Write Away Magazine - August Edition


The lyric writers magazine

Songs Are Perform

If the bard of Avon

himself (William

Shakespeare to you)

was not above tailoring

his works to play to the

strengths of his best

available actors, should

we as songwriters be

doing the same? After

all, songs are intended to

be performed, right?

Are we giving our performer

(perhaps ourselves?)

something they

can work with? Is it too

far outside their comfort

zone? Or worse yet, too

far inside that well-worn

path? Fundamental truth

number one: songwriting…..in

fact, all art,

needs to evoke in its

audience both a feeling

of surprise, and one of

familiarity. Their reaction

should be “Wow, I

never thought about it

that way!” rather than

“What the hell are you

talking about?” (Having

said that, it seems like

the best art often starts

them feeling the latter…

..and gently leads them

to the former, almost as

if they have come to the

logical conclusion on

their own).



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