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A word from the Principal...


Thank you to all of you who completed the online learning questionnaire that was sent out last

week. The feedback was really helpful and I have passed on your hugely positive comments to our

staff, who are working so hard to make it a success. Many of the suggestions that were made are

already being actioned and we are trying to increase the amount of videos that are used and providing

more opportunities for peer-to-peer communication to reduce the feelings of isolation that

many of us are experiencing.

It is great to see so many of you celebrating VE day and I know teachers have provided some ideas

for activities linked to this special day. Please share any pictures of your family celebrations on our

Facebook page.

Like you, we are awaiting the Government’s press conference on Sunday to find out if there will be

any changes to lockdown restrictions in the coming weeks. If changes that affect school opening

are announced, we will put a plan together and then communicate directly with you. Please be assured

that the safety of your children, yourselves and our staff will be at the forefront of any decision

we make and we will not be rushed into reopening if we do not feel we can do so safely.

Stay safe,

Mr Adam Anderson


Home Learning...

The Early Years children have impressed me with their enthusiasm for our Minibeast

topic. Every week they have sent wonderful work, which is a joy to


This week they have completed challenges involving doubling and sharing.

They have produced beautiful art work and created very interesting stories.

They have been on a bug hunt and learnt all about the life cycles of a ladybird.

The children have listened to stories, wrote a book review, wrote sentences using

an adjective and had to write rhyming words!

Well done Early Years.

Home learning...

Year 1 have had a very busy week; they have been learning lots of new things.

Mrs Cahill has also learnt a new skill this week and has videoed maths lessons

so the children can carry on their learning as if they were still at school! The

children have completed lots of maths activities and we are so impressed with

how much they are learning. They have also been learning all about adjectives

using the story, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. As always, we’ve loved reading

their diary entries and hearing about what they have been doing. Well done

Year 1 for all you hard work, we are so impressed with you! A big thank you to

the parents for all your help and support.

Well done Year 1, here

is your badge from Epic

Books to say that you

have read 600 books as

a class! You are amazing

– keep it going!

Home learning...

Year 2 have continued to work really hard this week. They have been looking at

the story of the Mousehole Cat and have used webcams to look at Mousehole

to help them with their English work. Mrs Wherry took them on a virtual class

trip to Marazion beach (through her daily walk!) so the children could compare

Mousehole and Marazion’s physical and human features for their Geography

work. Alongside this, the children have been looking at the work of Alfred Wallis

and have been creating their own images in his style. As well as this they

have been creating artwork using images of pilchards. The children have also

worked so hard with a new unit of maths this week and I am very proud of

them all. Great work Year 2, keep being amazing!

Home learning...

Class 3 have been issues a challenge this week to use their observational drawing skills

to create a self-portrait. We will be sending these pictures to Mrs Mitchell once all are

completed in order for her to identify the children in our class.

We have also continued our history project and begun to explore what happened following

events of the Stone Age. Some children have handed in some lovely research

notes stating many facts about the Metal Ages, how they live, traded, protected themselves

and what innovations there were.

We have also begun to use Hangouts in order to communicate with each other and

share ideas if children are confused or just need a friendly face to talk to.

Home Learning...

Class 4 have learnt all about the fearless Boudicca this week! We learnt how

she tried to protect Britain from The Romans before leading a huge battle. We

also learnt about all the things that The Romans introduced and how different

our country could have been without them. We’ve also drawn some amazing

volcano pictures! I’m really proud of the efforts that the children continue to

put in. They are working extremely hard and continuing to achieve to the best

of their abilities.

Home learning...

Since lockdown, Class 5 have been working hard in all areas of the curriculum

as part of their home learning. In maths they have been continuing to practice

their key skills in preparation for Year 6, the outcomes have been amazing. The

children are already completing end of Year 6 maths arithmetic papers and are

getting the most incredible score. Keep up the great work.

At home this week as part of English the children are starting to prepare to

write their own arguments. As part of this learning they have been watching

videos of debates, having debates with their friends and families and thinking

of their own questions for a balanced argument. The work has been brilliant.

In the next newsletter there will be examples of their finished arguments which

will be very interesting as the children have come up with great questions.

Home learning...

Year 6 have completed such a huge variety of activities this week and I have

really enjoyed seeing some music happening. Some of Year 6 have had a go at

writing their own version of a lockdown song and have been performing their

songs, one even using a piano for accompaniment. Over the past few weeks,

we have been focusing on developing our drawing skills and some of the drawings

produced this week have shown so much detail and a great use of shading.

Year 6 also started using Google Hangouts this week and it has been lovely

to see some very supportive conversations happening and the children checking

in on each other. As well as this, there has even been some fundraising

happening to support the NHS. Well done on another productive week Year 6


Joel C.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 3, Year 4

07 / May / 2020

A word from the Principal...

Joel C.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 3, Year 4

07 / May / 2020

A word from the Principal...

Alex C.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 5, Year 6

07 / May / 2020

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