Newsletter 15- 23.04.20






A word from the Principal...


I am always impressed with the standard of work that our children produce and this has continued

during recent weeks. What I have been even more pleased about is how supportive our children

are of each other online. On our online platform, Seesaw, our children have been commenting on

each others work brilliantly and really setting an example for us all to follow in terms of following

our own advice to ‘be kind’. I have attached some screenshots below so you can see how wonderful

your children are.

In this difficult times, we are aware that financial strains are greater than ever, If you feel that you

may now be eligible for Free School Meals, please apply here:

We are delighted to be offering vouchers that can be redeemed online and used at local

supermarkets to those who are eligible.

As always, thank you for your continued support during these difficult times and if there is anything

we can do to support you in return, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Stay safe,

Mr Adam Anderson


Home Learning...

This half term the Early Years children are learning all about mini beasts. Their

first challenge was to build a bug hotel for Bertie Beetle and his friends. They

all live in the garden but unfortunately it was very windy and their houses were

ruined. I have been totally amazed by the fantastic bug hotels the children

have designed and built. I can’t wait to see who comes to stay in their hotels…

This week our focus has been on garden worms. The children have listened to

stories and created their own Super worm story maps. They have found out

interesting facts about worms, painted pictures and even made a wormery!!

It has been wonderful to see what the children have been doing at home with

their families. Here are just a few examples; Camping in the garden, rainbow

skittle experiment, asteroid experiment, roasting marshmallows, planting

seeds, making time capsules, bike riding 35 miles in a week!!

A big thank you to all the parents for spending the time to share these great

learning experiences with me.

Keep safe and hope to see you all soon

Home learning...

Year 1 has had another busy week. One of their tasks was to keep a diary of

each day. We have really enjoyed reading what they have all been up to. We

are also amazed at how much maths is being completed. They will all be super-mathematicians

when we get back to school! We have also enjoyed seeing

all the creative activities you have enjoyed. Keep up the good work Year 1.

Well done Y1 - here

is your badge from

Epic Books to celebrate

that you have

read 325 books

as a class, that’s


Home learning...

Year 2 have continued their work on The Great Fire of London this week. They

have been writing fantastic newspaper reports, poems and stories about the

fire. Many children have also been following instructions to create products for

their own bakeries. We have had some fantastic pasties, sausage rolls, chocolate

cakes, pizza swirls and more! They have also been finding out about the

River Thames and planning a journey on it. They have been continuing with

their daily exercise, with some even managing to do gymnastic routines on

their daily walk! The children have also continued their maths work and reading!

All in all, they are doing a fantastic job! Thank you Year 2, you brighten

my day!

Home learning...

Class 3 have been exploring different types of food that make up a balanced

diet for our new topic. We have read a handful of books that give us information

about foods and the nutrients they contain to maintain a healthy diet. We have

also researched how food is produced around the UK and the different types of

food that are most common in certain areas (cattle farming, wheat, grain, vegetables,

dairy farming).

Home Learning...

Class 4 have been busy learning about Romans this week. They’ve researched

Roman soldiers, discovered Pompeii and written information texts about Vesuvius!

They’ve also continued to improve their French skills, creating menus and

role playing cafes this week. They have also been producing some great maths.

Home learning...

Class 5 have been busy engaging in their learning, it has been really inspiring.

The quality of work across the curriculum has been extremely high with children

presenting/expressing their ideas in many different ways such as: videos,

drawings, drama, singing, dancing, writing, maps, voice overs, dressing up and

role play. The list is endless! They have been really enjoying their new topic

‘Fork to Food’ and I have loved seeing all of their work so far. Thank you Class

5, keep up the great work.

Home learning...

Year 6 have continued to work extremely hard at home and have shown such

creativity over the past week. I have been amazed by the variety of skills I

have seen demonstrated in the art that has been created and how much detail

is being included. Year 6 have also been very forward thinking in the ways that

they can support each other in the current situation. This has included fundraising

activities and artwork to support and encourage the NHS. It has been

lovely to see them being so proactive and caring. Finally, I have been so impressed

by the positive and supportive way that they are using our class blog,

helping and praising each other to ensure that all of their classmates are happy

and staying strong throughout this time. Well done Year 6!

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