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A fun, motivating and engaging project immersed in science, technology, engineering, arts and maths. The approaches

STEAM Education

P o w e r e d b y

Making an impact across the curriculum

with a controllable vehicle

to learning incorporated vital communication skills, taking thoughtful risks, working collaboratively, persisting in

solving problems and working through a creative project.


Teacher and Director, Mr Andrews Online

David Andrews formed Mr Andrews Online back in 2012 with a vision to deliver better learning experiences for

children using mobile technology. Since 2012 he has worked alongside hundreds of schools and teachers,

delivering classroom experience days for primary school children up and down the country. He has recently

written a ‘Creative Computing Curriculum’ for a leading Academy, as their previous scheme had become stale

and didn’t allow the teachers to exploit cross curricular opportunities. They wanted the scheme to ‘wow the

children and be aspirational’. The innovative Mr Andrews Online Creative Curriculum is now available to all

primary schools.

Communication: Writing and presenting a script to showcase

their car designs to an audience at a car show.

Having taught Controllable Vehicles in similar way for the past

few years, I was looking for complete transformation on how this

project was delivered. Utilising the power of technology was key

and how to incorporate other curriculum subjects that would

further develop pupils’ critical thinking and problem solving


This project covered


• Design & Technology (Engineering): The design and making of

a controllable carScience: Using wires, batteries, motors, pulleys

and a switch to control the car – forwards and backwards.

• Technology/Literacy: Using the mobile technology to support

learning and as a tool to create car video advertisements and


• Art & Design: Designing a unique net and logos / brand for

their vehicle.

Maths: Calculating the costs to make the cars using

spreadsheets & formulas.

Independent Learning: Creating a Controllable Vehicle Digital


A ‘how to build a controllable vehicle’ video guide was created

for the pupils to follow. The purpose of this was to demonstrate

the steps to success – this involved filming each section, adding

a list of equipment required for each step and instructions. The

pupils could pause, rewind and watch the video as many times

as they needed to as they progressed through the project. This

allowed the children to work in a much more independent way

and more importantly at their own pace. When the children were

ready to move onto the next section, there was a list of

equipment that they would need that was available at the front

of the hall. The guide was shared to multiple devices using

Airdrop and accessed by the pupils via the iPad. This guide is

freely available at:

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