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A word from the Principal...


It is with mixed emotions we come to the end of another academic year at Ludgvan School. I feel

sadness that so many of our children missed out on some wonderful experiences; pride in how our

Y6 children have developed and will go on to be successful; however, the overriding feeling is one of

optimism that we will be able to return in September to something that resembles ‘normal’ and get

back to what we are all here to do – providing the best we can for your children.

Yesterday, we held our first ever Virtual Leavers Assembly. The Y6 children were socially distanced

I the hall and families could watch via Zoom. With the exception of a few technical difficulties, all

went well and it was really nice for the children to have an official send off before they move on to

secondary school. We are all proud of our Y6 children; the journey they have been on and the

young people they leave us as. We know they will go on to be huge successes and can’t wait to

hear their stories.

It’s not only the Y6 children leaving us. Mrs Sara Davey is retiring as the CEO of Leading Edge

Academies Partnership and has been instrumental in setting up the MAT which has been such a

positive impact on Ludgvan School. I will miss working with her greatly, but wish her the very best

in her well deserved retirement. We also say goodbye to Mrs Trevorrow who is retiring as well. She

is our longest serving member of staff, first starting 1984! She will leave a big whole in our team,

but we wish her a happy retirement.

A word from the Principal...

Before signing off, I would like to thank all of you who have had such a positive impact on our

school and children this year. Firstly, the FLS who constantly give up their time to raise additional

funds to enhance the experience for our children, they even have a summer outdoors project

taking place that they would welcome your help with. Secondly, our Local Academy Committee who

volunteer their time to support and challenge to ensure that Ludgvan is offering the best possible

provision to our children. Next, I would like to thank all of the families who support everything we

do at Ludgvan. The links between home and school are vital and without your input, the full impact

on your children cannot be realised. Finally, I would like to thank all of the staff at Ludgvan. We are

so fortunate to have such a determined, committed and enthusiastic group who would do anything

for the children in their care. This has never been more evident than during the recent lockdown

and subsequent return to school where I couldn’t have asked for more.

I hope you all have a lovely summer and can’t wait to see you again in September.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


Term Dates 2020-2021

Autumn Term

7th September – 17th December (Half term: 26-30 October)

Spring Term

5th January – 31st March (Half Term: 15-19 February)

Summer term

19th April – 21st July ( Half Term: 31 March – 4 June)

In term Inset Day

7th June

Home Learning...

All of the Early years children really enjoyed their first sports day. They were

very excited and extremely enthusiastic.! It was lovely to see pictures of the

children at home participating in the same activities.

This week we have been learning about pirates. The children made pirate ships,

designed their own flags, made treasure maps, produced some fab writing and

investigated who stole the treasure from the classroom! We then had a pirate

dress up day to finish the week.

I have been impressed by the way the children have adapted to their ever

changing circumstances. Home learning, zoom sessions and some children returning

back to school either part-time or full time. They are all amazing super

stars!!! It has been a joy to teach them this year and I am really looking forward

to continuing this journey with them in September.

Home learning...

Year 1 are enjoying a fun and relaxed end of term after all their hard work,

both those learning at home and those in school. The amount and the quality

of the home learning really has been superb and Mrs Patrick and I have been

so impressed with seeing all the things the children and their families have

been up to. I cannot thank those families enough for their consistent support

and engagement. We have had many Zoom events which have been popular

and have really supported the children, enabling them to see friends across

this strange time. I know in class, the children were always so excited to see

their classmates and this certainly had a positive impact on their well-being.

So thank you again for your support with this. The children that have attended

school, whether in the year 1 bubble, key worker or Mrs Cutters bubble, have

shown resilience and respect towards each other and the new way of school

life, turning up each day with big smiles on their faces. Thank you to all those

parents as well, for supporting your children and helping them understand and

follow the different ways we have needed to do things to keep everybody safe.

We had a great virtual sports day which saw children at home and in school

competing and earning points for their team. Lots of fun was had by all! Class

1 also received replies from their pirate letters which was very exciting. They

had written instructions telling the pirates where to find the hidden treasure on

their maps, and the pirates, in return, led them to find hidden treasure around

Ludgvan School! Mrs Patrick and I would like to wish you all a relaxed and

peaceful, well-earned summer break!

Home learning...

Year 2 have ended the year with some more fabulous pieces of work. They

have continued to work hard right until the end of term. They have had fun

learning about superheros by reading the story ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra.

They have created their own superheros using natural products and writing

character profiles and acrostic poems about superheros. They have also practised

their superhero drawing skills, superhero moves and created some superhero

jet packs! To end the year they have been writing postcards to one another

and have reached over 1100 books read on Epic books! Year 2, you are

all stars, well done!

Home learning...

Year 3 explored the qualities needed to be a good friend. We looked at different virtues

needed to create positive relationships with people around us.

We have also been creative and thought about what animal we would like to become

based on their skills and appearance (features). Class 3 have been amazing at building

their vocabulary this year and have really made me proud as a teacher. Awesome job

class 3. Many of class 3 also took part in the sports day activities set by Mrs Wherry,

and they did a fantastic job to show off their coordination, dexterity and athleticism.

Home Learning...

Class 4 worked really hard this week, producing some wonderful poetry, art

work and giving their best efforts to sports day! On Friday, they also went on

some virtual school trips to the zoo and a national park where they explored

and learnt about different animals and land marks. Lots of the children also

shared what they have been getting up to at home. Charlie made some delicious

bread and Harriet continued to improve her running this week with a 2.1

mile run! Well done to all the children (and parents!) who worked extremely

hard through challenging times. I am so impressed with the efforts made by

you all and hope you all have a wonderful summer

Home learning...

Last week Class 5 got involved in sports day, it was great to see how much fun the

children were having and how determined they were to score points for their team.

The children have been very creative this week, firstly they have been busy painting

rocks for the ‘rock river’ at school; the designs were excellent including ‘rainbow’ designs

to thank the NHS staff and key workers. In English, the children have been writing

biographies which have been very interesting to read as there was a wide variety.

Many of the children entered the ‘Ludgvan Horticultural Society’ photography competition;

the standard of photo was so high that they looked like they had been taken by

professionals. Some of the children also entered the ‘Edge of the World’ poetry competition

which focused on the children’s hopes for the future. It was inspiring reading

all of the wonderful dreams and changes that they would like to make or see happen.

Class 5 what a year! I would like to thank you all (children and parents included) for

all of your hard work, commitment and patience in this academic year. I have been

so impressed with the quality of work completed; the level of learning continued; the

new skills learnt; adventures had; vegetables grown; time spent making new games

and even some boat building. I have loved teaching you all this year and know you

will continue to grow and flourish next year when you enter your final year at Ludgvan

School becoming a Year 6. I hope you all have a great summer.

Home learning...

Well, what a fantastic final week Year 6 have had at Ludgvan School! It is hard

to believe that this has been their final week with us and school will not be the

same without them. We have had some great moments this week, reminiscing

about all of the memories they have had throughout their time here and have

even been leaving their mark so that we always remember them. Mrs Peters

and the FLS came up with the idea of a ‘Year 6 Lockdown Garden’ which has

been planted outside of Class 6, consisting of three apple trees, which the children

helped to plant. They also enjoyed some Choc Ices in the sun and a final

Zoom quiz with the winners taking home the flags made by the class in Year 5

and 6. Well done to all of Year 6 for having such a positive and fun final week

at Ludgvan!


All I can say is wow! I have been incredibly impressed with all of the Science

work that has been happening from you all whilst you have been working from

home and from those of you who have returned to school. I can see that so

many of you have learnt new things and asked some amazing questions. Not

only that, but I’ve also been learning so much from you too!

Remember, Science is part of our everyday lives and is all around us. I’m looking

forward to seeing more Science experiments when you return to school in


Sports Day...

This year, we held our first ever ‘Virtual Sports Day’. Following on from the

success of the school games, Mrs Wherry set a range of activities that the children

coud partake in and submit their scores. Participation was fantastic, with

a huge proportion of our children taking part. Well done to everyone for taking

part and particularly to yellow team who ended up as our winners!

Sports Day...

Sports Day...

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