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Special issue dedicated

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Focused on the spectrum of colour that brightens our lives, this special issue of Estetica UK

is a tribute to the amazing colourists who work in salons throughout the country and who,

through their skill, expertise and patience, are able to transform the appearance and lift the

mood of their clients. To showcase the true essence of colour, we have invited a number of

our top stylists to talk about their take on extreme colour and how its empowering effects

Hair: Adrian Leonard,

Gemma Forrester, Stuart

Forrester, Dom Rolfe

Photo: Alex Barron-Hough

at Bed Head Studio

Makeup: Min Sandhu

Styling: Jiv D


TIGI copyright©colour &

TIGI Copyright Styling

are being embraced by women of all ages and from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Extreme colour has evolved; it’s no

longer exceptional, but conventional: all

demographic groups are choosing to

express their unique style through

vibrant hair colour. With the social media explosion has come an ever

greater platform on which to showcase how varied and beautiful hair colour can be; to get

your work published all you need is a smartphone and a social media profile. Why not

check out ours - @esteticamagazine on Instagram? With daily updates and over 204,000

dedicated followers, it's also a great place to get a feel for the type of work that really makes

a big colour splash on the net!

Gary Kelly,

Editor-in-Chief, Estetica UK

Be colour-inspired with

news, views and creativity at





Estetica n. 2/2019




Roberto Pissimiglia


Gary Kelly



Sergi Bancells



Laura Castelli



Fatima Pilone


Alice Gioannini


Manuela Artosi

Davide Cardente



Luca Pissimiglia



Stéphanie Argentin, Marie Coccoluto


Elisabet Parra,

Bel M. Dolla, Cristina Hernández


Michaela Dee


Lucia Preziosi, Glorianna Vaschetto


Héctor RamÍrez, Ernesto Álvarez,

Karla Cuéllar, Fernando Farfán


Marie Scarano


Matteo Franceschini Beghini,

Erica Balduini, Ludovica Cavalli,

Erika Marchese, Wilma

Sommariva, Valentina Stella

Trends Going To Extremes 6

Catwalks Runway...and Backstage 12

Interview Extreme Colour? 18

Digital Colour Insta-Icons 20

Education Colour Project 22

Vision Head Turning 25

Retail The Power of Product 82

Events Sustainable Success 87

international trends

The Kingdom of Colour 33

Taking creativity to the next

level, in partnership with

sensational colour options.

The wonder of

colour: from the

most subtle to the

extreme - and



Going to


Clients are loving strong looks: 8 renowned

colourists present their favourite colour image and

talk about why they adore bold, beautiful shades. Gary Kelly

6 trends

Extreme colour is no longer the sole domain of the young and rebellious. In the hands of an expert, bold

colour can make a multitude of statements and its empowering effects are being embraced by women of all

ages and from all walks of life. Extreme colour has gone from being exceptional to conventional, with clients

of all demographics and backgrounds choosing to express their unique style through vibrant hair colour.

LIQUID GOLD - Ceri Cushen, Metropolis, Kingston-upon-Thames

The inspiration for this colour, part of a collection called Illuminate, was sunlight and how it can light

up different parts of the hair. The name of this specific look is Liquid Gold and it’s about using colour

to create light and shade. The haircut is very strong and severe so I wanted to soften the edges, to

almost blur the severity away. I pre-lightened sections around the face and across the fringe and

coloured them yellow-gold to create the effect of a sun rising and shining on the model’s face. I opened

up the cheek bones by removing the side panels and taking them quite short. This gives the whole

finish a fresh and light feel.

Ceri Cushen

Cayde Baumann

BOLDEST BLUE - Clayde Baumann, Global Colour Director, D&J Ambrose, Pinner

Blue is a such an emotive and vivid colour to work with. I will generally use blues on clients with neutral or cool skin tones and I find that

it works beautifully on clients who have a loud fashion palette or light eyes. To create this look, I’ve worked with three formulas that have

varied saturations of blue. This was done with a freehand technique on pre-lightened hair. A good tip when trying to create seamless colour

blends is to start by applying your lightest colour first and keep the areas larger because deep/saturated colour tends to override other

softer shades. Once your lightest shade is in, work your deeper/bolder colours in, applying over the light areas where you want the pockets

of depth. The pre-existing lighter colour will help create smooth blend lines.

METALLIC LAVENDER - Alan Simpson, Contemporary Salons

This purple shade was created for our Raw Metallics collection. I love the various tones used to create

the overall effect, whether it’s the deep vibrant purple or lavender. The placement of the subtle shade

variations helps complement the cut, which features strong lines, but also the softness of the longer

layers. This is a colour that could work well for all hairstyles. It can be bolder for a strong statement

style, or softer for more a more natural look. The tones of the colour can be personalised to suit any

skins tone by choosing the correct depth.

Ryan Harris

Alan Simpson

MUSTARD YELLOW - Ryan Harris, Harris & Fox Hair Studio, Aberdeen

For this look, we wanted to create a high-saturation shade that would stand out against the dark graffiti background. We needed a colour that would

really pop. There are subtle difference in the shades used to create the effect. We used mustard yellow for the roots and a lighter yellow for the ends. I love

this colour as it's bright and bold and pushes the boundaries, moving away from the blues and reds that have become very popular.This shade of yellow is

probably less universal in terms of who wear it than other shades. You need to have the right skin tone and sense of style to carry this off. It’s much easier for

clients and colourists to experiment now because of the high quality of professional colour products available. This has helped make more extreme colour

increasingly popular, because people can try out bolder colour looks without damaging their hair.

8 trends

PERFECT PEACH - JC Aucamp, Guy Kremer, Lymington

I love working with strong colour, like the vibrant peach tone used for this look. Bold colour has taken the UK by storm, exposing people’s real personalities.

That bright colour they have always been itching to have in their hair is now bang on trend. They are experimenting with their personal style and heading to

their colourist for a new life of colour. These bright colours are suitable for everyone and anyone and it’s totally acceptable – whatever someone’s lifestyle, job

or community. Colourist will customise bold colours to suit any haircut and skin tone. Vibrant colours can be used in a subtle way or they can be high-impact.

Extreme colour doesn’t have to be about global coverage, many people opt for panels of vibrant colour, as with this image, where the more vibrant peach tone

has been used to make the overall look more punchy, while retaining elegance. Here the colour placement is very important, with the peach used to frame the

model’s face, highlighting her features and accentuating bone structure. This is a great example of how bold colours can be used to make an overall look pop

without a huge commitment on the part of the client.

Guy Kremer

Mark Leeson

BOTTLE GREEN - Mark Leeson, Mark Leeson Salons

I love this particular shot as its from my latest collection the emphasis of which was on colour. Moving

on from the pastels of last season – (although they are still relevant) – my mood for this Summer was

to create shades of strength and boldness – certainly not for the colour shy. Our blondes are bright, our

blues are brilliant but absolutely loved the depth of shade we achieved with this gorgeous bottle green.

Am absolutely loving the reintroduction of block colour-boldness into our salon portfolio.

Leonardo Rizzo

ZINGY SUNFLOWER - Leonardo Rizzo,

International Creative Director, Sanrizz

To me, this image from the Sanrizz Rave Collection represents the

duality of the extreme colour trend. Bold coloured styles have

always been associated with underground subculture, most

famously the punk scene. However, this zingy sunflower yellow

shade and the tight, layered crop cut give this hard aesthetic a

more feminine slant. Vibrant colours should enhance and

strengthen the wearer’s personality and natural style and beauty

rather than eclipse and take over.

Yellow is a notoriously difficult shade to carry off so it’s imperative

that you find the right hue to complement the client and of course

pair this with the perfect cut to make them feel flawless and

powerful. From delicate muted primrose shades to deep mustard

and ochre tones, there is a yellow for all types of client.

Steven Smart

SOFT VIOLET - Steven Smart, Smart:Est 73, Weston-Super-Mare

This colour was created for my Metallics photographic collection. I wanted to create a look that at first

glance was one shade, but was actually a number of colours based on the same tone. The dark roots were

produced using a black violet shade, which was smudged into the silver for a violet hue at the blend point.

The majority of the hair is actually coloured using a strong silver shade, with a blue hue used on the midlengths

and ends for a softer effect. It’s all about working with multiple tones to create what appears to be

the simplest of colours. It’s based on strategic placement, creating a soft melt effect where the colours blend

and using darker colour at the root to create depth. When using more extreme colours, its vital that hair is

in excellent condition. If hair is damaged, its porosity will cheapen the effects of the colour.

10 trends

World leading

ethical hair extensions

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and backstage

The Autumn/Winter 2019 collections at London Fashion

Week were hot on colour: in the hair, on the clothes-racks

and in the atmosphere - both backstage & front of house!

Christian Siriano


Michaela Pezza at Aveda created pretty ponytails and twisted ballerina buns with delicate scarf accents at Gayeon

Lee AW19. Michaela used Volumising Tonic from the hair line to the mid-lengths of the hair and using a Paddle

Brush blow-dry the hairline back taking large sections to smooth and straighten. She then tied using a silk scarf.

Depending on hair length, it was either tie around the base of the ponytail, letting the excess hang lose or, for

medium lengths, it was incorporated into a two section plait to create a loose chignon.

Fudge Professional

Session Stylist, James Oxley, used Fudge Professional for Zandra Rhodes’ show, the first

season in her jubilee year in which she celebrates 50 years in fashion design. Oxley paid

tribute to Zandra’s 80s work: hair looks were a mix between ‘just out of the shower’ wet,

towel turban hair, and models that looked like they’d just left a club with gritty, danced in

buns. To finish off the look, James applied Think Big Texture Spray and teased wefts out

of the bun to achieve a fluffed out, gritty texture. He then applied with Skyscraper Extra

to provide durable finish and hold.

Zandra Rhodes



L’Oréal Professionnel

Lead Artist, Gary Gill for L’Oréal Professionnel, styled backstage for Vivienne Westwood,

creating a look with a volumised, wind-blown texture that emphasises width rather than

height. “Messy and full-on with lots of volume, it also evokes a really subtle beauty as well. To

create that notorious Vivienne Westwood Woman texture, Gary worked through section by

section, backcombing the roots and sprinkling in Tecni.Art Super Dust. When a bit of extra

oomph was required he applied a puff of Tecni.Art Morning After Dust.


Maria Kovacs, TIGI European Session Director, used TIGI Copyright at Mark Fast. The look took its inspiration

from the Golden age of Hollywood films such as ‘What a Way to Go,’ ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ and

actresses such as Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, Rita Hayworth and Lucille Ball. To create that

stunning hold and finish, Maria sprayed Copyright Maximum Hold Hairspray from a distance. To finish off,

she smoothed the back section of hair leaving the surface nice and clean.





International Artistic Director, Indira Schauwecker, joined forces with the TONI&GUY Session Team using

the award-winning professional haircare range label.m to create minimalist waves at i-am-chen. Taking the

designer’s approach to minimalism, she used this element in order to keep the front simple, yet contrasted

against more complex detailing with sculpted deep waves. To create a distinctive contrast to the dry texture of

the waves, Indira spritzed the top only with label.m Hold & Gloss, for a distinct high shine appearance.

16 catwalks

Wella Professionals

Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director & ghd Fashion Week

Ambassador styled for Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. The hair looks that he crafted for the show

used texture, movement and raw, natural beauty to convey the love of historical British dance that

was the inspiration behind the Preen show. For an ultimate boost of texture Eugene used Wella

Professionals Elements Conditioning leave-in spray, which was spritzed around the knot of the

ponytail and roughly along the lengths.








THE CLIENT CONSULTATION : At MINT LONDON we ensure every client that visits

us has an expert consultation. This is so important to establish a good relationship with

clients. We don’t just talk to them about their hair, we talk about their facial shape, skin

tones, complexion and eye colouring and suggest colours we think will flatter them and fit

in with their image, personal fashion style and their lifestyle. Increasingly clients demand

stronger, fashion colours. We know this can look fantastic, but equally it is a commitment

and the results can be very different. THE DEMOGRAPHIC: Generally the younger

clients are the ones wanting to have strong colours and this can very often work with their

style, whatever their gender. So through the consultation clients can be directed to softer

tones that are more flattering to the skin, more wearable and generally more acceptable.

They can also be introduced to such colours with less commitment, via a toner. THE

SUITABILITY: Suitability is key. Through the consultation process we are able to establish

the colour and cut work together and if the hair condition is not great then we

recommend a treatment prior to colouring. With clients who come for a patch test, we

give them a sachet of TIGI SOS Recovery Treatment to apply before their appointment.

A 2017 member of TIGI's Inspirational Youth,

Ellie Hancock now leads the team at boutique

salon, MINT Hair in Battersea, South

London, where she has continued to build a

hugely successful career for herself as a

colourist and creative hair professional.

18 interview

Hair Creatives:

Ellie Hancock &

Sian Taylor for Mint

Hair London

Photos: Alex Baron


Make-up: Min Sandhu

Fashion Stylist: Jiv D

This treatment gives amazing results on damaged hair and clients often return between

colour services to have treatments. It’s had really positive results on our colour and retail

business. THE SERVICE: We use TIGI Copyright Colour in the salon and one strong

feature is “mixability” - so it’s easy for us to create the tones we want. We have also

introduced Guy Tang colours to cater for the more experimental clients and are looking

forward to using these throughout the ‘festival season’. CLIENT SATISFACTION: If our

consultation is good, we have satisfied clients. However, it is vital we have a system in

place if something goes wrong. We believe communication is important, so we talk calmly

and sensibly to the client to really find out what the reasons are for their dissatisfaction. We

then ensure we can visualise what they want and we correct the problem. AFTERCARE:

We use TIGI Copyright Care, which provides an armory of products we can recommend

and we talk to every client about their personal aftercare regime. We ensure our clients

know the best shampoo and conditioner for their hair, as well as the most suitable colour

care, heat and UV protection and moisture reviving products.



All over the world, the most creative, inspirational hair

colourists have found Instagram to be the perfect platform

for expressing and sharing their creations.

At @esteticamagazine we

love to share #haircolor

creations that represent

the finest form of #hairart

found on Instagram.

Building an IG

profile has helped

many colourists to

promote themselves

through their work,

helping to grow their

business globally.

As the most "visual" of social platforms, it's small wonder that so many outstanding

hair colourists such as the ones featured on these pages have got the best out of

Instagram in making themselves social media superstars. With IG now having

more than 1 billion monthly active users, uploading between them an average of

100+ million posts every day, #haircolor continues to be one of the hottest topics

that attracts and inspires beauty lovers worldwide. However, real #haircolorist

influencers out there know there's not to it than that: videos are an essential part of

the equation, having the highest overall engagement rate; 38% higher than stills.

The world is watching and sharing. Are you part of it? Follow @esteticamagazine

for incredible #hairinspo!



The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Colour Project

presents an unrivalled opportunity to enter a world of colour,

learning from an unparalleled line-up of experts. Gary Kelly

Colour Project

For colour lovers, the Fellowship’s Colour Project offers a unique opportunity to learn and hone their technical skills from the

best in the business; This year’s team are enjoying the guidance of an exceptional mentor; the award-winning Paul Dennison of

Ken Picton salon. “It has been so rewarding to see how the team has bonded and grown in confidence over the first few months

of their jouney," Paul comments. "Having already experienced fantastic mentoring days with Harriet Stokes, Robert Eaton and

Simon Shaw, I can’t wait to see how they develop over the next 12 months with the help of several more incredible mentors.”

22 education

Colour Project mentor

Robert Eaton (far left

with the team), is Creative

Director at family

business, Russell Eaton,

which celebrated 40 years

of success in 2018. Robert

is a twice-winner of

British Colour Technician

of the Year, as well as

countless other awards for

his colour work.

“I’m passionate about people’s happiness, and I believe colour has the power to transform. Colour allows me to get

creative.” Georgia Bell, Twisted Scissors. “Colour reflects personality, style and who a person really is. It uplifts people,

and that’s really important.” Poppy Devine-Smith, Zoology. “Colour changes everything. You only have to look at how the

colours change through the seasons to see the effect it has on people.” Lea Shaw, Rural Fringe Hair. “I can’t wait to push

my boundaries with colour because. I don’t get to do many vivid colours in the salon, and I’m excited to do that – then

learn how adapt them for my clients.” Kelsey Franklin, Sarai Hair & Beauty. “I’m passionate about colour because it’s

evolving all the time and clients are more adventurous than ever.” Harriet Greenwood, Bad Apple Hair. “Colour

transforms more than just someone’s look. It’s a way to express your personality and individuality, too.” Becky Hill, The

Strand Ltd. “I’ve always been passionate about colour and how it can change and enhance haircuts. I can’t wait to be

inspired!” Marlene Lamont, Urban Hair & Beauty. “With more colour options than ever before, we can get really creative

while exploring and producing amazing outcomes.” Ciara McNamee, Andrew Smith Salons. “I love the creative challenges

that we face as colourists. No two days are the same.” Jessika Roots, Melissa Timperley. “Like my icon Annie Humphreys,

I’m passionate about the power of colour to transform and make people feel great.” Ivan Montoya, Hair Focus UK.

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prat fuga. Ut que consequi custio maximet, cum es aut venihic tem.

Et voluptati nis quam alis prorecepedi debit, idunt digniae. Utae.

Nem nonsed






Best of

B ri t

In Clayde’s Opus Collection,

innovative and vivid colour

palettes are placed onto a

varied range of styles and

textures to create a bold, high

contrast visual.

Hair Colour: Clayde Baumann @

D&J Ambrose

Hair Styling: Darren Ambrose

Photos: Chris Bulezuik

Styling: Jackie Ambrose

Make-up: Katie Moore

Georgina Scholtz



In:Sekt by Metropolis draws

on the unique colours, textures

and prints found among nature’s

tiniest creatures.

Hair: Metropolis Hairdressing Art

Team: Robert Masciave, Ceri Cushen

and Katy Brereton

Colour: Ceri Cushen & Katy Brereton

Photos: Robert Masciave

Styling: @NoWeardesigns

Make-up: Sascha Rai

Best of

B ri t

“Hair excellence

inspired by the

call of the wild”



“KH Hair Awards

Image of the Year:

colour and texture

combined to create

stunning results”

28 vision

Best of

B ri t

Here are the top two images at the

KH Hair Awards Image of the Year.

The salon teams are charged with

the task of creating and shooting

the whole look.

KH Hair Awards Image of the Year

1st Place: Ilkeston Salon (left);

2nd Place: West Bridgford Salon

(right); Photos: Marcus

Holdsworth Photography;

Judge: Robert Eaton

Rush Hair launches a new

creative colour identity, with

the support and knowledge

of its industry-leading stylists

and colour experts.

Colour: Chris Williams, RUSH

International Colour Director

Hair: RUSH Artistic Team

Photos: Jack Eames

Styling: Bernard Connolly

Best of

B ri t

“Colour Artists:

celebrating the

expertise and talent

of Rush Hair’s

experienced creatives”



Best of

B ri t

Taking inspiration from

the 80s, Remix is Bad Apple

Hair’s high-energy collection

of luxe looks and magnetic


Hair: Bad Apple Hair Art Team:

James Earnshaw, Aid Tams

& Steph Peckmore

Photos: Alex Barron-Hough

Make-up: Katie Moore

Styling: Clare Frith

Products: TIGI Professional

32 vision



Hair & Photo: Jake Thompson @ Jake Thompson Hair

Fluo, pastel, natural,

ethnic. Even surprising,


unexpected. Colour this

season is kaleidoscopic,

so powerful in its variety.

With a spectrum so wide

that it covers all needs,

to offer a change in look

that is memorable

every time.

Fluo, pastello, naturale,

etnico. Ma anche

sorprendente, inedito,

inaspettato. Il colore di questa

stagione è caleidoscopico,

così imponente nella sua

varietà. Con uno spettro

talmente ampio da coprire

tutte le esigenze, per offrire

un cambio look ogni volta


Fluoreszierend, pastellfarben,

natürlich und ethnisch. Aber

auch überraschend, brandneu

und unerwartet. Die Farbe

dieser Saison erinnert mit

ihrer beeindruckenden,

ständig wechselnden Vielfalt

an ein Kaleidoskop. Dank

einer breiten Palette können

alle Wünsche erfüllt werden,

um jederzeit einen neuen

Look zu kreieren.

Fluo, pastel, naturel,

ethnique. Mais aussi,

surprenant, inédit,

inattendu. La couleur

de cette saison est

un caléidoscope, à la

variété imposante. Avec

un spectre si vaste qu’il

assouvit à toutes les

exigences, pour offrir un

look nouveau, mémorable

à chaque fois.

Fluor, pastel, natural, étnico.

Pero también sorprendente,

inédito, inesperado.

El color de esta temporada

es caleidoscópico,

impresionante por su

variedad. Con un espectro

tan amplio que cubre todas

las necesidades, para

ofrecer un cambio de look

siempre memorable.

Creative direction:

Mauro Galzignato for Kemon

Hair: D. Carlucci, R. Rogari,

A. Candido, P. Baltieri,

D. Comandulli, F. Morelli

Photo: Fernando Gomez

@ Aura Photo Agency

Hair: Revlon Professional®

Artistic and Creative Direction:

Miquel García Cotado

Photo: Jonas Bresnan

Hair: Lisa Polini @ Hype Hair Studio

for De Lorenzo

Colour: Lisa Polini

Photo: David Mannah

Make-up: Christina Rodio

Styling: Lydia-Jane Saunders

Hair: Chrystofer Benson

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Danielle Donahue

Hair & Concept: @xpresioncreativos

Photo: Richard Ramos

Make-up: Lolita Make up

Styling: Carol Gamarra



Hair: Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team/Photo: Jack Eames

Hair: Kumehair/Photo: David Arnal

Hair: Julie Vriesinga @ Salon Entrenous/Photo: Paula Tizzard

Hair & Concept: @xpresioncreativos/Photo: Richard Ramos

Hair: Natasha King/Photo: Carl Keeley

Hair & Colour: Roberto Perozzi/Photo: Takashi Imai

Hair: Ángel Morado @ Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz/Photo: Esteban Roca

Hair: Nadia Semanic/Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Hair: Danny Pato/Photo: Mara Sommer

Hair: Manuel Mon @Manuel Mon Estilistas

Photo: Bernardo Baragaño

Hair & Photo: Jake Thompson

Hair: Capelli Corine/Photo: Mathieu Galfre

Hair: Ammon Carver @ Ammon Carver Studio/Photo: Richard Monsieurs

Hair: Lindsey Mollenhauer @ Elevencherry/Photo: Trav McAvaddy

Hair: Rut Navarro/Photo David Arnal

Hair: Salones CV by Carlos Valiente

Photo: Esteban Roca

Ethnicity, romanticism, futurism. A voyage

to seek origins, reinterpreted and pushed

forward towards something new.

Etnicismi, romanticismi, futurismi.

Un viaggio alla ricerca delle origini,

reinterpretate e spinte in avanti verso il nuovo.

Ethnien, Romantik, Zukunft. Eine Reise

auf der Suche nach den Ursprüngen – neu

interpretiert und dem Neuen zugewandt.

Ethnicités, romantismes, futurismes. Un

voyage à la recherche des origines, puis

réinterprétées et propulsées vers la nouveauté.

Etnicismos, romanticismos, futurismos.

Un viaje en busca de los orígenes,

reinterpretados y lanzados hacia lo nuevo.

Hair: Eros Creative Team/Photo: Howard Chang

Hair: Amparo Carratalá/Photo: David Arnal

Hair: Andrea de Deugd/Photo: Elizabeth Maleevsky

Hair: Felicitas Hair Team

Photo: Esteban Roca

Make-up: Kuki Giménez

Styling: Visori Fashionart

Products: Revlon Professional

Hair: Manuel Mon

@ Manuel Mon Estilistas

Photo: Bernardo Baragaño

Make-up: María Montes

Styling: Visori Fashionart

Artist Direction: Angelo Seminara

Colour: Angelo Seminara Team

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Make-up: Daniel Kolaric

Products: Davines

Hair: Yu Jen Yang

Photo: Tuan-Kai Liang

Make-up: Ching Wen Lu

Styling: Yu Jen Yang, Ching Wen Lu


Hair: Goldwell Color Zoom ‘19

Creative Team

Make-up: Loni Baur

Photo: Ralph Mecke

Styling: Ingo Nahrwold



Hair: Elle Schoemaker

Colour: Kristie Kesic

Photo: Sarah Fountain

Make-up: Gemma Elaine

Styling: Tamzen Holland

Hair: Angelo Seminara

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Make-up: Laura Dominique

Styling: Lotta Aspenberg

Hair: Alexander Turnbull/Photo: Jack Eames

Geometries and rule-breaking. Beauty

defined by deconstructed details, that the

colour lends just the right highlight.

Geometria e sregolatezza. La bellezza

di un ordine dal dettaglio scomposto, che

il colore sa mettere in evidenza il giusto.

Geometrie und Ungezwungenheit.

Die Schönheit einer Ordnung besticht durch

unordentliche Details, die erst durch die

Farbe richtig in Szene gesetzt werden.

Géométrie et irrégularité. La beauté d’un

ordre aux détails décomposés que la couleur

sait souligner juste ce qu’il faut.

Geometría y desmesura. La belleza de un

orden con detalles descompuestos, que el

color sabe cómo resaltar.

Hair: David Barron/Photo: Jack Eames

Hair: Alan Simpson and Karen Storr-Simpson @ Contemporary Hairdressing/Photo: John Rawson

Hair: Chrystofer Benson /Photo: John Rawson

Hair: Eric Zemmour for L’Oréal Professionnel/Photo: Stéphane Gagnard

Hair: Bill Tsiknaris

Photo: Anniss+Barton

Hair: Damien Johnston

Colour: Emma Burchett

Photo: Glenn Norwood

Make-up: Melissa Elliot

Styling: Molly Thompson

Shot for HJBHA



Concept & Hair: Luigi Neri


Photo: Fabio Munis

Make-up: Simone

for L’Oreal Paris

Hair: Jose García @ Kumenhair

Photo: David Arnal

Products: Revlon Professional

Hair: Darren Ambrose/Colour: Clayde Baumann/Photo: Chris Bulezuik

Hair: Loft parrucchieri/Photo: GplusKphoto

Hair: Chad Demchuk

Photo: John Rawson

Hair: Alexander Kiryliuk/Photo: David Arnal

Hair: Diego Avellini, Carmine Spartano/Photo: Kamil Strudzinski

Forget about any tone-on-tone idea you might

have, her majesty colour intends to toss out

what has already been seen and blaze new

trails to nuances.

Abbandonate l’idea del ton sur ton, sua maestà

il colore vuole scardinare il già visto e aprire

altre strade alle sfumature.

Vergessen Sie die Vorstellung von Ton in Ton,

seine Erhabenheit. Die Farbe will das bereits

Gesehene ausblenden und andere Wege für

neue Farbnuancen eröffnen.

Oubliez le concept du ton sur ton, sa majesté

la Couleur veut défaire le déjà vu et ouvrir de

nouvelles voies aux nuances.

Abandonar la idea del ton sur ton, su majestad

el color, quiere demoler lo ya visto y abrir otros

caminos a las esfumaturas.

Hair: Schwarzkopf Professional

Hair: XXL Hair/Photo: David Arnal

Artist Direction: Angelo Seminara

Colour: Angelo Seminara Team /Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Hair: Antonio Palladino

Photo: Des Murray

Make-up: Jo Sugar

Styling: Sue Fyfe-Williams

Hair: Studiò Parrucchieri/Photo: Lele Oldrini

Hair: Jason Hall/Photo: Lee Howell @ Jarred Photography

Hair: Diego Avellini, Carmine Spartano

Photo: Kamil Strudzinski

Hair: Altin Ismaili/Photo: Richard Miles Photography

A fringe


Hair: Leonardo Rizzo for Alter Ego Italy

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Styling: Emanuela Mari @ Day Dream

Make-up: Silvia dell’Orto

Hair: Bruno, Lucca & Yvan Estatoff

Colour: Laetitia Bonnand

Photo: Bruno Estatoff

Make-up: Morgane Guillet

Hair: Pierre Ginsburg

Photo: Fabrice Meuwissen

Make-up: Julie Roux

Long hair




Hair & Photo: Desmond Murray

Make-up: Bernard Connolly

Hair: Clive Allwright

Colour: Brooke & Peanut

Hair: Jose Valle, Eva Blas, Ángelo Villalba

for Backstage BCN/Photo: Yoye

Hair: Chad Demchuk

Photo: Tom Carson

Hair: Detlef Gehlhaar/Photo: John Rawson

Hair: Mark Van Westerop/Photo: Ivo de Kok

Hair: Gen Itoh for TIGI Bed Head

Colour: Warren Boodaghian/Photo: Alex Barron-Hough

Yellow, orange, cornfl ower, lilac.

Conventionality is banned, audacity is the

new charter of contemporary femininity.

Giallo, arancio, ciano, lilla. La convenzionalità

è bandita, l’audacia è la nuova carta della

femminilità contemporanea.

Gelb, Orange, Cyan, Flieder. Konventionalität

ist tabu, Ungezwungenheit ist das neue

Motto zeitgenössischer Weiblichkeit.

Jaune, orange, cyan, lilas. À bas le

conventionnel, l’audace est le nouvel atout

de la féminité contemporaine.

Amarillo, naranja, cian, lila. La convencionalidad

está prohibida, la audacia es la nueva carta de

la feminilidad contemporánea.

Hair: Antonio Palladino/Photo: Desmond Murray

Hair: Clive Allwright

Colour: Brooke & Peanut

Hair: Thiago Câmara

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Cristina Torres

Styling: Eunnis Mesa

Hair: Cicciput Unse Tratem

Photo: Lorem Ipsum Dolor

Make-up: Adusmater Duretraio

Styling: Bauhaus Riputer

Hair: Detlef Gehlhaar

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Susan Voss Redfern

Styling: Tim Hartley

Hair: Chad Demchuk

Photo: Tom Carson

Make-up: Nancy Luna

Hair: Bill Tsiknaris @ Tsiknaris Hair

Colour: Chris Tsiknaris

Photo: Anniss+Barton

Make-up: Charlotte Ravet

Styling: Milana Demina




Artistic Direction:

Harkaitz Barreros Soria

Hair: H Motion

Photo: Javier Lopez

Make-up: Luz Martinez Perez,

David Jimenez Blanco

Styling: Eder Aurre Ferreira

Hair: Manou Grijsen

Photo: Petra Holland

Make-up: Darien Touma

Styling: Annet Veerbeek

Hair: Chrystofer Benson

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Danielle Donahue

Hair: Altin Ismaili/Photo: Richard Miles Photography

Hair: Loft parrucchieri/Photo: GplusKphoto

Hair: Revlon Professional

Hair: Alexander Kiryliuk/Photo: David Arnal

Hair: Anna Barroca/Photo: David Arnal

Hair: Danny van Tuijl/Colour: Siobhan Golden /Photo: Felix Rachor

Hair: Ritz Lam @ A Ten Studio /Photo: Larry Yau

Forms, without limits. That give body to

colour. An ode to hair as liquid matter, an

invitation to break all the rules.

Forme, senza limiti. Che danno corpo al

colore. Un inno ai capelli come materia

liquida, un invito ad abbattere tutti gli schemi.

Formen ohne Grenzen. Sie geben der

Farbe Fülle. Eine Hommage an das Haar als

fl ießende Materie, eine Einladung, mit

sämtlichen Klischees zu brechen.

Des formes, sans limites. Qui donnent du

corps à la couleur. Un hymne aux cheveux

comme matière liquide, une invitation à aller

hors des chemins battus.

Formas, sin límites. Que dan cuerpo al color.

Un himno al cabello como materia líquida,

una invitación a romper todos los esquemas.

Hair: Vincent Moutault for La Loge/Photo: Kortum

Hair: Amanda Menz/Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Hair: Dorothy Tsang @ Blushes/Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Hair & Photo: Desmond Murray

Hair: Darren Ambrose/Colour: Clayde Baumann

Photo: Chris Bulezuik

Hair: Tori Frappier @ Dragonfly Salon/Photo: Paula Tizzard

Hair: Alexander Kiryliuk

Colour: Kílian Garrigós

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Miguel Silva

Styling: Elena Estaun

Hair: Chrystofer Benson

@ Chrystofer Benson Collective

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Danielle Donahue

Styling: Hannah Leigh






Creative Direction: Eirini Vassou

Hair: Christos Michailidis

Photo: Nikol Bartzoka

Make-up: @efi_ramone

Creative Direction:

Mauro Galzignato for Kemon

Hair: D. Carlucci, R. Rogari, A. Candido,

P. Baltieri, D. Comandulli, F. Morelli

Photo: Fernando Gomez

@ Aura Photo Agency

Hair: Ine Rooijakkers /Photo: G+K Photo

Hair: Arjan Bevers

Photo: G+K Photo

Hair: Nicole Wilmink/Photo: Sanne Grasdijk

Soft nuances that oscillate between the colours

of sand and the refl ections of the sea. Long

waves become the mermaid’s spell.

Nuance morbide che oscillano fra i colori della

sabbia e i rifl essi del mare. Il lungo mosso

diventa una magia da sirena.

Weiche Farbtöne, die zwischen den Farben

des Sandes und den Refl exionen des Meeres

oszillieren. Langes, gewelltes Haar erinnert

an den Zauber einer Meerjungfrau.

De douces nuances qui oscillent entre les

couleurs du sable et les refl ets de la mer.

Les cheveux longs se parent de magie

comme des sirènes.

Tonos suaves que oscilan entre los colores

arena y los refl ejos del mar. El largo ondulado

se convierte en magia de sirena.

Hair & Colour: Kirsten Alacali/Photo: G+K Photo

Hair: Alexander Turnbull/Photo: Jack Eames

Hair, Colour & Styling: Lizzy Lemon

Make-up: Franziska Wilkeup

Photo: Felix Rachor

Hair: Jose García @ Kumenhair

Photo: David Arnal

Products: Revlon Professional




Hair: Trevor Sorbie

Photo: Craig Fleming

Make-up: Lucy Flower

Styling: Natalie Armin




17 TH - 18 TH NOVEMBER 2019





an event by

in partnership with

Organised by: BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a. - Milan - ph. +39.02.796.420 - fax +39.02.795.036 -






Professional trade fair / Nordic live competitions

International and local artists / Business and social networking

Award show / Mingle dinner / Celebration party





The power of


Here is our choice of care products designed specifically to

protect and prolong the stunning professional colour that

you, the salon expert, have created for your clients. Gary Kelly

82 retail

Summer is upon us, and as the forecaster try and tell us every year, this one is going to be another

scorcher. If 2018 was anything to go by, then that's not such a far-fetched possibility. Nevertheless, it's

probably best to cling onto the typically dogmatic British "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude. Whether

our summer sun manifests itself as months of long balmy days of endless blue skies, or the odd glimmer

peeping out from behind the storm clouds, the superb in-salon colour services that you give your clients

are a guarantee that no day is really a rainy day. Here's are just a few products that will help to ensure

that the sun is always shining on their parade!

“I recommend using the Kerasilk range as it’s particularly

great for clients to use at home to keep their salon hair color

looking vibrant and luminous at all times until their next

salon appointment. The Kerasilk Color Brilliance Service is a

step up and helps keep exceptional colour brilliance for up to

six weeks by restoring the hair from within to its optimal


Neil Barton, Goldwell UK Guest Artist


The newly-expanded Kerasilk Color range delivers a luxurious in-salon color care experience

and offers luxurious home care products to help maintain long-lasting colour brilliance and

beautifully healthy looking hair. Brilliant colour results are the dream of both salon-owners

and salon clients; the secret behind this has now been reinvented by Kerasilk.Thanks to the

exclusive Keralucent Technology with colour-caring silk, low-molecular and high- molecular

Keratin Blends and Tamanu Oil, colour-treated hair can shine brilliantly, whilst remaining as

soft and as touchable as silk.

“To keep your clients happy with the colour and condition of

their blonde hair until their next salon appointment, the

Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind shampoo

and conditioner, which contain max-strength violet micropigments,

should be the duo you recommend every time.

The product benefits alone speak for themselves and the

results are remarkable – even from the very first use hair is

left 90% stronger, with yellow tones neutralised in an instant.”

Jonathan Andrew, Global Brand Ambassador Fudge Professional

Fudge Professional

Either on virgin blonde hair or after using Fudge Headpoint to create your best-ever

blondes your best blondes from cool champagnes to alluring ashes and glimmering golds

clients' hair needs to remain in perfect condition and free from brassy tones. Fudge

professional's clean blonde damage rewind violet toning shampoo and conditioner instantly

removes yellow tones from blonde hair & repairs hair with Opti-plex technology. The Clean

Blonde formula has now joined forces with Damage Rewind Shampoo & Conditioner to

create groundbreakingly strong & healthy blonde hair.

“The KMS Colorvitality collection has been proven to

maintain colour up to three times longer and provide intense

moisture to repair any damage from colour treatment.

The addition of a UV filter in this collection really helps to

protect hair from the fading effects of sunlight, making it an

absolute essential especially in the summer months whether

at home or abroad.”

Sam Burnett, KMS Global Style Council.


KMS Colorvitality Shampoo and Conditioner is a colour care combo which maintains colour up

to 3 times longer than products which do not contain the unqiue Colorvitality procolor shield.

As well as sealing in colour and conserving the vibrancy of colour-treated hair, they also help

restore radiance while adding moisture to ensure beautiful shine and finish.

“The demi-permanent hair colour Color & Gloss used for

Haute Lumière is very gentle and can be individually applied.

It is suitable for coloured and virgin hair, no matter what the

length or texture. It is ammonia-free, gently surrounds the

hair and washes out without any roots. This enables you to

try out shades that are stronger or more unconventional

without having to make a lasting decision.”

Andrea Bennett, La Biosthétique International Colour Director

La Biosthétique

They really stand out, are elegant and sophisticated: the new Haute Lumière Color

Collection by La Biosthétique features fascinatingly expressive hair colours from the world’s

catwalks, created for modern salon customers. The looks that cover the whole spectrum

from brilliant classics to vivid colour statements bear the unmistakable signature of La

Biosthétique International Colour Director Andrea Bennett, who created the unique and

elegant catwalk colours of the Haute Lumière Color Collection with the demi- permanent

colour Color & Gloss.

“Platinum blonde is having a moment. It’s also a colour

that can fade and become dull in appearance. label.m’s new

Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner is made up of

botanically-derived, super-food ingredients which hold

violet-intensifying pigments to detox the hair and counteract

that unwanted brassy tinge. The duo delivers tonal

corrective care with equal measures of nutritional

benefits, vital in unlocking platinum, silver, or grey tones.

Jo O'Neill, International Technical Education Director, TONI&GUY


Taking ‘blonde-spiration’ to another level, label.m Cool Blonde Shampoo and

Conditioner is a colour-toning, duo-led regime that de nes a healthier way to eliminate

brassy/yellow undertones on: blonde, silver and grey hair with the exclusive infusion

known as Violet Botanical Complex. Delivering tonal-corrective care with equal

measures of nutritional bene ts, this is all about the combined ‘Power-of-Three’, purple

super-food ingredients: Blueberries, purple Potato and purple Carrots.

“Jeans may fade but hair colour shouldn't! Shine bright this

summer with Paul Mitchell's Color Care Collection, specially

formulated to protect your hair against the UV rays, with

sunflower extract, intense UVA & UVB protection, for

hyrdated & shine perfection..”

Chris Casey, Paul Mitchell's Regional Technical Consultant, Scotland

Color Protect Daily Shampoo by Paul Mitchell is a gentle cleanser that harnesses the power

of sunflower extract for longer-lasting hair colour. Helps protect against sun damage.

Infuses brilliant shine for vibrant, healthy looking hair. It is created specifically to cleanse

colour-treated hair while it moisturises, strengthens and boosts shine.Sunflower extract

provides intense UV protection, while conditioning agents and extracts provide essential


84 retail Paul Mitchell

“Colour aftercare is so important because it’s the difference

between happy clients between colours and clients who fall

out of their colour (& their colourist) between appointments.

Nutri Colour Crème is an absolute must have for colour

clients. It keeps colour true between appointments as it

perfectly tones and refreshes existing colour while banishing

bassinets or fade. Clients love how healthy it it makes their

hair, nourishing and moisturising between appointments.”

Revlon Professional Global Artistic Ambassador, Mark Leeson

Revlon Professional

Give coloured hair a boost with the Nutri Color Creme range from Revlon

Professional. In just three minutes this express treatment feeds colour, gives

intense shine and touchable softness. With 18 shades in the Nutri Color Creme

range, use them to refresh existing colour, create fantastical to delicate shades

and tone blondes at the backwash. It includes Nutri Colo Synergy Complex, an

exclusive blend which combines cosmetic ingredients with a conditioning system,

provitamin B5, grapeseed oil and a selection of ionic pigments.

“Since we first took on Copyright Colour we have seen great

results for our clients. The Copyright Care range with its

unique concept of boosters has a similar philosophy. We can

now analyse each clients hair and adapt the formulation to

suit accordingly, resulting in a fabulous well conditioned hair.

A high proportion of our clients have a Copyright Care

treatment in the salon following a technical appointment and

this often often leads to a retail sale within the range.”

Andrew Collinge for TIGI


Designed to perfectly compliment the TIGI copyright©olour range, TIGI Copyright Care

has been created to excite and inspire clients with personalised, perfect results every time.

Knowing each client’s hair is different, TIGI has created truly customised, in-salon care

services so hairdressers can celebrate their artistry and copyright every client’s look. TIGI

Copyright Care Boosters are also available for clients to take home as aftercare to ensure

they can follow their customised hair care regime between salon visits.

“After colour care is as important as the colour itself. The last

thing I want is my clients to leave the salon, the colour to fade

over the next few weeks and have a faded result until their next

appointment. The Wella Professionals INVIGO Color Brilliance

range is my go-to for colour-treated hair. It’s great at keeping

colours vibrant and longer lasting as well as being easy to use and

add to your beauty regime. The range is available for normal/fine

or thick hair so it’s a great choice for any client.”

Suzanne Alphonse, Commercial Technical Education Manager

Wella Professionals

Wella Professionals introduces INVIGO, a new high-performance care line

designed to recharge your hair quickly and effectively whilst also answering all

your hair needs. INVIGO instantly invigorates both your hair and well-being.

In just a few minutes hair is instantly transformed from lacklustre to full of life

again. INVIGO creates recharging moments in salon and at home with highperformance

invigorating care.








Association Internationale Presse

Professionnelle Coiffure

5, Rue Boudreau

75009 PARIS (France)

Don’t miss the opportunity... visit now



Attendance numbers rise at Cosmoprof

Worldwide Bologna 2019 including more

overseas visitors, as the event becomes

a reference point for the beauty industry.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2019 enjoyed a record turnout this year, with more than

265,000 industry attendees, 3,033 companies from 70 countries and a 10% increase in the

number of visitors from abroad. Environmental sustainability and the circular economy were

the two main talking points of the event - proving to be the subjects of over 30 talks planned

by the Service Centre included in initiatives such as NO. CO. – No Compromise of

Cosmopack Factory. Gianpiero Calzolari, CEO of BolognaFiere, was on hand to launch this

year's event: “Cosmoprof now reaches all the world with events on every continent," he

declared. "Following developments in Europe as a result of the acquisition of Health & Beauty,

we are ready to expand even further, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Economic

Development, ICE and Cosmetica Italia.” Once again this year, the Cosmoprof Awards and

Cosmopack Awards recognised products, formulas, packaging and design in the beauty

industry. Another great success was the “Leonardo Genius and Beauty” show - held as a

joint-venture by Cosmetica Italia, Accademia del Profumo and Cosmoprof to celebrate the

500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. The third edition of the United Barbers

Show also enjoyed notable success. Other news from the fair was the inauguration of the new

number 37 pavilion, dedicated specifically to hair. On the Estetica stand, publisher Roberto

Pissimiglia made presentations to the winners of two important awards: the AIPP Grand

Trophy to Angelo Seminara, and the third edition of HPA, the first Italian acknowledgement

dedicated to professional products.

(above): Angelo Seminara, winner of the AIPP

Grand Trophy Award 2018-2019, with (l) Roby

Pissimiglia and (r) Sergi Bancells.

The new women’s network '505 Parrucchiere

è donna' held two meetings at Cosmoprof,

organised in partnership with

EsteticaNetwork and Cosmoprof



Estetica n. 2 /2019

ad index



Corso Cairoli, 16

10123 Torino (Italy)

Tel.: +39 011 83921113

Fax: +39 011 8171188



Via Cavour, 50

10123 Torino (Italy)

Tel.: +39 011 83921111

Fax: +39 011 8125661


88 Kingsway

London WC2B 6AA

(Great Britain)

Tel. +44 2078412733





TIGI / 0844 844 0944






Tipo Stampa s.r.l.

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Turin Law Court. All rights


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of texts or photography is

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include the withdrawal of

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Turin. The person whose

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(Art. 15 Right to access; Art.16

Correction; Art. 17 Cancellation)

by writing to Edizioni Esav -

Membre de l’Association

Internationale de la

Presse Professionnelle




Leather red with


A play between a muted copper to an

intensified red becomes the paramount of a

lived in colour with a premium finish.




Cool grey with


Three new compelling shades of Color Touch, perfect

for toning, to create captivating smoky finishes on

blondes and dramatically reduce unwanted warm tones.

7/86 9/86 9/96


AskForWella @WellaUK @WellaHairUK

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