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3. Creating a car advertisement

The children filmed and used the iPad’s camera to take videos

and still shots of the car to be edited later in iMovie. The aim

was to create a 30 second (maximum) advert for their car,

incorporating self-composed jingles, songs and backing music,

all created using Garageband, which is extremely easy to do

and very children-friendly.

6. Presentations

A key element of the project was preparing for and

delivering a showcase presentation to parents / carers and

Key Stage 2 children. As well as showcasing their work, the

children evaluated their controllable vehicle, showed their

car advert and car brochure on the big screen.

You can view one of the examples by following this link:

4. Create a car marketing brochure

This element has strong links to the persuasive writing elements

of the literacy curriculum. The children researched and created

an informative brochure. We focused on using 'marketing words'

for their vehicle and published this as a digital book (iBook

creator). Again, this is a free app that comes with iPads and is

very easy for even very young children to use.

Benefits of this approach

5. Links to science

The pupils labelled electrical components in a circuit and

explain how the forward and reverse switch works using key


• The children produced high-quality car design.

• There was an increase in the quality of the writing that was

evident in blogs and brochures. They also produced some

outstanding video advertisements.

• There was increased parental involvement. The children

badgered their parents to attend the Car Show because they

cared about and valued their work. Indeed, parents became

very involved with the project.

• When the children spoke they demonstrated an astounding

depth of knowledge, understanding and confidence. The

standards of their spoken presentations were unexpectedly

high. •

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