Home Tekstil Exports September 2020


Home Tekstil Exports September 2020

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The light at

the end of

the tunnel is


All people around the globe, manufacturers, buyers, sellers and consumers

desperately want to see the daylight. We all missed to reduce

the distances to only social distance. Right now, in fact, for 6 months,

the distance is far back thousands of kilometers from our business

partners. All we need is a few meters. Otherwise, the economic crisis

will be worse than coronavirus. So, all parties are willing to come closer

to see the products and to place orders. Almost all people hope to

come closer in January.

CNR Fair Organization of Turkey took a leap of faith on bringing beauty

and personal care professionals as close as 1 meter of social distance

on 10th of September 2020. In other words, they opened a physical

fair and they succeeded. There were a lot of visitors even foreign countries.

It was a risk but CNR took it. All people, related to the industry or

not, were happy to see that the fair business will be possible. This was

a light for the future. We are now hoping that the international fair business

will be active latest in January. What is better is that we have the

largest fair in January to prove the start of normalization in this field. I

personally believe that Heimtextil 2021 will be the starting point for the

new season and will yield excellent results for exhibitors as well as for

visitors because there is a huge demand accumulation. If it becomes

a successful start, then all others will follow even better. We will run

to Cologne for IMM and to China for the CIFF right after it. Evteks and

Proposte will contribute to the industry worldwide. We will, of course,

attach first priority to the health of ourselves and our business partners

and all humanity we associate with.

I wish healthy, happy and prosperous days.

Group Chairman


Managing Editor


Advisory Board

Editorial Consultants



Advertising Manager


Sales Manager

Technical Manager

Art Director


Chief Accountant




Merkez Mah. 29 Ekim Cad.

No:11 Medya Blok Kat:1

Yenibosna / İstanbul / Turkey

Tel: +90 212 454 22 22

Faks: +90 212 454 22 93


H.Ferruh ISIK

ISTMAG Magazin Gazetecilik

Yayıncılık İç ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti.



Osman Nuri CANIK




Ayse Mehtap EKINCI

Prof. Dr. Ismail KAYA

Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Ali OZBUDUN



Milou KET


Dr. Rolf ARORA




+90 505 577 36 42

Omer Faruk GORUN




Tel: +90 212 604 5100

Tayfun AYDIN




Tayfun AYDIN



(yusuf.demirkazik@img.com.tr )






Buttim Plaza A. Blok Kat:4 No:1038

Tel: +90. 224 211 44 50-51

Fax: +90. 224 211 44 81

H. Ulusahin IS Mrkz.

C. Blok Kat:6 No:603-604-605

Tel: +90. 332 238 10 71

Fax: +90 332 238 01 74





Merkez Mah. 29 Ekim Cad.

İhlas Plaza No:11 A/41 Yenibosna


Tel: 0212 454 30 00




New fabric

adds celestial

fantasy to

‘Brave Ground’

The latest fabric from luxury English

interiors brand The Monkey Puzzle

Tree picks up on the key themes of

the moment, combining the warmth

of Dulux Colour of the Year ‘Brave

Ground’ with the need for escapism and

sustainably sourced interiors.

On a natural ground of unbleached linen union

fabric, ‘Metamorphosis’ invites you to imagine

a fantasy world, featuring metallic gold comets

and mysterious faces amidst green tendrils,

cobwebs, claws and unicorn horns.The large

scale design gives a quirky twist to warm neutral

schemes and pares beautifully with dark

inky blues and greens.

Charlotte Raffo, founder of The Monkey Puzzle Tree

worked closely with artist Kirsty Greenwood to design the fabric.

Kirsty is inspired by pareidolia - the tendency to see faces and

animals in patterns and objects. Using hand marbling as a starting point

she created layers of line drawings, building up a pattern of tendrils,

faces and mythical creatures.

A heavy unbleached linen union was chosen as a base. The fabric,

which is woven in Scotland, is a characterful blend of linen and cotton,

retaining the natural colour of the yarn, and showing occasional slubs

and imperfections which add to the natural charm of the fabric.

Metamorphosis was then screen printed in a heritage print works in

Cumbria, England, using a unique combination of metallic, matt and

bright inks to create depth in the design.

September 2020



Ozgul Packing, entered to packaging sector in

1999 which takes an important place in Turkish

and world economy; today it has carried

production facilities to 4.000 m2 indoor area from

140 m2 indoor area which was founded for PVC

bags producing.

Beside wire frame, piping and biding bags

it has expanded markets which was provided

facilities to high frequency packaging and offset

box packing as well.

Ozgul Packing is a leading company in

packaging sector with experienced staffs,

machine parks in the line with changing IT, R & D

efforts and product design.

Adil Mh. Vahdet Cd. Yamanlar Sk. No:9A/1 Sultanbeyli - Istanbul - TURKEY

Phone: +90 216 592 62 44 Fax: +90 216 592 95 75

Mail: info@ozgulambalaj.com




Heimtextil Russia 2020 Digital Delegation

organized by UTIB

Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association (UTIB), established in 1986 within the

organization of the Uludag Exporters’ Association and having 2,744 members as of

today, is an ever-growing, renovative and forward-thinking association which makes

Turkey’s major textile exporters come together. UTIB has recently offered a different

experience to all visitors thanks to its digital trend zone project Turkish Textile

Network Dream Zone, which is developed for Heimtextil Russia Digital by Turkish

Textile Network (TTN).

The “Heimtextil Russia 2020 Fair”, which was on the

dates 15 - 17 September 2020, has recently been

held in Digital version this year due to the continuation

of the pandemic, and a Virtual Trade Delegation organization

was managed by Uludağ Textile Exporters Association


UTİB has been seeking to adapt itself to technological innovations

especially accelerated by the worldwide pandemic

to find new and effective ways to bring its members together

with importers all over the world. And lately, it has

established a new platform, Turkish Textile Network (TTN)

through which the latest trends are shared, up-to-date communication

methods are used, and creative content is prepared

and presented.

The very first project UTIB was announcing through TTN has

been “Turkish Textile Network Dream Zone” developed for

Heimtextil Russia Digital; the digital trend zone, a 360-degrees

view developed with 3D modeling, where participants’

products could be seen and displayed in a much different

and innovative method which is blended with digital transformation

in textiles. On the TTN Dream Zone, the selected

products are exhibited with a 360-degrees view via virtual

reality technology and the fabric details are shown in very

high resolutions. Thus, visitors are able to see 24/7, on

both desktop and mobile devices, the displayed products to

the perfection including designs, sewing techniques and all

finest details. We welcome all visitors to the “Turkish Textile

Network Dream Zone.” www.ttndreamzone.com

September 2020






to 2021

As it is known, all the national and international

exhibitions, planned to be organized in Turkey

between March 16-August 31, 2020 and considering

the measures for the Covid-19 pandemic, have

been postponed by the Ministry of Trade in accordance

with the decision of the Scientific Board of the Ministry

of Health, to be organized after the period September

1, 2020.

Under this decision, EVTEKS – 26th Istanbul

International Home Textiles Exhibition, which was

planned to take place between August 25-28, 2020,

has been postponed to May 18-22, 2021 upon the joint

decision of Istanbul Trade Fairs and TETSİAD (Turkish

Home Textile Association).

EVTEKS will be once again organized in May, on its

regular date. The organizer believes that it will come

closer to its target, being the most important exhibition

of the global home textile industry, and add power to

the manufacturers and exporters of our country in the

global competition.

September 2020





Commercial electronic message

management system records has been


The mandatory implementation of the “Commercial Electronic Message Management

System”, which was started by the Ministry of Commerce and whose infrastructure

was completed, was extended until December 1. Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl made a

statement on the subject and stated that those who want to send commercial

messages within the scope of the regulation must register in the system.

In order to provide management and control of commercial

electronic messages; The Commercial Electronic

Message Management System (MMS), which allows for

commercial electronic message approval, the exercise of

the right of rejection, and management of complaint processes,

has been extended from September 1 to December

1, 2020.

Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl, Founder and Manager of Kırçıl Law

Firm, stated that the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of

Electronic Commerce was created in order to regulate the

responsibilities of commercial communication, service providers,

and intermediary service providers, the obligations

to inform contracts made with electronic communication

tools and electronic commerce and the sanctions to be applied,

He noted that some changes were made in the current


Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl stated that the regulation prepared according

to the authorization given by Article 13 of the Law

has been in force for a long time and the legislation in force

with the Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation

on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic

Messages published in the Official Gazette dated 04.01.2020

and numbered 30998. He explained that the changes were


Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl explained that by making some changes

in the legislation in force, a reorganization was made

in the temporary article 2 of the Regulation regarding the

time allowed for the transfer of the approved recipient lists

of the service providers to the system until 01.09.2020.

According to the regulation published in the Official Gazette

dated 28.08.2020; The period of transfer of the approvals

received within the scope of the regulation to the İYS by

the service providers has been extended until 1.12.2020.

Referring to commercial electronic messaging and the concepts

brought to us by the Law, Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl said

that the Law’s commercial electronic message concept is’

telephone, call centers, fax, automatic call machines, smart

voice recorder systems, electronic mail, short message service.

He emphasized that he defines it as’ messages with

September 2020




data, audio and video content, which are carried out electronically

and sent for commercial purposes, and that the

legislator does not limit this concept to exact expressions,

but leaves it open with the sampling method following the

rapidly developing technology.

Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl, “Law; Except for domain names and

e-mail address, all kinds of communication-related to electronic

commerce for gaining profit within the scope of

professional or commercial activities are considered as

commercial communication, and natural or legal persons

engaged in electronic commerce activities are also called

service providers. “ said. Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl continued her

statements as follows:

What is the scope of the regulations?

According to the law, a service provider will only be able

to send commercial electronic messages provided that the

recipient has received the prior consent of the recipient either

electronically or physically with a wet signature. The

situations that do not require approval in sending commercial

electronic messages to the recipients in Article 6 of the

Regulation are as follows:

• If the buyer provides his / her contact information in order

to communicate with him/her, sent for the change, use, and

maintenance of the goods or services provided,

• Messages containing notifications regarding ongoing subscription,

membership or partnership status, collection,

debt reminder, information update, purchase, and delivery

or similar situations and sent to the service provider regarding

the obligation to provide information under the relevant


• Sent to electronic contact addresses of buyers who are

merchants or tradesmen,

• Following the legislation on the capital market, there is no

requirement to obtain approval for commercial electronic

messages sent by companies engaged in intermediation activities

for informative purposes.

Stating that in Article 5 of the Regulation, service providers

who will send commercial electronic messages are obliged

to register with the MMS system and transfer the approvals

they have already received from the buyers to the MMS and

that sending commercial electronic messages to the recipients

who do not have an approval record on the MMS is

prevented, Lawyer Burcu Kırçıl said, “ Although commercial

electronic messages sent to and tradesmen are not subject

to approval, the contact addresses of these recipients

should be recorded in the MMS system and it should be

checked whether the merchants and tradesmen exercise

their right of rejection before sending the message. “ she


Message recipients also have obligations

The MMS will be available to the recipients of commercial

electronic messages in the coming days. In this way, buyers

will be able to log into the MMS system and view the service

providers they have given commercial electronic message

approval, approve a new service provider or have the opportunity

to use their right to decline.

The temporary article 2 of the Regulation, which entered

into force after being published in the Official Gazette

dated 28 August 2020 and numbered 31227, brought an

extremely important obligation for the buyers. Within the

scope of the latest regulations; A message will be sent by

the MMS to the recipients, informing that the approvals have

been uploaded to the MMS and that these approvals will be

deemed valid and the possibility of rejection can be used

through the MMS if they are not checked until 16.1.2021.

With the new regulation, buyers are obliged to check the approvals

registered in the MMS until 16.1.2021. Commercial

electronic messages sent after the end of this period will be

deemed approved. In addition, the Ministry will be able to

postpone these dates for six months, considering the quality

of service providers and the size of commercial electronic

message approvals.

With the new regulations introduced, the Commercial

Electronic Message Management System envisages a transparent

environment that allows the recipients to carry out

approval and rejection transactions, keep their records, and

make complaints, and the lawyer Burcu Kırçıl, with the regulations,

may be subject to sanctions in case of violation

of the legislation, the service providers and the electronic

commerce environment He emphasized the importance of

obtaining information about the rights and obligations of

the intermediary service providers that install them within

the scope of current changes.

September 2020





which are

colour up to

sleep from

Bella Maison

Bella Maison, the brand of

colors in home textiles, increases

the pleasure of sleep with pique

models in colorful and different


Bella Maison improves sleep quality with its colorful

pique models. Produced from 100% cotton, the

piques are a favorite of cool autumn evenings with

their soft textures and ranforce features with high air permeability.

Bella Maison’s piques enliven the bedrooms with rich options

that are suitable for both daily use and guests.Bella

Maison’s unique pique models in colors ranging from blue

to salmon, green to beige, bringing together products with

original designs with high quality standards at affordable

prices, offer alternatives for every pleasure.

September 2020




Mandala pique set consisting of ethnic details and tassels,

Perla reflecting the peace of blue, Nieves containing the

most beautiful shade of green for those who want to carry

tropical leaves to the bedroom, Sophie designed with inspiration

from the mandala that contains spiritual serenity and

inner peace; Paisley, which warms the interior with floral

patterns, and piques prepared in plain colors and linen look

for those who like simplicity add pleasurable touches to


Bella Maison offers single and double models in piques for

those who want to enjoy a good sleep with its quality and

soft texture, as well as sets with sheets and pillowcases.

September 2020




Fabric that



revealed in

Bursa, Turkey

They started the journey to do

something novel for all, came up

with Turkey’s first fabric that

kills 99.99% of the Covid19

Fabric that eliminates 99.99% of the Covid-19 virus

(SARS-CoV-2) on the surface has been successfully produced

by Ebruzen Tekstil. Based in Bursa, Turkey; the

company has been manufacturing technical and functional

fabric for more than 15 years. Their new fabric passed recent

laboratory and clinical tests performed with Covid-19


Textile Engineer Sadık Kutlucan, CEO of Ebruzen Textile

commented on this great achievement with the following:

‘Our antiviral fabric, composed according to worldwide recognized

standard of EN18184 monitoring antiviral activity in

the textile industry, has been tested with Covid-19 virus. The

fabric which we named as Neutron eradicated 99.99% of

the Covid-19 virus on the surface within the first 2 hours of

the clinical test under EN18184 standard. Tests performed

with a couple of million Covid-19 virus being present. This

remarkable achievement will be noted as an important milestone

on the fight with Covid-19 virus.

“We are very happy and proud. The fabric we created has

already spiked a huge interest in Turkey and abroad. Our

first mission is to assist people of Turkey, especially health

workers, who has been putting their lives at risk to save

our lives. Our ultimate goal is though, to aid all humanity.”

further added Kutlucan.

Crucial for the whole world, not only for Turkey

“There are already various types of fabrics that has antimicrobial

and anti-viral qualities” points out Omer Tuncel,

Sales and Product Manager of Ebruzen Tekstil and added

“Chemicals used during manufacturing processes has to be

certified by health authorities that there would be no harm

September 2020

to human health. Our Neutron fabric utilizes chemical that

conform to both European Biocidal Products Regulations

and Turkish Biocidal Product Directive.”


Neutron is the first fabric of its kind that has been tested

to EN18184 standards in Turkey with the procedure performed

with actual Covid-19 viruses. Tens of types of products

around the world has been tested for antiviral purposes

with H1N1 swine flu virus or with the feline coronavirus, the

type of the coronavirus family found on cats; various wellknown

firms in the industry is known to do this practice.

Passing these types of tests with various types of virus may

prove that those fabrics are indeed anti-viral however, it

would not mean that they have Covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2)

eliminating properties, at least definitely. Neutron stands

out in that regard as there is a very firm and scientific evidence

that it eradicates almost all Covid-19 activity on the

fabric surface. This puts our fabric one step ahead of the


Test results we obtained for Neutron is also a differentiating

factor, our fabric kills 99.99% of all virus on the surface

within 2 hours, which is a spectacular outcome as long as

statistical consistency is concerned. Even rate of 99% gives

a good impression to our customers, but when you look

into rate of 99.99% you realize the success rate and therefore

the effect is 100 times higher than the 99 percent.

Therefore, I advise that consumers pay attention to what

kind of antiviral properties that the fabric possesses -

Sadık Kutlucan

Textile Engineer and CEO of Ebruzen Textile




checking whether the certification has been obtained with

Covid-19 virus or not - and what is the rate of elimination

of the virus on the surface. “

The goal is to serve humanity

Kutlucan reminded there would be opportunities on a global

scale and said:

“Of course we would like to carry our success further to

around the world; however we would need some kind of

government assistance for mega-level plans. Turkey now

has a tremendous chance to create a globally recognized

brand, if we could use this opportunity well, we would a

global manufacturer on antiviral fabrics and further we

could present something novel for all humankind.”

Health Industry will breathe a sigh of relief with

this fabric

One of the primary users of Neutron antiviral fabric is the

health sector. From masks that are being used by doctors

and the other health workers to all kinds of aprons, surgical

and operational gowns, other types of washable garments,

sheets; Neutron aims to be the rescuer.

CEO Kutlucan said “We observe that the health workers

tend to put on more than one level of masks in order to

protect themselves, they have the right reason for not to

wear ‘only one mask’, we understand that. They could use

masks made by our Neutron fabric as a shield to eliminate

Covid-19 activity and therefore have a more peaceful working

environment. As Ebruzen Tekstil, we value and prioritize

this matter with the health sector”

Washable and reusable

Ebruzen Tekstil’s previous antiviral and antibacterial test

results show Covid-19 proof Neutron fabric could retain the

coating up to 20-30 washes. This means consumers will be

able to machine wash the products over and over again. As

fabric specific properties would not be lost, consumers can

daily use the products, wash and clean them and use them

again with peace of mind.

CEO Kutlucan reminded that they are working to obtain

positive test results for even more washes by saying “By

experience we can say that antiviral property of the fabric

is only slightly decreases after repeated washes. We indeed

are currently testing the Neutron fabric too see if it is still

September 2020


antiviral and Covid-19 proof even after 50 repeated washes.

We expect to get the results in a short time”

Could be utilized for countless applications; from

mask to apron, bedding to furniture surfaces

Ebruzen Tekstil’s Covid-19 eradicating quality and result

is a first in Turkey. Antiviral fabric Neutron can be used

in many different products including but not limited to;

masks, workwear, bedding, curtains, furnitures, all kinds

of apparel from t-shirts to blazers and home textile products.

This kind of flexibility means a vital advantage in the

fight with the Covid-19 Virus.

Could be used wherever there are people

Neutron’s eradicating 99.99% of the all Covid-19 in 2

hours means there it will earn itself a coveted spot in various

industries. With the health industry being the priority,

there is room for the Neutron as long as there is activity.

Neutron is ready to be the defense shield in the fight with

Covid-19 Virus with being suitable to be used in countless

applications such as masks, workwear as they cannot be

washed as frequently as normal wear, uniforms worn by

officials and officers, in dormitories, retirement homes,

all types of home textile products, on seating surfaces of

public transport vehicles and on all types of daily apparel.

This is a fight

Elif Tuncel, Marketing Manager of the company pointed

out that they are for production under Neutron trademark

and see the fabric as a shield for Covid-19 by saying

“There will be only slight difference in price in comparison

to regular antiviral fabric. Our purpose is to support

Turkey in this fight with Covid19. Health of the people is

more important than the profit, this is for our future, for

our country and people. We strive to support this fight

with our research and scientific approach.“


Trevira booth at Heimtextil 2020

Trevira will not to participate

in Heimtextil 2021 with its

Trevira CS joint booth

Successful concept to be continued in 2022

For three years now, the Trevira CS joint fair booth,

where Trevira, its customers and partners present

their new ideas within the framework of an innovative

creative concept, has been an established and popular feature

of Heimtextil. In 2021, the international trade fair for

home and contract textiles is planned to take place from

12-15 January in Frankfurt/Main. However, as a result of the

numerous uncertainties brought about by the coronavirus

crisis, Trevira has decided that it will not take part next year.

“Messe Frankfurt has shown us its comprehensive hygiene

concept and plans and there is no question that their plans

fully meet health and safety requirements,” explained

Trevira CEO Klaus Holz. “But at Trevira, we are also very

much aware of our responsibilities. Our joint booth concept

is not only on an extensive scale, but it is also built around

the idea of communication. This makes it even more important

that we consider the potential risks involved and

how they could impact our customers, co-exhibitors, visitors

and staff.” Given the uncertainty as to how the situation

might develop in the future, Trevira has decided it has no

option but to withdraw from next year’s fair and postpone

its participation in Heimtextil until 2022. This decision has

been made in agreement with parent company Indorama

Ventures PCL (Thailand), which has put stringent measures

in place to keep its staff and customers safe. As a result, the

September 2020


Trevira booth at Heimtextil 2020: Editors’ Gallery

concern and its subsidiaries are not currently participating

in any trade fairs.

At the 2020 Heimtextil, Trevira exhibited together with

around 30 of its major Trevira CS customers with a joint

booth whose total floor area measured over 2,000 msq.

The number of partners exhibiting alongside Trevira has increased

steadily over the past three years, and the Trevira

display, along with many of the newest flame retardant

Trevira CS collections from its customers, has always been

hugely popular at the fair, especially in Hall 4.2, where it

has continually attracted a very high number of visitors. As

a joint booth, it has benefited especially from the vibrant

and positive discussions among visitors and exhibitors, together

with the various events that accompany the display.

Usually, these included a press conference and a party held

at the new stand. Trevira’s Heimtextil presence in the past

three years has strengthened and expanded the position of

Trevira CS as the leading brand for flame retardant home


Klaus Holz, CEO Trevira GmbH, Trevira booth at Heimtextil 2020

CEO Klaus Holz said, “As a regular exhibitor at Heimtextil

for many years, we found this decision extremely difficult.

We greatly regret that we will not be able to bring our joint

booth to Heimtextil next year. However, we plan to return

in 2022 with a fair booth offering visitors and partners the

high quality they have come to expect of us, with brand new

ideas and measures in place to ensure its success”.

Trevira CS Gold Club 2020: Fabric Manufacturers

September 2020




Heimtextil presents

the 2021/2022 trends

With the

overarching theme

“Nothing New, Everything

New”, Heimtextil launches the

motto of the trend season 21/22

and provides an outlook on the

design topics for the international

trade fair for home and contract

textiles, taking place from 12 to

15 January 2021 in Frankfurt am


September 2020


Together with the Heimtextil Trend Council,

the management established a trend forecast

for the coming season and presented it

live via an online conference on 1 September 2020

from Frankfurt am Main. Trend Council members

Anja Bisgaard Gaede from SPOTT trends & business,

Anne Marie Commandeur from stiljinstituut

amsterdam and Kate Franklin and Caroline Till from

London studio FranklinTill shared their insights into

the future of the industry and created a vision for

the trend theme “Nothing New, Everything New”.

The subsequent design topics are already brought

to life in the trend book, which is available now. In

terms of trends, this season’s highlight is the comprehensive

presentation offering during Heimtextil

in Hall 3.0. For the first time in Heimtextil’s history,

SPOTT trends & business from Denmark directs all

trend activities.

“Nothing New, Everything New”

For many years, the lifestyle industry has asked

“what is new this season?” Newness and cultural

erosion are core drivers of lifestyle products, and

the foundation of this began in the 20th century

when shopping shifted from necessity-driven to

pleasure-driven, and consumer products were no

longer made to last a lifetime. Now is the time for

a new perception of new itself, as both consumers

and the industry are beginning to change existing

systems and ways of working in different ways.

Welcome to “Nothing New, Everything New”.




Crisis as a driver of innovation

The first two decades of this millennium brought several

challenges for industry and trade – above all, the current

coronavirus pandemic. But crises are also drivers of innovations.

In the textile industry, digitalisation and sustainability

are currently omnipresent innovation topics.

The coronavirus pandemic ensures that both topics are

becoming even more important in the home textile industry.

Heimtextil Trends 21/22 provide an overview of the

status quo of those developments. In addition, visitors of

the Trend Space can look forward to a presentation of the

new colours, materials and designs. Four areas showcase

the collective trends: “Repurpose”, “Rewild”, “Reinforce”

and “Revive”.

New materials on a sustainable basis

After its premiere in January 2020, the Future Material

Library returns to Heimtextil in 2021, with FranklinTill

presenting a new curated collection of exciting material

innovations from around the world. The Future Materials

Library celebrates experimental approaches, new materials

and revolutionary thinkers who are creating a blueprint

for a new model of production.

Sustainably designed Trend Space

Designed by Danish space design studio MODUS A/S together

with SPOTT trends & business, the 2021 Trend

Space embodies the overarching theme with its commitment

to the Heimtextil Material Manifesto in repurposing

materials during build. The task is to produce as little

waste as possible, to use recyclable materials and thus

keep the ecological footprint as low as possible.

Health and safety precautions

Overall, the Trend Space design adheres to vigilant health

and safety considerations. Attendees will have full ability

to maintain a safe distance from others, with the option of

attending trend tours and lectures that meets the official

COVID-19 regulations from authorities.

September 2020


Heimtextil Trends 2021/2022



Repurpose is not a passing trend. Rather,

it is a way of changing the product development

narrative within the textiles industry,

shifting from creating original textiles

to curating existing textiles to form new

visual expressions. Unlike the traditional

design process which starts with an idea,

Repurpose starts with considering what

can be made from existing fabrics. From

creation to curation, it gives existing textiles

a new purpose and cherishes what’s

already made.


Rewilding is the act of returning nature

back to its original wild state, yet the trend

Rewild goes beyond returning to nature. It

is not about making nature authentic, but

rather understanding nature’s genuine wisdom.

In the urban and postmodern world,

generations have largely lost connection

to the surrounding ecology. This has significant

influence on how individuals use

and understand the ecosystem they live




in. From authentic to genuine, Rewild

means rediscovering nature’s resources

and applying these in a modern

context, delivering on sustainable

or even regenerative solutions. The

visual and textile expressions of the

Rewild trend focus on directions like

nature’s lab, Indigenous, wild and basic



Resilient expression and Brutalist architecture

are key elements in the

Reinforce trend. To reinforce is to

make something stronger. Longevity

is a key influence on colours, materials

and design. Reinforce has a simple

and bold Scandinavian mood with

a resilient, honest and minimalistic

look. From short-lived to longevity,

Reinforce is about visual and compositional

longevity within textiles and

materials. It draws inspiration from

how Scandinavian design merges design

durability with pared back functionality.

This approach, proven over

time, adds heavy and enduring materials

to create visual resilience.

September 2020



Reflecting youthful activism within our

present perspective, attitude and behaviour

toward our world of “stuff”,

Revive is an exploration of creativity.

With a focus on achieving greater

emotional satisfaction through the

process of creating rather than on the

result, no rules apply to the mending,

processing, learning and experimenting

in Revive. From result to process,

Revive is to feel, sense and reconnect

with human skills. It revives and honors

the intangible state of flow that

occurs while creating as opposed to

focusing on the final object. Once a

household practice, the act of repairing

is now seen as creative method.

The Revive trend subsequently focuses

on process, modern mending and





Consumers decide to buy in

3 seconds by looking at product


There are many factors that affect consumers’ purchasing decision when buying a

product. One of the most important factors, in this sense, is packaging. Researches

show that packaging design affects the purchasing decisions of 68 percent of

consumers who shop in supermarkets and shopping malls. As Founder and

Creative Director of B12 Creative Branding, a leader brand making a difference

in the sector with its innovative structure and award-winning packaging designs,

Bürkan Çiftçigüzeli emphasized that it is possible to increase sales by up to 100

percent with packaging change by evaluating the effect of packaging design in

consumer purchasing processes.

As one of the most effective and economical marketing

tools, packaging plays an important role in affecting

consumers’ purchasing attitude and behavior towards

a product with its labels providing information about

the product, color and design. Being one of the important

factors for making a difference in the marketing sector,

packaging design is becoming more and more important

every day due to the fact that every moment of consumers’

time is very valuable and the increase in awareness.

As a result of the data obtained by survey from 100 participants

within the scope of the article “The place and importance

of packaging in the consumer purchase decision

process”* published in the international peer-reviewed scientific

Journal EMI; 68 percent of consumers who make their

daily and weekly purchases mostly from supermarkets and

shopping malls pay attention to the packaging color in their

shopping decisions, noting that the color of the packaging

affects their purchasing decisions. In the study, 48 percent

of participants believe that the color of the packaging is an

indicator of quality. In addition to the packaging color, participants

prefer to purchase the products which are easy to

carry, easy to use, and also folding products with locking lid

system. In this direction, 66 percent of participants say that

they may want to try a product only because the packaging

is appealing.

September 2020

“The perception of product quality is directly

proportional to packaging”


Stating that although advertising and communication activities

have a very important effect on the purchasing decision,

the consumers usually make their decision when they approach

to the shelf, B12 Creative Branding Agency Founder

and Creative Director Bürkan Çiftçigüzeli said: “We see in

researches that this decision making takes on average 3

seconds. Packaging becomes the most effective factor in

such a short time. Influenced by the packaging, people also

connect emotionally with brands. The customer may want

the product he/she purchased to stand as a decorative object

on the dinner table when his/her guest arrives. They

want to feel special when they open the packaging of the

product they purchased. In other words, the right packaging

is always the reason for preference. Similarly, in another

study, it is stated that one out of every three consumers

makes a purchase by looking at the product packaging.

When consumers approach to the shelf, they see dozens

of types of products, campaigns and brands. In order to

reduce this confusion and stand out, you, as a brand, need

to have a stance. Today, value-added products are on the

agenda in our country. Considering all the communication

channels to change the quality perception of products, the

point where you can reflect the highest value at the least

cost is the packaging design. It is not enough to produce

any product well anymore. What kind of brand promise and

design you present the product with is much more important

by the consumer.”

Bürkan Çiftçigüzeli

As Founder and Creative Director of B12 Creative Branding




“It is possible to increase sales by 100 percent with

a change in packaging”

Bürkan Çiftçigüzeli notes that we are witnessing more and

more examples of brands that increase their sales from 30

to 100 percent only with packaging change. Explaining that

packages with interesting designs and ease of use are needed

to differentiate in the packaging design market and attract

attention on the shelf, Çiftçigüzeli made the following statements:

“Packaging that offers practical benefits such as ease

of carrying and storage is a reason for preference for the consumers.

Hygienic and protective packaging, especially in food

products, creates confidence in the consumer and has positive

reflection on sales. Packaging design is a design discipline that

we, as B12 Creative Branding, have worked on for many years

and received awards. It is also one of the most important working

areas by our agency. As a team, we always make a shelf trip

wherever we go, both at home and abroad. We examine different

packaging designs together. For example, we were both

happy and surprised to see our new design abroad, while we

had not yet seen it in Turkey. In addition, we also review the

work in the publications and blogs that we regularly follow in

this context. We enthusiastically welcome each design project

in our office, personally check the competitors on the market

shelves on-site and collect information about them. While performing

our competitor analysis and shelf analysis, we look at

how these will create ownership in the eyes of Turkish consumer

and try to measure some of the effects. We definitely offer

all the design elements that we believe are correct.”

September 2020




Famous fashion

designer Bahar

Korçan on the

future of home


Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association (UTIB) continues to hold seminars to impart

a new vision of life in business and inform its members about the developments in

the sector in collaboration with Association of Turkish Home Textile Industrialists

and Businessmen (TETSIAD).

Within the scope of the online programs, the “New

Balance Language Home Textile” seminar, attended

by the famous Fashion Designer Bahar Korçan

as a speaker, was held with the intense participation of

UTİB and TETSİAD members. In the seminar, Bahar Korçan

explained the adaptation process to the new order in the

world and what needs to be done after the pandemic process

and said that they achieved successful predictions with

the New Balance Language study. Bahar Korçan, explaining

that the changing lifestyles, business life, and predictable

developments with the pandemic process, said, “When we

follow the designers and trends in the world, it was usual to

predict the changes that will occur. We consumed the natural

resources in our world very quickly. It was obvious that

we would get stuck somewhere and experience a breaking

point. The most important thing we will do now will be to

adjust ourselves to this situation. This situation is valid for

both our business life and our daily life”.

Adapting to the New World is Necessary Now!

Stating that in the new process, spaces have been purified

from human life and people have started to socialize in virtual

environments and to run their business, Bahar Korçan

said, “The new time period gives us new dreams. We reconstruct

life. We are aware that many things we know no longer

fit into this new time frame. Home textile, ready-to-wear

and sub-sectors, which were born out of needs, started to

serve another world. Our situation has changed the moment

September 2020



Raw weaving and hand weaving



Raw silk

User friendly and

ergonomic fabrics


Recycled polyester

we started breaking away from nature. The necessity has

come to adapt to the new world that we have shaped. We

are now in a rapid transformation arising from responsibility.

We need to rewrite the terms. We have to organize this

chaos that we caused together. As the priority list of our

needs changes, every sector now has to adapt to the new

economic model. “Our priority should now be to restore the

balance between human and the nature.”

Collections with Stories Should Be Produced

Korçan emphasized that sustainability would bring producers

and individuals to the naive balance platform that they

need to win in nature by removing a lot of unnecessary

thoughts, passion and details that they do not need. She

continued to say:


Color ranges inspired by Art Deco

Nature-inspired sparkles - mother-of-pearl and pearl

Harmony generated by calm elegance

Sumptuous and bold shades

Sense and Colors

“While determining the 2020-2021 home textile trends, it

is inevitable that a sustainable, mindful perspective constitutes

the main roof in this sense. The home textile industry

also needs to adapt itself to the new life order. I would like

to see more unique, more filtered collections in collection

items and the market will move towards that. Apart from

millions of meters products that were sold, having filtered

collections developed by better selected designers, more

signed collections will lead us to branding. Now we come

to the turns that will force the sector representatives more.

The way to get out of these turns is to produce collections

that have a story and where it is clear. While talking about

the decrease in natural resources in the world, the collections

produced need to be reviewed. We have now passed

the breaking point. At this stage, the course will be determined

by the brands put forward by the sector representatives







Blinds 2go

launches delightful

new made to

measure Blinds

and Curtains

collection with

iconic British

Designer Cath


Blinds and Curtains which combine modern designs

with vintage patterns are coming your way! Cath

Kidston, the brand best known for fusing vintage

prints and colorful designs with modern accessories and

products, has teamed up with Blinds 2go to launch an exclusive

collection of window Blinds and Curtains.

The home of modern vintage, Cath founded her first store

in 1993, initially selling car boot finds and vintage fabrics,

before beginning to design and produce her own prints

and products. Traditional designs with a modern twist,

the very first products were a flowery ironing board cover

and Antique Rose, the longest-running print in a wallpaper.

From there, the print collection grew with Spots,

Strawberries, and Roses adding to the cheerful mix of prints

and becoming part of Cath Kidston’s signature style that we

all know and love today.

September 2020


From timeless florals, pretty polka dots and beautiful birds

and butterflies, to jumping bunnies and even dinosaurs, you

can find Cath Kidston’s much-loved designs in Blinds 2go’s

new collection of made to measure Blinds and Curtains.

The charming, delicate prints are the perfect choice for any

room. So whether you’re revamping your bedroom or sprucing

up your kitchen, the chances are you will fall in love with

these utterly timeless designs.

Blind 2go’s ever expanding House of Brands includes an

incredible collection of luxury home interior brands and the

quintessential designs, of Cath Kidston are a beautiful addition

to the range. In addition to a vast array of exclusive patterns,

Blinds 2go also boasts an enormous offering of practical

window dressing solutions with everything from stylish

Wooden Blinds to refined Curtains and elegant Plantation

Shutters. With easy to follow measuring and fitting guides

and a fast, free sample service, Blinds 2go makes made to

measure style accessible to all.




Wallace Cotton

launches a

fresh new


Freshen up your home with beautiful new bed linen

and nightwear from Wallace Cotton. Choose the muted

greens and crisp white of the Eucalyptus duvet for

a seasonal update. Or dream of palm trees and an escape

to the tropics with the beautiful Grove bed linen. Choose

pretty floral nightwear just perfect for sleep ins and weekend


The Grove Duvet

Embrace tropical elegance with The Grove organic cotton

bed linen from Wallace Cotton. This detailed lithographic

print featuring palm trees will look equally stunning in an

Antipodean outpost or a contemporary urban setting. A fine

indigo double stripe on the reverse looks lovely when folded

back or flip the duvet for a different look.

Eucalyptus Duvet

Spruce up your bed with the gorgeous greens of new

Eucalyptus bed linen. A lovely leafy print which falls delicately

down the bed in a soft colour palette of greens, blues

and greys on crisp white organic cotton. For a fresh look,

co-ordinate the Eucalyptus duvet with silvery grey accented

Monarch sheets and pillowcases from Wallace Cotton.

September 2020


Chateau Velvet Bedspreads

Beautiful soft shades in lustrous velvet

will lighten up an autumn bedroom. The

dense pile of cotton velvet gives the

Chateau velvet bedspreads their sumptuous,

rich look and feel. A velvet layer

adds beauty and warmth to an autumn

bed in soft shades of Rose, Damson

pink, Mustard and deeper colours of

Navy and Jungle Green. To minimize

wastage, Wallace Cotton use any fabric

offcuts from the production of their velvet

bedspreads to make wash bags and

eye masks.

Blue Hydrangea Nightwear

Pretty new nightwear from Wallace

Cotton in a blue hydrangea print in soft

blues, greens and fresh white. Made from

plant-based super soft modal, the range

includes a robe, a nightie, a short sleeved

nightshirt, PJs and sleep shorts. And a

matching eye mask for sneaky sleep ins.

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