much more to offer in future

years. Post Malone. The Future.


2018 not only came in with a bang, but

it appears to be going out with a bang

as we see the original Artful Dodger

duo continue to make a comeback as

Original Dodger. Legendary producers

Pete Devereux and Mark Hill have been

back in the studio and have just

released another album, ‘Momentum’.

The album contains the tracks

‘Bubblin’ with vocals from Daniel

Bedingfield and ‘Give You Up’

featuring IDA.

Let’s begin with a little trip down

memory lane. Artful Dodger are wellknown

to be amidst the huge buzz of

UK Garage in the 90’s and early 00’s.

They quickly rose to fame with hits

including ‘Movin’ Too Fast’ ft Romina

Johnson, ‘Re-Rewind’ ft Craig David

and ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On’ ft Lifford.

This movement eventually came to a

end with many stating that the genre

died, but this is simply not true.

Producers never stopped making great

UKG, it just went back to the

underground scene. A lot changed for

the duo too in that phase and they

ended up selling the usage of the

“Artful Dodger” name. Fast-forward to

the present day, we see that name on

events and many still assume that they

are the former stars. However, that

identity is now formed of new

members and a whole new concept.

Neither one of the original producers

have sat idle over the years. They both

have continued their musical

18 www.AudationMagazine.com

endeavors. Mark Hill continued

producing under the name Artful with

tracks including ‘Could Just Be The

Baseline’ ft Kal Lavelle and ‘Architect’

ft Cairo. He also recently launched

60hz, an underground, artistcontrolled

record label for garage,

dance and RnB souls of the future. Also,

earlier this year he opened a new

studio along the coast of Cornwall,

Bedruthan Studios. A full service

recording studio housed in a gorgeous

log cabin just minutes from the beach.

Pete Devereux continued producing

house and garage music under the

name DEVolution together with Tom

Devos. Their most notable track is

‘Good Love’ ft Amy Pearson, which has

become a timeless dance piece.

August 2016, this is the first glimpse

we had of a reunion for the pair. That

selfie. The two with finger’s to their

lips in sign of a hushed secret, a teasing

hashtag of #mumstheword and the

mention of talking about “some stuff”.

I think it’s fair to say that the majority

of UK Garage fans went crazy! The

rebranding was unveiled and we were

introduced to Original Dodger. May

2017 saw the release of their first

single ‘Millionaire’ ft Daecolm X P

Money X DaVinChe which was a fresh

and lively number. ’Find Space’ ft

Shakka came next in December of the

same year, with emotive vocals and an

appealing track. This start not only

showed off their skills once more, but

also made the statement that no matter

how long it’s been and what has

passed, these two are still legends.

Released in September 2018, the

Momentum EP is a fun and lively set of

tracks. ‘Give You Up’ ft Ida has a nononsenve

attitude and a sexy edge to

the bass. The Vybz Riddim Mix takes

down the pace and adds colourful

beats. The second instalment is

‘Bubblin’’ ft Daniel Bedingfield which

has a gorgeous bouncy rhythm and fire

in those vocals. The DVRX VIP Mix twists

this with a choppy house style. We are

loving the new EP and are looking

forward to many more releases from

this talented duo. We’re also thrilled to

have the lads chat with us as they

embark on this new journey...

Tell us about yourselves and how you

started out in the music industry

Mark: I’ve been interested in music as

long as I remember, both my

grandfathers were very musical and I

loved messing about with instruments

and singing when I was young. While at

school i decided to change from

pursuing a career in architecture to

study music properly, and then set up a

studio in Southampton while at uni. It

was at that studio I met Pete and Craig


Pete: I have played the piano since the

age of 4 and began DJing in

Southampton soon after I finished

college in the mid 90’s, at which point I

picked up the Yellow Pages and called

Mark’s studio to book some time in,

which was the beginning of the original

Artful Dodger project. I took some time

out after the shenanigans of AD and

began working on a project called The

Midnight Circus for a few years before

forming DEVolution, which was all a lot

of fun.


The Momemtum EP, what were the

ideas behind it?

If we’re honest the title was a little

ironic and born out of frustration of

the sheer time it was taking to get tracks

released. We also wanted to make a

commitment to ourselves and fans that

the intention moving forward is to

create much more momentum with

music coming out and shows, as we have

been doing lately.

Let’s rewind, how do you feel now

looking back on your past stardom?

Would you have done anything

differently? And, are there any

particular favourite moments from

back then?

Well looking back we could say that we

made a lot of bad moves but, I think we’d

both say that, ultimately some of the

bad moves lead to good things so it’s

hard to say that we would have changed

anything. We survived it most

importantly and still love doing what we

do and there were so many incredible

moments like playing to enormous

crowds in Glastonbury, performing on

the now defunct Top of the Pops was

pretty cool, not to mention Jools

Holland. The only regret would be not

getting a Blue Peter badge!

A few thoughts from you on the “Artful

Dodger” identity and how you guys feel

about its usage now?

Do you find your fan base to be more

spread across the globe now than

before? If so, do you believe that is due

to the accessibility of social media?

It certainly is more widespread, as are

most things these days, which is such a

refreshing feeling as we always felt

back in 2000 that we weren’t getting

the chance to push the tracks overseas

as much as we would have liked. Social

media is at times a blessing and a curse,

but it is brilliant that you can connect

music with people all around the globe


It’s frustrating as f*** but we are

concentrating on staying positive and

focusing on our new music and shows,

and hoping that eventually it will

become obvious what happened! It’s

definitely more than a bit weird to think

a couple of random guys are happy to

stand up in front of people and say they

are us and that they made the music etc,

pointless getting stressed about it and

the more people who find out the truth

the better.

The reunion, simply how did it occur?

What made you decide to get back

together and make music again?

20 www.AudationMagazine.com

We were both making dance music

again and frustrated with the confusion

over the name, our management

chatted and suggested we meet for a

coffee to think of a solution. After

posting a selfie on socials, the positive

response was overwhelming and it

seemed a natural point to get back in

the studio

Has it been easy to get back into tune

with one another in the studio?

Easiest thing in the world. From the first

day back in the studio it felt like we had

never left! The process is different

technically these days as we have our

own spaces to work in, but the vibe is

still as it was.

What are your aims as Original Dodger?

Just to enjoy it, work with good people,

carry on a legacy that we’re proud of

and get back out in front of people to

see their reaction to the music

All-time favourite UK Garage track and


This honestly changes over time so we’d

hate to single out one track in such a

massive catalogue of bangers and we’re

sure we would each have different


you need to put the hours in and enjoy it.

Which artists are you really into right

now… Who should we be listening to?

Who do you wanna work with?

Mark: I’m really enjoying Kastle, Mind of

a Dragon, James TW on an acoustic tip

& Tom Misch.

Pete: I love 21 Pilots and every time

Mantra by Bring Me The Horizon comes

on in the car I nearly blow the speakers!

Great to see Purple Disco Machine

crossing over to a bigger audience too.

Can you give us a glimpse of what plans

you have as Original Dodger? And, do

you see a tour in the future?

We have just changed agents and are

putting a tour together at the moment

for the winter and into festival season

next year. We want to keep the OD stuff

coming thick and fast and also have a

bunch of new music coming on my

(Mark’s) new label 60hz Music focusing

on emerging young talent.



What is your advice for those in the

music industry?

Stick at it and never stop learning and

honing your craft. It’s so easy to make

music these days that sounds finished,

but there are few people that will

consistently produce timeless music,

The Sassy Yank & Ruby


Always a reason to dance

There is nothing wrong with dancing or going out to party. I refuse to

accept it when I hear people tell “Oh I’m too old for all that now. I don’t

go out dancing. I don’t rave anymore.” I’m of the conception that age has

no bearing on if you should go out and shake a leg. Whether you have

smooth dance moves like MJ or have 2 left feet like the old fella down

the boozer smashed from too many lagers and a couple of jaeger bombs,

you should always feel free to dance. We’re all accustomed to that age

old saying “Dance like nobody’s watching” and there is many a reason to

take note of those words, little more important than that dancing is good

for the mind, body & soul.

Picture this, it’s 7am on a cold Monday morning and you’re starting your

daily journey. It might even be raining a little, but yet there is a random

commuter avidly smiling whilst head bopping, foot tapping or even

outright dancing whilst somewhat oblivious to the reactions of anybody

else. Involved in their own private silent disco. Your first thought, most

likely would be to think they were perhaps a touch crazy, but the chances

are, it’s the signs of happiness that you are witnessing. An individual

absorbed in a vibe that they feel right through their body. There has been

extensive research into the connection between music, dance and health,

all of which conclude with the answer that music and dancing is good for


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those

who could not hear the music.” - Friedrich Nietzsche.

The correlation between music and mental health is something that

cannot be doubted. For many a generation it has long been noted that

the sound of music has a bearing on ones mental well-being and German

philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was one of many who picked up on this.

The great philosopher wrote numerous books on music and the mind but

one of his aphorisms that always stands out is one written in 1889. “What

trifles constitute happiness! The sound of a bagpipe. Without music life

would be a mistake.” On a personal note I find this is a statement to be

wholly true, as I view music as being life. We all live our lives in our very

own way, tailor-made to a manner which suits us best but in the end we

are all chasing the same target. HAPPINESS.

Happiness is like the wall bracket that keeps your plasma TV attached to

22 www.AudationMagazine.com


the wall, stable and secure stopping you from falling. If that bracket

somehow manages to defect, it can leave things hanging in the balance,

just like happiness. So it comes as no surprise to hear that many of us see

the dancefloor as a sanctuary, a safe place or even an escape from the

real world. The dancefloor is a place where music rules and good vibes

are usually amplified. It’s a scientific fact that music releases dopamine

into the brain giving us that feeling of euphoria that we can get from

music, and dopamine is directly linked to happiness. Such things as

depression, apathy and chronic fatigue can all be linked to dopamine

deficiency - therefore making music essential to life. Music is therapeutic

and it can also have the power to amplify your mood. Whether your

mood be one of pure elation or a mood of a more downbeat nature, the

sound of notes can have a part to play in how that mood manifests and

undeniably your mood can affect your state of mind.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” - Hans Christian Andersen

Music therapy has long been a part of Western medicine since the 1950’s

and there have been numerous studies into the correlation between

music & health. Researchers from McGill University in Montreal found in

a study that listening to music that you enjoy can increase dopamine

levels by 9% in individuals. Mental health is an issue that affects us all in

some way as we are all prone to having highs & lows within life. It’s just

natural but I’d always advise that a person seek help if they ever feel like

they need it. As they say, prevention is always better than cure, so it’s

important to not hang up your dancing shoes.

You’ll find that when dancing, an ample flow of mood-improving

chemicals are released helping to elevate our mental state; even one

lively dance session has been proven to reduce depression in

comparison to vigorous exercise or listening to music, according to

research conducted by The Arts in Psychotherapy. In the UK we may be

finding it harder to find cool places to go dancing, especially for

underground music lovers but there is always a place to dance. So for the

sake of a positive mental health I encourage you all to grab your glad

rags, dig out them dancing shoes and go dance the night away.





'Uh Huh' by Jade Bird


This sexy, grunge pop song is full of attitude and

shows no mercy.

Everybody sees that you’re just a little toy.

I can’t help shouting along to the words and wanting

to leap into the air when that killer main sections



I was hit with a burst of immense,

bright energy as I walked in. All of my

senses were intrigued and I was

interested to discover more.

L’Aventure Du Sucre,

Pamplemousses played hosts to the

biggest music festival of Mauritius

on 3 November. This whimsical

location of a former sugar factory,

now being a museum, was a delight

to explore.

Kaz’Out, the literal mixed translation

of this is “out of your house” and “out

of the box”. The event’s ambition is

to get people out of the house to

“discover, share and open yourself

to new horizons.” They are not

looking to only share what is in the

mainstream scene, but rather give

the spotlight to artists who openly

express their passions and

personalities on the stage.

through nooks and crannies, hazily

widening my eyes at the various

curious things around me, holding

one first intention of following the

music. I found my way to the front of

the Kanbar stage and was welcomed

by rock / grunge group UnMind. Their

wild, fist-pumping, jump-up sounds

had me rocking out! It was so cool to

even see little kids going crazy to this

untamed music. They have a

signature of powerful guitar riffs and

are inspired by the likes of Nirvana,

Seether and Foo Fighters.

It was another gorgeous day of blue

skies and the scorching hot sunshine,

the crowd was super and there was

lots to check out. Amidst the various

features of the location itself were an

array of food & beverage stalls, and

more interestingly, vendors stalls.

These stalls had a nice range of arts,

crafts, clothes and accessories to


Upon entry, I found myself weaving

26 www.AudationMagazine.com

Over to the Dan Vilaz stage as the

group Rasinn Kare gave a colourful

performance with a lovely,

light-hearted flow and a touch of

soulful grooves. Fusing the modern

with the traditional, they expose

emotions through their music.

bold, sort of rock edge which was

really cool. This maloya genre is

native to Reunion islands and was at

one time banned by authorities, the

band maintain these roots whilst also

developing it with a modern concept.

Lounging in a field amongst many

chilled and contented minds, the sun

shining down together with great

music filling the air from the live stage

performance - at one moment, I had

forgotten I was not in the UK!

Simultaneously over on the Kanbar

stage, DJ duo Revival brought fun,

flavourful island dance vibes and got

my hips wiggling. They were also

joined by live percussions from a

conga player. With Afro-oriented

rhythms, they are influenced by

Bernard Desmarais, John Digweed

and Sasha.

Off to the Kaz-Apero stage where the

musical group Ziskakan entertained

the crowd. They commenced with a

lively folk style and then moved to a

Trendy DJ group Økuna took to the

Kanbar stage with rhythmic and melodic

house music. Bouncing and swaying to

their set, you’re lulled by their warm

tones. Their music is described as a

journey between dream and reality,

with the fine balance of choppy beats

and mesmerising sounds.

Finally I got the opportunity to watch

the band Patyatann perform on the Dan

Vilaz stage. Their music was so pretty

and versatile. The songs were so unique,

each with a different state of mind and

energy. It was audio poetry and you were

pulled, like a magnet, to


their emotions. Using native

instruments, they celebrate the island’s

cultural diversity and spirituality.

Kaz’Out was such an incredible

experience. Fantastic musicians, your

curiosity being excited at every turn and

a joyous atmosphere. The people were

bundled together in a carefree daze. We

were all at one, united by the love of











28 www.AudationMagazine.com

" M a n y t h i n g s , f r o m s m a l l t o

b i g o n e s . A b e a u t i f u l s u n s e t

a l w a y s m a k e s m y h e a r t

h a p p y . " G u y M a n t z u r




Have you ever been through one of them experiences where everything in our

life changes? Everything as we know it stops, shuts down, closes, ends,

followed by an abyss of darkness. Driving us deep into a time when we think

our way through that dark place. A time when our ego is in full control! All

feelings have vanished. We’re numb. There's not a smidgen of that proverbial

light at the end of the tunnel.

Not yet anyway.

There’s little choice. Or so we think. We keep on moving though, devoid of any

feeling. In some cases lifetimes, years, maybe a few months, for some mere

days, nonetheless a scary place to be at to say the least no?

That dreaded fear.

The Master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” Stephen


I'm not sure of the exact time I became aware that whatever was transpiring in

my world was… well… way bigger than all of my 4 foot nothing. There were

many, many signs that I did not recognise at first. How could I, when I was so

deeply immersed in my ego? Well that changed rapidly.

Profoundly one fine Saturday morning in Johannesburg, South Africa, 19 April

2014 my life switched back on. Somebody pressed play. Literally. It was time

for the next level. It was when I stepped into yet another reality. This time to

start a cycle that made all others pale from been there done that into… this is

pretty much the real deal, ride or die cycle! Once I latched onto the

synchronicities there was no turning back so to speak.

My DJ journey.

Little did I "know" then where it would lead.

Memory has it though that there was an onslaught of feelings tossing around

like an unleashed wild something. My DJ mentor and amazing artist himself,

Dave Skinz, raised my awareness to the enthusiasm I had for DJíng.

Enthusiasm. A magical word I’ve embraced the past four years. I still feel it

every time I step into the magical music zone. Techno to be more specific. It

was a feeling I quickly became addicted to. For the first time in a long long

time something inside was coming into Love. I could feel it.

30 www.AudationMagazine.com

Let’s roll that word (enthusiasm) over our tongue, close our eyes, feel its color,

inhale its sweet beckoning fragrance and allow it to seep into our senses as I

endeavor to explain just what enthused me so…

In light of my personal perspective, each and every soul on our beautiful

planet is on a journey with purpose. All 7.6 odd billion of us! That blows my

mind just thinking of the existential potential on our planet. Potential to be

the change. No matter the actual micro or macrocosm of it, living our truth is

the main trajectory. We each have a responsibility to awaken to our personal

truth whatever that may look and feel like to us individually.

I discovered along this journey that I would never BE THE LIGHT if I couldn’t

face my dark first. My shadow. My stuff. My issues. Me demons. Fears. Anger.

Grief. Pain. Defenselessness. Abandonment. Memories of chaos.

Transformation is not for the feint hearted. I had to rid them or die trying. Oh

yes I had a death wish in there to for a long time too. But I vowed to overcome

this lesson in this lifetime. Turns out I vowed other things in past lifetimes too.

Now there’s more to this story than I have the space to explain here. You’re

welcome to subscribe to my Blog on SEKSiCuLLTURE.

So what's all this got to do with Techno music and DJíng?

Fast on a path that was working furiously in my favour, from South Africa (my

karmic journey) to New Zealand, Thailand, Fiji and now Sydney, Australia… and

this is just the (3D) physical reality, what I knew for sure is how it made me

feel. I tuned into and followed the feeling, debated with my int-UI-tion like a

warrior with a mission and took positive action (not always willingly) against

every possible oddity a person could face (story for another time).

I remember clearly that one time in the past when I was brutally directed to

“go find your inner peace.” he said.

Dear “Mr Catalyst” thank you for adding a twinkle to my path. Your brutality

worked in my favour apparently.

The short story is that I broke my own heart… twice… wide open. We all have

this yin-yang energy going on. Masculine and Feminine Divine energy and it’s

alive in us! How beautiful is that! From fear to freedom. From dark to light.

From mental prisoner asleep to heart awakened. This heart I speak of… it exists

within U & I. It’s our spiritual heart. You can’t see it. You feel it.

Well. I’ve got news for you, so listen up.

Music is my Truth. Techno is my Heart. Love the mediator that led to a


connected, liberating, beautiful, surrender to my inner peace. I’ve found my

Light. Shining it unreservedly is my Purpose.

Moral of the story?


There are a few at our current dimension. Though if I may suggest, never give

up on YOU. Miracles abound every single second of the day. We are never

going to see it with our egos. We feel it by opening our hearts to listen. This is

what I discovered on this here journey.

“Both Light and Shadow are a dance of Love” Rumi

Experience has it that, that evasive light at the end of the tunnel was the

awakening to my own light. How could I possibly see it, if I at first did not

embrace my shadow? Until then I was floating like a tossed cork on a stormy

sea between here and no man’s land. Until it dawned on me that I was the


By no means am I suggesting you leave your comfort zone, face your shadow

self like a boss, take up DJíng at a questionable age, travel the world gangster

style, get out of your own way or anything as adventurous and daring of the

sort. Stranger things can manifest.

What I’m alluding to is this…

Find your ship, lock into your True North, discover your shore and anchor that

baby. Step into your Truth. Step into your Purpose. Step into your Light and

shine unapologetically. Shine your Light whatever that may be for you! Just

shine baby!

Use it, lose it or feel it. Free will is alive and well.

So let’s dance. Or watch this space….


SEKSiCuLLTURE - Awakening Hearts

Some people want diamond rings

Some just want everything

But everything means nothing

If I ain't got you

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You 33

I finally had the chance to attend a PURE

event - one of the best beach party brands

on the island, run by our friend and

entertainment’s entrepreneur Javed Vayid,

I was so excited!! This edition, as titled

Royauté, was held on 2 November at the

beautiful location of The St. Regis Mauritius

Resort, Le Morne. The luxury rendez-vous

theme allowed guests to unwind, indulge in

fine tastes and be compelled by the music.

But, before we get to that, I had an errand to

run. Thursday afternoon and I’m enjoying the lovely vistas of the country

heading to the airport to pick up Guy Mantzur. I felt like a VIP liaising with

the headliner and representing PURE. He was so friendly and also was

interested in the island’s history and culture. I, practically a tourist myself,

somehow stumbled through informing him about Mauritius and being a

rough guide, hopefully it half made sense!

Friday. Event day. Also a public holiday which was good timing. Blue skies,

the blazing hot sun and a gorgeous beach setting. It was really cool to see

everything come together and also catch some rays. The resort has a brilliant

view of the Le Morne Brabant Mountain which is a UNESCO World Heritage

Site and is a symbol of freedom.

Matsonic kicked off the event

with warm grooves and a

chilled atmosphere. There

were hints of soulful and funky

elements in his set to wet our

appetites. From a young age

Matsonic has been immersed

in music with influences of

rock, jazz and classical being

fused into his electronic music


34 www.AudationMagazine.com


Tess was next onto the decks. She heated

things up with a combination of flavourful

sounds, upbeat tempos and a touch of the

dark side. She really stood out, imparting

her own excitement and joyful energy to

the crowd. With a love for music through

every moment in life, the underground

scene gives Tess chills and she aims to

inspire women to follow their dreams.

Mid-party, the sun was setting and I couldn’t resist heading down to the

beach to catch a glimpse. I was surprised to see it filled with people who

had the same idea. The soothing waves and the beautiful sunset, day turning

into night, the shifting of moods… mesmerising.

Guy Mantzur completed the trio. When he stepped onto that stage, the

crowd went wild! This fire did not burn out as he brought the party to a

climax like an unstoppable adrenaline shot. His set was comprised of lively

rhythmic pulses, hard-hitting power and sinful waves of deep intensity.

With a unique blend of hypnotic melodies and seductive grooves, He made

us feel the music, feel its soul and get lost in it.

“Royauté was the most enjoyable event I have organised since a long

time! Everything was perfect from my organiser point of view: people

were happy, the weather was perfect, music was great and the energy

was fantastic.

PURE is bound to become a regional brand, people are asking for us in

Reunion Island. Being the only employee of the company till now, it was

very difficult to export our brand and know-how. But things are moving

on, I am building my group with a corporate office and will be able to

materialise my international ambitions next year.”

- Javed Vayid

36 www.AudationMagazine.com

Royautê was simply electric. From an initial state of beauty and pleasures,

the frame of mind transitioned to a spark of excitement. The sense of serenity

remained and you just let loose in that moment. The cherry on top was

seeing Javed, the event organiser, dancing on stage madly with a huge grin

on his face! That’s what life is about - putting your all into something you

love, and enjoying it.


Guy Mantzur has risen through Tel Aviv’s underground movement and is

now a worldwide sensation. I was able to chat to him about the event and

his career...

Tell us about yourself and how you started in music.

Hey, first I want to say thank you and good to be here.

So, it all started way back when I was 6 years old, I discovered my love for

music and started playing piano for five years, then guitar.

At the age of 17 I started producing and got more and more into electronic

music, it started from chill out and developed into what I'm doing today.

You rocked Mauritius! What did you think about the event and the vibe

from the crowd?

I really loved the show in Mauritius. The place was magic for my music and

the event was well-produced, but the big thanks goes to the amazing crowd

who came and danced non-stop. Definitely one of my favorite spots from

now on.

Did you have any expectations before this event of what it would be like?

And will you come back again?

I heard from some of my friends very good feedback regarding the party

scene in Mauritius but, to be honest, it was above my expectations. Add to

this, all the people and the promoters Javed & Vashil took such good care

of me, it all made me feel at home. i will be back for sure :-)


38 www.AudationMagazine.com

You have releases on Lost & Found, New State Music, Kompakt and more...

What inspires you when producing music?

I can be inspired by many things, it can be a movie I saw, new or old songs

i hear, people I meet or DJ sets I discover... I found lately that one of the

most inspiring things for me is just take to some time off in a magic place,

watching the sea, clear mind always helps me to set up my thoughts and

get focused regarding creating.

You co-own PlattenBank Records, what are the aims of the label?

Plattenbank is my label in the last 12 years, it became our life project. We

are planning every move with the label and always trying to move forward

with our sound and music. One of our goals is to give a platform for artists,

just by their music and not by their success or profile. For us music comes

first and it always feels good to discover new pearls.

What advice do you have for aspiring DJs & producers?

Avoid following trends, they all have a short life time and they will end at

some point . Be loyal to your true love and music style, and always keep

what you are doing exciting.

Future plans?

I have some very special releases that i can’t talk about at the moment

because it’s not announced yet, for sure one of them will be on Plattenbank.

I have very exciting shows coming up: Australia tour, Tulum with Digweed,

Miami, Panama on NYE, Budapest & more

Any last words?

Mauritius you got a new friend, i fall in love with your island and we will

meet again for sure.







"Cat’s getting scared of cucumbers,

o u r f a m i l i e s a n d T a z & B e e f y !

( G o o g l e i t … ) " O r i g i n a l D o d g e r



My Song Of The Year

Ariana Grande - God Is A Woman

"This was the year of Ariana Grande and female empowerment,

so I have to pick God Is A Woman as my top song of the year. It

could've been seen as controversial, but instead it was accepted

and loved by everyone with open arms. At the end of all she has

been through, she is coming out on top with her female support

system, so yes God most definitely can be a woman!" Sarah

Koffee - Toast

"I’ve chosen this song as I have been listening to reggae and

dancehall for over 28 years and I feel this is the freshest

sounding reggae/dancehall song of 2018." Malachi

Hot Since ‘82 ft Jam Cooke - Buggin’

"Every so often I find a track that speaks to my soul. Deeply. I

know this when I’m moved to tears, time and again. Buggin' is

one of those tracks. Refreshing, with the sexiest melody, deeply

moving vocals that I resonate with, featuring my favourite

favourite vocalist Jem Cooke and producers/DJ’s that need little

introduction, Hot Since ’82 (Label Knee Deep in Sound). This

one goes into my Gems folder for sure." Sharm

Taylor Swift ft Ed Sheehan & Future - End Game

"I just love the overall feel of the song and Ed Sheeran's feature

is a nice thing there too. I also enjoyed the music video of this

song, especially the moment of London in fireworks." Mary

Solardo - Be Somebody

"This is a track that I've seen captivate many a dancefloor. The

bassline & groove throughout the track is solid and it has a

stand out vocal. A vocal that sounds so epic if get the chance to

see a 1000+ capacity venue rock and sing in unison the simple

vocal the track contains, like I did at Studio 338 this year."



Justin Timberlake ft Chris Stapleton - Say Something

"I wanna get there, to the place I wanna be. But still its hard to

get through. Support needed from people around. Felt I could

not make it on my own... I was looking for something i cant have

really... still there were other plans for me and I found it deep

within in the silence. When there is nothing to say, so that

moment you can speak to yourself and I found the answers deep

within." Steve

Gavin James - Easy

"It’s a raw, stripped-back song of what it means to fall in love

with your best friend, and feel like you've won the lottery being

with them. It explains how the world is tough and against you,

but with the right partner you can make it through." Jessie

Marshmello ft Bastille - Happier

'After being asked to submit a piece about my song of the year I

put a lot of thought into it. Which genre? Which mood? Fast or

slow? I stumble each and every time I’m asked this question. My

problem is that I love music so much it’s really hard to pick just

one song! Some songs I feel based on the music, others the

lyrics. But each song that makes me express “Oh! I love this

song” are songs that make me feel, that I relate too. But since I

do have to pick one song, I’ll choose Marshmellow - Happier ft

Bastille. This song is a bit more mainstream EDM than I usually

care for but the message in the song speaks to me and where I

am in my life this year. No matter my interaction with people, I

always wish them the best and I want them to be happier.

Sometimes we have to make difficult choices for that to

happen." Christina

Dua Lipa - Electricity

"The music helps you relax. It makes your mind wander in a

whole different world." Ashna

Ed Sheeran - Happier

"I think that regardless of 'Godness'- like the success of Drake

in the UK's charts my personal choice goes with latest Ed

Sheeran's songs." Tamara

42 www.AudationMagazine.com

Anderson .Paak ft Kendrick Lamar - TINTS

'Sounding very 90’s Jamiroquai with tetro chords, funky guitars,

and disco drums. Great vocals including a call and reply male

and female glossy backing vocals which all come together to

create an ultimate funky jam. It's always hard to name your

track of the year so I went for something fairly recent. Produced

by the legendary Dr Dre and topped off with a laid-back

Kendrick Lamer rap. TINTS has everything. This track is off

Anderson’s new 'Oxnard' album (also mostly produced by Dre)

and is going to be one of the best albums of 2018/19. A great

rapper and top notch soulful vocal singer and professional

drummer. We love talent at Audiation Mag and Anderson .Paak

has it in abundance. Believe nothing of what you hear, And only

half of what you see. The message is in the music." Rokuro

IDLES - Danny Nedelko

"In a time of increasing division and bitterness, there's very

little music out there speaking directly to people about

challenging the hatred that is rising across the world. This song

is about as perfect as possibly can be as shout-along terrace

anthem for working class kids that promotes pro-immigration,

pro-empathy, pro-love lyrics.

All together: He's made of bones, he's made of blood

He's made of flesh, he's made of love

He's made of you, he's made of me

UNITY!!!!!" Andy

Armin van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah

"This track is completely brash, senseless and a little trashy.

And I cannot get enough of it! This is the ultimate EDM song

with huge adrenaline and a wild, rebellious force. This year has

been in such disarray of both good and bad. This year has been

so crazy. This year has just been so blah blah blah!" Ruby

What's your song of 2018? Which song could you not

get out of your head or simply reflects your year's

moments? Email us and let us know!




It’s the party with the distinctive clown face that we all know and love.

The party that undeniably owns Mondays each and every summer in

Ibiza with a line up that looks like what you could call a UEFA

Champions League of DJs. Circoloco. The Spanish to English

translation for this party curated by 2 Italians reads ‘Crazy Circus’ and

rightly so. For that is what springs to mind. A crazy circus of quality

underground music, usually across 3 rooms at DC10. A party built on

no gimmicks, just quality pedal to the metal House & Techno. Founded

in 1999 as an after-hours night to follow on from the 24hr Sunday

sessions at Space, Circoloco has been raising the bar for underground

music parties for almost 20 years. And to this day it still continues to

do so, leaving party goers with ever-lasting memories yearning for

more. A ‘DJ’s DJ’ is a track selector of the highest decree, one who

entertains the faithful whilst educating the well schooled. If this term

could be applied to parties, then Circoloco is ‘The Party’s Party’.

Such is the notoriety of this event, pretty much every name worth

knowing in the House & Techno scene has played for Circoloco. So

many of the big players in the game can stake a claim to holding a

residency or guesting at Circoloco, among them, Tania Vulcano,

Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, Sacha, Dubfire, Clive Henry, Jamie

Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Ellen Allien, Apolonia & Luciano. The list

is incredible. So when Printworks announced their 2018 Autumn/

Winter programme, it came as no surprise to see the Circoloco date

rapidly sell out without a line up to boot. Dates were checked and

tickets were booked by revellers clinging to memories such as losing

their s**t to Kerri Chandler dropping some fire in the red room of the


Circoloco comes to London via Printworks on Sunday December 16th

for what looks set to be another set of epic memories. The line up

boast heavyweights such as Damian Lazarus, DJ Tennis, Skream, Richy

Ahmed, Butch amongst others so you can expect magic to be created.

Also just announced is an after party for the show over at the bass

heavy venue of E1. Tickets for the events at time of writing are sold

out but a cheeky look on platforms like TicketSwap and you might just

seek some joy.





Sundays require a chilled motive, so the live and unplugged session at Vanilla

Village in Black River, Mauritius was a perfect choice. This intimate setting was

really warm, friendly and understated. A simple stage area, a quaint little

outdoor cafe and the delights of the natural surroundings.

The acoustic performances were really lovely. I caught Jagabags (aka Jason,

the event organiser) first with his raw, folksy style. His gentle guitar and raspy

vocals brought a comforting touch of Western Country sounds. The Climbers

trio were next and they delivered wonderful, charming notes of the local

flavours. Their smiles and joyful charisma made the audience smile too. Asia-

Faith was the final act with a sweet purity radiating from her. Her beautiful

voice touched hearts together with a deep reflection of her emotions.

It was refreshing to have this little wholesome moment of good music and

good vibes. It did inject peace and positivity, allowing you to just relax and

enjoy yourself. I was able to speak with Jason about the Pozitive Vibes project

and I was very much inspired by the way he spoke. He feels a strong

determination and purpose to build up the creative community in Mauritius.

He aims to nurture the minds of the younger generation and support local

artists. It is also refreshing to know that he is one of those souls who only

works with people he connects with and trusts - not people with money or

certain statuses, you have to really be his friend and be genuinely passionate

about their projects.


46 www.AudationMagazine.com

We see Pozitive Vibes as a home for

musicians, creative minds and

intelligence. It can be seen as a

wonderful platform where people who

believe in their musical and artistic

talents, can develop and grow in accord

with their needs and interests.

This is how we think we can help

musicians and, by joining the club,

musicians will always be invited to

come and share the love. And if they are

only just starting out, they can still come

and do only one or two if they wish. We

want to help them build confidence and

to become the best they can be, in all

aspects of their lives.

So what do we do?

1. We provide musicians at no cost to

them a stage in a public place that is

fully equipped.

2. We negotiate with venues for

musicians, to provide us with a space to

have an "Open Stage," where musicians

can come and perform in a kind, friendly

environment to gain experience, share

what they love and to meet other

musicians and people who also love live


3. Featured performance: Sometimes

there are musicians that we must honor

and give respect. We, therefore,

provide opportunities for there to be

featured artists who we then negotiate

a fee for and give recognition to the

contribution they have made to local

music, or to where they have come from.

experience they need so they can grow

their brand and to give them all the

recognition and publicity they deserve

for all their hard work.

- We recognise the performance fee

they receive is never worth the effort,

however, the show must go on!

- We want to create networking


- We want to provide ongoing tuition.

- We want to stage festivals, concerts

and contests.

Bands can sit in a studio and produce

albums until the end of time – but

ultimately the quality of a band can be

judged by how well they play live. Why?

You can't polish a turd. Because there is

no second take in terms of performance

skill and there is minimal processing on

the sound to embellish or cover up any

mistakes or inadequacies.

We are here to support you in your

journey towards excellence. We are

setting in place a support system where

members will be entitled to participate

in our unique financial support system,

because we recognise the difficulties

musicians and artists go through.

Wanna know more? Join us for regular

jam sessions and club meets

We are currently building a stage at

Vanilla and when that is finished we are

planning some awesome gigs.

- Jason

4. Publicity

- We want to give musicians all the


No More Drama

I’m rejecting every dramatic circumstance in my life

No more tears, I’m tired of crying every night

No more fear, I’m seeking light

Devil, get off me!

I’m only accepting peace of mind

Not letting you have a piece of my mind

I’m sick of broken heartedness

I’m done with all the hurt

I’m moving past the storm

Getting off rocky waters

Onto solid ground I stand

No more sinking sand

I’m letting go of the broken pieces of my heart

I’m collecting myself, piece by piece

I’m rebuilding my life

I’m taking control.

Renewing my soul.

Free from pain.

Find my happiness.

My story begins here.

I DECLARE, I’m victorious.

Inspired by Mary J. Blige - No More Drama





‘I Got This’ by Danielle Bellas is a super empowering and

motivational song. Her super sweet voice is

complimented by a magical track. The concept of the

song is to inspire people to get out there and face their

battles head on. And, most importantly, push on through

and believe in yourself.

The future’s there for you to take it

Tell yourself everyday – You’re Amazing!

Breathe in, breathe out, Believe

I Got This is the inspiring new pop/R&B single by

Danielle Bellas. The young UK singer/songwriter says “I

Got This is about turning negative thoughts into positive

ones. There’s so much negativity in the world right now

and it’s easy to get caught up in it. Music has always

been a healer for me, so I’m hoping this song can remind

people that there’s always something beautiful to focus

on, something to be grateful for and a different way of

looking at things, including ourselves.” The track is

released after Mental Health Month and the music video

features people opening up about their own negative

thoughts and fears - showing that no-one is alone in

their pain.

I Got This is the third single from Danielle Bellas, cowritten

and produced by successful production duo Jud

Mahoney and Natalie DeLucia (Michael Jackson,

Brandy, Britney Spears). The single stays true to the

artist’s unique twist of mid 90s R&B, which fans and

media know her by. Her previous singles Take A Minute

and Starship were supported by Pointless Thoughts,

1883 Magazine, LittleGayBlog, Vents, New Wave District

and Fortitude, with Take A Minute also making it to #13

in the Music Week Urban charts.


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‘Falling In Love’ by Lenovick ft Pane is a great modern love song. The cool

house track provides a rhythmic backdrop for the smooth voice. The kind of

love that you can’t resist. The lyrics depict a perfect dreamy romance. The kind

of love that plays on my heart strings. The vocal range is the highlight with

gorgeous high notes together with lovely, velvet soft moments.

Lenovick debuts with an amazing, beautiful tune, filled with touching

melodies. A sweet and soft vocal line is laid on top making it the perfect track

to listen on that rainy night, thinking about your loved one.


52 www.AudationMagazine.com

‘Blue Step’ by Phonetix ft Brendan Mills is stunning. The contemporary jazz

sounds against a bumpy beat is just gorgeous. The smooth and sensual

saxophone, the elegant piano melody, the delightful rhythmic tempo all fused

into one incredible track. Simple in the number of elements used, yet crafted

with such intricate detail. Poetic.

Taking things in a slightly different direction, this track sees Phonetix blend

Jazz with Electronica & Saxophonist Brendan Mill lays down some smooth licks

for added effect.

Brendan is one of London’s most sought-after & experienced saxophonist

entertainers. Having played all over the world & for celebrities (including

Richard Branson), he is regularly invited to the capital’s premium venues,

ranging from The Dorchester to The Four Seasons. He is also the founder of

BMArtists: a hand-selected network of performers.

Composed with a sextet in mind, Rob’s backing leaves plenty of room for

Brendan to ad lib to his heart’s desire. It’s the ideal combination of vintage

Jazz & contemporary up-tempo Electronica – providing the best of both

worlds: somehow(!) giving a nod to both Pacific Jazz & MJ Cole.

The track is the third single from Rob’s forthcoming album, all funds from

which will be donated to a crowdfunding page which has been set up in aid of

his sick daughter. “Alyssa’s a big fan of this one. I’ve been desperately

hounding Jazz FM’s presenters & curators with a view to getting it playlisted –

as it’d make her day if it came on over breakfast some time” says Rob. You

gotta think that, pushing such a track, which showcases Rob’s unique ability to

blend genres & his pristine production skills with Brendan’s talented

musicianship… such a feat may very well be achievable.



Tribal fever!

Daydreams and

wild nights.

54 www.AudationMagazine.com

‘Armor’ by Sara Bareilles holds a great fighting spirit. Her feisty voice

along with a bold strength in the production really lifts you, together

with the powerful lyrical concept. It talks about how men have been

favoured in history regardless of who was in the right or wrong. And

through this, women are standing up and facing these challenges. You

brought the flame. Here comes the phoenix. All hail female

empowerment, this is kickass.

Today, Grammy®, Tony® and Emmy® Award-nominated singer,

songwriter, actress, and author, Sara Bareilles returns with her brand new

single “Armor.” It is the first song off her fifth full-length album and first

since 2013—due out next year vi Epic Records. For “Armor” and the

entire record, Sara teamed up with legendary Academy® Award-winning

producer T Bone Burnett. With its hummable bass line and topical musing

“Armor” sees Sara deliver her most poignant, passionate, and powerful

statement yet. Speaking to those themes, the lyric video features real

women holding up lines from the song and evoking a spirit of sisterhood

and offering empowerment.

“This song was not intended to be released until next year, but it felt

increasingly like it wants to belong to this moment in time,” said Sara.

“Sometimes the world inspires a song... and sometimes the world also

inspires the release date. So here we are. I spent the summer of 2018

working with T Bone Burnett on material that is incredibly near and dear

to my heart, “Armor” serving as the centrepiece. It has been one of the

great artistic adventures of my life. I am incredibly proud to share the

first taste of it all.”



Two deep, intriguing pieces from Altek. ‘Confinement’

brings a base of warm and soulful beats. A sharp groove

cuts in, playful melodic notes are dancing and then an

immense, warped atmosphere surrounds us. ‘New

Beginning’ has a retro edge yet moves onto a futuristic

vision with a brilliant experimental blend of synths.

A 2 track EP showcasing Altek’s forward thinking take on

the progressive sound. Title track ‘Confinement’ proved it’s

club credentials at Avalon, Hollywood, its captivating

sequences taking the floor down deep and keeping them

locked in throughout it’s +9 minute 122bpm odyssey. ‘New

Beginning’ is cut from the same cloth; a delicious bass line

and crisp percussion form a solid 123bpm bedrock for the

layers of murky synth lines and hypnotic arpeggiators

which span its +10 minute breadth. Damn fine music

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‘Say Hi’ by Magnifik is a wonderfully warm release. The easy-going

soulful vibe is paired with sweet and fond vocals. The funky groove and

jazz elements add flavour which further accentuate the feelgood

atmosphere. Why don’t you come over, say hi. There is a breezy notion to

just have fun and enjoy the moment. The Sebb Junior remix adds a sturdy,

minimal yet rhythmic beat to the production.

We’re pumped to have another soulful record from Canberra based

producer, Magnifik. This time he gifts us with the disco laden track ‘Say

Hi’. Its stuffed with a live party feel including, live bass, guitars, dreamy

pads, organs, horns and piano. Quality deep house and disco music with a

live feel.

On the remix we have Spanish based, French born producer Sebb Junior

knock out a perfect remix. Stripping back the song and utilizing his

snappy drums, hypnotic chords and driving bass, Sebb takes us to deep

house/deep funk heaven. Definitely an essential for anyone that loves

that real s***!



‘Gotta Believe’ by T8PES is really motivational and

uplifting. His snappy flow, a cool production and beautiful

vocals from Joy Bacerdo. We can really feel the tough

journey in his spirit of how he’s overcome troubles. It not

only encourages us to believe, but also helps us to feel like

no matter what, we are not alone.

58 www.AudationMagazine.com

Y o u c a n a c h i e v e a n y t h i n g t h a t y o u w a n t w i t h e n o u g h

f o c u s a n d b e l i e v e i n y o u r h a n d s . Y o u ’ v e b e e n f o l l o w i n g

y o u r d e s t i n y , y o u ’ r e s o n e a r .

Following previous release I Feel Good – the video for which featured

cameos from global superstar Ed Sheeran alongside Irish singersongwriter

legends Damien Dempsey & Foy Vance - Birmingham

outfit T8PES returns with positivity-fuelled grime fusion track Gotta

Believe (Released 16 November 2018)

As both producer and vocalist, T8PES (pronounced TAPES) delivers a dose

of pure inspiration, issuing a rallying cry to a generation dogged by

mental health issues and inner demons, seduced by the illusion of X

Factor fame and celebrity culture, and caught up in the whirlwind of the

digital age.

Gotta Believe is an exploration of what it takes to realise your ambitions

and aspirations in the modern world. With first hand experience of drug

addiction & homelessness, T8PES is well placed to examine chasing your

dreams against all odds.

The B-Side of the single features a remix penned for the world’s most

successful soccer trials company: UK Football Trials. Officially adopted by

the organisation, the tune will be used as the soundtrack to all of their

online footage and promo videos going forward.

Maintaining an all-encompassing persona of old skool dance culture and

future sounds, T8PES continues to fuse modern day grime & Hip Hop with

some of the trends prevalent during the rave era of the 90’s.



60 www.AudationMagazine.com

‘Dreaming’ by Lola Carmel is incredibly sweet. The love for a former partner,

still there felt so deeply. The love overpowering any bitter thoughts or

sadness. The love shining brightly and fueling her spirit. You kept a promise

and you never left me alone. Gorgeous jazz elements and a smooth melody

accompany the wonderfully soft and dazzling voice. Brings a smile on my

face just to see you there.

Dreaming is the beautiful new single from Birmingham singer/songwriter

Lola Carmel. Lola suffered a knee injury which meant she was bedridden for

9 weeks. In that time she wrote 26 songs, Dreaming being amongst them.

Lola says “I wrote the track while dreaming about still maintaining a

friendship after a break up and honestly wishing the best for that person. It

was written about the last serious relationship I had”.

Lola shot the music video in Cornwall where she frequents with her family

every year, growing up along with her ex-boyfriend.

Lola’s previous single Nublet was featured on Billboard Sound and

Noisebeast, and won Lola a loyal fanbase in the UK and abroad. Lola started

singing at stage school when she was just two years old, and since then her

uncle has been educating her on soul, motown and reggae She’s performed

at the town hall in Birmingham, the national choir, a musical called Luther,

BBC radio and 4od. She honed her writing skills at poetry workshops with

Benjamin Zephaniah and has been writing her own songs ever since.



‘Most Original’ by Stonebwoy ft Sean Paul is full of love and flavour. The

sunshine glow and those relaxing Caribbean vibes are overflowing. The

combination of confident vocals add colour and spice. You are the beat of my

heart. The charming sentiments are sure to bring out shy smiles and rosy

cheeks. This is simply a delightful moment of tender affection.

With the video making it’s debut via The Fader, Stonebwoy continues to have

an exceptional year that has seen both his music and profile reach dizzying

new heights. Set in Jamaica and directed by Jay Will, the visuals tell

Stonebwoy’s lyrical love story about his ‘Most Original’ lady. Visually the story

unfolds through dance, against flashes of colourful Jamaican backdrops and

performance cutaways of Stonebwoy and Sean Paul, resulting in everyone

getting together for good vibes, dance offs and of course that happy ending.

“Stonebwoy’s mix of dancehall and Afropop has made him a legit superstar in

his native Ghana” (Red Bull). Having already built a huge homegrown

following that has awarded him with accolades such as BET’s Best

International Act Africa and nominations for MTV Africa Music Awards’s 'Best

Live Act’, the last 18 months has seen him take a firm grip internationally too.

Collaborations with the likes of the UK’s Kojo Funds on ‘Falling Again’ as well

as superstars such as Trey Songz, Chris Martin and Kranium simply illustrate

the diversity and reach that Stonebwoy has, which is further supported by the

31 Million views he has achieved on his own YouTube channel and the

millions of streams readily available to see on his Spotify page.

Following his recent impressive album release ‘Epistles of Mama’, which

peaked at number 13 in the Billboard (world album) chart, and paired 12

dancehall tracks with 12 afrobeats songs, featuring an array of stars including

Burna Boy, Assasin, I-Octane and Sarkodie, ‘Most Original’ is in a strong

position to see Stonebwoy breakthrough even further.

Talking exclusively to The Fader about the single and how the collaboration

came to light, Stonebwoy said “I was vibing in a friend (Selasi Music's) studio

in Atlanta Georgia and he played me a beat from a young Ghanaian produced

based in Belgium by the name 'Black Diamond' I instantly fell involve with the

beat and just knew I had to get Sean Paul on this. I reached out to him on

Instagram for the first time ever and he was really responsive. He was on tour

in Australia at the time but the following week he recorded his verse and sent

it back, which is crazy for me because Sean is an artist that has inspired me a

lot on my musical journey so to feature him on a song and have him in the

video is a BIG BLESSING.”


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A sturdy, throbbing beat takes charge. The cold determination and

hard strength invigorate your senses. Ethnic strings cut through the

steely grit with an enchanting beauty. The two moods battle between

each other creating an exciting tribal concoction.

“The sitar sound reveals the ancient Indian weapon following with a

massive drop, rolling bassline and a slight touch of uplifting trance.”

Keiron Raven & DJ WAD intend to hit the dancefloors hard with this

addictive sound. The concept is inspired by the Brahmastra weapon

and its supernatural power.



64 www.AudationMagazine.com

‘Connektions’ by Nekst ft Orla O’Dwyer is really quite out-there. It grows on

you as you continue to listen. The jangly sound choices, the cold tone and

choppy production is almost a mashed-up Christmas type sound. The vocal is

also airy and intriguing. It is all blended together in a dysfunctional way, and

works. It is actually pretty cool. Mind Of A Dragon brings a naughty bit of dark

bass on the remix The Tuff Culture edit takes a bumpy, soulful spin.

Downplay is proud to present the new EP from Colchester producer Nekst.

‘Connektions’ finds the sweet spot between UKG and breakbeat for a thrilling

vocal anthem that combines bursting melodies with high-tempo theatrics and

thundering bass. Orla O’Dwyer’s sublime vocals bring all the elements

together for something truly special.

The renowned Mind Of A Dragon reconstructs the original into a deep and

delicious UKG roller that only goes to reinforce his reputation as the brightest

hope of modern Garage.

Tuff Culture takes a wholly different path, flipping the original into a jawdropping

4X4 odyssey that is full of creativity and invention, reflecting a

producer at the height of his craft.



‘You Take Me So Far’ by Bakes is fantastic clash of tones. The title track brings

a sweet and passionate vocal, this is thrown against the metallic sounds and

tough bass. Second track ‘Everybody Wants Gyal’ takes a darker turn with a

sharper notes and a deep rumbles.

New emerging artist Bakes who has spent the last 12 months crafting his

sound is ready to unleash his music on Four40. With a 2 track EP already

gaining support from the likes of Foor, Hybrid Theory, Barley Royal, Freddie

Martin, Tengu


66 www.AudationMagazine.com

Give into the dark


Party starter!


The ‘Human Writes’ album by Shay D is raw and powerful. She is not

afraid to tell the stark truth and shine a light on the ugliness of life. The

beginning of this set delves into the darkness and explores those

emotions. The painful chapters of life. The slow melancholic sounds

complimenting the mood. We hear the faint whispers of ‘Don’t Worry’.

Poignant poems are featured throughout. They are beautifully crafted,

emotive and also hold an inner strength. ’Tornado’ is a stand-out piece

and really grabs you. I didn’t know how eyes can be kind until they

looked into my emptiness and coloured me in with love. We feel the fire

inside burning brighter with ’Suffragettes’. This empowering force of

energy surges into you. Fists in the air, fighting for women’s rights.

‘Gimmie Dat’ is a killer track. The dirty bass and her equally dirty and

intense flows, a deliciously wicked gem of a track. I want to address all

the madness I hear. The yearning for better days comes through with

‘No Stress’. This motive pushes on through with ‘Still We Rise’ featuring

Faisal Salah. The robust piano dances together with the strength of the

words. Stand strong.

Releasing her glorious album, shaped with a mixture of personal tales,

storytelling hip-hop tracks and some tongue in cheek, fun, Grime inspired

records whilst representing women, delivering strong social messages

and an underlying theme of female empowerment laced within the

68 www.AudationMagazine.com

songs, Shay D delivers HUMAN WRITES.

Exploring her world; from prejudices to the obstacles she witnesses, her

vivid social commentary, delivered in varying form, highlights why she is

quickly earning the title as one of the best muses in modern day creative

arts. Topped with a fine addition of production credits from the likes of

Nutty P, Blizzard, Micall Parknsun, Dos Gringos, Tony Bones, HUMAN

WRITES is undoubtedly got all the makings of a special piece of art.

The recent release of the high-octane GIMMIE DAT added a new

dimension to the previous tracks Shay D dropped from the album.

Showcasing her finest lyrical chops across a trudging grime beat, her

heritage also came to the forefront as Middle Eastern musical influence

powered through. Meanwhile SPIT FOR ME demonstrated her rapid-fire

flow and exhibited her fine-tuned lyrical dexterity going on to win Shay D

support across multiple platforms that include the Kiss network,

Wordplay Magazine and UKHH. The power anthem SUFFRAGETTES was

chosen to be the soundtrack for the Harvey Nichols 'Broken Windows'

campaign, celebrating the 100 year of women’s right to vote .

Yet with a full 14 tracks, there’s still plenty to explore.

Previously unheard gems include CAN’T STAND STILL

and BETTER DAYS, both of which are exceptionally

written and delve in to the skill that SHAY D

has of capturing emotion and creativity within

her lyricism. The album has further twists and turns

with the addition of poems scattered throughout

the tracklist, changing the pace and allowing

time for each track to be digested fully.



‘Dreamwalker’ by Sam Valar is a wonderfully

bright track. A warm atmosphere surrounds the

delicate piano melody. The lively beat kicks in

with vibrancy and good vibes.

The New York based producer certainly caught

our attention with this little gem, packed full of

emotion from the get go and throughout. Sam

sure knows how to craft those melodies that hit

the spot. 'Dreamwalker' gives you a

rollercoaster of emotions, from feel good to a

longing to want to hear more.


70 www.AudationMagazine.com

Tonight’ by Lycii & Declan James vs. OMAIR ft Elli Koen is mesmerising. A hazy

state is paired with soft enchanting vocals. The pace quickens, high synths fill

the air and the voice becomes stronger. We are hit an intense power. The

thrilling energy invigorates and empowers us.

It was a relationship forged back in 2017 when Lycii would make his OHM

Music debut, dishing out ethereal big room splendor on his remix of Danilo

Ercole's 'Cosmic'. With our ears planted firmly on the taste-making insanity

emerging from our speakers, Lycii would arrive once more, this time joining

forces with Declan James. Pulling out all the stops, this dynamic duo would

tag-team the airwaves with a bass-packed rendition of Kaneis' 'Outer Space',

solidifying their role as two unique dance music chameleons, primed and

prepared to reach far outside of the box. Well, it may be over a year since Lycii

& Declan James took us to the moon on the label that takes pride in

showcasing the brilliant and bright artists of the future, but the boys are back,

and this time, they go head to head with label boss OMAIR!

'Tonight' promises to be the soundscape for your soul as you get swept away

by the tempting call of the nightlife. Featuring the sultry voice of Elli Koen,

'Tonight' dominates as a peak hour cherry on top, delivering a message of

passionate unity as we celebrate life among a billowing sea of electric rhythm.

Appealing to those looking to set their spirit free, it is Elli Koen who makes her

mark with vocal melodic purity as Lycii, Declan James and OMAIR turn up our

experience with class, curating an emotional release through crisp synth detail

and echoing crescendo's of big room uplift that we simply can't live without!

www.soundcloud.com/lycii | www.omairmusic.com


72 www.AudationMagazine.com

‘Dollar Signs’ by Fanny Andersen is both deadly

and glamourous. Her raw and striking voice

stands out over the lavish track production. My

eyes are soakin’, I feel like I’m over the edge now.

Her fierce yet emotive tone is smashed against a

glitzy backdrop to create a song full of impact.

My heart’s not for sale, but I’ll make you pay.

The pop artist Fanny Andersen has been a name

to remember for quite some time. The 23-yearold

artist is the definition of ‘if you want

something done, you have to do it yourself’.

Fanny surprised everyone when she released her

debut single “Kids” in 2017 via a video

countdown on Instagram. Each video addressed

a challenging side of adulthood, for example

being bisexual. The Skinny Days produced track

soon became a giant success, leaving no doubt

that Fanny is a girl not to be ignored.

“I woke up broke because I had provided half of

Oslo with beers. It makes you think and reflect

on life. For how long is it fun to ble labeled as

a party girl?” Fanny Andersen


The two-track release by Deuce & Charger is chillingly beautiful. ’Natural

High’ brings a huge, uplifting energy in the production which is paired

with lovely husky vocals. ‘Frozen’ turns down the mood into something

more intense, the gritty bass and alluring voice tells a story of deep

desire within.

Over a series of tastemaker-supported releases and standout

collaborations, North London-based act Deuce & Charger have emerged

as a fresh new sound in vocal drum and bass. The duo’s combination of

emotive melodies and electro inspired production described by Radio 1’s

Rene LaVice as “very different, very unique - it’s cool!”

The lead track on Deuce & Charger’s new single, ‘Natural High’, captivates

immediately. An evocative piano intro builds to a stunning, soul-baring

vocal, with reflective lyrics yearning for an escape from the pressures of

modern life. Layers of analogue synths rise over a filtered drum break

before the track soars in the drop; a euphoric vocal hook gliding over

synth arpeggios and driving bass.

‘Frozen’ explores an altogether darker soundscape. Glassy synth lines

crystallise around an icy lead vocal to create a sparse, haunting verse. A

snare crack sets off an avalanche of bass in the drop; Deuce & Charger’s

trademark synth work flurrying around crisp, punchy drums.



Omjee presents two new intense tracks. ‘So Real’ holds a dance

energy together with a high synth section and pop vocals. ‘1001

Rave’ contrasts with a harder impact paired with an intriguing

ethnic vocal.

Jerome Chesneau, better known as Omjee, brings us 2 cutting-edge

psytrance masterpieces with his tracks So Real and 1001 Rave.

Omjee’s unique style and defining sounds continue to set him apart

with these latest offerings. Melodic elements combined with

chopped vocals on top of powerful driving beats make these tracks

essential must-haves for any true psytrance aficionado.


74 www.AudationMagazine.com

The ‘Another Way LP’ by BREAK is killer! Each track brings pure fire, unique

melds and a bit of dirty bass. ‘Last Goodbye’ ft Celestine pairs the lively tempo

with gorgeous jazz touches and a warm, enticing voice. ‘Jungle Desire’ with

Kyo has a classic rebellion and dub reggae / jungle mood. ‘Sunset Dub’

brilliantly twists together joyful brass elements with dark, gnarly bass ‘Time

To Fly’ is another interesting blend which sparkles and chimes then drops into

the dirty bass. ‘Take Me Away’ is one of those lovely, dreamy and melodic

moments to get lost in. An incredible set of tracks.

Break, one of the true patriarchs of modern day jungle drum & bass delivers

his fifth studio album, ‘Another Way’. Drawing from a rich array of musical

influences Charlie Bierman pulls us through a spectrum of styles as he sets

about showing us exactly why he’s the only producer ever to be asked to

remix Dillinja. From the minimal jazz leanings of opening track ‘Last Goodbye’

to the enchanted dub of ‘Conversations’ and the pure dance floor of ‘Keepin’ It

Raw’, Break’s ability to combine with the enormous vocals of regular

collaborators Celestine, Kyo and MC Fats with other legendary mic men GQ

and Clevelend Watkiss sets the LP truly apart; a tour de force of 2018 drum &


“The aim with this album was to explore many of my favourite aspects of drum

& bass, and create tracks that work equally in the club, at home or on the go.

The contributions from all the talented artists involved really helped to lift the

project up to another level. It’s a great way to finish off my year, enjoy!” Break


‘Outside’ by Slam Duck takes me back to the

holiday mood with a deep, atmospheric state of

consciousness. Beautiful chilled and melodic

strands run through, charming the ears.

Another smooth progressive cut here from

Russia’s Slam Duck, following up the brilliant

‘Mercury EP’ from earlier this year. Propelled by a

rubbery kick, fluttery shakers & a muted rolling

bass line, the eerie ‘Outside’ summons up imagery

of a foggy, winters evening, with branches

scraping & rain spattering against a window pane -

whilst a reassuring fire crackles within. Distant,

plaintive cries raise the hairs on the neck,

preparing the listener for a delicious, squelchy

acid line that bubbles up at the break, unleashing

its hypnotic powers at the drop. Truly



76 www.AudationMagazine.com


The Warehouse Project

22 September - 1


Manchester, United



28 September - 29


Bristol, United Kingdom

Telerama Dub Festival

18 October - 1 December

France & Spain

Polaris Festival

29 November - 2


Verbier, Switzerland

Paris Hip Hop Winter

30 November - 9


Paris, France


1 December

Mannheim, Germany

Blijdorp Winter


1 December

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Contact Festival

1 December

Munich, Germany

Grapevine Gathering


1 December

New South Wales,


Sunburn Beach Festival

1 December

Black River, Mauritius

Echoes Of Earth


1 - 2 December

Bengaluru, India

DGTL Madrid

5 December

Madrid, Spain

Trans Musicales

5 - 9 December

Rennes, France


7 December

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Electric Sea Festival

7 - 8 December

Rostock, Germany

Creamfields Indoor

Festival Shanghai

7 - 9 December

Shanghai, China

BAZR Festival

7 - 9 December

Sete, France

Claptone Presents The


8 December

London, United Kingdom

Pleasure Garden

8 December

St Kilda West, Australia

The Orbital

8 December


SEMF - Stuttgart

Electronic Music


8 December

Stuttgart, Germany

Tomorrowland Garden

Of Madness At

Creamfields Steelyard

8 December

Liverpool, United


Electric Sea Festival

8 December

Rostock, Germany

MAYA Music Festival

8 - 9 December

Pattaya, Thailand

Inasound Festival

8 - 9 December

Palais Brongniart, France


Les Aventuriers

12 - 20 December



Rave On Snow

13 - 14 December



Magnetic Festival -


14 December

Prague, Czech Republic

I Love Techno Europe

15 December

Montpellier, France

Byday Bynight: Brixton

Christmas Special

15 December

Brixton, United Kingdom

Rise Festival

15 - 22 December

Les Deux Alpes, France


21 December

Prague, Czech Republic

Valhalla Festival

22 December

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nomads Festival - The

Winter Oasis

22 December

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Epizode Festival

28 December

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Beyond The Valley

28 December - 1 January

Lardner, Australia

Junction 2

29 December

London, United Kingdom

Sexy By Nature -


29 December

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rhythm & Alps

29 - 31 December

Wanaka, New Zealand

Origin Fields Festival

30 - 31 December

Perth, Australia

Kilifi New Year

30 December - 2 January

Kilifi, Kenya

New Year’s Eve

Edinburgh: Hogmanany

31 December

United Kingdom

TIKTAK New Year’s Eve

31 December


Canal Mills Presents


31 December

Leeds, United Kingdom

Rammstein New Year’s


31 December

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


31 December

Berlin, Germany


31 December - 2 January

Berlin, Germany


UNO Music Fest

1 January

Zaragoza, Spain

Let Them Eat Cake


1 January

Melbourne, Australia

Ocaso Festival

2 - 7 January

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Storyland Festival

5 - 6 January

Santa Marta, Colombia

FOMO Festival

5 - 13 January


Groove Cruise Miami

10 - 14 January

Fort Lauderdale, United


Garasnow - Les Angles

11 - 12 January

Les Angles, France

Unify Gathering

11 - 13 January

Victoria, Australia

78 www.AudationMagazine.com

Hard Metal Fest


12 January

Mangualde, Portugal

Solution Germany

12 January

Oberhausen, Germany

The Sound Of Q-Dance

12 January

Shenzhen, China

Verknipt 6 Years

12 January

Utrecht, Netherlands


19 January

Karisruhe, Germany


25 January

Paris, France

CTM Festival

25 January - 3 February

Berlin, Germany

Sneeuwbal Winter


26 January

Utrecht, Netherlands

The Beat Festival

26 January

Geneva, Switzerland


26 January - 2 February

Les Orres, France

Trondheim Calling

31 January - 2 February

Trondheim, Norway

Inuit Festival

1 - 2 February

Marseille, France

Iboga Winter Fest

2 February

Madrid, Spain


2 February

Wittenburg, Germany


8 February

Ingolstadt, Germant

Transmission Jakarta

9 February

Jakarta, Indonesia

On Snow Festival

9 - 16 February


5 Senses Thailand


14 - 19 February

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Mountain Sounds


15 - 16 February

Karlong, Australia

KABOO Cayman

15 - 16 February

Grand Cayman, Cayman


Hidden Festival

22 - 23 February

Australia & New Zealand

Let It Roll Winter

22 - 23 February

Prague, Czech Republic

Lancaster Roots & Blues


22 - 24 February

Lancaster, United States

MORE Marrakech

22 - 24 February

Marrakech, Morocco

Waken Winter Nights

22 - 24 February

Wacken, Germany

Overwinteren Festival

23 February

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A State Of Trance

Festival Utrecht

23 February

Utrecht, Netherlands

Gazpatxo Rock

23 February

Ayora, Spain

Ultra Australia

24 February

Parramatta, Australia

Supa Dupa Fly X Dubai

24 - 28 February

Dubai, United Arab


Stand out from the crowd with Fieldcandy



Pusha-T – If You Know You Know






Eminem - Kamikaze






Lykke Li - Time In A Bottle









HIGHER @ Studio 338





QARAN ft Badshah - Tareefan




Yo Yo Honey Singh ft Simar Kaur & Ishers

- Dil Chori




Zack Knight ft Jasmin Walia - Bom Diggy





Flying Dodo Brewing Company



The Irish



NRJ Maurice



DJ Snake ft Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi

B - Taki Taki




The Prince Karma - Later B*tches




Elijah & Otentik Groove - Coco


The Beatles - Let It Be


Post Malone - Better Now





Original Dodger – Momentum EP






Jade Bird - Uh Huh






80 www.AudationMagazine.com












Go Find Your Inner Peace



Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You











Ariana Grande - God Is A Woman




Koffee - Toast




Hot Since ‘82 ft Jam Cooke - Buggin’




Taylor Swift ft Ed Sheehan & Future - End





Solardo - Be Somebody




Justin Timberlake ft Chris Stapleton - Say





Gavin James - Easy





Marshmello ft Bastille - Happier



Dua Lipa - Electricity



Ed Sheeran - Happier




Anderson .Paak ft Kendrick Lamar - TINTS




IDLES - Danny Nedelko




Armin van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah







Pozitive Vibes



Mary J. Blige - No More Drama



Danielle Bellas - I Got This






Lenovick ft Pane - Falling In Love




Phonetix ft Brendan Mills - Blue Step






Armin van Buuren x Vini Vici x Alok feat.

Zafrir - United









Kasra - Ski Mask EP





Sara Bareilles - Armor






Altek - Confinement, New Beginning




Magnifik - Say Hi




T8PES ft Joy Bacerdo - Gotta Believe






Lola Carmel - Dreaming







Stonebwoy ft Sean Paul - Most Original







82 www.AudationMagazine.com

Keiron Raven & DJ WAD - Brahmastra







Nekst - Connektions




Bakes - You Take Me So Far






Alan Walker ft Au/Ra & Tomine Harket -









Shay D - Human Writes






Sam Valar - Dreamwalker














Fanny Andersen - Dollar Signs





Deuce & Charger - Natural High / Frozen





Omjee - So Real + 1001 Rave




BREAK - Another Way LP





Slam Duck - Outside






Lycii & Declan James vs. OMAIR feat. Elli

Koen - Tonight


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