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Welcome to the Pandemic! Remembering Lonnie Joseph Holt 1952 - May 12, 2020. Naya Marie Rivera 1987 – July 8, 2020. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Exhibit "Gay Boys in love", Tenants Union update and Is TRUMP killing us? Inside this issue.

Welcome to the Pandemic! Remembering Lonnie Joseph Holt 1952 - May 12, 2020. Naya Marie Rivera 1987 – July 8, 2020. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Exhibit "Gay Boys in love", Tenants Union update and Is TRUMP killing us? Inside this issue.


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<strong>August</strong><br />





1952 - MAY 12 <strong>2020</strong>.<br />


1987 – JULY 8, <strong>2020</strong>)<br />

IS TRUMP KILLING US? 157K DEATHS IN <strong>2020</strong> IN<br />



Also: United States Holocaust Memorial<br />

Museum Exhibit "Gay Boys in love"<br />

Expose' of AdamsArtExpose'<br />

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COVER<br />

Life Remembered...<br />

Lonnie Joseph Holt 1952 - May 12 <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

Image: Dale Jag<br />

Story page 26<br />

Naya Marie Rivera (1987 – July 8, <strong>2020</strong>)<br />

Image: vagueonthehow from Tadcaster, York,<br />

England<br />

Naya Rivera used the last of her strength to save<br />

her 4-year-old son before she died, Ventura<br />

County Sheriff Bill Ayub said Monday. The<br />

actress is best known for her role as Santana<br />

Lopez on the Fox show "Glee," Rivera was a<br />

proud ally for the LGBTQ community, and in<br />

her 2016 memoir Sorry Not Sorry, she candidly<br />

shared her personal mental health journey,<br />

including overcoming an eating disorder as a<br />

teen.<br />

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum<br />

Exhibit "Gay Boys in love"<br />

Story on page 14<br />

Is TRUMP killing us?<br />

From Republican Herman Cain to my friend<br />

and mentor Charlie Sharples former and first<br />

Executive Director of the Palm Springs DBA<br />

founded in part by the <strong>DDG</strong> are counted among<br />

the 157k+ deaths from COVID -19death to<br />

covid numbers. Many are claiming Trumps<br />

lack of pandemic response as a primary reason.<br />

Coupled with the president to deny funding of<br />

the people asked to stay home.<br />

Further more, In contrast to different nations,<br />

the U.S. has failed to introduce any national<br />

procedure on COVID-19 testing, now the<br />

nation presently leads the world both in<br />

affirmed coronavirus continued on page 18<br />

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Bars & Restaurants<br />


Pinocchio In the Desert<br />

Palm Springs breakfast and<br />

lunch bistro restaurant with a<br />

warm and welcoming, lively<br />

fun European Atmosphere.<br />

134 East Tahquitz Canyon<br />

Way, PS<br />

Rio Azul - Mexican Style Rest.<br />

& Bar<br />

Best authentic Mexican<br />

style restaurant in the valley.<br />

With patio and Bar. Home<br />

of an original and distinct<br />

interpretation of Mexican food<br />

.Longest running Sunday Drag<br />

Brunch.(760) 992-5641 350<br />

South Indian Cyn, PS,<br />

Eagle 501 Bar<br />

LEVI/LEATHER bar in the<br />

heart of Arenas, Palm Springs<br />

301 E Arenas Rd , PS<br />

Runway Restaurant & Bar<br />

The valleys premier arts and<br />

entertainment. Featuring<br />

American Casual Dining<br />

Drinks & Drag at CCBC<br />

Resort Hotel.68300 Gay Resort<br />

Drive, CC<br />

DID you know? Financial donations are what keep “food<br />

on the table.” We exist because of individual donors like<br />

yourself. No donation is too small, nor too big. Our<br />

yearly budget of $450,000.00 provides food and services<br />

to thousands of people. Churches, individuals and<br />

Foundations are what make it possible for us to do our<br />

job of helping others. wellinthedesert.org<br />

Sunshine Cafe<br />

Nearly as perfect as it gets!<br />

Known as a local hole in the<br />

wall with a funky vibe and<br />

fantastic food, frequented by<br />

celebrities, politicians, word<br />

of mouth visitors from around<br />

the world. 36815 Cathedral<br />

Canyon Dr. CC<br />

(760) 328-1415 6:00 am<br />

The Barracks<br />

LEVI/LEATHER No matter<br />

your fetish, if you’re in the<br />

mood for some great cruising<br />

or just listening to some sexy<br />

music while you have a cigar<br />

and conversation at the largest<br />

patio bar in the desert.<br />

67625 E. Palm Canyon Dr. CC<br />

Tool Shed<br />

LEVI/LEATHER In the Warm<br />

Sands District in central Palm<br />

Springs.<br />

600 E Sunny Dunes Rd , PS<br />

(760) 320-3299<br />

10:00 am – 2:00 am<br />

Tryst Bar and Lounge<br />

Eclectic mix of straight and<br />

gays of all ages, AMI Video<br />

Jukebox - Pool -Darts- Air<br />

Hockey - Giant Jenga.<br />

Everyone is Welcome at Tryst<br />

21+ 188 S Indian Canyon Dr<br />

Palm Springs, CA<br />

6 Please contact All location first. Some may have delivery options<br />

More Gay & Gay Friendly<br />

Bars and Restaurants.<br />

Cathedral City<br />

AJ Sports<br />

Roost<br />

Trunks<br />

Studio One 11<br />

Desert Hot Springs<br />

Playoffs Sports Bar<br />

Palm Springs<br />

Toucan’s<br />

Streetbar<br />

Oscar’s<br />

Chill bar<br />

Hunters<br />

Stacy’s<br />

BlackBook<br />

QUADZ<br />

RetroRoom Lounge<br />

Phoenix<br />

Charlie's<br />

Dick's Cabaret<br />

Kobalt Bar<br />

Pat O's<br />

Stacy's<br />

Inland Empire<br />

The Menagerie<br />

VIP<br />

Alibi East<br />

Hook-Up<br />

340 Restaurant & Nightclub<br />

continued on page 16

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4 Cover<br />

12 Rent Control<br />

14 Cultural Exhibit<br />

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July 29, <strong>2020</strong><br />

WHEREAS, on March 14, <strong>2020</strong>, pursuant<br />

to the City of Palm Springs Municipal Code<br />

section<br />

2.20.050(a)(1), the City Manager, acting as<br />

the Director of Emergency Services, declared<br />

the existence of a local emergency within<br />

the City of Palm Springs, due to the threat<br />

presented by the COVID-19 pandemic,<br />

which declaration was subsequently ratified by<br />

the<br />

Palm Springs City Council on March 19, <strong>2020</strong>;<br />

and<br />

WHEREAS, on March 19, <strong>2020</strong>, the<br />

Governor of the State of California ordered all<br />

individuals living in the State of California to<br />

stay home or at their place of residence, except<br />

as need to maintain continuity of operations<br />

of the federal critical infrastructure sectors, as<br />

described in said order; and<br />

WHEREAS, pursuant to Palm Springs<br />

Municipal Code section 2.20.050(a)(6),<br />

the Director of Emergency Services is<br />

empowered to make and issue rules and<br />

regulations on matters reasonably related<br />

to the protection of life and property<br />

as affected by such emergency; provided,<br />

however, such rules and regulations must be<br />

confirmed at the earliest racticable<br />

time by the City Council; and<br />

WHEREAS, the Director of Emergency<br />

Services is authorized to revise his<br />

emergency declaration and related orders, as<br />

the situation evolves.<br />




1. Effective at noon on Friday, July 31, <strong>2020</strong>,<br />

to the extent allowed to be operating<br />

pursuant to state, county and local orders,<br />

all restaurants, bars, wineries,<br />

distilleries and breweries shall thereafter be<br />

closed from 12:00 a.m. (midnight) until 5:00<br />

a.m. every day. Only staff needed to close,<br />

open or clean shall be in the facility between<br />

the hours of 12:00 a.m. (midnight) and 5:00<br />

a.m. This order does not apply to drivethrough<br />

or pick<br />

up operations.<br />


ORDERED, that pursuant to Palm Springs<br />

Municipal Code sections 1.06.040 and<br />

2.20.100 and City Council Resolution 24738,<br />

dated March 19, <strong>2020</strong>, the City may impose<br />

administrative fines for violations of this<br />

order. The citing officer shall be entitled to<br />

exercise his/her discretion in determining the<br />

amount of any such fine, having taken into<br />

consideration the severity of the violation. In<br />

addition, continued violations of this order<br />

by any business may result in the closure of any<br />

facility, or revocation of any<br />

applicable permit/certificate, including the<br />

establishment's City business license.<br />


ORDERED, this order is a temporary<br />

emergency measure,<br />

which is effective at noon on Friday, July<br />

31, <strong>2020</strong> and shall remain in effect unless<br />

and until modified or superseded by the<br />

Director of Emergency Services, City Council<br />

or any county, state or federal order or<br />

declaration.<br />

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Form a Tenants' Union!<br />

https://www.tenantstogether.org/<br />

By becoming a member of Tenants Together<br />

today you will be joining thousands of<br />

other tenants who are standing up to fight<br />

for their rights. Your strong support for<br />

tenants' rights in California is what makes<br />

our organization possible.<br />

The global health crisis caused by Coronavirus<br />

("COVID-19") is impacting every<br />

aspect of our lives; work, school, social<br />

gatherings, etc. People around the country<br />

are losing wages due to illness, caring for<br />

children at home due to school closures, or<br />

as a result of shelter-in-place orders. Additionally,<br />

millions of workers have been<br />

furloughed or lost their jobs due to cancellations<br />

of large scale events, classes, conferences,<br />

etc.<br />

The time is NOW to demand Governor<br />

Newsom #CancelRent for the duration of<br />

the Coronavirus pandemic. An eviction<br />

moratorium is NOT ENOUGH and tenants<br />

deserve a #DebtFreeFuture.<br />

No tenant will be turned away from being<br />

a member for lack of funds. If you want<br />

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https://actionnetwork.org/forms/becomea-member-no-one-turned-away<br />

[Note: If you are a lawyer seeking to join<br />

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https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/payannual-dues-for-the-tenant-lawyer-network-of-california<br />

To become a member, simply fill out the<br />

form below and submit your secure online<br />

payment.<br />

La crisis de salud global causada por el<br />

coronavirus ("COVID-19") está afectando<br />

todos los aspectos de nuestras vidas; trabajo,<br />

escuela, reuniones sociales, etc. La<br />

gente en todo el país está perdiendo salarios<br />

debido a enfermedades, cuidando niños en<br />

casa debido al cierre de escuelas o como<br />

resultado de órdenes de refugio en el lugar.<br />

Además, millones de trabajadores fueron<br />

despedidos o perdieron sus empleos debido<br />

a cancelaciones de eventos a gran escala,<br />

clases, conferencias, etc.<br />

Ahora es el momento de exigir al gobernador<br />

Newsom que debe #CancelarLaRenta<br />

por el tiempo que dure la pandemia de<br />

coronavirus. Una moratoria de desalojo NO<br />

ES SUFICIENTE y los inquilinos merecen<br />

un #DebtFreeFuture (#FuturoSinDeuda).<br />

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The <strong>DDG</strong> has obtained exclusive rights to reprint Do You Remember, When<br />

from Permissions Team Office of General Counsel<br />

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum<br />

www.ushmm.org<br />


The Campaign for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum<br />

What was it like to live as a young Jew in Berlin during the Nazi deportations? This<br />

exhibition details the life of Manfred Lewin, a young Jew who was active in one of<br />

Berlin’s Zionist youth groups until his deportation to and murder in Auschwitz-Birkenau.<br />

Manfred recorded these turbulent times in a small, hand-made book that he gave to his<br />

Jewish friend and gay companion, Gad Beck. Mr. Beck, a Holocaust survivor who again<br />

lives in Berlin, donated the booklet to the Museum in December 1999. The exhibition<br />

centers around the 17-page artifact, which illustrates the daily life of the two friends, their<br />

youth group, and the culture in which they lived.<br />

To understand why Manfred Lewin, a young Jew in Nazi Berlin, wrote this book in 1941<br />

for his friend Gad Beck—to understand why Gad, 19 and Jewish, risked his life attempting<br />

to save Manfred from deportation—read these words from the play that brought them<br />

together. German writer Friedrich von Schiller’s Don Carlos: No Matter what you plan on<br />

doing, will you promise to undertake no act without your friend? Will you make me this<br />

promise? Friendship, valor, and the fight for freedom were the ideals of this 18th-century<br />

German drama. In 1941, Gad and Manfred played the starring roles in their Jewish youth<br />

group’s reading of the play.<br />

Special thanks to Gad Beck and Jizchak Schwersenz.<br />

Thanks to Carol Brown Janeway for her translation of the German text, and to the Zemer<br />

Chai Choir for the performance of the song “Ba'a menucha layageya.”<br />

Thanks also to:<br />

Beate Kosmala, Zentrum für Antisemitismus-Forschung Berlin<br />

Philipp Reclam jun. Verlag<br />

Friedrich Veitl, Metropol Verlag, Wichern Verlag<br />

Christine Zahn, Jüdisches Museum Berlin<br />

14 Please contact All location first. Some may have delivery options

Manfred Lewin was born on September 8,<br />

1922, in Berlin where he lived with his parents<br />

and four siblings in the predominantly Jewish<br />

section of the city. The family lived in poverty<br />

in three little rooms not far from the Beck<br />

house at Dragoner Strasse 43. Manfred’s<br />

father was a barber and his mother Jenny, a<br />

former secretary, took care of the family. She<br />

often had to find other sources of food to<br />

supplement the family’s insufficient Jewish<br />

food ration cards.<br />

Gad Beck was born on June 30, 1923, together<br />

with his twin sister Miriam. Gad’s mother<br />

Hedwig came from a Protestant family, but<br />

converted to Judaism before the marriage<br />

with Heinrich Beck in 1920. The children<br />

were raised according to Jewish traditions,<br />

supported by the Christian relatives. In<br />

1934 Gad changed to the Jewish school<br />

in the Grosse Hamburger Strasse. In 1939<br />

his parents were forced to move into the<br />

predominantly Jewish section of Berlin. They<br />

could no longer afford the school fees; Gad<br />

started to work as an apprentice.<br />

Book Translation: Do you remember, when<br />

Cover to the small, hand-made book that Manfred<br />

Lewin gave to his Jewish friend and gay companion,<br />

Gad Beck<br />

Exhibit continues on page 19<br />

Expect Shut downs, please contact location first. Some delivery options available 15

BUSINESS DIRECTORY Continued from page 6<br />




CCBC Resort 760 324-1350 See page 2<br />

68-300 Gay Resort Drive<br />

CCBC is the largest clothing optional Gay<br />

men’s resort in Southern California.<br />

Located just a few minutes from downtown<br />

Palm Springs, Our 3.5 acre fantasy<br />

playground is perfect for weekend getaways<br />

and extended stays.<br />

ccbcresorthotel.com<br />

is yours. This award-winning, and historic<br />

Palm Springs Resort is a feast for all your<br />

senses, with a special flair for Southern<br />

(California) hospitality. triangle-inn.com<br />

TRIANGLE INN 760-322-7993<br />

555 E. San Lorenzo Rd<br />

CCBC Resort<br />

92264 Palm Springs CA<br />

Romantic and relaxing or fun and frisky. At<br />

the Triangle Inn Palm Springs, the choice<br />

Continued on page 22<br />

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Next Mass<br />

Call or 442-282-8333 or visit stgilesaltadena.org for more details.<br />

Expect Shut downs, please contact location first. Some delivery options available 17

continued from page 4<br />

cases and passings. Now we discover the<br />

truth they had one and it was scrapped.<br />

Specialists had been building up a testing<br />

plan since the infection's beginnings —<br />

and afterward rejected it totally once it<br />

showed up the infection was to a great<br />

extent hitting Democratic states, one such<br />

specialist revealed to Vanity Fair.<br />

In spite of his absence of logical or<br />

administrative experience, President<br />

Trump's child in-law and senior guide<br />

Jared Kushner assumed responsibility for<br />

the testing plan and stacked a group with<br />

"financiers and extremely rich people,"<br />

Vanity Fair composes. Be that as it may,<br />

symptomatic testing specialists were in the<br />

long run brought in, and the group made<br />

an arrangement to handle testing gracefully<br />

deficiencies and postponements in detailing<br />

results.<br />

"The arrangement, however flawed, was a<br />

beginning stage," Vanity Fair continues,<br />

and "would have placed us in an on a<br />

very basic level better place" today, one<br />

individual who chipped away at it said.<br />

Be that as it may, it we all heard the<br />

opposition from the head of the White<br />

House, as Trump apparently stressed high<br />

test numbers would hurt the economy and<br />

his re-appointment possibilities. What's<br />

more, and most shockingly, one individual<br />

from the group recommended there was<br />

no reason for revealing the arrangement<br />

on the grounds that the infection appeared<br />

to hit blue voters, a specialist disclosed<br />

to Vanity Fair. "The Republican accepted<br />

that since it would have been consigned to<br />

Democratic states, that they could accuse<br />

those governors, and that would be a<br />

compelling political methodology," as had<br />

been reported.<br />

The entirety of that may prove why Kushner<br />

was so cheerful only a couple of months<br />

prior." remarked Kathryn Krawczyk.<br />

SO Is TRUMP killing us?<br />

While Trump cannot fully be held<br />

responsible for Americans who have died<br />

from COVID-19, there’s little doubt that<br />

his catastrophic response to the pandemic<br />

contributed to the still-rising death toll.<br />

And it seems clear massive deaths on his<br />

watch happened, and he does not seem to<br />

place any priority on ours lives or economy.<br />

Please note some businesses may be<br />

closed or have additional restriction due<br />

to spikes of Covid virus. Please note places<br />

or events may be modified or unavailable,<br />

have limited capacity and will be subject<br />

to limited availability or even closure,<br />

and admission and offerings are not<br />

guaranteed due to COVID-19<br />

Covid 19 Update<br />

California City, County and state are the<br />

main sources for information. Given the<br />

politicized nature of the CDC and the FDA<br />

we have reluctantly removed them from<br />

our list of references and wish them well.<br />

18 Please contact All location first. Some may have delivery options

CULTURAL EXHIBIT Continued from page 15<br />

PART<br />

FOUR<br />

Reprint by permission by Office of General<br />

Counsel<br />

United States Holocaust<br />

Memorial Museum<br />

all right reserved.<br />

www.ushmm.org<br />

Translation: Oh, we made fun of him when<br />

he was hanging there tied to that tree, but I<br />

felt differently...<br />

as Manfred illustrated here). Even these<br />

interludes soon ceased. Time became<br />

scarce. After March 1941, all Jews over the<br />

age of 14 were ordered to do forced labor<br />

for German companies.<br />


Manfred took this photo below on the roof<br />

of Artillerie Strasse 14, where the Jewish<br />

school was relocated after the building<br />

at Choriner Strasse 74 was damaged by a<br />

bomb. Gad remembers: “We had packed<br />

food, sleeping bags, a guitar. It was the only<br />

alternative we had to a 'field trip,' since we<br />

were no longer allowed to go on outings<br />

of Berlin.” He also remembers that he and<br />

Manfred fell in love during this outing.<br />

From left to right: Lotte Kaiser (who led the<br />

group), Schlomo Levin (Manfred’s brother),<br />

Jizchak Schwersenz (director of the Jewish<br />

School, with Gad in the foreground).<br />

The story of Gad and Manfred<br />

Despite the increasingly restrictive anti-<br />

Jewish laws, Gad and Manfred’s youth<br />

group continued to meet in safe places in<br />

the homes of individual members or once<br />

on the roof of the Jewish school. They also<br />

played in remote wooded places on the<br />

outskirts of Berlin, where they enjoyed<br />

scout games such as hide-and-seek or<br />

tying someone to a tree (in this case, Gad,<br />

Expect Shut downs, please contact location first. Some delivery options available 19

Working in the visual arts was a goal I<br />

held from elementary school. I grew up<br />

on a farm in the Mid-west and attended<br />

a one-room school until the middle<br />

school years. The teacher encouraged<br />

my drawing and various attempts at<br />

painting during those formative years.<br />

The farm provided the earliest models<br />

in the form of animals to sketch and<br />

draw. Horses were the most intriguing<br />

with their grace of movement. During<br />

middle school was given a course from<br />

Art Instruction, a mail-in, which now<br />

would be considered an online course<br />

AdamsArtExpose’<br />

section of the course was Charles Schulz<br />

who at the time was just starting to gain<br />

recognition as the creator of the Peanuts<br />

cartoon strip. Here is wishing I had<br />

saved the corrected drawings that Schulz<br />

had evaluated with his redlining and<br />

signature. It would have historical value<br />

now. Working with the figure drawing<br />

aspect of this course I became engrossed<br />

in studying and reproducing the human<br />

figure in my art.<br />

During my undergraduate years in<br />

college, I was initially introduced to<br />

drawing directly from models. One of<br />

the professors who instructed drawing<br />

in commercial art. The advertising was George Duerer whose ancestor,<br />

for these courses was prevalent in he informed the class, was Albrecht<br />

magazines. The ad was usually a 2 Duerer one of the most famous of<br />

by with a profile of a face with the the German Renaissance art period.<br />

headline "Draw Me". I actually entered Professor Duerer's philosophy included<br />

this contest several times as a 12-yearold.<br />

the teaching of the necessity to develop<br />

Winning the total course was not the ability to see objects and figures<br />

in the cards, however, I received an intensely. His early assignments during<br />

honorable mention with a discount on a semester was to spend about 6 weeks<br />

the total course, the balance was paid drawing a still-life arrangement that<br />

by my parents. It was a comprehensive was displayed in the studio using the<br />

course in art including the basics of same arrangement for the entire 6 week<br />

line, shading, proportion, composition, time. This method forced students to<br />

design, etc.... Of the various aspects of become intimately involved in looking,<br />

the course drawing the human figure seeing, and transposing the subject in<br />

in proportional anatomy using photos a personal way. The daily drawing of<br />

to work from and also cartoon figure a still-life of wine bottles and a violin<br />

drawing. The instructor of the cartoon started to become challenging in finding<br />

20 Please contact All location first. Some may have delivery options<br />

AdamsArtExpose’ ART<br />

Expose' of AdamsArtExpose'

new details each time it was drawn. After<br />

working with this assignment we were<br />

introduced to the live human model from<br />

which we would draw in 2-hour sessions of<br />

one pose. Contours and perspective were<br />

quite different on a live person as opposed<br />

to inanimate objects.<br />

Following a degree in art education and<br />

history, my early years were primarily in<br />

teaching art and eventually educational<br />

administration. During this time I had<br />

the good fortune of meeting Ed Jagman a<br />

professional artist in Denver, Colorado. Ed<br />

was a superb watercolor landscape artist.<br />

He told me that he was always wanting to<br />

get more involved in drawing and painting<br />

the human figure. He knew of the work I<br />

had done with the human figure especially<br />

the male nude. He asked if I would be<br />

interested in collaborating with him in<br />

establishing a class in figure drawing or<br />

life drawing with the classes to be held in<br />

his north Denver home and studio. This<br />

became an opportunity for me to use my<br />

teaching ability along with the opportunity<br />

to work with the students in drawing from<br />

live models. We held two, three hours<br />

sessions weekly. During the 3 years plus<br />

we worked together on this project I was<br />

able to increase my time at drawing the<br />

male nude an at the same time providing<br />

some instruction tips to those who had less<br />

experience in life drawing. An interesting<br />

side-line of the experience was one of the<br />

participants who joined the life drawing<br />

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Continued from page 21<br />

group was the costume director of the<br />

Perry Mason show which was filmed in<br />

Denver at that time. He was the nephew<br />

of the actor who played Paul Drake the<br />

detective on the show.<br />

models who were photographed by Biron<br />

the exotic male photographer from San<br />

Fransisco. This sculpture was auctioned<br />

at the Tool Shed "Art for Aids" auction 4<br />

years ago.<br />

From that time to the present, I continued<br />

to be involved in drawing and painting<br />

the male figure. While in Denver I read<br />

an article in Artists magazine about<br />

Willa Shalit who was working with the<br />

technique of lifecasting at the College<br />

of Santa Fe in New Mexico. I visited<br />

her to learn more about lifecasting.<br />

Willa is the daughter of Eugene Sahlit<br />

previously the movie reviewer for NBC.<br />

As a result of her father's celebrity, she<br />

received commissions to do face casts and<br />

body casts of a number of well-known<br />

celebrities, including Richard Nixon,<br />

Ronald Reagan, Ted Turner, and body<br />

casts of athletes such as Muhammid<br />

Ali and ballerina, Atalia Makavora.<br />

Lifecasting involved putting a substance<br />

on the face or body of the person made<br />

from algae that which dentists use to<br />

make casts for dentures. From this<br />

experience, lifecasting became a new<br />

interest. I went back to Denver and<br />

practiced body casting with Ed on a few<br />

models from our life drawing group.<br />

After moving to Palm Springs my work<br />

has continued to develop figure and<br />

portrait drawing and paintings with some<br />

lifecasting. I completed life casts of two<br />

This is an expose' of myself as the<br />

writer of AdamsArtExpose' of which I<br />

have written for the past several years<br />

in the Desert Daily Guide. I also plan<br />

to show examples of my current work<br />

in upcoming issues of the Daily guide<br />

from which originals and/or prints will<br />

be available to purchase of watercolor,<br />

acrylic, and drawings. Currently, I am<br />

working on male figures participating in<br />

yoga exercises in the nude. I have also a<br />

series of wrestlers and dancers.<br />

I invite you to enjoy my personal art with<br />

some brief commentary on the subjects<br />

and to continue reading and responding<br />

to future articles on local and regional<br />

art and artists in AdamsArtExpose'<br />

hopefully finding an entertaining and/or<br />

informative outlet while we work through<br />

these stressful times of the Corona virus.<br />

In this article are works including a selfportrait<br />

completed a few years ago, a<br />

drawing of a model from the years with<br />

Ed Jagman in Denver, and an example of<br />

a current watercolor figure in a yoga pose.<br />

Thank you, Perry Butler<br />

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INNdulge 760 327 1408<br />

601 S Grenfall Rd, Palm Springs<br />

Considered one of the best gay hotels<br />

and gay resorts in Palm Springs Located<br />

in the heart of warm sands area and<br />

walking distance to Sunny Dunes gay<br />

bars and shopping and down town.<br />

Amenities include free wifi, daily<br />

continental breakfast, evening social<br />

hour, complimentary local gym access,<br />

air conditioning, on-site guest laundry,<br />

outdoor misters and assistance with<br />

restaurant and activity bookings<br />

inndulge.com<br />


Cabot’s Pueblo Museum 760-329-7610<br />

McCallum Adobe 760-323-8297<br />

Indian Canyons 760-323-6018<br />

Palm Springs Aerial Tram 760-325-1449<br />

Palm Springs Air Museum 760-778-6262<br />

Palm Springs Art Museum 760-325-7186<br />

Sunnylands 760-328-2829<br />

Patton Memorial Museum 760-227-3483<br />

Joshua Tree National park 760-367-5500<br />


*Gear Leather & Fetish 760 322-3363<br />


*Joseph Rhea legal criminal law human<br />

rights 760 322-3001<br />




Patriot Services<br />

LIC General Contactor<br />

Handyman | Flooring | SHOWERS<br />


760-327-9619<br />

Hauling<br />

Red’s Hauling. We remove trash and unwanted<br />

items. Garage clean outs. Call Red<br />

at<br />

760-288-6956<br />



*Gear Leather and Fetish 760-322-3363<br />

gearleather.com 650 E. Sunny Dunes<br />

Leather Repair<br />

Off Ramp Leathers 760-778-2798<br />

www.offrampleathers.com New and used<br />

leather and fetish/BSDM gear. Alterations<br />

and repairs from saddle-patching or get<br />

measured for a new custom leather outfit<br />

handmade by Paul. Great selection of<br />

consignment items. 650 E. Sunny Dunes<br />

Rd., Unit 3, Palm Springs, CA 92264<br />

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TRAVEL<br />

Idyllwild<br />


Living Free rescues dogs & cats from public<br />

shelters. We're a no-kill nonprofit - with<br />

spay/neuter, pet adoptions, animal welfare.<br />

Tax-deductable Visitors Welcome! OPEN<br />

DAILY 11:00am to 4:00pm CLOSED<br />

WEDNESDAYS. We are NOT licensed to<br />

take animals from the public and rescue<br />

from local shelters only.<br />


CENTER, CA 92561<br />

Mental Health Services.<br />

Cat City Psychotherapy Corp. Mental<br />

Health Services. Individual & Group<br />

therapy. LGBT Affirming. Specializing in<br />

Depression, Anxiety & Trauma. Licensed<br />

Psychologist Mark Charles.<br />

catcitypsc@gmail.com.<br />

www.catcitypsc.com . 760-878-7102.<br />

Idyllwild Guest House<br />

Escape desert temperatures for cool<br />

breezes. Visit Idyllwild Guest House<br />

for spectacular sunsets and beautiful<br />

mornings. Relaxing private location<br />

with hot tub and clothing optional sundecks.<br />

Idyllwildgayguesthouse.com<br />

Mark Lonsbury 760-406-9699<br />


Bloom In the Desert Ministries<br />

760 327-3802<br />

St. Giles 442-282-8333<br />

Idyllwild Nature Center The center provides<br />

an array of environmental education<br />

programs, guided tours, and field study.<br />

trips. 951-659-3850<br />

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Starland Community Desert retreat<br />

Gas 800-427-2200<br />


Water 760-323-4971<br />

Electric 800-990-7788<br />

Help Verified <strong>2020</strong><br />

Trash 800-973-3873<br />

Recycling 760-327-1351<br />

AMVETS Express free bus service to Loma<br />

Free Trolley Buzz 760 260-8104<br />

Linda VA(909) 735-5065<br />


CDC<br />


If you or someone you know may be<br />

760-416-7790 www.thecenterps.org contemplating suicide, call the National<br />

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY 800- Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-<br />

227-2345<br />

8255 or text HOME to 741741 to reach the<br />

AMVETS: 760-324-5670<br />

Crisis Text Line. In emergencies, call 911,<br />

BLOOM IN THE DESERT MINISTRIES: or seek care from a local hospital or mental<br />

760-327-3802<br />

health provider.<br />

Coachella Valley Sexual Assault Services Riverside County Department of Public<br />

Rape Crisis Center (760) 568-9071<br />

Social Services: Kinship Warmline<br />

Democrats of the Desert<br />

Phone: (800) 303-0001 For grand parents<br />

desertdemocrats.org<br />

raising grand children<br />

DESERT LEGAL AID: 760-832-9770 ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project 212-549-<br />


www.desert-stonewall.org<br />

Adult Protective Services<br />

DESERT WINDS 760 776-2700<br />

Hotline 800 491-7123<br />

FRONTRUNNERS psfr.org<br />

The (FCC) reserved the 211 dialing code for<br />

GAY ARTISTS - 760 835-0727<br />

community information and services.<br />

Gay Book Club of PS—write to bookclubofps@yahoo.com<br />

800 243-7692<br />

Gay Men’s Health Crisis Hotline<br />

Transgender community transcc.org<br />

American Association of Poison Control<br />

PALM SPRINGS GAY MEN’S CHORUS Centers (800) 222-1222<br />

760-219-2077<br />

Rape, Sexual Assault, Abuse, and Incest<br />


THE DESERT 760 272-5553<br />

(800) 656-HOPE<br />

PALM SPRINGS PRIDE pspride.org<br />

Prime Timers of the Desert 760-424-8014.<br />

Don't blow up your weekend!<br />


BEFORE YOU DIG...Call 811 at least a few<br />

Gay Men CCBC Resort<br />

days before you start any digging project.<br />

Family DeAnza Springs Resort Jacumba,<br />

befor you DIY or hire a professional.<br />

CA, Living Waters, Desert Sun Resort<br />


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888 743-3349

Lonnie Joseph Holt<br />

passed on May 12 <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

He was a longtime Desert resident<br />

after moving from Los Angeles in the<br />

early 1990s.<br />

Lonnie was instrumental with the<br />

Grand Opening of the Tool Shed in<br />

Palm Springs and was a bartender<br />

there for many years .<br />

Born on October 1st 1952 to Joseph and<br />

Marjorie Holt in Marion Ohio at Marion<br />

General Hospital . He is survived by his<br />

brother and sister in Ohio. Both Mother<br />

and Father as well as his brother<br />

Gerald are deceased .<br />

26 Please contact All location first. Some may have delivery options

Remembering Lonnie is to know The Tool<br />

shed has a legacy of great owners and<br />

bartenders! While it thrives in the capable<br />

hands of Rob Cole, we also remember the<br />

past owners.<br />

Sean Newman's laughing as he carved a<br />

gay bar into LGBT warm sands area. or the<br />

brilliant establishment of the back lot parties<br />

by Chris Reese Today the new owner Rob<br />

Cole enhanced it with chart topping singers<br />

and live entertainment.<br />

Tool shed's Sean<br />

Newman and<br />

Lonnie image by<br />

Dale Jag of<br />

dalejag.com<br />

PAST IMAGES FROM THE <strong>DDG</strong> VAULT<br />


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